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Any mummies have their bb boy circumcised?

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by jovial99, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. jovial99

    jovial99 Member

    just wanna find out any bb boy being circumcised? thought of doing for my bb when he is born...

  2. isobellies

    isobellies Active Member

    hi jovial,

    we've decided not to do for my son when he's born. i spoke to a peadi who said that there isn't a medical reason to do so. perhaps you can speak to a peadi too? [​IMG]
  3. llig

    llig Member

    Hi jovial,
    We asked the pd at kk but were told to wait till our son was 5yrs old.

    I was initially reluctant to put my baby through it at all but after researching on the matter, its pros & cons, and speaking to other parents who had their sons circumcised, we decided to get him circumcised young. Apparently babies are supposed to recover faster (because they only drink milk) and they will not remember the discomfort.

    We had him circumcised when he was 3wks, after his jaundice was clear. Honestly, in the minute after it was done, at the sight of the blood (there was only a little but even that was too much for me!), i started doubting our decision. Amazingly though, it didn't seem to bother our boy. During the procedure, he cried most when his diaper was removed (because he was cold). During the recovery period, he would cry a little when peeing during the first 2 days. That was about it. He recovered within 6 days. Hindsight..i'm glad we decided to go through with it.

    Since you're still undecided, i suggest you look at this article for some background info. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circumcision)

    Feel free to contact me if you decide to go through with it and have any concerns. [​IMG]
  4. limko

    limko New Member

    I circumcised my son when he was still in the hospital. Maybe there were no medical reasons to do it but my husband went thru circumcision when he was an adult cos he felt that it was cleaner and it was really really painful so we decided to circumcise bb when he is small rather than he decide to circumcise later when he is older.

    I dun think my son felt any pain, he slept throughout the day except during bath time, feeding and changing diaper.
  5. jovial99

    jovial99 Member

    Thanks so much for all ur replies...just another qns,... how much it will cost to have the bb circumcised? I was told by my gynae that e charges will depends on each PD. Just wan to find out the range...
    My hb went through this as well n both of us tink that it would b cleaner too..
  6. rheality

    rheality New Member


    i am also planning to have my baby circumcised. but im not sure whether it's ok for him to go through that while still infant...

    llig: would like to know where you had your kid circumcised? and how much do u think is the price range?
  7. stonston

    stonston New Member

    i've been tinking abt this for the past yr. my boi is now 1yo.

    but i decided not to.

    - medically, it would be better to leave e skin there as it is a form of protection
    - removing at such a young age may mean 'over removal'. may cause alot of discomfort during puberty and may cause alot of discomfort duing sex for e rest of his life

    so i weighed the pros n cons, more worried abt the cons (over removal)....
    decided not to let my boi do it...anyway jus need to teach him how to clean properly...n in pri sch, they got health check every yr tt nurse will check their foreskin and advise if there is a need to remove...

    n my bro removed his when he was ard 11yo...he is now 27 n he cant remember anything abt e circumcision [​IMG]
  8. llig

    llig Member

    sorry it has taken me so long to reply..was busy and finally found time to dig out baby's appointment card..

    My son was circumcised at 3wks at Crescent Clinic & Surgery, details asf:
    Add: Blk 1A, Eunos Crescent #01-2473
    Tel: 6745-8624
    Price: $80
    - covers consultation, procedure, panadol, care instructions & follow-up consultation (norm 6-8 days later)

    I just called up the clinic to confirm the pricing/appts schedule and the assistant says that for babies, the doctor would normally do the procedure on the same day you go for the consultation or as dictated by the parents.

    Ston's mama,
    My hubby had his done at 5y+ but can still recall the discomfort. That's why he pushed for our son to get circumcised early.
  9. yasmin

    yasmin Member

    Ston's mama
    So sorry but I'm not convinced your boy dun remember. Maybe he's just too paiseh to talk about it. Cos the older you do it, the more trauma you go through. My brothers did it at 6yrs and they still remember the pain.

    My Gynae advised that if you are set on circumcising your son then you might as well do it when he's an infant. If you're not so sure then you can wait and see.
  10. Lynn02

    Lynn02 Active Member

    HI Jovial
    I circumcised my son when he was 1mth old. i also send my boy to Eunos crescent clinic same place as llig. The doc and nurse is very experience and most of my fren send their bb to his clinic.

