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Any good maid to transfer?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by ethan, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. ethan

    ethan New Member

    Hi, i need a good maid to take care of my 2 yr-old boy. hopefully before CNY. any recommendations?

  2. winup22

    winup22 New Member

  3. split

    split Active Member

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  4. joanna_lim_sb

    joanna_lim_sb New Member

    Hi Ethan

    I m need to transfer my maid out within this month cos I already registered my daughter in the childcare next mth. She worked 2yrs in S'pore & 4yrs in Taiwan. Call me @ 90030078 to understand more.
  5. weejeans

    weejeans New Member


    I need a good maid to help me with my two boys, 3 yrs old and 9 mths, as my nanny quit on me. Need to get her in by Mar... any recommendations? Thanks very much.
  6. hugomum

    hugomum Active Member

    I am looking for a good maid immediately with experience in babycare (4 months), anyone have one to transfer, please recommend 97715186
  7. s0perm0m

    s0perm0m New Member

    Hi All,
    Just want to share my bad experience with you all here. Lately I've just had encounter with this maid agency named "Jrs Business Express Pte Ltd" located at 420 North Bridge Road, lady boss by the name of Naty. I shan't say what happened as its a long story. All I can say is Beware of this maid agency, they do not handle matters the legal and correct way in the eyes of the MOM, plus all the advices she gave are all wrong (found out after checking with the other maid agencies.) Nearly caused me a lot of trouble.
  8. higgledy

    higgledy New Member

    Hello, I need a good maid to take care of my 18 month boy. Anybody with maid to transfer please email me at geriseow@yahoo.com.sg. Thank you.
  9. blue_bambino

    blue_bambino New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I urgently need a transfer maid as my current maid wants to return home to tend to her young son because her mother passed away.

    I am looking for a matured, caring Filipino maid to look after my energetic daughter who is only 18 months old..

    Let me know if you have an immediate transfer maid.. 81682107, pebblezproject@Hotmail.com (Kym)

    Thanks [​IMG]
  10. dolliepollie

    dolliepollie Member

    Hello all

    i need a maid urgently as im starting work in Feb.
    Please PM me or call me if there's any maid transfer.
    i would need them to look after my 4month old coming 5month boy and cook, clean the house.

  11. mummywannabe

    mummywannabe Active Member


    I have a Filipino maid for transfer. She has been looking after my triplets. She can seak and understand English.

    Diligent girl. She is 26 years old. Independant worker.

    Letting her go because i have another maid and will be a SAHM to look after myself already.

    Pls pm me and leave your details if interested in her.
  12. hevonne

    hevonne New Member

    Dear all I am looking for a matured philipino maid who loves kids and is able to look after my 4yr n 16mths daughter. My 3rd is due in Oct. Preferably married and has kids with cooking skills. Pls pm me or email me at hevonne@singnet.com.sg. Tx!
  13. munwork

    munwork New Member

    Does anyone has a good & reliable maid for transfer because my current maid was caught having a very intimate boyfriend in town and was unable to focus on her work?
    Need to take care of 3 kids, general housework, and cooking.
    Appreciate to receive yr help and revert to gwsvcs@singnet.com.sg
  14. happy74

    happy74 New Member

    me looking for good and reliable maid too, take care of 3 young children, therefore must be very patience and good with young children and clean in housework as my kids got sinus and enzema problem, thanks, sms 90925010.

    no off day and no handphone pls
  15. tannykoh08

    tannykoh08 New Member


    Need help...can someone advise is there such request....

    I would like to hire a temp maid for like 3-4mths and has completed her 2 year contract in singapore. whata will the cost be like?

    anyi can advise on this

  16. coyotefr00

    coyotefr00 New Member

    Hi Wonderzen,

    You need to apply for a work permit at $10 and buy her an insurance around $260. If u get her from agent, then u need to pay for agency fee even it is only for 3-4 mths. You will be refunded with proportion of insurance if you cancel yr maid's WP before 180 days.
  17. audeen

    audeen New Member

    Hi All,

    I'm in need of a experience transfer maid who is good in general house keeping & cooking.

    Any recommendation?

  18. chaye

    chaye Active Member

    Hi audeen

    I have a maid who is excellent in housework and cooking. Will PM you.
  19. chaye

    chaye Active Member

    Hi audeen

    you do not accept PM. Can you PM me for more details ?
  20. bugsfire

    bugsfire Member

    Hi all,

    I am urgently looking for a DH, pref. filipino. Please PM me if you have a good maid available.

