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Any mummies can share their experience with birth defect Hypospadias?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by Starrymum, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. Starrymum

    Starrymum New Member

    i saw a separate thread that a Mummy with her Son seeing Dr Yap TL from kkh.
    My Son is 3 and has this condition detected since birth and has been seeing Dr Yap since birth. Dr Yap mentioned just yesterday that he is now ready for the reconstruction surgery.

    Actually I told Dr Yap I would like a second opinion and she recommended me Prof Anette Jacabson, which I will see her in Sep 2018. Just googled and actually, they are the best pd urologists in kkh.

    Dr Yap mentioned my son’s Hypospadias is extremely rare: covered Hypospadias. She has only performed surgery for 2-3 cases in her entire career. The op will need 5-6 hours and 2 weeks stay in the hospital.

    I read up about leaving it untreated and seems like it’s not the best option as it affects; self esteem, size issues, peeing issues and sexual activity, which I dunno if it’s worth the risks.
    I’m more for the surgery, and if so, would like the surgery to proceed ASAP since he is ready. I do not want him to remember too much of the trauma.

    Any other mummies seeing other Doctors or even go for second opinions?
    Any mummies with their sons underwent the surgery before? Where was it done?
    Can you share the stories?
    Is it successful?
    What to expect after the surgery?

  2. poco

    poco Member

  3. Ekin

    Ekin New Member

    Hi Starrymum...

    I just send my son for Hypospadias repair... his is Coronal Hyspospadias...5y.o n just did it last mth end... we are seeing Dr Cheong Yee Ling from KKH... she n her team did the ops. Her team n care was superb i must say.. very gentle lady Dr.

    Yeap procedure took abt 5 6 hrs ..plus recovery frm OT... after ops my boy was fully awake n showed no symptoms of discomfort or pain due to the Caudal injection to spine(to numb the area)- usually kids gg for hypospadias repair they advice on this jab and oso they will hav morphine on drip...

    Post op they will put him on drip n morphine n monitor by Anaesthetic Team will review ur child if they need to off the morphine drip n put him on oral medications.

    Antibiotics lactulose n anothr medication (for bladder spasm) with paracetamol will b given daily...
    Yr son will be on stent with the urinal cathether... 1st plaster removal is 6days after post op n 8 days ltr another plaster removal...on 10th post op day they will remove the stent n frm there they will review ur child... if he can pass urine on his own...then they will discharge u...

    After surgery care...expect alot of TLC to b given... since ur son is 3 ...i guess he will b more cranky... cus even my 5yo is phobia after few days post op n has been difficult...
    N wen he slp...just need to monitor dun let him toss n turn...

    Hope tt helps...
  4. Starrymum

    Starrymum New Member

    Hi Ekin

    Thanks for ur inputs. It was very helpful. Can I know how Long was your Son hospitalised? Does he need another operation?

    I understand that there is a need for a procedure before the surgery to assess the penis. I forgot the name of the procedure but GA is required as well. Did you do the procedure before the surgery on the same day or you did the procedure separately from the surgery?

    Dr Yap initially suggested doing the procedure on the same day and then make the decision for the surgery after that. But I felt that it was too rushed and too many things in a day. I wanted to do it on a separate occasion. Wonder if there are any differences? Dr Yap mentioned it’s up to our comfort level.

    Speedy recovery to your darling Son and sending hugs to you while taking care of him. Awaiting your further inputs when you are available. Thank you for ur time.
  5. Ekin

    Ekin New Member


    thanks Mummy for the wish!

    may i ask ...how distant is ur son's hole? mine considered as Coronal Hypospadias...

    My son was hospitalized for 9 day 8 nights... on his 9th post op day(fri), right after the Dr morning rounds to assess him n Dr Cheong left... his stent was leaking.... well... we panicked of course but as per nurse its normal...however they will update the Dr...

    Dr came abt 2 hr plus n soon after they decided to remove the stent(instead of waiting for Monday removal) which will b 12th Day post op...

