Any Good Pediatrician @ Hougang/Seng Kang area?


Hi all,

I'm looking for good PD around Hougang / Seng Kang area.. care to share with me? Thanks much.

I had quite a bad experience with one in Hougang. The clinic was so quiet. When I went there, I was about the only customer for the 2 visits. The staff seemed rather inexperienced. When my son pooed and I had to change his diaper, they stared at me doing the job. And the doctor gave the wrong diagnosis. My son was just having brochiolitis, and did not require the Xray that he ordered.

I went there simply because it was near my place. Not cheap, I spent about $70 per visit. Definitely not worht my money!
I sent both my kids to Kids Clinic at Rivervale Mall. Both Dr Tan and Dr Lim are very nice and approachable. They really take the time to explain and answer all your qns.

Charges are also not cheap and be prepared to wait. Previously there was also a thread on this topic. You might want to do a search.
hi missk, can share the name of the clinic u went at Hougang? hmn.. I must avoid going to that one...

hi janis, what is the 'market rate' for the PD charges? did a search, unable to find the thread u mentioned..

Sorry, i tried again but can't find the thread also.
I tried to search for 'Kids Clinic' (both words), there are a few comments from mummies. But these comments are 'scattered' not together in one thread.

I can't remember the exact charges as normally the amount that i paid includes payment for injections and development tests.

You may wish to check with them at Tel :68811711
thanks janis.. will call them.

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hi missk,

can u pm me the clinic name too... i also want to avoid it.... i tried to pm u but seem ur acct not accept pm....

Hi all...

my son visited Dr. Lim from The Kids Clinic at Rivervall Mall since he's like 1 mth old till now (27 mths old)... She's quite a nice paediatrician, so you can try to bring your child there....

I went to the one at Hougang Ave 8 loh. Its Dr Saw baby clinic.

Has anyone been to Anthony baby clinic at Hougang Blk 300plus?? Is the doc gd??
Hi all,

my daughter's paediatrician is also Dr Lilian Lim fm The Kids Clinic at Rivervale Mall. She's good & patient, most impt can diagonise children's problems well.
ABC - anthony baby clinic - long queue but the PD is good!

i think he takes time to listen to the parents, ask questions. and he is the first PD i have seen will carry the baby and make the baby feels at ease!

you could try him!
Hi Sonic,

My boy is seeing Dr Allyson Tan at The Kid's Clinic at Rivervale Mall. She is a very nice, caring and approachable doctor. My boy sees her since 1 mth old, he's going 3 years old this year. You may wish to try. Their charges are comparable to any other PD.
Hi win & News,

Can I check how's the waiting time and charges for Dr Lim & Dr Tan @ Kid's clinic? Also, are they from TMC?

hi newss, i brought my boy to see dr allyson tan. yes, agree with you that she's quite nice.

zenn, the waiting time is pretty long, abt 1-2hrs. charges is around $60-$70 think it's quite standard for all PDs...
Hi Zenn,

The waiting time is about 1-2 hours. Yes Dr Tan is affiliated to TMC & Mt Alvernia. As for Dr Lim, I'm not very sure, I think TMC too.
Thanks sonic & news! Wow waiting time kinda scary. Think I will try out Dr Lin from northen hope first. Thanks for sharing!

Can I have some feedback on the baby clinic at Hougang Ave 8, Dr Saw baby clinic.

Can I check how's the waiting time and charges? How are their service? good? patient PD? Known that there have 2 PDs, could you recommend which PD is better?

Sorry to ask so many questions. I stay near there so think to bring my child there.... Thanks!
Hi, any mummies can give me feedback on which PD is gd?? My younger gal is coughing very badly. I've brought her to the GP downstairs but till nw she's still nt well yet. N nite time very heart pain to hear her cough until sometime she puke.

Im tinking between the ABC (Anthony's baby clinic) at Hougang & the one at Rivervale Mall. Which one is beta?? N wats their opening hrs??
hi blurqueen,

my boy was coughing for the past two weeks.. getting better after seen Dr Tan from Kids Clinic.. he is just 2 mths old, cough non-stop and got very block nose, heartache!

He vomits during every feed, cos he doesn;t know how to clear the phlegm, so he always try to clear by throwing out the milk. PD said it's normal for baby to vomit when they are sick... so dun worry.
I juz brought my gal to Anthony's baby & child clinic ytd. Wa...the queue was indeed very long. I called them at 6.45pm, n my appt time is fixed at 9.00pm. N guess wat... i spent $91.00 for the consultation & medications men.
My sis & hubby so shocked when they heard hw much i've spent!

Has anybody here spent so much on ur visits to the PD b4??
hi blurqueen30,

my boy is seeing dr tan at kid's clinic since young. had brought him to ABC before when kid's clinic was not opened, ABC's charges is indeed very very high.
Hi NewSS,

Ya loh...ytd i was shocked when the nurse told me hw much leh. I still ask her hw come so ex??!!

