Any mummy staying in Bukit Panjang??

I'm near bankrupt oredi....

My intention is to stop @2 but 3rd child came as a surprise so bo bian loh.

Both kiddos at PCF Cashew Blk 545.

Hi Berrypie, din hear much complain about ichiban cc. If I'm not wrong it is Montessori type of CC. That's y fee oso higher.

yeah i intend to get a maid when i have my 2nd one. When bb is sick, it can be very tiring on hubby and me.. good if u got a good maid. then things can be easier....

*wave back*

Hows the review of Caterpillar cove at Ngee Ann poly?
morning gers..

Berrypie: my boy went to ichiban montessori kindy b4 at cck (3hr class) but the supervisor there and teachers i dont like... curriculum i think still ok..

IT: heard that that PCF is quite good, is that so?
i need to send him to cc next year March.
Currently my son is at infant CC, have made reservation with ichiban since Sept 2010 but they never follow up with me...

Hi noscon,

How is PCF? Is the teacher/environment good?
Morning mummies

berrypie, which infant care is he in now? y don't u continue carecare from same place?

My ger did not go PCF....
mine's with nanny... When she reached 2, i intend to send her to caterpillar cove at NP

I also got the same experience... initially wanted to put ger in infantcare. called up a local childcare centre in bt panjang a few times but they like not interested in bz and did not follow up too... *scratch head* is bz so good?
I used to stay at Senja and soon to shift to Jelapang.

Due to the fact that Talentplus playgroup will moved to the new cc, I've withdrawn my boy from the program.

Please PM me if you know of anyone keen to get 2 sets of preloved Talentplus uniform for cheap sale. S size for both shirts and pants. Self collect at either Bukit Panjang or Admiralty .
Condition/color is as good as new.

Interested, pls sms me at 96868445.

Boy will attent N2 St Joseph childcare centre next year.
Sorry Noscon,

i think IT is the one who sent her children to PCF. Caterpillarcove is a playgroup or CC? NP is quite far from BP. I'm still looking CC for my son around our area, hopefully can find one at before Feb2011.
hi clinia,

isn't St.Joseph at upper bukit timah? it is even further? Talentplus is playgroup if not i will enrol over there...
hi berrypie,
We like New life church cc center and ichiban at Senja but already full.

Ichiban's principal, Elizabeth has to put us on waiting list because she needs to cater for her current students' siblings..sobsob

New life church confirmed to me that 2011 for N1 already full. I now on waiting list for 2012 N2. Very jialat right?

It seems like bt panjang is lacking of childcare centers. There's too many young parents at Senja area.

St Joseph cc center...We hesitated too because of the distant.

Talentplus is a 2 hour playgroup.

So pissed with ichiban. i had called them to make reservation since march2010, no one called to follow up, i called again in sep again then nov again, they told me they gave the priority to the siblings 1st, if anyone withdraw, they will slot me in. They told me i should have put a deposite in the 1st place to secure a slot but i told them no one follow up with i'm on waitlist too.

As for New Life, they asked me to go over to fill in the form 1st, they never mentioned anything to me. I will pop by this weekend perhaps and c how's thing goes...

Have you try Amazing Star? it's at greenridge near your new place
Hi berrypie,
I already filled up the form at New Life. My hubby is the one who went and like the place. He likes the enviroment. Spacious and organised.

Since we moved out from Senja Grand, we have given up Ichiban CC center.

I went to Amazing Star 9 months back. Our impressiom is so-so only
hi everyone, i agree there are not much good schools/CC ard here so that's y i nvr put my kid in any schools here...
there is 1 childcare inside cashew heights too. anyone got any review on that?

