Any MTB in Punggol?

Hi mummies!
I am a Jan MTB. Thought i saw many MTB in Punggol hence start a thread so that we can get to know each other : )

Hi wander_mum!
Thanks for the info, had trouble following the sengkang/punggol mummies club thread.
Just wanted to know some MTB or SAHM in punggol so that it is easiler to chat or even have tea in Punggol Plaza!


New Member mean Blk 128 there?

My blk is just next to PP... I'm a FTWM.

Perhaps we ever bumped into each other at PP.. there are many preggie ladies and babies in Punggol now.

This is my first about you?
Yes you are right, i am living there.

This is also my first baby, she is a baby girl. Have you done your detail scan?

Who is your gynae and where do you intend to deliver?

I signed up package with northern hope, Dr Brenda Low.


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Mine is a baby ger too.

Did my detailed scan at TMC on my 21 2weeks ago. Everything is fine weighs 365g

My gynae is Dr Joycelyn Wong and her clinic is at TMC. So most likely will be delivering there.

After I've signed up with my gynae, then I realised that there is also a gynae clinic at Punggol Plaza...which is more convenient for me. But I'm OK with my current gynae so i decided to stick with her.

There is also another gynae at Blk 106..think she is Dr Chen Chern Yi. But heard that her package quite expv wo.

So how's your preparation so far... as in...have you got most of the baby's stuff? I'm now looking into strollers, cot, steriliser etc... haven buy yet!
My detail scan also in TMC at 20 weeks about 3 weeks ago. My ger is onli 314g but everything normal.

Hey so our EDD quite near hor, mine is 17 Jan sometimes change to 18/19 Jan. How about you?

I also heard about Dr Chen Chern Yi but i chose my gynae cos it is more convenient lor, i actually didn't do any research then.

My hubby and i like to shop shop and see see but so far also haven buy anything yet, he says is abit too early leh.

Do did you sign up for antenatal course? I signed up at TMC for the Oct Class, me first time mum everything also must learn.


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Ha ha ha... so qiao... My EDD also on 17 Jan. So far the date has been consistent in all the scans i did.

Me too signed up for TMC's OCt class. As I only wanted to attend Mrs Wong Boi Boi's Class (avail only on wed and Sat). My first lesson is on 11 Oct (wed) at 7pm.

As my office is quite near to TMC, it is rather convenient for me to go down to TMC after work.
Really very qiao hor, intially i also want to choose TMC but now thinking of Mt A leh.

I am hoping to deliver earlier but was told by my aunty that carrying ger would not be as early as boys, sometimes even later than EDD! Actually 1st of Jan would be great hor.

Since our EDD the same, who knows we can help out and support each other in one way or another when doing confinement.

Btw, I signed up for Mrs Wong Class too but is on Sat leh, too bad, otherwise we can be classmates


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If its any date after 17 Jan, then got to spend CNY at home liao. Me thinking of early Jan, so can finish confinement and celebrate full-month before CNY.

If baby pops on 1st Jan... can appear on newspaper liao... someone got gifts from hospital issit? also have the same thinking. Wanted to go chinatown to shop shop if full month before CNY, otherwise no NY mood leh.

If 1st Jan, can appear in news but me shy, don't know about gifts though. If really so, then my ger BD is always a holiday and very easy to remember.

Did you get a confinement lady? Me not getting one cos i asked my mother to cook for me daytime and evenning. Got to handle my baby alone at night, stressed.....


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No Confinement lady for me too.

Will depend on my MIL and mother. MIL will stay over at my place during my confinement period whereas my mum, staying in SK will pop by during the day. They will be taking care of the cooking and washing part and also taking care of baby.

If BF, will have to depend on myself...especially at night. Ya...very stress. Dun not can cope or not?

Btw, why u said u r considering Mt A now huh...? I'm taking TMC becos my gynae's clinic is there too, so more convenient. U taking how many bedder? I wanted one-bedder leh but costly lah...

I know some gynaes offer free upgrade to 2 bedder (from 4 bedder) at TMC. But my gynae doesnt do this. :-(
Your MIL quite good hor, mine never bother much about me. Before pregnant, keep asking us to have babies, now that i am pregnant, never even bother to cook one single meal for me. Intially i thought she will even make me bird nest to drink, quite disappointing.

