Any mummy staying in Bukit Panjang??

Hi mummies..can i join too?

1) Valerie, Rayden Tan, 2months, 625 senja rd
2) Karen, Aldrick Tan, 33months, 631 senja rd
3) Jenny, Rachelle, 8 weeks, 631 senja rd
4) Irene, Wenzel Pek, 12.5months, 149 Petir Rd
5) westbb, Ben Wei, 12months, 629 senja rd
6) Sharon(tinklebell), Aaron, 3.5 yrs, bb Fiona, will be out in June,
650 Senja Link
7) Baobao, Jayden , 4mths+ , 627 Senja Rd
8) Yingzi, Shaness, 20mths, Bangkit Rd
9) Jennis, Titus and Heidi, 4 yo and 7 mo, 448 Ring Road
10) Pauline, Kaeden, 6 mths, 630 Senja rd
11) mamavogue, juni (18mths) 2nd one due in Aug 2006, 625 Senja road.
12) milo66, kaeden, 3 weeks, segar rd
13) bitbit, Rinchen, 18 mos, 184 jelebu rd
14) Coco, Bryan 18 mth and Rachel 1wk old. - 630 Senja Rd.
15) katharine, bb girl due in Aug 06, 450 Ring Rd
16) joyfulstar, Bernice 10months - 627 Senja
17) mmsswah, Yang 2.5yrs old and Jay 8 months - 431 bukit panjang ring rd
18) Shadow, Hayden, 13mths - 184 Jelebu Road
19) Lynn, Alyssa, 2 mths - 184 Jelebu Road
20) Karen(dainty), Kristy, 14mths - 627 Senja
21) mel7704, Shervon, 18mths - 629 Senja
22) Siti Erliena...ira 11 nurul 9 baby dean 10 days old - 404 fajar rd
23) Elaine(Melody), Ryan, 13mths - 626 Senja
24) Raccoon, Wayne, l2 days old - 626 Senja
25) Wendy, Ariene, 4months 3 weeks - 528, Jelapang Road
26) Snowdove, Adriel, 20 months - 624 Senja Road
27) Belmum, Isabel, 17mths - 631 Senja Rd
28) Stephanie (prettycloud), Aron, 6mths - 652 Senja Link
29) Rachel, Dylan, 5 months - 629 Senja rd
30) Jasmine (Evergreen), Jing Wen - 438 Fajar Road
31) Ju,Md Adel 3mths - Blk 179 Lompang rd..

btw any mummies have any idea whether there's a gp or paed in bt panjang area to send my son for his 5 in 1 jab tis sat..would appreciate any suggestions..
hi ju,
wah, where u find this list? i also dunno.
btw, this thread not very active anymore. u might want to refer to the link i last posted in april.

hi ju,

i think any GP will do 5-in-1. Just need to inform the clinic b4 hand. I send my gal to the clinic nearest to my house.
hello mummies, in case anyone of you looking for a part time maid, i have one to recommend.

she is filipino and experienced. she charges $50 for a day and typically works from 10am to about 4pm. she does cleaning of surfaces, once a month windows, vacuum + mop floor, wash toilet and ironing. you will need to provide her lunch. definitely can trust person.

the reason why i am recommending her is because i need to reduce the cost i put in monthly for part time maid because i recently invested in a roomba (an automatic vacuum cleaner) and i need to look into my overall household cost so wish to reduce her frequency from once a week to twice a month.

however, she is a great maid and i feel bad having to let her lose that two other times that i need to give up thus i am finding a new opportunity for her for twice a month on sundays to replace the ones that i am intending to give up.

she comes every sundays and i may ask her to come only on the first sunday and third sundays.

she is also doing for 3 other of my husband's friends so definitely good. her quality is in her good ironing.

anyone keen? please PM me.

I'm interested to sign up for the following but was told that not enough students to start to class.. anyone of u interested as well?