    Ston's mama
    sorry to said i also not convinced your bro cant recall anything. My hubby did it at 7yrs old and he can still remember the pain.

    as u mention "may cause alot of discomfort duing sex for e rest of his life" Nvr heard of such thing leh...
  11. jovial99

    jovial99 Member

    HI LLIG & Lynn02

    Thanks so much for ur information... we decided to do it for my boi... [​IMG]
  12. Lynn02

    Lynn02 Active Member

    Hi Jovial

    U r welcome...[​IMG]

    PS: Tink it best to circumcise bb b4 he turn 1mth old, as at this stage, not much movement from bb.
  13. meja

    meja New Member

    I would definitely circumcise my babe as early as possible as well. It's cleaner and having the foreskin there actually traps dirt and bacteria when you pee as an adult, hence it doesn't really protect.
  14. phluffles

    phluffles New Member


    I wanted to circumsize my boy when he was born, but I was too happy and forgot. Until he was 3 months. The surgeon grumbled at me that I should have done it right after birth, as the procedure (the ring they called) would be easier and easily done in the clinic. Then my boy was almost twice his birth weight, so he had to do it in the hospital under general anesthesia, and it cost more. Anyway, he was perfectly ok after 1 day and healed after 1 week.
  15. ahmay82

    ahmay82 New Member

    Dear all,
    My 8 mth old boy is going for his circumcision this Fri due to medical problem Can any of u kindly advise me how to care for his wound after the surgery?
  16. llig

    llig Member

    Don't worry, the nurse will advise you on the care. Remember to clarify all doubts when you go for your consultation.

    (PS: can't share care information because my bb was circumcised at 3wks and yours is 8mths and probably crawling around..so should be a different set of concerns for you.)
  17. ahmay82

    ahmay82 New Member

    Thanks ling! I was actually advised by my neighbour to let BB air his wound till it heal SHe also told me it's best to let him wear sarong Anybody did tt?
  18. isobellies

    isobellies Active Member

    oh, and another reason why i was very hesitant to circumcise my boy was that many years ago i saw the operation being done on nat geo or discovery channel or something, and *i* have been traumatised since ;)
  19. ~_lioeleme_~

    ~_lioeleme_~ New Member

    ask a question....
    why must boy circumised?
  20. helloagain

    helloagain Member

    Hi Lioeleme

    It may not be for religion reasons. A few ppl i know have to had theirs done by the time they were quite grown up. My hubby's cousin was already 15 when the nurses told him he had to do it bcos it was quite dirty during school routine student checkup. It was a painful experience. My 2 little cousins had to had theirs done when they were abt 8yrs old as instructed by doctors bcos the foreskin was too excessive (something like that), again it was a painful experience for them (they cried real loud in the restaurant toilet while trying to pee that ppl outside could hear them).

    So with such stories, we decided to do it on our boy while he was just a newly born so that it will be less painful for him and jus as a safeguard for his future (hopefully he doesn't have to do it again when he grows up).

    I had my boy done 2-3days after delivery (before we got discharge). It was painless, he didn't cry at all, a very fast surgery (15min only), after that he didn't even have bandage, just a plastic ring around his penis. he didn't feel anything or discomfort after that too. everything was per normal.
  21. helloagain

    helloagain Member

    btw, i don't think having circumicision will cause discomfort during sex for the rest of their lives. My hubby did his when he was 17, he didn't felt any discomfort during sex. Many ppl do it too!
  22. ariasnow

    ariasnow New Member

    In islam, The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "The Prophet Ibrahim circumcised himself when he was eighty years old and he circumcised himself with an axe." (Related by Bukhari, Muslim & Ahmad.)

    Ibn Abbas (r.a.) was asked "How old were you when the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) died?" He replied, "At that time I had been circumcised. At that time people did not circumcise the boys till they attained the age of puberty (Baligh)." (Bukhari)

    Most Fuqaha' (Islamic Jurists) say that circumcision is obligatory upon the men and this is the opinion of Jumhur (the majority of the scholars). If it were not obligatory, then Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) would not have troubled himself at such a later stage of his life.

    The Time for Circumcision:
    During the time of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) circumcision was done for boys at the time of their Aqiqah (It's a traditional celebration for the birth of a child which involves the sacrifice of an animal in thanks to Allah. That's the short answer) as reported in al-Bayhaq.