I went to TMC for my Oscar and detail scanning, find it quite small, so didn't really like it as compared to mt A peaceful environment, so i beg my gynae to deliver at mt A for me. She reluctantly agree at the moment.

Most likely would be taking four bedder cos find one bedder too costly. Anyway i thought would be staying onli a few days and would be BF most of the night, most likely wouldn't get much sleep whether two or four bedder so choose to save a bit of money for baby.

My gynae mostly deliver in gleneagles, they onli offer one or two bedder, and if complications (touch wood) arise, i don't think we can afford the huge bills.

Most of the people at this forum mentioned that they have free upgrade from 4 bedder to two bedder at TMC, wonder why your gynae doesn't have leh?

How much weight have you gained? I can't resist junk food and cold drinks.

Always see so many preggies in punggol, but the response there not so good hor.


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Actually my MIL not bad lah... I go back to her place for dinner once a week now. She will ask hubby wat i want to eat and she will cook lor. She even went down to the medical hall to buy bird nest, dong chong chao to cook the black chicken soup. One of my colleague complained that her MIL also buy tonic for her, but later insisted that my Collg pay her the $$. My colleague so pissed with her MIL.

But I find my MIL rather naggy and loud lady. I dun like people to nag at me one so very scare esp when she comes to stay wif me. I told hubby that i will slip into depression during my confinement...

For the free upgrade, i ever check wif my gynae. She said the upgrade will depend on the occupancy of TMC. If not enuff 4 bedder then hospital will upgrade to 2 bedder.

I signed up for the TMC's FBI card. So if i deliver at TMC, i will enjoy certain discounts such as 5% off doc's fee, $100 dis for 1-bedder, $80 for 2 bedder and $60 for 4-bedder. I also enjoy 10% for the OSCAR Test and the antenatal programme. I tot quite wu hua leh. I paid $98 for it and has so far enjoyed discounts for the OSCAR ($40+) and antenatal ($16).

So far has gained 5-6kg. All these weight gains were achieved after my 4 months. In fact, I lost 2 kgs in my first trimester.

Me too loves junk food. Chocolate, crackers, ice cream and cold drinks which are no-no for preggie lady. But i just cant help it. I'm not disciplined na... To make things worse, I dun like Fish!

You a SAHM... so do you cook? For me, i usually eat diet not so healthy. Me eating a lot of supplement oil, multi-V, calcium pills.

Oh... have u started applying stretchmark cream? I started as early as my 1st trimester. So far so good (touch wood). But I didnt use those exp brand lah.. I use cheap cheap brand from Guardian Pharmacy-Palmers Cocoa Cream. But heard that Clarin Oil is gd but damn exp (abt $75/bottle).

There are many MTB in punggol. But i guess they are more active in the Month's Thread. There is one for Jan 07's mummy too. I will read but seldom post there.
Hey your MIL very good, envy you! Bird Nest and dong chong chao very expensive, and most importantly, she took the trouble to cook for you and baby. My MIL onli bought me a box of chicken essence when i am 3 months pregnant, my hubby comments that i don't take chicken essense, she says she would exchange it to bird nest for me (faint! - exchange!) During my pregnancy till now, she onli ask me back for dinner once and guess what she cook? Spicey prawns, sea brass fish (preggies can't take cos high mercury content), curry chicken, no soup nothing suitable for me, very angry that night and complain to hubby! Btw she is quite rich and can afford two maids, make bird nest for her other grandchildren, i feel very sad for my baby : (

Will your hubby take leave to accompany you during your confinement? If have, at least you don't have to handle your MIL nagging so much, it is very easy to sink to depression after delivery, you have to take care and be careful. Perhaps you can ask your hubby to hint your MIL not to nag to much.

i know about the FBI card too, but since i prefer mt A thats why didn't sign up.

Hopefully you get the free upgrade when the time comes, don't worry.

I have serious MS in my first few months so i also lost about 3 kg, now i gained back the 3 kg plus about 4 kg. Average gain 2kg per month, very terrifying!

Me same same as you, i take chocolates, cakes, ice-cream and deserts quite often too, plus i also drink ribena and cold drinks every day, don't like plain water at all.Feel guilty hor.