    No agents please.

  21. my_mum

    my_mum Member

    Hi all

    I am looking for a helper - Filipino or Indo, reliable, able to do domestic chores and handle toddler...

    any recommendation? kindly PM me if any.
    no agent, pls.

  22. thepreciousones

    thepreciousones Active Member


    I'm looking for a Filipino maid. Can speak and understand English well. Must have good attitude and have love in children. My kids are 4yrs and 1yr.
    Do PM me if you have a good one to transfer. Really appreciate. God bless
  23. gamerking168

    gamerking168 New Member

    i am looking for a Transfer Filipino to taking care of my 2.5 yrs old son...call or SMS me at 96868336...thanks
  24. gamerking168

    gamerking168 New Member

    i am looking for a Transfer Filipino to taking care of my 2.5 yrs old son...call or SMS me at 96868336...thanks

    If u have very good agency to recommend also can SMS or call me....
  25. estee

    estee Member


    I'm looking for a philippino helper for my 3 r old son, Have to managed house work and able to do washing and ironing for 4 working adults as well.

    Experience preferred. Need to start 20th Dec or earlier.

    Please email to cheerio_77@hotmail.com

  26. sindhigal

    sindhigal New Member


    Am looking for Indian maid. anyone has any links, where I can get a good one. Thanks a lot.
  27. sindhigal

    sindhigal New Member

  28. qoo_grapes

    qoo_grapes New Member


    Am looking for a philipino maid good with baby. If you have maid for transfer, please let me know.
  29. ella_baby

    ella_baby Member


    I have a Filipino maid to transfer. We plan to transfer her in mid August. She still has $750 loan that she has not repaid to me.

    She is 25 yrs old, married with a 2 yr old son.

    She takes care of my 1 year old while my 2 yr old goes to school. She can cook and do housework.

    We do not want to have maid anymore as my younger child is also going to school.

    Her current salary is $375 with no off days.

    pls email me asap.

  30. genki01

    genki01 New Member

    Hi Ella,
    Just PM you
  31. candymom

    candymom Member

    I have a filipino maid for transfer. She had worked for us 5 months. The reason for trsf bcoz my ex maid is comin back to help me look after my baby..she is 40 yrs old and command of english fair and knows a bit chinese,coz she work in taiwan before..

    Good..can cook simple chinese food..can look after baby..honest..wash things very clean...can also massage baby if baby is sick or gt phelgm..current salary $370 no off day but stil hv loan to pay..

    Bad...have to push her a bit...she can be initiative sum tym..
  32. joey_tan

    joey_tan Active Member

    hi i have a filipino maid for transfer too. she worked for us about one month. Reason for transfer, we need a more experience and independant maid to be home alone. We have no time to train her :-(

    I think she is more suitable for household who has someone at home. she is gentle, submissive and obedient, so able to get along with ahmah.

    she is getting $400 + $20 (off day in lieu for first 6 or 7 months).
  33. eto

    eto Member

    Hi Jo

    Interested! Please pm me the details of ur maid. Many thanks!
  34. littlerabbit

    littlerabbit Member

    I'm looking for a reliable maid to help in household chores and taking care of my kids. Please PM me her details if you have any to refer. Thanks.
  35. margaux

    margaux New Member

    Dear mummies,

    I am looking for an Indonesian maid to transfer, preferably muslim, to help me taking care of my 2 daughters (age: 2,5 years old and 7 months old) and to do some house chores. Must love children and have experience in taking care of babies.

    Must be reliable and honest.

    Salary: $420 with ONE day off per month.

    If you have a maid to transfer, pls contact me: amalina.mouton@gmail.com or sms me 91845698.

    Many thanks to all!
  36. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    An Indonesian transfer maid available, ex-Singapore maid. Has worked in Singapore for two years with Chinese family taking care of baby and also does cooking for baby.

    She knows only simple English, more conversant in Malay language.

    She can do household chores, cleaning, taking care of baby and some cooking.

    Potential employer need to be patient in speaking to her for her to understand. [​IMG]

    She is about 1.5+ metre tall and slightly plump.
    33 years of age. Pleasant, smiling disposition.

    Already in Singapore and ready for transfer, please email sinnyy123@gmail.com
  37. bugsfire

    bugsfire Member

    Looking for reliable maid. Please PM Me

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