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Any Infant care - Tiong Bahru/ Bt Merah?*

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by lili_fc, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. lili_fc

    lili_fc Active Member

    Any recommendation on infant care at Tiong Bahru/ Bt Merah area?

  2. esthertan73

    esthertan73 New Member

  3. meira

    meira New Member

    You can try Zion Babies at Deport Rd.
  4. lili_fc

    lili_fc Active Member

    thanks. i have searched the link earlier..but some very inside..

    thanks. do you have the link?
  5. lili_fc

    lili_fc Active Member

    is Zion babies - a christian organization? I went there yesterday without making appointment but was not allowed to view the centre unless i have an appointment with them.
  6. lilaczero

    lilaczero New Member

    i'm staying at tiong bahru too and have enquired with Zion Babies before.

    The thing is they only allow appointments to visit on sat when there's no babies around?
  7. lili_fc

    lili_fc Active Member

    yo... is that so? i called & they actually prefer not to arrange appointment on sat lei...
  8. meira

    meira New Member

    hi lili,

    For Zion Babies, U can try to go after 530pm mon to fri... usually 12nn to 3pm is babies nap time so they don't wan any disturbances, at abt 530pm is when the babies will be waiting to go home, so usually the teachers there will hav time to show u ard... U can talk to the in-charge, Vicky, do bring ur baby along n c if they like the environment.
  9. lilaczero

    lilaczero New Member

    The other time when i called, vicky mentioned better to fix sat appt cos the babies there will have stranger anxiety if we visit on weekdays.
    i went down on sat for a visit and met up with Vicky.

    However, in the end, i didn't enrol with Zion Babies and ended up with Kids Space (at Pasir Panjang) as i like the bungalow setting and the overall feel there better.

    The other available infant care centres that i've checked is Cambridge Tanglin CDC (which cost like $1.6k??) and Agape Uni at One North NTU Alumni (which i feel is too crowded).
  10. lili_fc

    lili_fc Active Member

    Meira, Lilaczero
    thanks for the info.

    i went down on sat for the visit & met Vicky too.
    But heard the fee will increase next year.
    Pasir Panjang out of way for me lei as i'm staying at Jln Membina.
  11. lili_fc

    lili_fc Active Member

    Seems like the fees almost same as Zion lei..
    you paying $800? or less?
  12. june06

    june06 New Member

    lili-fc: there learning seed at bt chermin (off telok blangah rd). prices seems affordbale. u can check it out. max 10 infants. they only hv like 4 now. i'm checking out on their Childcare svc. so happen to see. I'm staying jln membina too..
  13. lili_fc

    lili_fc Active Member

    already secure a place at Cherie hearts at harbourfront.
    what about you?
    which block are you staying in Jln membina?
  14. ferunk

    ferunk New Member

    hi - can anyone advise the cost of infantcare at Cheriehearts @ Harbourfront?
  15. grownup

    grownup Member

    Hi Everyone , if u are lookin for someone to babysitt ur baby or kids , my mum can do it ... She is staying @ telok blangah opp mount faber safra
  16. triangel

    triangel New Member

    hi hannah,
    r u a chinese? how much is ur mum charges?
  17. triangel

    triangel New Member

    hi lili_fc,
    i m staying at jm too. hee hee..
    how do u find cherie hearts at harbourfont?
  18. grownup

    grownup Member

    Hi everyone , my mum provides babysitting service.. She is staying @ telok blangah rise 4 bus stop away from tiong bahru plaza and she is malay and experience in kid especially to my cousin and kids that she use to take care of.. She is in mid 40's.My mum is not fussy.. Not much requirements.. Her charges is $500 a month for any 6days a week for a maximum of 10hours a day. Overnight rate is $30 per night.all u need to provide her is milk and diapers , and the rest she would take care.. Only healthy food is given to kids.. My mum also sent the kids to regularly checl-up and school if needed , so mums u don need to take leave... Every needs for every mum would be able to help .. need more info cal me directly @ 93856063.. Thank You
  19. sulis84

    sulis84 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    How about confinement care agency ? The price was at affordable market price and the nanny do their job professionally. Check your PM to know more about it..
  20. lili_fc

    lili_fc Active Member

    sorry late reply... i have put bb in yet..so can't comment... which block you staying? have you found an infant yet?
  21. triangel

    triangel New Member

    near zhang de pri...the new flat. u?
    no, sourcing ard first. my 2nd bb juz arrived on 27 oct. now doing my confinement.. [​IMG]
  22. ttt

    ttt Member

    It is about $600 after subsidy if my memory didn't fail me. I visited that place in October. =)
  23. lili_fc

    lili_fc Active Member

    do you mean Jln membina? i'm staying there anyway
  24. lifeisbeautiful

    lifeisbeautiful New Member

    hi lili-fc, have u tried the infant care services?? pls share ur experiences.. Thanks!! [​IMG]
  25. farah

    farah New Member

    hi , anyone able to comment on cherie hearts at harbour front?
  26. lili_fc

    lili_fc Active Member

    lifeisbeautiful, farah
    disadvantage - infant ctr is bbs will fall sick often, else rest is okay (need to close 1 eye)
  27. triangel

    triangel New Member

    yes, jln membina. which blk r u at?
    so is ur bb in the infant care? which ctr?
  28. lili_fc

    lili_fc Active Member

    Hello I m at 27a
  29. tulip3

    tulip3 Member

    anyone tried the bambini montisorri at Kim Tian Road? comments?
  30. happymum1010

    happymum1010 Member

    Hi ladies, I have 2 set of BN Learning Seed uniform (M Size) and 2 PE T-shirt (Size 26) to let go. PM me if you keen. Thanks. Never wear before.
  31. pillowhugger01

    pillowhugger01 New Member

    - Experienced Babysitter -

    Chinese speaking.
    Non smoking environment.
    Residing in marsiling lane.
    Interested in helping to look after your child in the vicinity / in my place.
    Available immediately.
    1 year old and above.

    Please contact at 82000661 (no sms) or 65192635. Thank you.
  32. mei2

    mei2 New Member

    this message may be too late.

    Bambini was good in the beginning stage but not later stage when business pick up.

    Hereby enclosed the link and extract of content written by 'English' teacher.

    'Updates from Apple

    The preschooler were busy learning about the importance of food in the month of September. The very basic food group which is rich

    in carbohydrates, provide energy for our body. Vegetables and fruits are very important as these food are rich in Vitamin A and C,

    which are good for our eyes and skin. The children even tried making vegetables salad with lettuce, carrot, asparagus, cherry

    tomatoes and cucumber. After that, they ate the salad as part of their lunch. The children also did their own food pyramid with

    magazines and newspaper cuttings. Beans which is a good source of protein are used for creating an art piece. Most of our children

    love dairy products. They understand better why do they need to drink milk everyday, as it it a source of calcium to build strong '

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