First few months my MS very bad, so i onli take bread or biscults in the morning and afternoon, night time i eat at PP. Now i go back to my mother place once a week to eat and i try to cook once a week too. (Still have a bit of MS at times) My eating habits is much worse than you, not much home cook food at all, quite worry for baby. Me eating the same supplement as you.

I apply stretchmark cream in my fourth month, i try the avent cream not bad. Clarin oil is too x for me too but hope our cream works for us, so far so good.

hey so nice talking to you, cos can tell our frustrations and feelings etc.

My PC is down with virus, hopefully my hubby can repair it for me otherwise i can't chat with you till its repaired. I am now at my mum's place, later will have home cook food ...yummy yummy.

Meanwhile do take care, will chat with you soon!


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Hi Hi

R you intending to get any steriliser? I just went to Punggol Plaza and there is a baby shop on the 2nd level & it is selling the Pigeon Steriler at $87 (comes with 2 Pigeon bottles). I went to JL sales but it was not on sale, selling $116. Most likely i will get it. There is another brand - Lucky baby steriliser pxed at $59.90. Its a rather new pdt so not sure good or not. U can check it out at the shop :)

I have been looking out for good deals at the BP threads... just joined one on Neurogain Fish oil. I usually get it at Unity at $29.90 per bottle. For the spree, i'm getting it at $21. If another spree is on, shall keep u informed again.

Sorry i MIA for so long. PC not working and i am down with infection.

The lady from the punggol shop said that they run out of the pigeon sterilizer but the stock is coming in soon. We are still considering between Pigeon and avent. Avent one is selling @ $169 so if there is sales of 20% at metro etc also quite worth it cos it comes with a few bottles (worth $60)

So did you get the fish oil that you order at the BP threads? My hubby already bought me 2 bottles so i guess i don't need to BP liao, cos most likely need onli one two bottles the most.

I find sleeping quite difficult especially the turning part, how about you? Wish the following months will pass by fast.


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Hey... finally see you here...

Me also sick...down wif flu yesterday. Now back to wk again :-(

I went there last sat and saw the pigeon steriliser on the shelf. Checked wif the lady and she said the promotion is still on. Most prob will get it this weekend. Avent is too expv leh.

Will be collecting the fish oil in another 2 weeks time. I bought 4 bottles... to last me till confinement.

I try to sleep on my left... heard that this position will increase blood flow to the baby. Perhaps have a hard day at wk, very tired at nite so I slept throughout till morning.

I bought a Mozart CD and play it during sleeping time. That's also our "connection" time wif Baby. And I think she responds to the music leh... more movements...hehehe so cute.

Now waiting for my hubby to fetch me...going to eat the famous Tian Tian Lai Hokkien Prawn Mee... I'm So Hungry!


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hi hi,
Can i join the two you here, I m also from punggol 21, staying opposite to punggol plaza. I m 18 weeks preggie with twins and am with twins/triplets thread also.


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Hi twinsmom...welcome welcome...

Congrates on your double happiness... do you know the gender of your babies already?

I'm in my 24wks now...expecting a baby ger.

U stay opp u & crystalwhite same cluster lah. My blk is just next to PP. Next time we can meet at PP for a drink.
Have you mummies thought of which birth method huh? I wanted natural w/o epidural but dun know if I can tahan the pain. Both my cousin and another fren initially wanted natural but because the cervix didnt dilate after long hours, their babies were in distressed and had to go for emergency c-section, under GA. They all advise me to go for elective c-section to save $ and pain.
But i think i still would opt for natural unless my gynae advise otherwise. I still go swimming now. Hopefully it will make my labour easier.


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Thanks for the welcome. I still dont know the gender yet, waiting for my detailed scan in two weeks time.

For me most probably will have to be c-section. I m with KKH as i m afraid of complications and cost in case of difficulty (touch wood haha).

I understand both of u r first time mummies, me to first time mummy. I m gonna be SAHM until they are ready to go to childcare centre when they 17 or 18 months.

Sure we can meet up one day!


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I understand your concerns. Me too, if there is any complication later in my pregancy (touch wood)i would also opt for KKH. The medical bill for premature birth at private hospital can be very huge.

I wish I can be a SAHM too... but if I dun have income, cannot provide the best for my baby leh. And it will be very siong for hubby too. Anyway, I will take 3 months maternity leave follow by another one month of annual leave after delivery to look after baby.

