Any good confinement lady to recommend?


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Anyone hv gd recommendation for good confinement nanny ?

Btw, anyone heard of "" ?

Anyone used their servies & any comments of their nanny?

Thanks !



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Hi mstan8888,

I am currently doing my confinement and finds that my CL is quite good, experience and takes very good care of my Baby. When do u need the confinement nanny? I might be able to recommend mine to u if schedule permits...



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Hi Angelbaby8,

I think she dun do just daytime becos she is from Malaysia and accommodation will be a problem if she needs to go home every night. [IMG=]



Dear all,

Do you have any confinement lady contacts to recommend. I would be giving birth in Jan 2010 and till now, I still couldn't find anyone who is willing to do confinement during the CNY period.



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Dear all,

I'm currently doing confinement and find that this Msian aunty very good.

Has knowledge about looking after baby and me e.g. dun eat yam for 3 months from delivery else 'down there' will itch for life... haha.

She will cook 3 different soups everyday, lunch, dinner and before you ZZZZ.

Also knows how to massage to relieve breast engorgement 'cos she learn from Thomson the lady name Wong Boey Boey (something like that)

From what I know, she's only free from Feb onwards. She stays with you 30 days btw.

Feel free to PM me if you want her number lah. Can call her ask questions no obligations [IMG=]



Hi all,

I have a relative from M'sia who do confinement. She is very experience, can cook very well & take good care of baby. Anyone who is interested, can PM or e-mail me at [email protected].



hi mummies, i am looking for a daytime confinement lady to help look after baby and me as well as cook only. no need to do housework at all, cos i have a maid. if you know of a reliable one who cooks reasonably, please PM me. i will need her in end november.



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I have a good CL to recommend. Not sure if she does only day time. She was with me full-time for 28 days. I find her very good - knowledgeable in taking care of baby, cooks simple but delicious confinement food, cleans up the kitchen everytime after she cooks (which is very important to me coz i'm a cleanliness freak!). Another good thing about her is she eats simply, unlike some CLs i heard who will request to eat the same good food as mummies. She will usually just cook 1 veg for herself and that's it. You can call her (Meiying) directly at her SG hp 82430128 or +6075593130.



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Dear all mummy o mummy to be,

I have a relative from Malaysia who do confinement. She had few yrs experience as a CL lady, can cook very well & take good care of baby. Anyone who is interested, pls e-mail o msn me at [email protected]

Note down the mth ur need, so tat i can confirm her schedule.



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I would like to recommend my Confinement Lady, Siew Zhen.

She did confinement for me in 2007 and is currently doing for me now for my 2nd delivery.

She's energetic and experienced, having been in this line for 7yrs, cooks well and is able to handle my baby and my toddler well. Best of all, she doesn't keep nagging me on the dos and don'ts of confinement and is also experienced enough to advise me a bit on breastfeeding.

Her contacts:

92440112 (Singapore Hdp)

019-7733251 (M'sian Hdp)

012-7393588 (M'sian Hdp)

Do contact her if you are interested to engage her services.



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I have a very good and responsible confinement lady to recommend to all. She was the second one I hired as I had problem coping with my 1 month odd baby. Madam Tan came immediately the next day after I enquired her service. She is responsible, very experience and helpful. She knows baby very well and most importantly, love babies. She is of no nonsense, so no need to worry that she will get too friendly or chatty. And the bonus is she cooks very, very well. The first day she arrived, she looked at my fridge, and managed to cooked 2 dishes and 1 soup for us. When my maid arrived, she coached her personally and explained every details. If you are interested, you can contact her daughter. 92382012. She is definitely one good person to hire for you and your baby.



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Dear All, I am looking for a daytime CL for the first 2 weeks only. My EDD is 21st Jan 2010. Can anyone recommend someone from experience? Thanks all!




Is the CL lady, mdm Tan a singaporean or malaysian??

What are the charges like??

Personally, i do not like those CL who talks alot and try to be friendly with would like to know about her...