    Other Ahadith mention it being done later. The details here are not important but it goes without saying that this minor operation is easier on a baby than it is on an older boy. If it is essential, circumcision can be delayed for practical reasons, but it would be sensible to perform circumcision before the boy starts praying regularly due to practical purposes of simplifying Taharah, or being clean.

    Abdullah Ibn Jabir (r.a.) and Aisha (r.a.) said:

    "The Prophet (peace be upon him) performed the Aqiqah of al-Hasan and al-Hussein (the prophets grandsons) and circumcised them on the 7th. Day." (Related in al-Bayhaq & Tabarani)

    Imam Nawawi says:

    "circumcision is recommended to be performed on the seventh day of infancy-the day of Aqiqah (Al-Majmu 1/303)

    It is not essential for the child to remain as he is when he comes forth from his mother's womb, if there is something that may be done for him that serves a purpose and is enjoined by the pure religion. Such things include shaving his head after he is born, because that is in his best interests. The Prophet of Islam (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "Remove the harm from him."

    The same applies to washing the blood from him and cutting the cord by which he was attached to his mother, and other things which are done to benefit him.

    2 – The health benefits:

    Dr. Muhammad 'Ali al-Baar (a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in the UK and a consultant to the Islamic Medicine department of the King Fahd Centre for Medical Research in the King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah) says in his book al-Khitaan (Circumcision):

    "Circumcision of newborn boys (I.e., within the first month of life) brings numerous health benefits, including:

    1 – Protection against local infection in the penis, which may result from the presence of the foreskin, causing tightening of the foreskin, which may lead to retention of urine or infections of the glans (tip) of the penis – which require circumcision in order to treat these problems. In chronic cases, the child may be exposed to numerous diseases in the future, the most serious of which is cancer of the penis.

    2 – Infections of the urethra. Many studies have proven that uncircumcised boys are more exposed to infection of the urethra. In some studies the rate was 39 times more among uncircumcised boys. In other studies the rate was ten times more. Other studies showed that 95% of children who suffered from infections of the urethra were uncircumcised, whereas the rate among circumcised children did not exceed 5%.

    In children, infection of the urethra is serious in some cases. In the study by Wisewell on 88 children who suffered infections of the urethra, in 36 % of them, the same bacteria was found in the blood also. Three of them contracted meningitis, and two suffered renal failure. Two others died as a result of the spread of the micro-organisms throughout the body.

    3 – Protection against cancer of the penis: the studies agree that cancer of the penis is almost non-existent among circumcised men, whereas the rate among uncircumcised men is not insignificant. In the US the rate of penile cancer among circumcised men is zero, whilst among uncircumcised men it is 2.2 in every 100,000 of the uncircumcised population. As most of the inhabitants of the US are circumcised, the cases of this cancer there are between 750 and 1000 per year. If the population were not circumcised, the number of cases would reach 3000. In countries where boys are not circumcised, such as China, Uganda and Puerto Rico, penile cancer represents between 12-22 % of all cancers found in men; this is a very high percentage.

    4 – Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Researchers found that the STDs which are transmitted via sexual contact (usually because of fornication/adultery and homosexuality) spread more among those who are not circumcised, especially herpes, soft chancres, syphilis, candida, gonorrhea and genital warts.

    There are numerous modern studies which confirm that circumcision reduces the possibility of contracting AIDS when compared to their uncircumcised counterparts. But that does not rule out the possibility of a circumcised man contracting AIDS as the result of sexual contact with a person who has AIDS. Circumcision is not a protection against it, and there is no real way of protecting oneself against the many sexually transmitted diseases apart from avoiding fornication/adultery, promiscuity, homosexuality and other repugnant practices. (From this we can see the wisdom of Islamic sharee'ah in forbidding fornication/adultery and homosexuality).

    5 – Protection of wives against cervical cancer. Researchers have noted that the wives of circumcised men have less risk of getting cervical cancer than the wives of uncircumcised men.

    Based on the health benefits, thats why God tells men to circumcise. [​IMG]
  23. lefty

    lefty Member

    Wah...so detailed!

    My baby boys were circumcised at 3.5months.. a little later may be difficult to manage. It was done under local anaesthesia - injected at the penis. As predicted, hubby ask me to be the one to hold baby down .... he can't stand the sight and sound, haha!

    Caring for them post circumcision isn't as bad as I thought it would be. They didn't cry more (as I thought) and they didn't show any sign of discomfort. They cry during the procedure was because of the LA injection, cold and awkward positioning. :eek:) But that didn't last long. Didn't fuss when their diapers are wet, didn't fuss during bath time.

