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Any MTB foetus stopped growing previously and pregnant again?

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by mindy_99, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. mindy_99

    mindy_99 New Member

    Was wondering if anyone had the same experience as me, i was tested positive in april 2007, however, the pregnancy sac did not grow at all and there was no heartbeat, was quite upset, now i am tested positive and i hope this time will be different! this time i had pregnancy symptons (the previous time i didnt have), sore breasts, feeling naesous but no vomiting, and now i feel some cramps in the centre of the womb, i had made appt with gyne but only next week then available, please pray for me fellows forumers!!! [​IMG]

  2. footprts

    footprts New Member

    Hi Mindy
    My 2nd preg was the same as yours, initially I got some preg symptoms but after the 1st visit to the Dr, my symptoms stopped (I thot I was lucky) but the next visit Dr said the fetus nt growing and no heart beat, I was very upset too, keep blaming myself whether did I do anythg wrong during the preg. My 3rd preg came 8 mths later and now my girl is 14 mths old. I'm sure your preg will be a successful one! GOt symptoms tat means ur bb is growing! Take care!!
  3. yokoh

    yokoh Member

    Hi mindy

    i have similar experience. Was tested positive but after the 8 week scan, the fetus stopped growing and no heartbeat. I was blessed to be preggo again soon after and my boy is a healthy 3 months old. Wishing u a healthy and happy 9mths!
  4. jo_tan

    jo_tan New Member


    I had the same problem too. Last August I lost my baby at 7 weeks. One month later I was pregnant again but with some complications. I had cramps and bleeding till around 14 weeks. But now I'm 26 weeks pregnant.

    All the best to you! Stay positive. Be careful and call your gynae if anything amiss. Remember to let your gynae know about your previous pregnancy. Your gynae will monitor you more carefully.
  5. faced the same thing... baby didnt grow... only saw the waterbag during the scan... hope to try again soon... [​IMG]
  6. yong_hui

    yong_hui Active Member

    This means u ttc 1 mth later after ur m/c? I juz went to TCM and he advised me to ttc only after 3 mths but i cant wait. Given my weak body, he said better to wait than be sorry. Am so sad....was so happy for u that u could get preggy so soon! =)
  7. my gynae said 2 months after m/c can try again...
  8. jo_tan

    jo_tan New Member

    My doctor told me I can try straight away. So we tried and got lucky. I don't think I could have waited. But it's best to follow your doctor's advice
  9. bryest

    bryest Active Member

    hi joanna,
    congrats. so envious. i just did the procedure to remove my baby yesterday. gynae say spotted a big fibroid in my womb. so need to wait 6 weeks to see whether must remove the fibroid. then after removing the fibroid, must wait for another 6 weeks before can try to conceive again.
  10. yong_hui

    yong_hui Active Member

    I m urs,
    My gynae said 2 cycles which is also considered as 3 mths. Even TCM and GP also said 3 mths will be better to play safe. Thats y I am not sure....i hope to try soon coz I wish to get a ox bb....Anyway, once i finished my herbs given by TCM, I will check if I could ttc soon.

    Ur doc is ur gynae? So gd that u can try straightaway...my TCM said my body is still weak to ttc..

    I wish u best in ur pregnancy! [​IMG]
  11. jo_tan

    jo_tan New Member

    I was with Dr Heng from ESH. Now I'm with Prof Mary Rauff, cos been having cramps and bleeding. Now on bedrest till I deliver. I'm pretty lucky that I got pregnant again straight away after my M/C. So not to worry, it's totally possible to get pregnant again and have a healthy baby. My baby is healthy, he's big for his age. Just that my health overall is weak.

    I had Fibroid in my first pregnancy. But it disappear when I M/C.
  12. ariajo

    ariajo Active Member

    dun worry, mindy, you'll be fine...my 1st pregnancy was like yours, sac grow but not the fetal pole.. no heartbeat from beginning. D and C at week 9 i think..can't remember..devastated. 3 months later, got pregnant again and now my girl is going 16 months liao [​IMG] jia you! it's definately not easy for your this pregnancy cos you'll be so jittery but stay strong yah..
  13. mindy_99

    mindy_99 New Member

    hi all

    thank you for the encouragement! i just visited my gyn and i can see the bb heartbeat this time, was very happy about this, will be going to the gyn in another 2 weeks time, hope that my bb would have grow by then!!! [​IMG]
  14. piggym

