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Any good Gynae from TMC to recommend?

Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by zuw, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. zuw

    zuw New Member

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys have good recommendation of gynae from TMC that you think are good to recommend? I am trying to conceive but need to start seeing one first to access my health. Hope to get some ideas here! thanks ! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


  2. yeolk078

    yeolk078 Active Member

    hi, My Gynae is Dr Eunice Chua frm TMC at 3rd sty. Got to book appt 1st.

  3. zuw

    zuw New Member

    Hi LiQing, thanks. how is she like ?

  4. yeolk078

    yeolk078 Active Member

    ohh she is v friendly & service is gd. She had 5 kids le. All grown up.

  5. zuw

    zuw New Member

    Actually I was hoping for TMC docs with clinic outside.. cus travelling to TMC abit out of place for me.

  6. yeolk078

    yeolk078 Active Member

    oic.. most of the clinics r @ tmc. whr u staying at?

  7. jaster150704

    jaster150704 Active Member


    where do you stay? =)

    These gynaes are from Thomson Women's Clinic:

    Dr Lawrence Ang - Sembawang

    Dr Adrian Woodworth - CCK & Sengkang

    the list goes on..


    i'm seeing Dr Wong Mun Tat from Bukit Batok clinic..

  8. maylcm

    maylcm New Member

    HI ZuW,

    my gnae is Dr Benjamin Tham. He is very good and experience.

  9. zuw

    zuw New Member

    Oh.. I am staying at CCK. Heard of Dr Adrian too and heard he is not bad.. I think I heard about Dr Wong as well... are their appts hard to book?

  10. jaster150704

    jaster150704 Active Member


    hmm.. Dr Wong's clinic shouldnt be that bad.. =P don't have to book like 1 mth in advance that kind lah..

  11. joodz

    joodz New Member

    ZuW, i stay in cck too, and i see dr adrian woodworth. he is a very nice gynae, and waiting time is about maximum 30mins(according to my own experience). however, i only go during non peak days(weekdays). dr adrian is a man of little words and he only answer when i ask him but he does give 'basic' advices. overall i like him.

  12. inzest

    inzest New Member

    My gnae is Dr Chang Tou Choong . He is very caring , careful and experience

  13. hamflea

    hamflea New Member

    How is Dr Wong Mun Tat like? What about the charges?

    Planning for baby... thought i'd like to do checkup first like ZuW.

    Just wondering, is it better to go to a gynae near your home or better near workplace?

  14. jaster150704

    jaster150704 Active Member


    Dr Wong is a very nice guy! =) i can't say much about his stitching skills cos yet to try.. you can search for his reviews in this thread..


    for myself i'm working at tuas so impossible to find a gynae near my work place. depends on yourself? does the clinic have night consultations? do you want your hubby to go for the checkup together with you? =)

  15. benbenfish8083

    benbenfish8083 Active Member

    Hi gals,

    I just found out i'm pregnant. but i need your advise.. how do you think Dr. Adrian Tan and Dr. Yvonne Chan? which one better, friendly and gentle? or there's any other gynea which you gals think she/he is good...

  16. sunshineg

    sunshineg New Member

    Hi, my gynae was Dr LN Sim. She's really nice although she looks a bit stern. Her package is very affordable too.

  17. yee888

    yee888 New Member

    Dr Benjamin is pretty detailed person. It will not be chop chop kind of appointments. He is patient in explaining to u as well.

    You can always change when u dun feel good with ur gynae.


  18. little_nuriko

    little_nuriko New Member

    Hi ZuW,

    My gynae is Dr Wong Mun Tat.Went to him when I was trying to conceive. He is a very nice guy though a man of little words. But he is very careful and a conservative man who will not recommend stuff that is not neccessary.

    His stitching is ok, had a diagnostic test wif him that requires operation.

    His clinic is opposite Bukit Gombak MRT station, so very convenient for you i guess.

  19. little_nuriko

    little_nuriko New Member

    Dr Wong Charges are reasonable i guess. Not sure how much does other gynae charges. His charges are $60-80 for consultation depending on duration. scan separate charges.

  20. blendedbaby

    blendedbaby New Member

    I like Dr Caroline Khi at ACJ Women's Clinic. She's lovely, very patient and I had a birth plan and all and she didn't think it was weird at all. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  21. benbenfish8083

    benbenfish8083 Active Member

    Anyone here is having Dr. Adrian Tan as your gynae??? can share with me? thanks!!

  22. want_to_be_a_mum

    want_to_be_a_mum New Member

    Hi mummies and mummies to be,

    I am totally new here and have been trying to conceive for the pass 2 years seem no news. Thus thought of looking for a good gynae to check and stick to him/her all the way...

    Eventually I will like to delivery either at KK, Raffles or Parkway but seem like there is lots of mummy delivering/delivered at TCM (Thomson)?