    The sarong wearing thing I think for bigger boys only lah. But my mom advise me to wear their diapers a little loosely and do not let them flip or sleep facing down. (Avoid pressure)

    So verdict: if you choose to have your boys circumcised do it early. I am sure they'll remember the procedure/ordeal/pain if done later. I had my ears pierced at 6yrs old and I can still remember how painful it was to me. I bet circumcision's worst. Hahaha!
  24. jellyberry

    jellyberry New Member

    Hmmm.. This is really a dilema siah... But I really think to each her own bah.. My hubby was circumsized when he was 10. He mentioned it was terrible at that time but its really no big deal now.. He also can't remember how bad it was, just a bit embarassed that he have to wear sarong.. I have dd.. will have the same headache when I have a ds in future bah..
  25. jerejoy

    jerejoy New Member

    My boy circumcised when he was 13 days old. He din cry thru out the whole process. My heart was so much in pain as I watched the PD cut the skin. But my DS didn't even realise it. He was happily drinking his water that the nurse fed him.

    He only felt the pain after the whole process is over. He fussed only for a few hrs and was a happy boy after that. The PD advised us to apply thick amt of vaseline on his penis when we are changing his diaper so that his penis will not stick on the diaper cos of the fresh wound. We applied it for abt a week.

    For those mummies who wants their DS to be circumcised, it's better to do it early.
  26. llig

    llig Member

    Where was your son circumcised? At a clinic or hospital?

    My firstborn was circumcised at Crescent Clinic & Surgery and we're thinking of circumcising our second son at hospital..possibly before we go home after birth.
  27. ivy1987

    ivy1987 New Member

    jerejoy...where did your boy did the procedure? how much does it cost?
  28. helloagain

    helloagain Member

    ladies, if babies circumcised shortly after delivery (ie b4 mummy n baby discharge fr hosp), the surgery doesn't involve going under the knife (ie, no operation), the doc jus insert the plastic ring on the penis to prevent the skin fr growing, the ring will fall off after abt 10-14 days.. no pain at all, no special care required.. not even vaseline..everything per normal. baby doesn't feel a thing.. procedure costs abt 500-600 (can't remember exact amt)
  29. ivy1987

    ivy1987 New Member

    is it available at all hospitals?
  30. helloagain

    helloagain Member

    Hi Ivy

    Whether avail in all hosp, i think it depends on where does the doc who does circumcision perform the surgery. My baby's doc was referred by my Gynae and both of their clinics are in Mt E, and since my delivery was in Mt E, baby's circumcision was also done in Mt E b4 the both of us got discharged fr hosp.

    so i suggest u check with ur Gynae for referral. ensure the doc does it in the same hosp as the hosp u be delivering ur baby.
  31. llig

    llig Member

    did your boy have jaundice? Most asian babies have it in the first few days and i'm wondering if the doc will still carry out the procedure if the bb has jaundice.
  32. oppsgal

    oppsgal Member

    I am wondering to do the cicumcision too. Wonder where to do other than Mt E.
  33. mira_tan

    mira_tan New Member

    My elder boy had done the cocumcision in last Dec. at the age of 6 year old. done in KK Hospital. We pay abt S$500(can't remember the actual amt) using CPF accounts.(Under subsidy rate) What i do is I went to the polyclinic and get referal letter. (In order to get the subsidy rates. Polyclinic will get a appointment for us. Then we bring the child to KK for check-up....if everything was fine. Doctor in KK will book the date for the surgery. Normally take half a year(depends on the availibility slot of the operation threatre)after the cicumcision, your child will have one more follow up with the doctor. If everything fine, they will discharge the child.

    After the surgery, He consider OK lah becuase he still can kick football with his friends and relavtive's children....but after everyone gone home....he will start all kinds of "painful" signal to my husband and me which is actually try to get our attention.
  34. oppsgal

    oppsgal Member

  35. helloagain

    helloagain Member

    Hi LLig

    yes, baby had jaundice but doc stil went ahead. I think it depends on the level of the jaundice.

    OppsGal - i think there should be many hosp out there still does this.. it all depend on which doc u engage. for my case, its bcos my gynae also at mt e and since i deliver there, of course it will b better for baby to do it there..
  36. jerejoy

    jerejoy New Member

    llig, Ivy,

    Sorry for the late reply. Was bz with my ds recently. I'm sorry that I'm not able to advice u on where to circumcise in Spore cos I did his in States.