Hi all mtbs,

my cousin EDD is End of Dec and she is getting a set of confinement Herbal Soup package, so would like to ask if anyone of u mtbs interested to get too? If can hit 5 sets, will have 5% discount.. hee... so i am asking for her as she don't know how to use computer..

It is for convienent and easy confinement, all the soups are prepacked, just put in the pot of water and boil will do.. the confinement agency in SG are selling it at higher price than wat we are getting...

if interested, pm k.. ;p

I am a mother of one, hee.. took this soup package too when i am doing my confinement last yr Nov.. ;p

All the best for the last lap..



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Hi Kelly,

I had just finish my confinement. I think my CL is just nice for you as she is someone who don't talks alot or try to be friendly. She a quite lady who is very good with baby.

I can tell that she doing this job mainly becos she love babies. Food also not bad, every evening she will also make sure to make some soup for me to drink before i go to bed.



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I used this confinement lady who was very EXPERIENCED and her meals were really delicious!!

I felt very well taken care of by this Confinement Lady (she's less than 45 years old)

for the month that she was with us.

But i heard that she's very high in demand and only works on a recommendation basis (i got to know of her through a cousin), but she's really really good! So i think you should try to get in contact with her, see if she has any available slots upcoming.

The best thing was that she was very affordable and good in her services and care that she shown to my family

You can call her at 9682 8813. I always recommend her to my own personal friends! Good luck!



Hi valerie,

What is her name? And what are her charges like? Does she help in daily household chores as well?

What abt hygiene purpose?? Whn did she do the confinement for u?? Yr 1st bb??

Sori, i ask so many questions cos i sincerely looking for one...




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hi mummies,

have anyone experiened this before?

my CL came in yesterday, and now she tell me she is only allowed to stay in S'pore for 9 days.

is there anyway to extend her stay?



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Hi all,

Do not use this confinement lady call Yu zhen. She actually quit after 2 weeks and she doesnt know how to cook proper confinement food.



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hi mummies,

i find my confinement lady very good. she is very efficient, does her work fast and good and at the same time also took very good care of my 2 kids very well. she's pro breastfeeding, friendly and easy to talk to. my elder boy grows to like her very much. both my kids also gain quite alot of weight under her care. if any mummies need her contact, can Pm me. cheers.



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hihi im due april 2010 and would like to use a CL by recommendations only... anyone know any gd CL pls intro to me. i need her to look aft me and baby and also help with basic housework like washing baby clothes and nappies. thanks!



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To whom looking for "caring and patient" confinement lady:

I am currently engaging a CL to take care of my premature baby. My baby needs extra care and patient as he is small and weak. He takes long time to finish 2Oz of milk, at least 30 min to 1 hour. We need to wake him up every 3 hours for milk as well. My CL is patient and caring enough to my small baby.

I have changed 3 CL as they always lose patience while feeding my baby, they will start scolding my baby why always sleeping while drinking, can't wake up every 3 hours as my baby seldom cry for milk. Therefore, I found my current CL is good and I have no worries at midnight. My concerns is the CL must have patient and love to the baby, other than that I am not so particular.

Her name is Auntie Ya Mei, she provides full time 28 days service including cooking, house chores and taking care baby. She has 18 years experience. Her cost is around S$1900 to S$2000. Chinese new year will charge higher than normal price.

She is free from Jan 2010 onwards. Her no is +60127643102 or +6596142912



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Hi Fion, thank you for your recommendation. Happy to hear Aunty Ya Mei is treating your baby well. I just tried to call her SG number but the hi-card not in use. If she's currently still with you can you please ask if she's available in April 2010 for my EDD-19 Apr 2010 please?



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Hi Judy,

I will ask her later. Is it your 1st baby? Natural birth or C-section? Auntie Ya mei will ask all to these as she can arrange her time, normally she will keep herself free 1 week before or after your EDD.

I can ask her to call you. What is your Singapore no? You can call her Malaysia no as currently she is with me.



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Hi Judy,

My auntie she is available during your EDD at the moment, you can contact her malaysia mobile if you interested.

She may have others calling for the same date sometimes.