    Can I ask for opinion of Dr Watt Wing Fong - at Compasspoint? Her fee, experience with her etc..

    As I do not want too travel far to visit the gynae all the time as I stay in Hougang area.

  23. benbenfish8083

    benbenfish8083 Active Member

    Went to see Dr. Adrian Tan yesterday.

    1st time seeing him, he is quite friendly and cheerful. haha! Hope we can feel happy with him throughout my whole pregnancy!

  24. peeka-me

    peeka-me Active Member


    I Also went to see dr Adrian tan and managed to view the hospital tour at tmc today

    although I like dr Adrian tan service, I feel that the delivery suite in tmc seem very cramped,

    the other thing is after delivering our bb, our bb will be bought out of the delivery suite to take measurement

    I don feel comfort abt bb leaving me but my hub assured me that he will eye on our bb upon delivery

    so now we are thinking shld we take up the 1bedded or 2 bedded ward


  25. benbenfish8083

    benbenfish8083 Active Member

    Hi Linda,

    U mean u viewed the delivery suite? U ask Adrian Tan to show you or hospital nurse to show u? how many months u pregnant already?

  26. peeka-me

    peeka-me Active Member

    Hi fish

    the hospital has a daily tour at 11am and 2 pm and is guided by the staff nurses at the concerige counter, u know the place where the valet sit and wait???

    My Edd. Is 5 mar and I read 1 of the message that your is close to mine too!

    Honestly, I do find his delivery charge ex cos I looked at the 4 bedded and 1 bedded package frm the clinic, I deduct the amt frm hosp charges and his delivery work out ad 1700??

    A bit steep lei

  27. peeka-me

    peeka-me Active Member

    Hi Lin

    I saw your message but there was a comment that dr wing charges is ex cos is frm raffles medical.

    At first I aso wan to see her for convenience since I don wan to travel too far, but the tot of having a good gynae and something comfty do come w a price... So in the end, I go for dr Adrian tan - tmc and my hub has thumb up for our 1st visit yest!

    The only dilemma is I don feel good for the rooms and delivery suite. I find too cramped

  28. want_to_be_a_mum

    want_to_be_a_mum New Member

    Hi Linda,

    Thank you for the advise, Dr Wing is recomm by mine colleauge but Im not sure so need to ask ard. I agree it is more imp to have a gd gynae and some1 im comfty with but it must match up to d price for im paying... I also don like TMC cos it is cramp as colleauges have been giving birth there before... Haiz...what shd i choose dilemma

  29. peeka-me

    peeka-me Active Member


    same as you I am still in dilemma but probably will go and check on mt a gynae cos I still prefer to deliver in mt a

  30. piggy2008

    piggy2008 Member


    you might want to consider Dr Fong who deliver at Mount A and TMC. He has two clinic at Paragon and Tiong Bahru

  31. mayelynn

    mayelynn Member

    my Gynae is Dr LN Sim from TMC. Very experienced gynae. I went to see her as i was TTC.

    So lucky that she scanned and told me i was ovulating and told me to go home to try...

    that month i got preggy and i went to see her.. i continued with her all the way and i must say her pkg is very reasonable.

    Like her very much.

  32. leica

    leica New Member

    Dr Yvonne Chan is really professional. Her clinic is very well organised and keeps to the appointment time. friendly, very systematic and gives sound advice.

  33. mummyyun

    mummyyun New Member

    Dr Yvonne Chan is from which clinic ??

    My 1st time pregnancy and i wish to find a female gynae .

  34. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Both my kids are delivered by Dr Wong Mun Tat, a very good docter and i am planning to visit him soon for pap smear test. He is patient and is very skillful with his stitches all i have heard good reviews bout him too when i went TMC for check ups, the nurses there like him too. Btw, clinic is directly opposite Bukit Gombak mrt.

  35. joelynlee1980

    joelynlee1980 New Member

    Hi ZuW,

    My gynae is Dr Lawrence Ang. He is a very nice dr. He been helping me on give birth my 1st baby ger (now 25 months) and helping me on OT on miscarriage for 2 times also.

    Anything you can ask him, some more he will help you to save money also...Haha....If the package no change is still SGD500 (excluded GST yet). Planning to go see him next month also..

  36. breezzz

    breezzz New Member

    Hi hi Ladies,

    I was reccomended by some of my colleagues that Dr LC Cheng from TMC is good. Anyone has any experience with this gynea before? Most importantly is the skill of stitching.. ;P Need to book my first antenatal appointment soon. Cheers!

  37. olivegal77

    olivegal77 Member

    Melissa : most of the gynaes from WC Cheng Associates are good....but all comes with a price....and long q...i am with WK Tan...seeing her for my 4th bb, my SIL is with LC Cheng now....and TC Chang is good too....cheers

  38. mickymouse

    mickymouse Member


    Dr Yvonne Chan's clinic is at TMC level 6. She is really good.

