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Any massage lady to recommend?

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by cincin, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. cincin

    cincin Active Member

    Hi ladies,

    I'm giving birth this june so i thinkinh of getting a good massage lady after my delivery. Can anyone rcommend a good one to me?

  2. bonnygal

    bonnygal Member

    Maybe u can try Zie at 90089114, cant recall her charges,thk 7 sessions for $350??? U call her for more details
  3. eleana

    eleana New Member


    I delivered my bb in July via c-section.

    Personally, I would recommend my massage lady, Mdm Rokiah. She is very experience. She is also very friendly and helpful.

    I think someone also recommended her service in other thread. You can reach her at 9271 6091.

    All the best to you for your delivery in June!

  4. lunaticfreezer

    lunaticfreezer New Member

    I recommend mdm Rokiah too. I just finished my session with her last week. She's good and very helpful. She's UK trained.
  5. cincin

    cincin Active Member

    hi lunaticfreezer,

    whazt does she do beside massage?binding body? How much weight have you lose?and waistline?

  6. baby2mozart

    baby2mozart New Member

    HI , How much Mdm Rokiah charge ?
  7. lunaticfreezer

    lunaticfreezer New Member

    Hi Cin & Lim,
    besides massaging, ther will be the jamu wrap for the tummy. Me actually did the massage only at my 4th week of confinement and at that time i still feel my tummy quite loose. But after the 1 week session with her, can really feel and see my tummy tighten back. My waistline is almost back to before loh. 1 more inch to go.

    As for the pricing, think is $300 for 5 sessions, $400 for 7 sessions and can't remember how much for 10 sessions lah.
  8. cincin

    cincin Active Member

    Thanks so much for your info......
  9. lunaticfreezer

    lunaticfreezer New Member

    u r welcome. actually think now have another thread on mdm rokiah. maybe you can go have a look.
  10. lunaticfreezer

    lunaticfreezer New Member

  11. etelle

    etelle Active Member

    I am using Susi and her massages is very good can see effect after a few sessions. She is friendly and nice and also give bb tips too hee hee [​IMG] enjoy eveyr session of massage with her. Her contact 90072875, can call her to find out more.
  12. jasmum

    jasmum Member

    just had my 1st session on Fri. she's a very friendly Indo lady, her name is Susi(90072875) and she does other sort of massages as well (e.g. aromatherapy body / facial massages, slimming, baby, afterbirth(traditional) massage, pre-natal massages, seaweed scrub, almond milk scrub).
    her package is indeed 1 of the best deal (10x + 2 hot mask = $500)
    her skill... 'ouch' on 1st day.. b'cos i have alot of water retention + cellulites, so rather painful .
    thanks mums for recommending her
    day 2 session
    the massage is appox 1.5hrs. Susi uses lemongrass oil all over the body (head-to-toe) and the final massage on tummy will be with the jamu (2massages on tummy - 1st time with the lemongrass oil and final one is the jamu) then, tie-up with 2-7m long binders from bustline (just below your bra) till the hips. still able to walk, sit, go the the loo...
    i must say, i slept very well the past 2 nites and this morning only removed the binders to bathe.
    day 3 sesson
    not as painful... Susi sys cos the 'wind' is expelling out... and also the fats are 'breaking-down'.
    she's really skilled [​IMG]
  13. ryes

    ryes Active Member


    for those who are clients of mdm Rokiah, understand that now she have staffs helping her. If we make booking, can we strictly request to have her service only rather than her staff?