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Hi Fion,

I'm wondering if your nanny is available to do confinement during CNY?

I'm due end of Jan but doctor says it might be early and my nanny that I booked just pulled out, so I'm in a big fix!



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Hi Enj,

when is your EDD? I understand that she has 2 appointment currently in the discussion but no confirm yet. One is 11 Feb and another one is end of Jan.

You can call her Malaysia no tomorrow cos she will go back to her house for a day then come out again. She is free to talk tomorrow.

Or what is your no? i ask her to call you tomorrow.



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I've just after my confinement period a week ago with this CL.I got her from this Motherhood forum previously and first time user.She's good & responsible CL and well recommended! 2 thumbs up..Posting for good recommendation and sharing. Not profit (sorry,no offence ya) !! haha..

Auntie Winnie from M'sia. Her Contact no +60102931731 Dialect : Mandarin



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Hi all, I'm a FTM and have been a reader of this forum since oct and hv learnt alot frm all the mummies here!

my edd is 7 june 2010 and would like to look for a good confinement lady who can stay with me.

I'm realli inexperience in this area and would realli appreciate if all the mummies here can share their experience on how to look for a good confinement lady i.e. what kinda questions i shd ask when i 'interview' her, what kinda stuff to look out, etc.

tho i know the mkt rate is around 2k, but i'm hoping if i can find one thts ard 1.8k (i wouldn't mind if its even lower! :p)




My MIL is a confinement nanny who has more than 10years of experience in this trade.

She is definately a great cook.

Do PM me if you have enquiries. No obligation.



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Hello, I am also looking for a confinement lady. Prefer a Malay or Indonesian woman who can also do massage on top of preparing dishes/jamus for recovery. I plan for C-section in March.

Greatly appreciate anyone with a good and reliable contact.



Hi all,

I would like to recommend my confinement lady, QinJie who is from


She was recommended by a good friend who had a good experience with

her. On top of taking good care of her and baby and good cooking,

QinJie was able get along very well with her MIL and

grandmother-in-law who were deemed as very "difficult" people.

QinJie is just about done with her 1 month with me and i am also very

happy with her services as she got along with my maid and also taught

her many things regarding looking after baby and also chinese cooking.

If you are interested in engaging her, pls contact her at

[email protected]



Hi looked thru all yours comments and recommendation, anyone know of confinement catering for vegetarian? I looking for one to provide 2 meals,l lunch (2 dishes & 1 soup ) and dinner (2dishes). any good one to recommend and how much is the cost?

not really need a CL, if not will b for day time oni.pls kindly email me [email protected] as my ETD is Mid mar i expect to be early in Feb 2010.



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I am expecting my bb#2 in Jul 2010, need to get a CL for 2 months this time. Need the CL to help look after my eldest son who will be 14mths old by then, mainly feeding n bathing him. I will be total breastfeeding my nb bb, so the CL does not need to do the feeding job for my bb at all. Beside taking care of all my meals n my nb bb, I would like her to do simple housework n cook dinner for my hubby too.

Any gd recommendaion of responsible n helpful CL for me? I would hope to find one who will not charge extra for looking after my eldest son.




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anyone needs a confinement lady end of jan? My current CL will leave on 19jan n her next assignment is late feb (fully booked until june, i think). She's not bad, great initiative, hygenic & neat. My elder gal also likes her alot. Also, she knows proper way to store/warm/feed EBM to my baby. Most importantly, she loves babies!

can PM me for her contact coz i'm very free at home.. haha



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My wife is expecting our first BB and Due-date is May 29 2010.

Recently, we just realised we got a serious matter... which is we havent got a CL....and seemed that those good CLs recommended by friends ard us all fully booked liao.

So pls if you guys out there have any lobang for good CL.....kindly let us know.



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Maybe you try agency?

That's what that happened to me for my 1st delivery. And so lucky I got a good one so for my 2nd delivery, I got the same lady back.

But better have some backup option. If CL really cannot make it, maybe Mum or Mother-in-law can help.

All the best!