Any good gynae to recommend in Kovan/Hougang/senkgang?



I am staying in kovan and is searching for a gynae in the above.. lesser travelling time. Can you provide details ? Thanks a lot.

hi suishi,

my gynae is nearby kovan MRT..u can give it a try.

Gynae Health Clinic For Women
Dr Phua Soo Mear
Consultant Obsterician & Gynaecologist
MBBS (S'pore), MRCOG (Lond), FICS, FAMS

Address: Blk 211 Hougang St. 21, # 01-289 Singapore 530211
Tel: 62828960 / 628261606

Consultation Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9 am -12.30 pm, 2 -4.30 pm
Saturday: 9 am -12.30 pm
Night Clinic: Monday, Wednesday 6.30 -8.30 pm
Hi blue_genie,
which hospital is Dr Phua attached to? Is he a guy?

Is the price reasonable,can share your packages with me?
Hi suishi,

Dr. Phua can deliver only either @ TMC or Mt. Alvernia, depending which you choose. Yap, he's a male gynae.

regarding the pkage details, i do not have it with me now...perhaps u can call up the clinic to chk it out. Let them explain to you clearly and from there, u judge for urself whether it's reasonable. What I find reasonable might not imply the same to u. Hope u understand what i mean.
hi ladies,
Beside Dr Wing, any other recommendations?

Hi missk,
Have been TTC for 8mths but no new yet so thinking of going for a check up or talk with gynae, shld i make an appt or walk in?
hey suishi, u can call them and make an appt.

Where are u staying? Do u mind travelling to Pasir Ris? I havea good gynae there. REcommended to a few of my frens. In fact, I went to her before I tried to conceive for a thorough check up. Anyways, u can pm me if u want more details?
Hi missk,
unable to PM cos you set your setting to "dont accept pm" or u can pm the details.

missk: She's actually Dr Watt Wing Fong, not Dr Wing
I went to see her. She's very patient and assuring but Raffles Medical is pretty expensive

I have also asked about the price for Dr Watt. $700 for the package right? Since she is from Raffles, meaning that she can also deliver at Raffles Hospital lah? Anyone knows?
hi krex78,
i went to one in Hougang but she is not very good. I find her partner in Bishan is very good so my 2nd child I went to him.
He delivers in Mt A and Gleneagles, name is Dr. Henry Cheng.
Hi Athen,

Any others besides Dr Adrian? He seems over popular so dunno if I have to wait long to see him in future. He has reasonable packages though. What kind of test must I go for when I go visit him? Thought it's a good idea to have a chat with him before getting pregnant, just in case I'm missing out on something...

I don stay in SK. I'm his patient in CCK. So I'm not sure of any other gynaes in SK.

Yes. Waiting time is long if you go to this night clinic. I usually see him on weekday mornings or Sat mornings at CCK. Waiting time at those time is not so long.

I'm not sure what kind of test he will do for pre-preg. Maybe can call him & check. I think one of the mummies in the link above went to see him for pre-preg test. U may want to go thru the thread above.

I'm looking for a gynae in Hougang and Sengkang area. Any good doctor to recommend?

*Missk, you mention Dr Wing at Compass point Raffles, does that mean she can only deliver at Raffles hospital? And she is good in what sense?



Anyone can advise which gynae below is better ?

Dr Adrain
Dr Watt Wing Fong (Raffles)

Thanks a zillion.

Hi Raymond,

My gynae was Dr Watt Wing Fong. She has a clinic in Raffle Sengkang- Compass Pt as well as Raffle hospital. Initially my gynae was Dr Vincent Lee which you can read in this forum about how good he is. But later he was migrated to Perth therefore I was being switched to Dr Watt.( she was from east shore hospital before joining Raffle)

Both Dr Lee & Dr Watt are classmate so their professionalism are equal to me. I had my first delivery last July and will be delivering my 2nd one next yr Feb.
Hi Bitrix,

I saw an notice outside Raffle Sengkang - Compass Point last few days there is a new gynae named Dr Tony Tan. Not sure is Dr Watt Wing Fong is still in that clinic or she already leave raffles ?
Hi, all

Dr. Watt is nice & patient gynae. I feel very comfortable with hers service & advice. My 1st baby (3yrs ago) was delivered by her at Eastshore hospital. she work with Raffles now and she can deliver at Eastshore as well. My fren just delivered last two mth in eastshore, also by Dr watt. I will look for her for my "coming" 2nd baby althought she is under raffles and a bit high cost.
have u gone to dr poon?
im currently with dr poon
am ttc-ing.. but i was tinking of changing gynae...
Hi Joanna
Is Dr Poon Male or Female? Is he/she good?