  39. purplezzz

    purplezzz New Member

    my gynae is LN Sim from TMC. she's very nice & approachable.

  40. garfieldhello

    garfieldhello Member

    Dr Lawrence Ang is good!

  41. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    Hi mine is Dr A L Lim. My other 2 girlfriends also delivered by him. Detailed, 'playsafe' type if u knw wat I mean. Felt rest assured under his care. Supplements he is selling at reasonable price, even cheaper than some pharmacy outside.

    I will definitely return to him for 2nd baby.

    Charges reasonable, $40+ per visit compared to some at $60 for consultation.

    Be prepared to wait, even if u call in to take Q no.

  42. bliss_ling

    bliss_ling Active Member


    Mine was Dr A L Lim from TMC. He is good and we are glad to have him as my gynae. He is a pro natural delivery gynae.

  43. moonsafarian

    moonsafarian Member

    Hi everyone,

    Initial choice of Dr Yvonne Chan from TMC (thru a friend's recommendation) is out, as i've just learned that she is fully booked for the mth i'm due.

    My GP recommends a Dr Judy Wong from TMC. Is there anyone here currently with Dr Wong, or was with her previously? Like to find out more.

  44. princess31

    princess31 Member

    Hi Moon, I'm with Dr Judy Wong from TMC. This is my first pregnancy and EDD is Feb 2011. I was recommended this gynae from a friend's wife.

    So far, she has been professional, friendly and efficient. But she seems to have many expatriate clientale! Dunno whether that's a good or bad thing. and she seems very popular - waiting times are usually at least 30 minutes even though I have an appt - this is for Saturday mornings.

    She is open Mon - Fris but Wed PM she is off. Then Sat is half day morning. Sundays and PH closed. Her 2 receptionists are nice young girls, very helpful and polite.

    I guess you can try her. However, it seems she doesn't offer any consultation package (some gynaes do, once you hit the 5 mth mark). Also, I find that you may have to prompt her for some info ahead of time. Maybe I'm just too kan cheong :p

    Finally, although she is based at TMC, she can deliver either there or at Mt Alvernia Hospital. I had a preference for the latter and informed her at least twice previously, early on in the 1st tri. However, we didn't book or confirm anything. Last Sat when I visited her and brought this topic up again, she mentioned that her quota for Feb 2011 was full for Mt. A so she cannot deliver there for Feb. I was really disappointed and also a little bit upset that she didn't mention anything about quota earlier (this is an example of not being forthcoming with information sometimes). So looks like I have to deliver at TMC instead. But she then told me it's too early to book and to wait till Dec instead ... so now, I'm wondering - should I wait or should I insist?? What if come Dec, there's no more space at TMC or Dr. Wong is so fully booked (in terms of time) that she can't deliver for me? She should let me know beforehand if she intends to get a replacement gynae, or I can find my own right ??

  45. eugenialeecm

    eugenialeecm New Member

    hi mommies,

    if you want to deliver in private hospitals, i recommend dr kee swee hae, he has his own clinic at far east plaza. though he is old man, he is very experience, caring and attentive. he can be contacted 24/7 if you need to speak to him urgently. he can deliver in most of the private hospital. his charges are relatively cheap too.

    need his contact, can PM me.

  46. jennyluveugene

    jennyluveugene New Member

    I am seeing Dr. Woo Bit Hwa. He delivers at TMC and Mt.A. He have clinics at tiong bharu and pungol area. Charges are as follows: S$698 (Tiong Bharu) and heard that he charge S$800+ (Pungol clinic. He doesn't talk much, but when you ask him questions, he will explain everything in detailed and very specific. He won't rush you during consultation visits which I find it very comfortable. I read from different Singapore forums that his stitching skills is superb. some go for C-section and can walk normally after a week and stitches are gone as well.

  47. michelle_c

    michelle_c New Member

    Hi All,

    New to the forum, but glad to share.

    I was with Dr Ben Tham, nice gynae, patient in answering all qns, esp from a 1st time mum. He is also very encouraging and he'll be more than willing to answer emails as I understand, though I never had to do so. He's with WC Cheng Associates, previously with KK as Snr Consultant (where I understand he was extremely popular). I was also referred to him by my fren. =)

  48. joanne2

    joanne2 New Member

    My gnae is Dr W K Tan . She is very caring , careful and experience

  49. mumtoone

    mumtoone New Member

    My gynae is Dr Kek Lee Phin. She is based at Mt E and delivers at Mt E only but she has a weekly wed morning clinic at Bt Batok central. Two thumbs up for her. Highly skilled and very motherly and patient. I know I can trust any emerencies in her hands. She enabled me to have a VBAC. Calming effect every time I see her :)

    If you want her contact, can google or PM me.

  50. virtual

    virtual Member

    My gyane is dr jocelyn wong fr ACJ clinic. nice and friendly lady [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] i prefer female gynae


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