    Thanks cyn for yr reply on where to circumcise. Maybe I will ask my gynae too when i'm back in Spore.
  37. yasmin

    yasmin Member

    actually no need to pay so much for the circumcision process. As mentioned earlier, the doctor at crescent clinic at eunos is very experienced. He did it for my hubby when he was 9 yrs old and he did it for my boy when he was 3 mth old this june. The nurses are very experienced too.
  38. newfather

    newfather New Member


    I am new father to a 2 weeks old baby boy.
    I am looking for a hospital where i can bring my boy for circumcision but when i can GlenEagles they say they don't perform this op anyone younger than 10 years [​IMG].
    When i talk to KK hospital they also never give me reference and when i brought my boy to Polyclinic they also didn't help me [​IMG].
    I am kind of lost here, being first time father and no help around i am going crazy.
    Any advise which hospital to go before he start growing up.
  39. llig

    llig Member

    As mentioned above, you can do it at Crescent Clinic. Details asf:
    Add: Blk 1A, Eunos Crescent #01-2473
    Tel: 6745-8624
    Price: $80 (not sure if price is stil the same)
    - covers consultation, procedure, panadol, care instructions & follow-up consultation (norm 6-8 days later)

    If you prefer doing it at the hospital, you can try Dr Aziz Clinic at Kembangan Plaza. Details asf:
    Add: Kembangan Plaza, 18 Jalan Masjid #01-08,
    Tel: 6842-0220
    Price: $200
    We've just circumcised our 3wk old son at Dr Aziz clinic. Consultation must be done at the clinic and if you wish to have the procedure done at a hospital, the clinic can arrange it for you but you would need to book the OT so might take a while.

    Oh fyi, the circumcision takes between 5-8days to heal.

    Hope the info helps [​IMG]
  40. newfather

    newfather New Member

    Thank you very much Gill, it is much appreciated.
  41. newfather

    newfather New Member

    ok i went to Crescent Clinic and every thing went very smooth.
    Seen first time tears in my baby eyes :'(.
    Doctor and nurses were pro.
  42. llig

    llig Member

    Actualy after comparing both my sons' circumcision (done at different places), i noticed that my elder son's (at Crescent Clinic) was not done very well. My younger boy (at Aziz Clinic) has just recently recovered and his circumcision looks much better and neater. Just to share....
  43. laila

    laila Member

    i sent my son for circumcision when he was 3 weeks old. cried during the procedure but everything went smoothly and took less than 30 minutes. he only cried again 3 hours after tat for a short while then fell asleep. i can still bath him as per normal the next day n he didnt cry. from my point of view, its best to circumcise babies before they start to turn and lie on their stomach.
  44. green_kiwi

    green_kiwi New Member

    my hubby intend to hv our boy circumcised too. but after reading the above, I think my son is too "old"? he is turning 7MO soon, and he likes to sleep on his tummy...so anyone had their boy circumcise between 8MO to 1Yr? is the aftercare difficult?
    he had undescended teste too, so we actually thinking of doing both surgery together when he is maybe 1.5yr or 2yr old.
  45. vhalim2001

    vhalim2001 New Member

    hi may i know is there any clinic perform laser circumciseda and whatis the cost?
  46. bekithia

    bekithia New Member

    I brought my 9 yr old boy to the polyclinic to get a referral to KK hospital in order to be eligible for subsidised rates. He has the condition known as phimosis in which his foreskin is too tight to be retracted back. But the polyclinic called and said they have made appt for me at KK for consultation but that I will not be eligible for subsidised rates. Only circumcision for religious purposes will be eligible for it.

    Is this true? If it is, I wonder why??
  47. bekithia

    bekithia New Member

    I'm very curious to find out why but as usual the answers from government organisations is to refer you to the next level. In this case the registration officer who called asked me to check with the medical specialist at KK when I bring my son for consultation but which would set me back at minimum $80+ for a non-subsidised rate.

    Aren't government hospital subsidies given to all deserving citizens who has valid medical conditions and who go through the public health system? Are 'religious reasons' deemed more valid a reason for gaining subsidised rates?
  48. helloagain

    helloagain Member

    Kim - dunno but it does sound weird.
  49. llig

    llig Member

    Kim, don't know but does sound wrong. Surely a procedure done on medical grounds should be given subsidies.. hmm..

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