Any mummies do Brazilian Wax when preg?


i did too throughout my whole preganacy when i was having my i'm in my 2nd trimster with #2....juz did it last week. For me its becomeing a normal routine for mth.



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I've always been doing it. Was starting on IPL when I found out I'm pregnant. So now back to brazilian. It's good hygiene I feel. [IMG=]



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I did it regularly every month from the point I found out I was preggers, last one was 2 days before my induced delivery. Helps a lot when your stitches are healing from the birth (cleaner down there).

Best to do regularly, 4 weeks interval from start to minimize pain nearing to your delivery date.



I have been doing it once every 2 months till my 8th mth...gynae was telling me that it is actually very bad for my skin and asked me why am I doing it..:p



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I just did it last week and it is my first time doing it. I was 30weeks preg and it was extremely painful. But I fear that the doc will shave off during labour hence i decided to go for BW. I will be going back again 1-2 weeks before my EDD.




I do mine at Greatworld City, B3 and she's really good. Very skillful n ensure it's very clean n least pain.

Her name is Rita and contact number is 81137967.

I m 36 weeks now and tmr will be my last visit before my due date! Looking forward to e waxing!



Hi there, I experience some red bumps and some whiteheads after my bwax.. i tot those bumps will go off but its been 2 days already.. I feel a little pain if I touch the bumps.. anyway to soothe or remove those bumps?

I am 7mths pregnant already...



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Am 26 weeks now and I've done twice so far, regrowth seemed a lot slower than before pregnancy though... Did mine at honey pot, pacific plaza/raffles place. no one in particular, so far so good...[IMG=]



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Apparently it's not ok to wax in the 1st trimester. But after tht its ok. I did when I was expecting my 1st and have been doing so while I'm expecting my 2nd now and so far so good. Am planning to go soon after my 36 week checkup. Do mine at strip. It is a little more painful than usual when not pregnant but when you think about how it compares to childbirth, you'll just grin and bear it.



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Hi all mummies... im a 35 going to 36 weeks preggie mummy...intending to get a full brazillian wax before giving birth...any advice on which place is the best and caters to preggie mummies and is it safe..? As im a first timer to do it...reali nid ur feedbacks and guidance...tanx ;)



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i did in last trimester n nearer to pop date... cleaner and after natural birth, doc do stiching and heal pretty fast.

done at STRIP they will make u sign some form coz preggie. its all ok ah , climb up bed abit tricky coz high..



I have been doing this before pregnant and continue to do this throughout my pregnancy. (Now my boy is 2yo ;) ).

This is my routine every month and as in fact i purposely schedule to do this right before i deliver. [IMG=]

I am doing this @ SpaHaven @ Amoy Street (for years!)



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is it advisable to do Brazilian waxing even though I am opting for c-sect ?
Will they shave off my ?
I cannot remember whether they shave for me during my last c-sect.