Twinsmom, are you going to take care of your twins alone or got maid/MIL help?


hullo... sorrie to pop in like dat...

re: Pigeon steriliser.. I got mine at Toy R US in August @ $87 also. Dunno if it is still $87. It come with 2 pigeon bottles.
Welcome here! How i wish i could have twins too : ) Congratulations!
Are you hoping for long feng tai?
Since we staying so near, perhaps we met before.

Nice to see you here! I have been seeing Dr Brenda for my infection since last two weeks weekly, still untreatable, will be seeing her again this mon. Concern about the weight of my baby but she just scan for a few seconds and said baby is okie, no weight etc given to me.

You not bad too, can take 4 months in all!

Maybe we should discuss with our gynae about our birth plan soon hor. Don't know when should we bring it up?
You sure you want natural without epidural? I don't think i can stand the pain, i sure opt for epidural if can cos i have scoliosis (backbone not straight).

Yap maybe one of these days should arrange for coffee at PP.


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Hi all
I stay in near the meridian lrt plaza and I have a 8 month old plus. Coincidentally, my boy's EDD was 17 Jan and scheduled to induce on 16 Jan. Instead, he decided to pop out on 14 Jan. I'm currently a temp SAHM.

Actually, you don't have to buy an expensiv sterilizer as you do not need to use it after a few months, IMHO though.


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crystalwhite - You take care. Drink lotsa water and plenty of rest. Everything will be fine for you and BB...dun worry. I will be going to see my gynae next sat. I will ask her abt the hospital package and the birth plan then.

Today I went carrefour shopping. Saw the Pigeon steriliser selling at $87 too... with 2 free bottles and a bottle of detergent. I was so so tempted to buy.. but now i m half hearted whether to get one cos my cousin told me to use the traditional boiling method. She said a number of her fren's kids got sick after using the steriliser. Ai... i m now so confused.


crystalwhite: drink more water.. weather very hot these days.... did she give antibiotics? or maybe we preggy cannot take antibotics? she scan for u is during ur regular antenatal appt or coz of ur UTI? haha maybe becoz my weight gain too much (I gained 3 kg in 4 weeks) dats why she wanna check my bb's weight to make sure she's not too big...

babyjan: during the antenatal class i attended. they did mentioned that using the boiling method it required more time and gas to sterilise the bottles. Coz u need to wait for the water to boil mah. Also u need to look after the fire leh. It will be faster to use a electric steriliser. think the pigeon 1 is less than 10 mins? Was told the bottles need to be sterilised again even when it is not used after 4 hours. So u decide for yourself which is best for you.
thanks will drink more water, me pai seh to ask my gynae about birth plan etc tonight cos going to see her about my infection again. Hoping she will scan my baby to tell me her weight.

Me also tempted to buy stroller and steriliser etc but i guess we will get it soon, so many brands to choose from. Sometimes would get confuse as we compare the prices..hahaha.Considering Maclaren and Combi at the moment.How about you?
The pigeon steriliser that you mentioned seemed to be a good deal.

she give my two course of antibiotics leh, i feel guilty taking it, don't know if baby is okie cos it is quite strong. I went to her cos of UTI, but she did not give me my baby weight since my detail scan. I also gain alot of weight this two months (6kg in two months!) When is your next visit? Have you ask her about the birth plans?

Hi! Welcome here. So any plans for another baby?


crystalwhite: when is your regular after detailed scan? i got spotting once and it was on a Friday and she was not in northern hope and if i wanna see her in northern nope I need to wait till Monday. So she actually asked me if i wanna go to her clinic in Gleneagles. So visited her there. Also use ultra scan to just check if bb is doing ok. Check bb heartbeat. That was after my detailed scan time. That time when I see her, her asst at the clinic did ask me whether I have decided on the hospital. She told me to inform her of my decision when I'm week 28. So maybe Dr Brenda will discuss about the birth plan in our 3rd trimester.

I gain a total of 11kg since I'm preggy when I last visited her. She actually asked me to control my diet. So she wanna check see if bb also got gain weight anot. My next appt with her is 16 Oct. haha cannot imagine how much weight I'll gain in my next visit.