The kid's clinic u referring to is it at Rivervale mall??
My 2-yr-old gal has been seeing Dr Lilian @ The Kid's Clinic (Rivervale Mall) since she was born. Dr Lilian is a very kind and patient Dr.
Rivervale mall is it the shopping centre?? Its nt the one with a KFC & MAC downstairs rite?? Got mixed up with these 2 clinics lah.

Hw much normally is the consultation fee ah??
The 1st time u all went, hw much u paid altogether??
hi blurqueen30,

rivervale mall is the small shopping mall just opposite rivervale primary school, yes with mcdonalds, kfc and long john silvers at the ground floor and ntuc at 3rd floor, foodcourt at 2nd floor.

normal consultation for first-time visit should be $40-$45. subsequent visits i think it's around $35.
Hi NewSS,
Thks! Tink i know which one liao. I'll see hw loh. If my gal is still nt well dis few days, maybe will change to Kid's clinic & see hw's the progress.
My girl took the pneumococcal jab at Kids Clinic, Dr Allyson Tan. I think abt $170 per jab. If below 2 yrs old, need to take 3 jabs. More than 2yrs old, then 1 jab.
My child is also taking pneumococal at Kids clinic. She is 15 months so 1 more jab to go (total 3). I think it's worth to spend for this vaccination.

Can anyone share if chicken pox vaccination should be taken? I cannot decide on that.
kanike: my child had pneumococcal jab at Kids Clinic and was administered by Dr. Lim..

regards to chicken pox vaccination, we have not let him go for it yet... we r like u, still thinking to let him go for it or not...
hi all, just realised tat, all vaccination jab has to be taken one month apart. so, if you are giving your baby pnuemococcal jab, make sure this is to be taken on the same day with your compulsory 5 in 1 or 6 in 1 jab...

my poor boy has to take his 6 in 1 jab and pneumococcal jab, together with Rota on the very SAME day... not sure whether he can take it or not..

my boy sees Dr Lee and Dr Lily Lie at the My Family Clinic @Rivervale Mall - they have a package for the vaccination jabs. And they are open on Sundays too. Much cheaper (GP rates) than Kids Clinic and the medication is the same as pediatrician.

Kanike: my boy had his chicken pox jab when he was 2.5 to 3 years old. Needs two jabs (1 dose split into 2 jabs), cos one dosage is too much. My brother had chicken pox last year and we did not have to worry that my son would contract it.

is this family clinic just next to The Kids Clinic? i think i saw that too, but i thought since my boy has been seeing Dr Allyson since he's young baby, better stick to Dr Allyson lor..

i read an article about chicken pox, u can actually let your babies to have it when they are as young as 1.5yrs old..
I din not have a good impression of M* Family Clini* at River*ale M*ll as I went to see Dr. Lie with some of common itchy skin problem and she says I got scabbies and started giving me lotion named "anti-kutu" shampoo, even ask me to apply and leave on my skin don't shower off which I believe that medication is a shampoo, how could I leave it on! Got very upset and went to see a specialist and in the end, the specialist says no way a Dr. could diagnose it as scabbies cos it just normal sensitive skin and gave jab and the prob went away.

Not only that, there was another instance with Dr. Lee that I brought along my niece when she had a cut near her eye and he said he cannot do anything cos it's too near the eye, cannot apply "glue" or do stitch. In the end he suggest my niece to see plastic surgeon and do a plastic surgery! Got quite pissed off and in the end brought her to KK and they just gave some cream to apply and the cut recovered well and good! Thus, I will never ever step into this clinic again.
Hi Mummies,

Recently just moved back to stay with my mum@punggol.
My 11mth++ son who has running nose since CNY eve, visited GP @ my house downstair and pd @ mount E twice each..but no still improvement..finally 20th mar 2007, i tried out Dr Allyson Tan @Rivermall kids clinic after reading this thread. The waiting time is slightly more longer but the fees is much more cheaper than mount e. The result is also visible after 7days continuing of medicine, now no more running nose... but 31st mar 2007 will still go back for a review to double confirm.
Can I have the contact for Anthony's baby & child clinic? Any idea how much they charged for 6-in-1 jab?
Dr Anthony Chee is not bad.. my son has been seeing him since birth till 3yrs old. Charges quite expensive.. but he is a very good and patient PD.
Ai yoh, Kids Clinic is forever PACKED. I used to go and visit Dr. Tan, the lady doc who looks more unfriendly BUT after attending to her, she is the better and more detailed doc!

But due to the long queue, I changed PD and now son is under TMC(PD Centre). She is nice and friendly too.
Daily Medical at 159 Hougang St 11, tel: 62843218.. Though not PD but the hb and wife Doc are very very nice and patient Docs with 5 children..

They do not prescribe anti-biotic unnecessarily unlike many PD or GP out there.. They will gradually increase the "strength" of the medicine as they believe that we all have our natural immune system to fight.. I totally agree with this concept..

They are our family's Docs.. Since my kids (3yo & 5yo now) are bb, they are well taken care of by them..

Some came all the way from TPY or even Jurong East to have their children taken care by Doc Gabriel and Dr Monica..

My 4 kids had been seeing Dr Lilian Lim @ Kids clinic.

She is a very nice lady.

To advoid need to wait for long,I always give them a call to book for any time slot available.