    Hi Jasmum, does susi have email? How many months in advance do we have to book with her?
  14. suelee

    suelee Member

    you can call mdm rokiah to check....i guess if u insist on using her only (subject to her timing), it should be ok (just like u specify which beautician u wanna use at the salon subject to their availability)....
  15. bei

    bei Member

    Hi all,

    I have this massage lady who is quite good too... She uses hot water to bath and massage u to get rid of the wind and water in you first then follow by traditional indonesian massage.. Her session around 3 to 4 hrs... But she quite selective lah, i think she only do for certain area (East side, I think)

    you can reach her at 96824191 (not sure wat's her name always call her auntie)
  16. sha_987

    sha_987 New Member

    Bei Bei,
    How much the auntie charge??
  17. bei

    bei Member

    Hi Sha_987,

    The auntie charge $50 per session [​IMG]
  18. janie78

    janie78 New Member


    don't know if this is overdue, but there's this massage lady I used who does preggy and postnatal massage and the javanese wrap, her name is Hannah and she's really friendly, experienced and professional. Her number is 96319557, i think she has a webbie maybe give her a call and find out [​IMG]
  19. babyjo

    babyjo New Member

    I got this massage lady who is very good. manage to lose inches after a few session with her. PM for contact if interested. She charge $50 per session
  20. phy_o

    phy_o New Member

    Hi people,

    How early do we have to book the massage ladies in advance?
  21. quackers

    quackers Member

    I know a Chinese massage lady who is very good. Price is reasonable too. pm me if you are keen. Now i get her to do regular massages.
  22. nyssa_won

    nyssa_won New Member

    hi quackers can u pm me her contact.. after birth i always have back prob.
  23. vpei

    vpei New Member

    Hi quackers, can you pm me your Chinese massage lady's contacts also please? Does she do pre-natal? Thanks!
  24. jnjlim

    jnjlim New Member

    Hi, I have introduced my massage lady to many mothers in a couple of forum, and the feedback came back was very positive.

    You may want to contact Kadijah at 98001394
  25. quackers

    quackers Member

    Hi Nyssa,

    Have pm you.

    Vivian, you don't accept pm. Can you pm me instead? Thanks.
  26. j2rs

    j2rs New Member

    Hey ladies

    any of you have used massage ladies that requires you to pay only after each session? So far all ask for package payment upfront. I have not even used their service yet so I am not too sure whether I will want their massage.

    Any recommendations of good one that pay per session?
  27. suelee

    suelee Member

    for postnatel i think it it a norm to get a package (which they would charge u cheaper compared to a per session basis). but payment terms varies e.g. my massage lady collected about 1/3 from me upfront, then balance upon completion of the package. but for prenatal or normal massage, she also go on per session session.
    i also ever used one massage lady who only collected payment from me upon completion of the package.
  28. larkspur

    larkspur Member

    i personally recommend Mdm Rokiah too as i have just engaged her services so far the third sessions already and I would say she is very good
  29. chrysanne12

    chrysanne12 New Member

    hi larkspur,

    cld i pl have the contact no for Mdm Rokiah.

  30. larkspur

    larkspur Member

    Hi chrysanne12,

    it is the same one Eleana has recommended above. i go home and double check the contact number again.

    I find madam rokiah better than all other message ladies i have contacted recommended by other mummies. i start my post natal massage recently ( about 2.5 months after delivery)cos i din want to start too early due to casarean delivery. So i need only about 3 sessions and all other massage ladies heard i need only 3 sessions started saying casarean delivery 2 weeks can massage already which makes me freak out cos my gynae specifically told me to start only after 1 month.Also they are not interested in my 3 sessions which made me think they are only interested in money. For madam Rokiah, she does not hestiate and keep finding a timing for me for the 3 sessions
  31. keann

    keann New Member

    Yupz, i used Mdm Rokiah too. Finished with her last week. She is very helpful in sharing information and really gives relaxing massages. May just sign up another package with her again....
  32. dleo

    dleo Member

    I would like to recommend my massage lady, Christina. She has more than 15 years experience in post natal massage both theory and practical (diploma).

    I have been using her for my 2 delivery. I just given birth last week. My stomach shrink after 2 days. She uses essential oil and jambu herbs with binding.

    You could contact her at 90053518.
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  33. sinkor

    sinkor Member


    For those who are looking for pre-natal massage, i highly recommend Grace!!! She got the qualified cert so no worry.... I did called up some Malay massager and some sound not that confident to massage and some only offer service on wk 28..... As for Grace, she can massage for me when I am in wk 19.... really good... can PM me for her contact if you are interested! :D
    Dun misunderstand that i am trying to advertise, but I think she deserves my compliments! :D

    oh ya....she also do post-natal massage.