Pls check out

Science wonder (level 1 n 2)

Ballet Hol fun

Maths wonder (level 1 to 3)
hi bt panjang mummies,
anyone interested in cheese dip & nachos? I am asking a friend to help me order at a cheaper rate. collection would be at senja grand. If u need details, kindly Pm me. thanks.
hi hi

I am a new Bt Panjang mom.
I am trying to find a nursery for my coming 2.5yr old.. Can any1 advise which nursery at Bt Panjang is good?
Any comments on Blk528 PCF, St Joseph Kindy and Bt Panjang Methodist Church kindy???
Really appreciate your advise. tks!
hi peng, my child is in pre-nursery in blk 528..for a few months.. the place is nice, teachers are good and their programme is very good too .. only thing their timing is only left with 11-1pm..which is the class i am in...
Hi, any mommies know if there's any lantern festival activities that my little one can join the following weekend, in BP? u know, those that CC organise and the kids carry lanterns and walk around kind? my boy is 2yrs old. Thanks!
Hi BP mummies, wow so mny posts & hppning here... hw fast the kids grew! my ger is cmg 4YO!

hi peng/firefly, fyi my ger is attending Ballet lessons @ at hometeam NS-Bkt Gombak every sun. Teacher is Evangeline Chong who also teaches at Learning Horizon.
Mini Bazaar
Sunday, 26 April 2009
From 9am to 1pm
Zhenghua Community Club
(Bukit Panjang)

MumNBabes ~ educational products, books, IQ games
Pretty Little Ones ~ organic children apparels
Chic-Coulture ~ chicest Korean/Japanese apparels
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hi, any mummies interested in sending your child to playgroup? my friend organises one at Maysprings condo. It has Montessori and music enrichment in the curriculum.
hi bt panjang mummies

I'm looking for a good reliable and experienced nanny for a new-born pref near to Senja(for april 2010 onwards). Will appreciate if you will let me know any..... thanks
hi mummies...

someone has mentiond that Ichiban is good. may i ask in what sense is Ichiban good?

does anybody have any feedback abt PCF Sparkletots at blk 183? i do know that this CC is managed by the PCF Cashew at blk 545. wld like to know if anybody has seen the place and know how the teachers are like.

Hi, need help mummies

I'm stayin at bukit panjang ring road just given birth currently my boy is 7 weeks old.

I'm actively looking for a baby sitter, anyone has anybody to recommend? starting in april.

Pls PM or email me @ [email protected]


anyone knows of good drawing & painting class or teacher at bt panjang? thinking of sending my boy who is 5 yrs old to the class/teacher.

any Bkt Panjang mommies looking for a nanny to take care of the child during daytime at weekdays? My ex nanny is looking for an assignment. She used to take care my son (from 2nd months onwards)and i found her quite good and have a sense of reponsibility. Please sms me @94307715 if you are interested. Thanks!
hihi.. wah.. fast replies.. good
hello to all of u
can yr kindly intro?

I just moved to fajar road so wana noe more mummies here..

I have 2 kids, age 5 (ger) and 3 (boy).
Hi Mummies,

I'm staying at Senja. I have a 15mths old boy...

Like to ask any mums send their child to Ichiban CC? Any feedback. Thanks
Hi noscon.. who is looking after your ger?

Hi berrypie.. Im not sure abt the CC cos im also new here.. :p currently your boy with nanny?

hi mummies, i need to clear this motorised bike.. Its brand new, bought since october but now we moved out of our house so can't play with it anymore..

selling at $189 in kiddy palace and im selling at $120 now..

Anyone keen?
nonscon, i have a maid to look after the 2 kids.. i have this maid when my boy is born.. So for my first one it oso started out with nanny and then CC

hihi IT.. wave back

your kids age are very close to mine
wow, 3 kids.. I tink i have to declare bankruptcy if i have 3.. lol

Where are your kids schooling?

Im staying in fajar gers...