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Any mummies TCC #2 while breastfeeding #1?

Discussion in 'Year 2010 Mums' started by andrea1985, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. andrea1985

    andrea1985 Active Member

    Any mummies TCC #2 while breastfeeding #1?


  2. poohwei

    poohwei Member

    Hi gal!!

    It's me! I was bfging my #1 when tcc for #2. A bit harder cos we do not know when we ovulate. Menses'cycle can be a bit chaotic if we bf. But can still strike cos i striked!! =P

  3. phyphy

    phyphy Active Member


    im trying for my 2nd one now.really hope can strike soon being trying for 5mths already.

  4. echo2

    echo2 Member

    i'm TBF my #1, who is 13 months now. My period returned at 11 months. i ovulated before my period came. so far, my cycle is quite normal, about 30+ days. I'm on my second period now. i think it's possible to TTC, just need to time with your ovulation.

  5. phyphy

    phyphy Active Member

    i tried for 4 mths but no result.maybe just not hard working enff.

  6. banazz

    banazz Member

    i got preg when still bf-ing #1. but i had a long wait.

    only got preg when my #1 was 18mths old. for me, i guess my long wait has something to do with e lack of menses. my menses only came after #1 was 14mths. den it skipped 2 mths, n came e next one. only after my 3rd menses (which comes every 2 months), den i managed to get preg.

    heard tt if u night feed ur child, it's harder for u to get preg. in my case, it seems to be true.

  7. phyphy

    phyphy Active Member

    oh yes, i too think that its the round the clock nursing that somehow prevent it from happening.

    but my menses are quite regular.it comes bk on the 12mths and have never report late.

  8. daphnelooi

    daphnelooi New Member

    Hi, I got preggy while bf my first gal, who is 12mths + now. PD suggests to continue as long as possible. My Gynae, Dr Paul Tseng also advice its fine!

  9. sarahmay

    sarahmay New Member

    I was breastfeeding my son on demand when I got pregnant. My son was about 15 months old then. Btw, I didn't even get a proper period. Only once - just a little spotting for a day or two - when he was my #1 was 14 mths old. Next month, I was pregnant.

    I've also continued breastfeeding through my pregnancy but have reduced number of latch-ons.

    So definitely, breastfeeding is not foolproof contraceptive method. Neither is the absence of a period any indication of whether you're ovulating or not.

  10. biibii

    biibii Member

    my gal is turning 1 next week. My menses still have not return. Am worried that i could be pregnant. i've been bfeeding exclusively till abt 2weeks ago. intend to slowly reduce and stop when she's 1 next week.

    how do i tell if i am pregnant or not? sometimes i feel some movements in my lower abdomen but other than that, i don't feel anything nausea, tiredness etc.

  11. evelynn

    evelynn New Member

    Hi Mummies, I really needed help here.

    Can u all advise if it is safe for me to continue bf my #1 when i m pregnant?

    I have not seen e gynae yet cos 1st appt is only mid Nov. I called e clinic n e nurse told me to stop immediately cos bf stimulate abortion. Is it true?

    Pls help cos i m feeling so down when my #1 kept crying n begging me for milk[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

  12. banazz

    banazz Member

    Hi Evelynn, I breastfed my elder boy till a month b4 I deliver my no 2. My Gynae allowed me to continue with breadtfeeding but told me that I must stop if I experience contraction while feeding my boy. She said the concern is that breadtfeeding might lead to contraction which may abort the baby...

  13. evelynn

    evelynn New Member

    Hi banazz,

    Thks for your advise.

    Did u continue to bf after your 1st appt to see e gynae?

    I do feel some "pulling" effect, but is that e contraction u r refering to?

  14. banazz

    banazz Member

    Yes, I breastfeed before and after my 1st gynae appt. In fact I bf till week 36 and only stop as i'm afraid my boy will snatch the milk from my newborn when she is born.

    Contraction is tightening in tummy area. I did have some mild contraction occasionally during latching on but it is really very mild and it will go away after a few seconds. Not those intense one... If it is very troubling for u, perhaps u want to schedule for an earlier gynae appointment? Cos she will be able to give u a professional advice and guide u along.

  15. evelynn

    evelynn New Member

    Hi Banazz,

    My gynae only see ppl who are at least 8wks pregnant n my 1st appt is mid Nov.

    So lost whether to bf or not.

    Wanted so much to bf but my husband objected[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

    What should i do???

  16. phyphy

    phyphy Active Member


    I bf my gal till 7mth preggy. I went to c 3 gynae n all ask me to stop bfing right away.I feel sad to stop bfing my gal as I feel that it's so unfair to her but at the same time I also worry abt the little one inside me . After goggle, I realize that it's possible to bf. N preggy at the same time. Our body will know who will need the nutrient more and distribute it evenly.

    Hope u can sort out asap as ur emotion will Affect the Bb

  17. evelynn

    evelynn New Member

    Hi phyphy,

    Ths for your advise.

    My gynae mentioned that i have low lying placenta during e 1st pregnancy. I am worried i might have low lying placenta also for this pregnancy.

    Is it still safe to bf in e event that i have low lying placenta?

  18. ekyn

    ekyn New Member

    Hi there dear moms,

    Need advice. Anyone pregnant and still breastfeeding? I need help coz my milk supply is dwindling and i found out that I am about 5 weeks pregnant. My boy is turning one next month and he is still on full breastmilk. Any tips on how to increase milk supply please? Thanks!

  19. banazz

    banazz Member

    Hi ekyn, I did BF during pregnancy. Yes, milk supply will drop when u r pregnant. I read somewhere that the taste will change too. It's quite hard to increase the flow at this point. You can try to increase ur fluid intake and try fenugreek if u want. I usually takes fenugreek to increase my milk supply and it works. However, when I take that during pregnancy period, it doesn't help...

  20. ekyn

    ekyn New Member

    Hi Banazz,

    Thanks for the reply. Guess i have to eat a lot of oats and plenty of water. From what i read we cant take fernugreek when pregnant.


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