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Hey gals, just to check with you. If you go and see your gynae for unscheduled visits, do you have to pay extra or it is part of the package that you've signed?
are you okie now, have to be more careful. Luckily she offer to ask you to go Gleneagles. She is onli at northern hope for a while twice a week, so sometimes a bit unconvenient.
Actually i see her quite a number of times for my infection, she took a lab test for me but told me it is not an infection but maybe an allergy. The antibiotics she gave me is of no use so seeing her tonight again,i think she has no idea about how to treat me leh, a bit worry.

I also scared of my weight gain, feel so tired walking liao. Maybe we should really control a bit but i really like sweet stuff.
I went to see my gynae a couple of times for unscheduled visits, don't have to pay for consultation but need to pay for the medicines she prescible if any. Why? Are you sick?


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No lah, me not sick. But I ever experienced cramp in the middle of the nite. So wanted to make appointment to see doc the next morning and was told by the receptionist that it will be treated as unscheduled visit..therefore must pay. Anyway, i didnt go and see my gynae in the end cos the pain subsided. I went to the GP downstair and take MC to rest at home instead.

Can you take cranberry juice? Heard that its good for urinary tract infection.

I also have sweet tooth.. eat lotsa of cakes/chocolate lately. Just tried the Jellyheart cheesecakes yesterday..YUMMY! I'm worry abt GD... heard its very common in pregnancy. So I try to drink lotsa water.


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Yee... I posted one message earlier... how come didnt appear?

Anyway, gotta say Hi to Mikel. Welcome to this thread. Surely you can give the MTBs here valuable advice since you've been through it. So I presume yours is a natural birth lah.

As for the prams... Maclaren like quite expv leh.. But it has very good reviews. I saw one at JL, selling at $400+. Combi is also quite good. Crystalwhite, if you r really interested, can recommend you to get from this lady call Winnie from Cheng Choon. Heard she can give good deal on combi prams. I m thinking of Lucky Baby/Capella leh... but seems like not many people using.
Your doc package quite strict hor, i thot most unschedule visit need not pay one. Luckily your pain subsided.

I did not take cranberry juice but ate cranberries (the package ones from carefour) very nice. Anyway my gynae says mine is not an infection from the lab test results leh, but my "private area" swollen, quite uncomfortable. So far, never heard any mummies suffer from it leh..

Oh GD, its very common. Just hope we don't get it, i can't control myself, whenever i go out on weekends, will buy ice-cream to satisfy my cravings.

Antenatal class starting for me this weekend, really looking forward to it.
For stroller as long as it suits your needs, need not care about the brand. I leave the choice to my hubby cos we don't have a car, so he will be the one carrying it if we go out

hey i am interested leh, can you PM me her number? Thanks alot! Btw where is Cheng Choon?
Seems like we have to spend alot of $$ on baby stuff...very siong for us.


crystalwhite: the spotting was in Aug so quite sometime ago. Dat time she also do lab test for me and put some medication. No infection also. That time she also cannot find any cause of the spotting. Now okay liao. I think because I was found to have low placenta during my detailed scan and I read somewhere pple with low placenta may experince spotting in the 2nd trimester.

Try wearing cotton panties. stay away from panty liners and see how is it. or maybe the laundry detergent is too strong?

babyjan: ya i also did not pay consultation for my unschedule visit. just pay the lab test and the medications. When I 1st sign up the package I did ask the pple there about unschedule visit. They told me usually they dun charge.

re: stroller - I very KS I already bought my stroller. I bought maclaren techno XT 2006 from robinsons. Was deciding between combi, quinny and maclaren.

combi - i felt it's too light. the stroller may toppler if we hang too many things at the hanger.

Quinny - too heavy and bulky. like 4WD like dat.

so finally i decided on maclaren.


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Ok. I will sent it to you tonite. Its in my yahoo mail and can't access it during offc hour.

Ya... a lot of things need to buy. Still have the baby cot, and the daily necessity like diapers, bottles, wet wipes, feeding and bathing stuff. These stuff are not cheap... I have a baby list.. will PM you tonight as well.

Have you bought any baby clothes? I joined the BP and got some rompers for my baby. But dun think she can wear them yet. For NB, must get those front opening top, easier to wear.