I didnt visit Dr Poon in the end. I visted the one at Kovan. (address below)

Gynae Health Clinic For Women
Dr Phua Soo Mear
Consultant Obsterician & Gynaecologist
MBBS (S'pore), MRCOG (Lond), FICS, FAMS

Address: Blk 211 Hougang St. 21, # 01-289 Singapore 530211
Tel: 62828960 / 628261606

Consultation Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9 am -12.30 pm, 2 -4.30 pm
Saturday: 9 am -12.30 pm
Night Clinic: Monday, Wednesday 6.30 -8.30 pm
Hi pipi
dr poon is a male gynae
he is v soft spoken.. not intimidating =p
but find him toosoft spoken sometimes i must listen v hard haha

dunno is a good thg anot.
I just came bk w my 3rd round of clomide.. he up my dosage now... keeping finger cross

he is suggesting I go laprascopy(spelling??) if it still dun work on me
my gynae is poon king fu. 2 kids delivered thru him. Am very comfortable with him, and he's gentle and reassuring. always ready to answer my questions and worries. takes time to 'play' with my gal when she followed me for my 2nd preg checkups... thumbs up.
hi all,

i m new here.. my son is 3yrs old now n i been ttc_ing since he is 1yr old, till now no news..-_-, thinking to go for a infertility assessment, me stay @ kovan area also. so was considering about most of the gynae mentioned above. does a male/female gynae really make a difference? i found out tat Dr.Phua charges is quite a gap compare to the rest, he charge around $ 100 for consultation n ultrasound scan n cervical cancel check. the rest of the gynae like Dr.Poon,Dr.Kathryn Chan,Dr.Watt,Dr.Adrian all range from $200-300. those of u who went to c Dr.Phua b4, is he good? does price really make a difference? thx in advance for any opinion n advice..
Hi Agnes, I am with Dr Phua for my #1 and now currently my #2. I think he is nice and cheap...I realise he is charging much much cheaper than other gynaes i heard from friends.
Dr Watt not bad for me feel very comfortable wif her service oso but she at Raffless quite expensive so i changed to Dr Phua.
Hi, I am looking for a gynae in Hougang. blue_ape recommended Dr Cathryn Chan Wong Buen at Hougang Ave 8. The Women's Specialist Centre. Wonder if anyone has the same gynae. Would like to know if she is good. Where can she deliver and how much are her charges? Thanks in advance!
I am with Dr Phua for my second pregnancy and just given birth to a health baby boy 2 days ago

I changed Gynea as I shifted to Hougang.

Like the fact that not much waiting time and Dr Phua charges are much cheaper and the service you receive is not discounted.

Dr Phua is senior and experienced and professional. To me and hubby, he is a no fuss doctor. Just focus on his job...KeKeKe.

The previous Gynea @ GE for my first pregnancy is very expensive and waiting time is always very long even with pre-booked appointment.
I don't recommend Dr Cathryn Chan anymore. She was nice at first but after a few visit, she don't explain much details yet charge so high for the consultant. not very good doctor. She deliver in Gleneagles Hospital.

i have to look for another gynae. so much of my time and $$.
Hi All,

i would not recommend Dr Watt wing fong from Raffles. I think she is expensive and dont explain much on anything.

It is always important to choose the right gyna.
Hi all,

care to share with me if Dr Phua is pro natural birth? does he listen to our question / concerns?
how about his stitching skill?

tia for sharing
Hi All,

Juz been to see Dr. Poon King Fu tis afternoon after experiencing bleeding this morning (6weeks into my pregnancy).

I'll totally & fully recommend him to all my frens & relatives. Such a caring and gentle doctor! 2x UP for Doc Poon King Fu!
Hi iBaby and Flommy,

After all ur recommendations, I am now keen to see Dr Phua as I have been TTC for almost 2 years! I also stay near Kovan, so he is the most convenient and affordable Doctor I've seen in this thread so far.

I hope I know what is wrong with me after getting professional advice.

It may be too early to ask, but it would be good to know (As Eufrasia is asking) - is Dr Phua pro natural birth? how about his stitching skill?
I used Dr Watt Wing Fong for my second baby. She is such a nice lady, that explains to you patiently. My first baby was delivered by another older gynae, who seems aloof to the pains and aches you get during pregnancy. Dr Watt is understanding, caring, and very knowledgable and experienced. I definitely recommend her as the top choice as your gynae. Under her care, my delivery was smooth and easy

hi all

I am seeing Dr Poon King Fu currently for my first baby. He is a very very nice and gentle doctor! My husband and I are very pleased with him. He also does not make the mummy worry about the baby unnecessarily. Has a good and relatively new scanning machine too, you can do your detailed scan of baby at 21weeks at his clinic itself. You can ask him as many questions you want when you're in his clinic. He will gladly answer it. So his consultations can be very long if you ask a lot of questions and he will never rush you.

His clinic is also peaceful and waiting time is quite short if you're on time. No stress there!

Eufrasia: Dr Poon is pro natural birth. I have not delivered so i don't know about his stitching skills.