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Any idea where to get cheap FM ( Enfalac A+)

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by 25qin, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. 25qin

    25qin New Member


    Can share where u usually get the milk FM, Enfalac A+. I am getting from NTUC @33.80/can. Anyone know of any place that is cheaper?

  2. lydia_lee

    lydia_lee Member

    I used to get it from a shop near Serangoon Interchange/MRT.Usually their Enfa price is cheaper.
  3. paulnelaine

    paulnelaine Member

    where u stay??
    usually medical hall ones are cheaper. if u stay near bukit panjang then try going to Mong Lee Supermarket at/near Blk 258(cant remember e exact blk cos i find tat e FM there selling cheaper than e medical hall ard my area which is Ubi.
  4. 25qin

    25qin New Member

    wow.. me staying at bukit panjang. tks for the feedback. I will go there and check it out..
  5. judy_lsk

    judy_lsk Active Member

    JTS : Circuit Rd Blk 65 selling enfalac A+ at $29.50.

  6. crystalz

    crystalz Member

    Mong Lee sells malaysia goods... thats y they can give better price. So better make sure they have the same contents as what is sold in the supermarket
  7. 25qin

    25qin New Member

    Hmmm.. Mong Lee sell one can at 29.2.. But not sure of the country of original. I think I will cfm before i purchase it.

    Crystalz. tks for the feedback.

    I guess circuit rd is a bit too far for me.. sign..
  8. paulnelaine

    paulnelaine Member

    hi crystalz....

    i saw e promil gold... looks e same leh... not very sure but if it is from malaysia then i not going to buy there.
    but now i'm going to changed my buy FM to gain IQ but will check MongLee FM this wkend if same source then buy from there...

    thanks for ur feedback.
  9. jan_lim

    jan_lim Member

    mong lee's country of origin is also the netherlands for enfalac. They haven't increase their price yet but i suspect they'll very soon. I went to buy 4 tins to stock up last nite. The cashier must think i'm very kia su. hehe...
  10. depurplelicious

    depurplelicious New Member

    Jurong West Blk 959 St 92. There's one medical hall next to 7-11, the milk powders are cheap.
  11. 25qin

    25qin New Member

    Hi tks, I brough one can from MongLee. I usually buy when is abt to finish lei..
  12. chloe73

    chloe73 New Member

    hi jan lim,

    may i know is Mong Lee's price still the same at $29.20? Most of the places i went already increased the price, cheapest is $32.50.

    July baby,

    Is circuit rd still selling $29.50? This is nearer to my place.


  13. chloe73

    chloe73 New Member

    Hi Blue,

    May i know when did u buy from mong lee? Do u have the exact location? What is their price now?
    Have they increased?

    Thanks a lot!
  14. jan_lim

    jan_lim Member

    hi chloe73,

    I went to buy like last fri n the price was $29.20. Not sure abt now though. Mong Lee's at Bangkit Centre. Don't know the address but it's pretty near to the OCBC bank.
  15. 25qin

    25qin New Member

    Hi Chole73,

    Address for Monglee is blk3+0 Bangkit rd Tel:67641505

    Can call them to check the price.

    There is one provision at opp senja lRT selling @31.8
  16. judy_lsk

    judy_lsk Active Member

    hi Chew,

    i think yes. Price is still the same. Just bot 2 tins last week.
  17. chloe73

    chloe73 New Member

    hi july baby

    May i know where is the shop located?

  18. judy_lsk

    judy_lsk Active Member

    Hi Chew,

    Best 1 minimart
    Blk 65 Circuit Rd #01-365
    Tel: 68464295
  19. chloe73

    chloe73 New Member

    hi july baby,

    Thanks for your help.
  20. okeanosmao

    okeanosmao New Member

    hi blue,
    did u happen to c the price for enfapro?
    oppo senja lrt the provision shop selling @ $30.80. ntuc selling @ $34!
  21. zoki

    zoki New Member

    Im living in Yishun and bought Enfalac at $30.90 at Econs near my place. I usually buy in bulk and I foresee other places will increase $ soon so I bought 5 tins. Anyone living in North know anywhere selling cheaper than $30.90?
  22. ling

    ling Member

    i called monglee to check & the price now is $32.85. Price increase...