    piggym New Member

    dun worry . you will be fine. anyway wish you all the best! [​IMG]
  15. piggym

    piggym New Member

    hi joanna,
    ur gynae is dr heng? she is from the clinic at bedok? is she good?
  16. i

    i Guest

    i tink im more unlucky than u ladies. i got the pregancy syptoms but bleeding. it took me 3 weeks to rest at hm i went to chk every week in the end i still got to remove it cos there is no foetus in it. is call molar pregancy only 1 out of 1200 women will get it. and it cost mi abt $4k to remove it as the doc say it might be dangerous if go for normal ops. the worst part is i got to wait for at least 6mths to confirm tat everything is fine then i can get pregnant again.
  17. blueberrypie

    blueberrypie New Member

    Hi i,
    I have the same problem as u, except mine is partial molar. Doc said i have to wait for at least 3-4mths before i can get pregnant. This is already my 2 miscarriage. Ever since i conceived my boy 4 yrs ago i have difficulties conceiving again.Wonder if anyone has the same experience and managed to conceive on 3rd tried
  18. jarross

    jarross New Member

    Hi all,

    I went to see my gynae a couple of days ago.. It is my 1st pregnancy and i'm supposed to be like 7weeks and 5 days pregnant. However, after the scan the doctor said that my pregnancy is only 5 weeks in size..

    I'm feeling so upset now, and so is my hubby.. :-(

    I have another appointment in 2 weeks time. She said if it still doesnt grow, they will have to remove it..

    I'm hoping and praying that my baby will grow and that everything's going to be fine..
  19. twiddly_doo

    twiddly_doo New Member

    Hi Jar Ross,

    I can understand how u feel. I went thru the same but we din worry much at the point coz gynae said its ok and just to observe. Try to rest as much as you can and dont stress yourself up. If baby is meant to be with us, it will be. Do look out for any bleeding or cramps or change in appetite.

    For me, baby wasnt meant for us. Bb was supposed to be already 12 weeks ... supposed to pass the critical stage rite? Well, i guess it isnt our luck yet. My boy passed away rite on CNY this yr and doc said he passed away in me since he was abt 10 weeks according to the measurement of the foetus. I was able to bury him as i had sort of a normal birth. I didnt opt to have it removed via D/C. only the placenta was removed via D/C coz cant come out naturally. My bb came out complete and naturally but the pain i had to go thru ... i know now what is contractions.

    Now i have just finished my 2nd cycle and both my gynae and massage therapist said its the best time to try. Scared tho ... haiz ...
  20. corrinne_mum

    corrinne_mum New Member

    Dear all,

    Be strong everyone. I went thru 4 miscarriages in 5 years to have 1 successful birth. I m very thankful to GOD for this miracle baby... She is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Have faith & i believe good news will knock on everone's door very soon....
  21. ashaz77

    ashaz77 New Member

    Hi mummies,

    Just to share: I too did faced with a situation in May 2007 whereby i have to remove my fetus at 8 weeks old (supposedly) as it has stopped growing (i guess at 6 weeks), no heartbeat... I even went to seek a 2nd opinion at another gynae clinic but the result was the same.. it was a tough period for me, kept crying...it was supposed to be my 2nd pregnancy but guess it was not meant to be at that point of time. went thru the "evacuation of the womb" as the doc. called it and told to try again in 3 months time.. guess we couldn't wait and i got preggy again after 2 months!
    Now, my baby boy is already 9 months old and he is healthy and chubby as can be! So the bottom line is, dun give up hope and stay postive always! [​IMG]
  22. jane0312

    jane0312 New Member

    Dear mothers or mothers-to-be, if you are looking for an experienced nanny, feel free to contact my mom by sending me a personal message.

    My mom has a lot of experience taking care of children as well as newborn. willing to take care for day and night.
  23. kelynn

    kelynn New Member

    Hi mummies,

    Just to share : i went to see my gynae couple of days ago was sad to know tat bb hv stop growing & no heart beat too.
    BB died around 10wk plus after my last visit to gynae.
    gynae say tat i had a miscarriage which i dont hv any symptom anyone had the same experience as me ?

    Went KK for 2nd opinion but result was the same so i went thru the "evacuation of womb" on the same day coz i dont wan to drag anymore its so saddening.

    Anyone know muz i engage those Malay lady to help me do some massage??
  24. twiddly_doo

    twiddly_doo New Member

    Hi kelynn,

    Can understand how u feel. Be strong yeah ... and yeaps it is best if you engage a massage lady. that was what i did. The massages will help to contract your womb and expel out all the left over tissues or blood in you and also the toxic.

