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Any mummies with kids taking Thinking Course

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by karfinn, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. karfinn

    karfinn Member


    Would appreciate any advice as I am considering sending my son to Edward De Bono's Thinking course..


  2. karfinn

    karfinn Member

  3. reader

    reader New Member

    talking about thinking class, i know there is one that quite good. it is a homebased, but is a quality thinking and brain stimulation class for pre schoolers. she takes in students before 7 yeas old. good teacher, good material. in the west.
  4. cheerfulones

    cheerfulones New Member

    Hi reader,

    Can Pm me more details on the homebase brain stimulation class for kids? Thanks.
  5. happysupermum

    happysupermum Member

    Hi reader

    Can PM me the details as well? Thanks!!
  6. mummy_tang

    mummy_tang Member

    Hi reader

    Can PM me the details as well? Thanks!!
  7. diego0406

    diego0406 New Member

  8. kckc

    kckc New Member

  9. joyjuice

    joyjuice New Member

    hi karfin,

    am also thinking about sending sonny to the de bono thinking course but wondering if it's worth the $ since he's only 6. how old is your lil one? also are you comtemplating their regular classes or the holiday prog?

    since i've only just stumbled upon it, i've not found out details yet. care to share any info (cost, feedback from other parents, etc) you may have? tia!
  10. easy

    easy New Member

    I heard about logicmills. Has anyone tried this? any comments?
  11. babyboy

    babyboy New Member

    I'm interested in feedback on logicmills too.

    On a sidenote, I sent my child to the Tiny Acorns lapbooking sessions after reading the glowing recommendations but unfortunately didn't find it that valuable. I'm sure it's great for some parents but imho, if you are the slightly more involved sort of parent who already reads to your child, does art/craft with him/her etc.., you are unlikely to be impressed. It's basically a bit of writing, a bit of craft, a bit of reading etc.. around the chosen theme (and all organised into a scrapbook/lapbook).
  12. babyboy

    babyboy New Member

    Given that your daughter's been with the program for over a year, I don't doubt that you find it valuable. Good for you - to each his/her own.

    I simply offered my opinion as I found the feedback here to be so divergent from my own impression/experience. (And no, it's not because I "missed out on other learning activities that took place in class".)

    I gave my full attention to the accompanied class but unfortunately neither the activities nor class format were really that engaging and eye-opening to me/my child.
  13. babyboy

    babyboy New Member

    I can't recall exactly but I think the group was comprised of 3-4 yr olds. To anticipate your questions.. yes, there were simple writing exercises (together with simple craft exercises e.g. gluing small pieces of coloured paper to a paper plate to make an animal, reading a story which formed the basis of the theme, answering questions related to the story, learning basic facts related to the theme etc..) and yes, it was accompanied. Since I don't run the class, no, I don't know why this age group was accompanied and why they had writing activities but the writing didn't seem to be a problem for the kids attending. It was pretty much parent-supervised so I think the kids did as much as their ability allowed.

    What did I expect? I expected something that engaged my child's attention better (my child did not find it interesting) and ideally I would have loved something that got my child to stretch his thinking/think differently. Or at a minimum, just having either my child or I (preferably both!) learn something from the experience so either something that I can't easily do at home or something I hadn't thought of to do.

    Actually, it doesn't feel like this is going to be a productive exchange so maybe it's best we end the comments on this topic here. Your tone suggests you are unwilling to accept any opinion that does not provide this particular course with a glowing review. I am not looking to convert your opinion, I am simply sharing mine so that others looking for information can hear an alternative viewpoint. I know I would certainly have appreciated it.
  14. cowscomehome

    cowscomehome Member

    Hi Pam, can you share more about the activities done there & how they get kids to think critically? I visited the website & wish to know more.

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