    As per Dr this is a successful op as chances of failure is 10% ... well maybe becus his condition is considered mild. So i believed no need for a 2nd one....unless(touch wood) the new hole blocked or close up ...

    2 wks before Ops, there will b follow up with the Dr in charge...3 days prior to Op... blood test will be taken and there will counselling by Anaesthetic n Surgeon team....
    On day of procedure he will hav to fast frm last Midnight as his procedure is at 830am.
  6. Starrymum

    Starrymum New Member

    Hi Mummy Ekin

    Thank you so much for ur inputs again despite caring for ur Son.. hope he is recovering well..

    About the distance, I’m not so sure myself. Not very familiar with the penis... with closer look, I can see that his penis is a bit bent and the foreskin is very thin. The hole is not properly covered up but he can pee properly. I only know the condition is covered hyposadias and it’s the least common type of the condition.

    We are going for the second opinion on wednesday with Dr Jacobson from kkh and maybe I can check with her..

    Can I know if ur son’s condition is detected at birth? Why is the operation only at 5yo? Is it an exclusion from insurance? What ward did you stay after the op?
    My son’s condition is detected from birth and he was born premature at 35weeks. So he is not covered from this condition in the insurance and we will need to pay it using Medisave and cash. Because we are under the private scheme, not much subsidies for the hosp bill. I wonder how much I should cater? I have 10k at his CDA and the remaining, I plan to use Medisave.

    I’m feeling very uncomfortable hearing that he has to be injected with morphine and the numbing agent into his spine... but I Guess it’s all for the better right?

    Sending you lots of hugs and chocolates! stay sane.
  7. Ekin

    Ekin New Member

    Hi Mummy,

    No worries i hav been back to work after 2 wks on leave...

    My son has been recovering well.. thank God for that... Wound healing well just that he will experience itchiness near to his penis n scrotum area... he has eczema but this is the 1st time he had it since his ops. I believe it may b frm the stitch thread that is still within the penis area ... tts why after every toilet trip i wash him n dap dry... n apply E.O ..

    Hypospadias has different position of where the urine came out. ( as per attached) Foreskin is usually thin i supposed cause my son is like that. They circumcised my son as well as the foreskin is needed to cover up the hole during op. If its bent hopefully it wont b too severe cause my LO was straight...

    My son condition.was detected at 2 1/2 yrs when he got Balanitis. We send him to KKH A&E n tts wer we found out abt this condition as they State it in the diagnosis. We decided to prolong the op till he was 5yo because at 3yo he was very Hyperactive n we wouldnt want much complication. They did advice us on doing it earlier but because he was too active we decided not to as being tt age they might not be able to relate much to us(i.e pain... pulling of stent... pulling of iv drip)

    We stayed in single bedder ward.. didnt pay any amount yet(as of now) as admission was by my Hubz L.O.G so we dont need to pay deposit. Insurance was claim by Hubz company and if there was any balance they actually deduct frm my insurance. He also used my Medisave.

    Regarding morphine...he was on it for 1 1/2 day..very little dosage as it all time n computed so it will b given automatically. They took it off n give orally. For that day or as and wen required. He was off morphine since day 2 onwards cause i dun want him to b dependant on it. Was on paracetamol of 17.5ml every 6 hrs... ibrufen was given once only after removal of stent.
    All this depends on you...whether u need the morphine thereafter. wenever my son woke up in d middle of night crying of pain...instead of giving him painkillers i taught him to do deep Breathing technique n relax before he doze off himself.

    The numbing agent is only awhile...something like epidural. Its advisable esp those kids gg for hypospadias repair(they will calculate d dosage with his height n weight). n esp after waking up frm the Op so they wont feel pain....

    Thank you Mummy...im still sane so far minus off my sleepless nite due to waking up forcing him to Pass urine....

    If there is anything else u need to know just ask... will share my experience n assist to ur qns Hypospadias.gif

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