Where is New Life church? Is it the one next to greenridge shopping centre?
Hi noscon,

the cc at cashew height is too ex..
Yes. New life church is next to greenridge sc but already full for 2011. Have to wait till 2012 sad.
Morning Ling,

So Stressss...still unable to enrol my child to any cc ard my slot at PCF Blk 183 too..haiz...
Hi Berrypie, what is that? YMCA?

regarding CC.. y don't u look out of bukit panjang? heard that learning laddar is not bad.. And do you take LRT to CCK to take MRT? if so, can consider Kinderland in the building next to lot 1..

As for bukit panjang, fajar there is a seedling mustard childcare (something like tat).. Its a montessori type of CC.. u can take a look

Hope this helps
hi berrypie, how is your CC search?

Where you gals bring kiddos during weekends?

Anyone tried the new pool yet?
Im staying in Senja Grand block 630..Nice to know you gals

Btw, Anyone has recommendation in CC around senja area?
i would like to register for my gal in 2012 when she turns to 18 mths later..
actually ady registered Ichiban for her, but its classroom looks quite small..any feedback on it?
Hi Ling,

I went to my First Skool, seem not bad but the principle is on leave. Currently on waitlist, if i cant find any CC, will continue let my son to stay infant CC.

Hi Carol,
Welcome on board. I stay at blk 629, i wanted to enrol my son at ichiban but currently on waitlist so unable to comment.
Irene (chickychic), i think i noe you..

Hi Carol, welcome to the forum

Hi Berrypie, you can bring your kid for weekend gym classes.. Can build up child and parent bond as well

what plans do you all have for xmas??
Hi ling,

U mean there is gym classes at new BP CC? Will check it out.

As usually, have xmas dinner and gift exchange with family members...nothing special
hi ling, u asked abt PCF...well my stand is their curriculum is still ok to me. As long as if u hv someone to fetch n look after them in the afternoon then PCF is suitable for ur kids but for busy working parents will hv to choose CC.

I intend to put my 3rd one in CC when he reaches 18mos. I'll choose Carpe Diem
IT17878, i saw u on yr blog, and u saw me on mine la.. lol

berrypie, BP CC has no activities for kids below 4 or 5.. b o r i n g.. Usually for this age group, have to go private.. Alot of activities for them ma.. u go check it out
good morning mummies

anyone working in tanjong pagar?

IT17878, i tink i will not change my kids school. My maid just have to fetch up/down from cck.
hi berrypie.. thanks for the reply.

hmm, this thread seems kinda inactive.. only us talking.. lol

hello everyone
Hi bukit panjang mommies,
Im looking for nanny in senja area to look after my 5 mths old bb gal..
Anyone has recommendation?
Prefer 1-1 attention..
hi, i am staying @ block 430. my gal currently 13 months. looking for gal to join cc at 18 months. pls advise any reccomendation cc for her nearby my house? thanks
Hi i am staying at blk 629 boy is turning 18 mths old this coming May. Currently i am looking for cc/playgroup to enrol my son, haiz but everywhere seemed like full...feel like bukit panjang is lacking of childcare facility..
Hi Sophie, im staying at blk 630..nice to meet you

i registered my gal with Ichiban Montessori..wonder it is good or 1st i plan to send her to CC when she turns to 18 mths, but now i got a nanny ady, so ll postpone the previous plan..
wonder if i can give her place to ur boy or not..
Dear all mummies,
can I join you guys?? I am currently staying in 630 senja rd, will be moving to Jelebu road. I have a 27 months old son attending Ichiban @blk 631 and expecting a 2nd one this Aug.....
Hi carol,

Thanks for your reply. But my son is already 18mth, i need him to transfer to ichiban or New life CC asap from infant cc at cck.

Hi berrypie,
my son is there since starting of this year, so far he is happy with it and i am happy with ichiban too. When my son first went there, he is still speaking baby language. but now he can call daddy and mummy, xiexie and thank you and excuse me. He can even eat soild food and feed himself....Now he looks forward to going to the childcare everyday.

both myself and my husband will always goes to peep at the childcare randomly, but the food is of course fantastic lah, i see their food, my heart pain.....