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Any massage place with male masseur?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by mmkp, May 17, 2018.

  1. mmkp

    mmkp New Member

    I'm looking for a clean and decent massage place with male masseur.
    I'm not looking for something sensual.
    I just happen to want to try a massage by male masseur.
    Do you know any good one ?

  2. Cindy Tay

    Cindy Tay Member

  3. Alishablond

    Alishablond Active Member

    I like Samsara at Joo Chiat, strong young malay men. Feet heaven at katong, strong uncles.
  4. JL8118

    JL8118 Member

    Feet heaven not bad.. But I feel the uncles abit tikor type.. lol
    So went once and thereafter, never go already...
    As for Samsara, didn't try before.

    Now I'm engaging another freelance one
  5. janlim512

    janlim512 New Member

    Hi, can pm me the details too?
  6. JL8118

    JL8118 Member

    PMed you
  7. r u sure about this.. dont do it in a private room.. can do in those open kind of massage where everyone can see.
  8. janlim512

    janlim512 New Member

    Singapore still consider 'safe' place.. Just gotta be extra careful will be good.
    Jo_nat likes this.
  9. JL8118

    JL8118 Member

    I don't think you will want to do body massage in an open space where everyone can see ba.
    It's not like doing foot massage...
  10. DonLee

    DonLee Member

    I think still ok, as long as decent one.
    My wife and I sometime went for massage together.
    Sometime she will specifically request for a male masseur also, especially if we go for the specific spa. I too will ask for the specific female masseur to massage me too.
  11. Jo_nat

    Jo_nat New Member

    Can share the contacts of good make Masseau too? Personally I like it that male have more strength in massage
  12. JL8118

    JL8118 Member

    Pmed u

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