My antenatal class starts next wed. But will be going to TMC this sat morning for my regular checkup.


babyjan: i experience some cramp down there and also the skin pulling near the pelvic bone area. I noticed this happen only when I have to much walking or doing to much. What i normally do is take a seat or lie down.


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Looks like Dr Brenda Low's package is quite flexible. If I know, I would have gone to her. It so convenient for me...can save on transport and parking too. Take MC also easier. Whenever I'm not feeling well (1st trimester got very bad MS) i will go see GP just to take MC. Everytime $20-$30.

Amore, can share how much you pay for the Maclaren Stroller?
thanks, i will take note, see what she can do for me tonight. I hate doing lab test, think she will most likely ask me to do it again.
How much did you pay for your stroller?

thanks in advance!
my cousin pass me some baby clothes, but i need to return it to her sister next time. My mother also bought a few sets for my baby ger, i myself have not buy anything so far. Will start buying next month.

Actually the person doing my detail scan onli get a short view of my baby and confirm her a ger ger, my gynae did not scan for me after that. Will faint if i give birth to boy boy, all my clothes white and pink.

I normally did not join the BP cos i prefer to see the actual goods before buying. You are such a good mummy, start buying things for your ger liao.

I am going to TMC this sat too but in the afternoon for class, too bad otherwise we can bump into each other.Btw is your checkup always in TMC?


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Hi all
No plans for number 2, may stop at 1 cos my boy is a handful, puts me off for a second one and my mum already has a strong premonition that I'll have a 2nd boy.

I bought a combi stroller when my boy is still young and Maclaren Volo when he can sit up. What I did is I made use of my Kiddy Palace discount card to buy the combi. I waited for Robinson's 20% sale and with the $100 voucher, I bought the Volo at $80 plus.

I delivered at Mt. A. I was given a bathtub we were bringing our boy back. You may need a bathmat as babies tend to slip in the bathtub. My boy slipped a few times but luckily did not hit the head. That made me rush out to buy one.

Anyway, I have discount cards for Kiddy Palace, ToysRUs (Think only certain items are entitled for cheaper price). If you need them, just inform me and I can lend it to you gals


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The clothes that I bought all pink pink one. If it turns out to be boy boy... i also faint lah. I so KS... bought clothes all the way to 12 month liao. I saw this dress from old navy cute so i just order lor. Its for 1yr old so i told hubby that Baby can wear on xmas or next CNY... my hubby say I crazy. Baby not out yet but i have already plan for next yr xmas and 2008 CNY.

So far my BP experience quite good. No hiccups.

I think my gynae has another night clinic at Bedok but I always see her at her clinic at TMC. As for the detail scan and OSCAR bloodtest that I did, it was done at the diagnostic lab at TMC.

I just applied for a Metro card. It says will enjoy 20% on birthday month. I am waiting to receive the card and then will start shopping for baby items... aiming those pigeon wet tissues, mittens, booties, baby detergent....
Hi Mikel

Actually i also plan for one only. Financailly too taxing for us to have more.

So you are also SAHM like me, so what do you normally do at home? Somethimes i feel quite bored.

Is discount cards applicable for clothings etc too at kiddy palace? How many percent off? Thinking of getting clothes etc there next month, may borrow from you if you don't mind.


i got the stroller @ 343.20 + 5% robinson rebate. and they deliver to my place. I think Baby kingdom or baby hypermart is selling ard this price. Maclaren techno XT comes in 2 model. 2005 and 2006. 2005 is cheaper.

Babyjan: u working? you cannot claim medical from your company?

Try to get as much stuff now as possible. Coz our bump still consider "small". When 8/9 mth dat time bump even bigger. Diffcult to move ard. This is the advise given by my frens who had given birth.


Mikel: hehhe noticed those who gave birth to a boy first will always tell me they wanna stop at 1..... dun u wanna have a gal?

crystalwhite and babyjan: i also scare mine come out boi... coz when I 1st did my OSCAR in TMC, the lady say "Oh I saw something down there." So that time we thot is a boy. Week 16 antenatal appt. bb use leg to block. So Dr Brenda cannot see. So was kept in suspense. Then detailed scan, the lady also trying hard to see the gender. cannot see the little birdie sticky out. So say gal. Ask my SIL to pass me all her gal's bb stuff. ALL pink/red colour. IF really boy. dunno how.