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  34. maybride

    maybride New Member

    Hi DD
    Can I check with you how is your massage and binding with Christina? Got strength or not? does she bind tightly?
  35. cgyvonne

    cgyvonne New Member

    Hi Ladies,

    I booked Mdm Rokiah for 7 days which just ended last friday. She has been very kind and provided me with the vegetables, green papaya that helped me increase my milk supply.

    Also I prefer her massaging technique, binder and oils compared to the massage lady whom I used before for my first born.

    If her price was not so high I would have booked her for another week.

  36. citybank

    citybank New Member

    hi yvonne
    do u have mdm rokiah contact no ?
  37. westerwaylah

    westerwaylah Member

    May I know how long in advance do i need to book a confinement lady.
  38. babylee

    babylee New Member

    Hi there you all. I know one who can do pre & post natal massage. Suraya at HP 9066 3495. She's very helpful and patient. I've tried other masseuse right before I deliver and I found her very good. And further more her package is quite reliable. Other masseuse will try to charge me if I need their help to shower my baby during that time. But Suraya was patient and instead she showed me how to for that 1 week until I got the hang of it. Maybe you all can do a trial with her. She's charging $50 per massage. And although it is for an hour, she will usually goes beyond the time. She's very thorough. Btw, she stays in Jurong West Ext.
  39. suesue

    suesue New Member

    how abt loosing 8-10kg & 10" in 2mth.care to try ?? dats wat me & my 3 other fren of mine achive.. [​IMG]
  40. girl80

    girl80 Member

  41. sonia15

    sonia15 New Member

    Hi Babylee,

    Does Suraya help to resolve breast engorgement / blocked milk duct problems because I have not been able to latch and nurse my newborn effectively...Seriously need help on that.
  42. babylee

    babylee New Member

    Hi Sonia,

    I have been breastfeeding my daughter till now who's 18mths. During that earlier stage, I had cleaned my nipples to avoid any milk duct problems. To avoid breast engorgement, I usually place warm towel over my breasts and massage it in a circular motion. Esp when u feel there's a hard lump there. It helps also if you were express ur breastmilk. For me, I got to do this often as my milk flow during that time was alot. And I need to wear breastpad cos it always leaks. Hope this helps.
  43. narti

    narti New Member

    My massage lady, Mdm Suriyah from malay heritage jamu msssage does help breast engorgement and block ducts.Even helps teaching me baby massage sequence that really helps my baby to sleep better.Very punctual and so far with my seven sessions, never postpone at all.

    You all may visit their website with more information as for may onwards, they are having promotions till july.

  44. k_tan

    k_tan New Member

  45. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    Try my massage lady,
    she did my 3 post-natal massage,
    Madam Leha @ 90181705

    She charge $45 for 1 hour massage,
    then do binding, u need to purchase the bind from her,
    can't rem the price, I bought mine from her in 2004. [​IMG]
  46. narti

    narti New Member

    Hi Ms tan,
    Sorry for the late reply. You may visit their website above for their promotion and service. Tks
  47. suesue

    suesue New Member

    hi K_tan,

    when ur edd ??
  48. bugsfire

    bugsfire Member

    You can try calling this lady I normally do my massage with. She is called Ivy and I think she does a great job. Call her at 90236575
  49. pennychan

    pennychan New Member

    i like to recommend my massage lady, ms karlsom from origins jamu massage. i tried their service after my friend recommendation. she a very punctual lady . she help me with my blocked ducts as i had difficult latching my baby. like the hot stone compres. more effective than i use hot towel. she gave me tips what to eat and how to slim faster.... very nice lady!!

    their website is www.originsjamumassage.blogspot.com
  50. maykel

    maykel Member

    hi ladies,
    Can i check if we can do post-natal massage after c-sect? I'm keen to do cos i know can slim down faster haha....but wonder how long after c-sect can start massage. Anyone knows of any massage ladies experienced in this? Thanks alot [​IMG]

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