    According to my maasage lady, extremely impt for ppl in our case as we did not realise baby has already passed away in us for quite awhile and this causes the toxic to build up. If dont massage, it may cause infertility. I went thru 5 sessions in all ... just like when ppl give birth rite?

    Do take care yeah [​IMG]
  25. kelynn

    kelynn New Member

    Hi Yanmas

    thanks for the advice
  26. jas13

    jas13 Member

    Hi all,

    sorry to hear about MC experience. May i know if you have any symtoms when your bb stopped growing?
    I'm currently 8 weeks now and MS stopped suddenly. Just wondering if i should see my gynae immediately.
  27. imac

    imac New Member

    hi Everyone

    sad to hear that n i experienced it before..oso fm e same common reason - no heartbeat..it just happened naturally.

    so u wun know when it'll happen until check-up but i think spotting will occur first..as mentioned by my gynae before, it could have happened a day already when i suddenly noticed spotting n that evening even had an inauspicious dream while napping that afternoon..

    take care & gd luck to all [​IMG] kambadae!
  28. yiqi

    yiqi Member

    I was preggy 6 times and m/c 4 times..
    I think its always devasting to know that u r preggy and then to be told there's no yolk sac, no fetal pole... no heart beat..

    but the good news is.. if u can get preggy, then the m/c most prob happened by chance. Which means that u can get preggy again. and not having fertility issue..

    dun give up hope.. rest wel.. and then give it another shot..(literally.. hahha)
  29. zlossie

    zlossie New Member

    Hi there

    Sorry to hear that the sad news.. does anyone have any idea wat causes the BB to have no heartbeat? As currently i m trying for BB as well..
  30. pearlyn

    pearlyn Member

    Hi Irene, I also asked the same qn to 3 different gynae and all of them said there is no one reason for that. it could be chromosome abnormalities and is the nature's way of stopping a bad pregnancy.

    i also had a m/c last Dec. BB's hb stopped at 8 wks 6 days. came as a shock to me as i hve no symptons like spotting / cramps etc. in the end, went for D&C as doc advised to reduce the emotional and physical pain. he said if i were to wait for natural m/c, it may take another few weeks more.
  31. mel_bellle

    mel_bellle New Member

    Hi all, i am new to the forum.

    Just did a uterus evacuation last wednesday. i was 10 week and the sac looked like 5 week. No heartbeat to start with.

    The gynae at KK warned me during my week 4 of the possibility of a pregnancy failure and had me monitored once a week, but in vain. I had initial pregnancy symptons like tiredness and slgiht nauseousness, but these all ended by week 8... By week 9, my gynae suggested to remove the foetus.

    Went for a second opinion at Mt Alvernia and decided to go for the procedure, like Pearlyn to cut the pain short. I don't think I can face a bloody toilet bowl and scoop up the tissue for further examination...

    Anyway, this must be just part and parcel of life. Like many of the lucky mums here, I sure I will get lucky one day!
  32. avocado

    avocado Active Member

    hi ladies,
    i've a 5yrs old son,had 3x m/c since 3yrs ago(one m/c per yr).My 1st m/c,the bb heartbeat stopped at 8wk,2nd one not growing at the rite pace(later found out he is triplodity,a type of chromosome abnormalities),3rd one is a blighted ovum.

    now,i stop trying.I was only 33y.o during my 1st m/c.
  33. twiddly_doo

    twiddly_doo New Member

    Hi ladies ...

    God has been on my side and i am pregnant again ... had a scare just last fri tho .. spotting occured .. felt like the whole nightmare happening all over again ... I was crying and praying so hard to God to let me hold on to this child ... rushed to gynae and with God's will, baby is safe and growing well.

    But now i am on complete rest at hm ... and everyday has to check for spotting ... next week i will be seeing my gynae again .. i hope all will be well ...

    tho now i am in a dilemma ... hubby working alone and my current gynae is a private gynae .. charges each visit is high ... am thinking of going to KK but is it advisable to change gynae with the history that i already have? Any opinion is appreciated ..
  34. cosmogal

    cosmogal New Member

    I have only a waterbag too [​IMG] and not growing after a week. Under such condition, should I do evacuating the uterus so as to prepare for a 2nd pregnancy or the waterbag will come out by itself?

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