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Any good Student care to recommend?

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by cj_mum, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. cj_mum

    cj_mum Member

    Hi Mummies,

    Do you know any good student care centre(for primary school pupils) near town area? Also, does student care provide tuition and enrichment? Thanks.

  2. nissin

    nissin New Member

    hi CJ mum,
    sorry to tap on this thread.
    I am finding out for my sis also as my niece will be Pri 1 next yr..she's a bit headache where to put my niece at.

    Which area are you looking at specifically?
  3. cj_mum

    cj_mum Member

    Hi Nissin,

    I'm looking at town area, Novena or Bencoolen areas.
  4. princess_train

    princess_train New Member

    I heard dat Pro-Teach is not bad.

    I have personally visited Learning Vision at Grassroots Club and I like the place.
  5. cj_mum

    cj_mum Member

    Princess Train,

    Thanks for your reply. I hv checked Pro-Teach's website, unfortunately they don't hv any branch at town area. I would love to put my child in LV@ GC, but it's too far as I'm staying at town area. The principal in LV@GC used to teach my child. She's a responsible teacher. Both my child and I like her.
  6. janetan28

    janetan28 New Member

    i looking for a student care too... my cousin runs a student care which is apparently very good, but it's located at clementi central and i stay at punggol... anyone can help?
  7. cj_mum

    cj_mum Member


    I'm still looking for a student care. Do you know any good student care centre (for primary school pupils) along North-East Line (nearer to town area)? Preferably those that provide tuition and enrichment. Thanks.
  8. magienoire

    magienoire Member

    Not sure if this will suit your needs...

    Timmy's Discovery Club (Student Care)
    Impact Education Centre (Tuition)
    Address: Blk 437, Hougang Ave 8, B1-1521 Singapore 530437
    Tel: 63875815
  9. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    Don't mind provide name of your cousin's student care.
  10. janetan28

    janetan28 New Member

    i think it's little professors student care ..try searching on web? thxs
  11. janetan28

    janetan28 New Member

    found it..it's www.littleprofessors.com.sg they have 3 branches at jurong, clementi and choa chu kang..managed by NUS professors..
  12. janetan28

    janetan28 New Member

    found it..it's www.littleprofessors.com.sg they have 3 branches at jurong, clementi and choa chu kang..managed by NUS professors..
  13. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    Thank you for your info. Didn't know there is a branch at CCK.
  14. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    There is this student care at Galistan Avenue. Opp Sheng Siong around Bukit Panjang. Can call to find out more. Galistan Family Centre.
  15. titbitqueen

    titbitqueen Member


    Looking for student care for my dd too, going to P1 next year...any recommendation ard yew tee area?
    btw, what we need to ask/know before register/enroll? sorry for my ignorance....
  16. maggielhg

    maggielhg New Member


    I'm also looking out for a good student care centre in the vicinity of Jurong West. Aside from Little Professors, does anybody have any other recommendation? Preferably to have both tuition and enrichment courses as I believed Little Professors does not offer tuition.

    Thanks a lot!
  17. janetan28

    janetan28 New Member

    hi..i think you can try Blk 715 jurong west st 71.. they also offer student care services.. i think little professors only charge $188 per month...and that's why tuition is xcluded... they outsource their tuition program to another tuition centre to do it... which is more specialised i think...
  18. pavilion8612

    pavilion8612 Member

    Any recommendation for Tampines area?
  19. jojet_70

    jojet_70 New Member

    Any good centers in Pasir Ris? Desperate and thanks!
  20. pavilion8612

    pavilion8612 Member

    Hi jojet,

    Heard there is one near Casuarina primary school in the bomb shelter. It's run by a couple and his daughter.

    Hope this helps!
  21. querubin

    querubin New Member

  22. hothotmum

    hothotmum Member

    hi ,
    any recommended around Bukit Panjang around?

  23. sherrychua_lp

    sherrychua_lp New Member

    Hi, I am looking for opinions on where to put my cousins for student care and tuition too. a few websites, but still sourcing for more opinions. hoping to get the best from comparisons. I have heard much about little professors. even in this thread!

    went to look at their website. apparently they provide both student care and tuition and are run by NUS professors. sounds very reliable. anyone w experience? pls help. i have two cousins. one staying in east area, one in west.

    they have 8 branches now, which would suit well for my cousins (clementi & Pasir Ris / Tampines), and i have heard they're very engaging and up to date. pls help w opinions? thank you.

    hothotmum - i read in the website that there's a branch in redhill. do you want to call them? That shld be nearest to you?
  24. babieslove02

    babieslove02 Member

    any good student care around Punggol area?
  25. abcdisney

    abcdisney Active Member

    Anyone interested in lookig for home based student care for your primary 1 or 2 child who will be in the afternoon session and staying in woodlands? Meals, homework supervision, tuition, and transport to school provided. PM for more details. Run by school teacher
  26. anngie2406

    anngie2406 New Member


    Is the home based student care still available?

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