    May i noe where is circuit road?? which area??

    anywhere still selling cheap??
  23. judy_lsk

    judy_lsk Active Member

    Hi Ling,

  24. pillow

    pillow Active Member

    price has increased for circuit road to $32.50 already
  25. judy_lsk

    judy_lsk Active Member

    hi pillow,

    i thought they just increased to $32.20??
  26. charmer

    charmer Active Member

    I have a $2 voucher for 900g Enfagrow A+ to give away. Expires 9 Feb 2008. Anyone interested? I actually started a thread about this recently. Can be used at Cold Storage, Market Place, guardian, Giant & Shop N Save.
  27. kimmies

    kimmies Member

    Those who frequent Malaysia, can buy your FM from Jusco in JB. My daughter is now on Stage 3, we buy the 1.8KG tin which costs about RM75 (SGD34), but in NTUC it's about SGD44. So, that's a savings of about $10 per tin. That's like 30% off.
  28. lilybud

    lilybud Active Member

    I have a tin of unopened Enfalac AR (Special Infant Fomular) for sale. 900g. Willing to let go at $30 because my husband bought the wrong FM.

    Pls pm me if interested.
  29. chri

    chri Member

    Hi, any shop selling Enfalac A+ cheap? below $35?
  30. magmag2804

    magmag2804 Member

    Hi, where is e cheapest enfaclac A+? been buying from ntuc 41+
    Also is the source of msia enfaclac A+ same as Singapore? anyone knows?
  31. janielah

    janielah New Member

    Not sure of the name of the shop, but its one of those TCM shops located at Blk 465 Crawford Lane. (behind ICA building) Enfalac A+ cost $38.60.
  32. lika

    lika Member

    hihi, i've the same query as elise, is the source of msia enfaclac A+ same as Singapore? anyone knows? thx!
  33. juv

    juv Member

    Hi Lika

    I checked this out at giant in KL - the source of masia enfaclac A+ is Thailand. Ours is from Netherlands.
  34. ivftwins

    ivftwins Member

    Hi am interested to know too. Jb tebrau jusco is selling enfalac a+ for 66ringgit. The box says milk content source from new Zealand, Netherlands and/or America. But at the bottom of box it says product of Thailand. The sales person says milk content is same as Singapore but the box is from Thailand. Anyone knows the dufference? Cost of enfalac in ntuc has increased again. Would be good if jb has it cheaper
  35. okeanosmao

    okeanosmao New Member

    I've bot b4 to try for my boys.i've tasted both frm sin n jb milk.somehw i find the taste is different.called up meadjohnson n enquired.the lady said msia source is the same as sin but the whole process is packed in thailand.but msia do hv other source frm other countries whereas sin is only frm netherlands n packed in netherlands. My boys rejected to drk bot frm jb so i did nt take the risk.
    i bot enfalac frm chinese medical shop which r cheaper.i bot @ $40 per tin.they will b increasing price aft the elections.
  36. ivftwins

    ivftwins Member

    okeanosmao, so technically, the milk is the same in SIN and M'sia just that its packed in different country?
    BTW,the one i got came in a paper box which is like a refill pack and not in a tin form. My boy continued to drink happily when I let him try today. But he is not a fussy drinker...I just want to make sure I am getting a reliable product.

    Which medical shop did you buy yours?
  37. okeanosmao

    okeanosmao New Member

    yes,jb sell refill pack but nt in sin.enfa milk in msia has sources frm other countries besides netherlands. Here there is only netherlands.meadjohnson told me both countries milk r the same.if yr boy did nt reject,u can continue to use.my boys doesn't like so i only buy here.
    i bot frm medical shop in teck whye.they oso do sell msia enfalac in tin which is abt $30+.
  38. shinobi

    shinobi New Member

    Hi mommies.. I used to buy in sg at Pasir ris at s$38 for enfalac 900g.. my girl has been drinking enfalac frm msia since birth. I buy those refill packs 650g at Rm59. So far Thank GoD nothing has happen. Ever since enfalac had increased their cost I havent buy frm sg.. HEard they are gonna increase again! oh my..
  39. apple_ku

    apple_ku Member

    Just to share, the enfa milk at Malaysia will increase 5% price from may onwards.
  40. shinobi

    shinobi New Member

    Just went to stock up bby girl's milk yesterday.. milk price still the same. no diff.. But i buy frm those medical hall.. not sure if Giant got increase. Don't mind i ask whr yu got ur source frm ? =)
  41. bubblebee

    bubblebee New Member

    Hi, i cant find supplies of Enfalac A+ in NTUC and shops (sinseh)... do you all know why?

    What is the cost now??
  42. lemonkiss

    lemonkiss Member

    Hi, I have 2 unopened Enfalac A+ Stage 1 900 grams tins (Mfgd - 25 Mar 2011, Used by - 24 Mar 2013) for sale. Bought from IMM Giant 2 weeks ago willing to let go for $40 per tin as my boy is not suitable. Have to change formula milk. Collection at Jurong East Street 24. Please pm me if interested. Thanks

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