Any Good Confinement Ladies to Recommend?


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My EDD is 1st week of Sept 2011. I'm wondering if any mommies have any good confinement ladies that they have personally used & would like to recommend?




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Hi Sherna, currently i have tis CL with me now.. She is called Ying Jie.. She is vry thotful n have helped me a lot.. Would highly recommend her to u.. As she currently happened to hv a slot juz nw for u n if ur EDD is confirmed then that will b gd for her as she hv another assignment confirmed in Oct11. She helped me took gd care of my baby n me.. N have helped planned my bb stuffs for me n even 'caught' my bb's style n taught me abt it so that i could really take care of my bb aft she left.. She cooked gd food too.. If u interested, u could drop by my hse here at Cantonment to meet her if u wan to.. Anything else.. Could pm me too.. Could call her at 84072183. Said is fr internet n recommended by XiuQing.. Den she will noe..



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Hey Shetna, if u hv any other qns u could also drop me email which is more convenient for me at [email protected]. Ying Jie will be with me till 8jul11.. So u could arrange wif me ro meet up wif her if ur find there is a need.. Hee..



Hi Jasline, any idea if ying jie is available fr mid/late July? If so, wat are her charges? Cheers



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Hi Sherna,

You may oso want to consider my CL. She reali help me alot thru-out my confinement. She is very willing to share her baby care knowledge and give gd advice as well. If u r interested, you may contact her at 84203863/ 016-3732275 Ah Qing



Hi... U may 1 2 try mine too... She's Peiling, her contact no. is 021 60 16531 6816... She's doing confinement for mi Nw... So far so gd 




I have just finished my confinement yesterday and would like to recommend the nanny agency I-Kare for their good service. May, the agent whom i have been dealing with me has arranged Aunty Jin Hua to take care of me during my confinement. Aunty Jin Hua is very experience and caring towards my bb gal. Thou Aunty Jin Hua is a vegetarian, she can whip up delicious confinement food.

I strongly recommend mommies to go thru agency because they will ensure proper work permit is being applied and in the event if the preferred nanny is not available, the agent will ensure that they get a replacement promptly. Like my case, my prefered nanny was not available due to some personal reasons and May gotten me Aunty Jin Hua who is excellent!

To contact May, her number is 92996331 or you can check out their website with testimonials at



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Hi Mummies, if you are looking for a DAYTIME confinement lady, I would recommend my previous confinement lady. Serene, is a Singaporean and did a wonderful job - good cook, very experienced with baby. She was able to cook very nice food and her confinement food was excellent too. I learnt alot about baby care from her.

You can contact Serene at 97511169.

I am not related to serene, just her ex-employer



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I have a recommendation of an experienced confinement lady. I used her during my confinement. If you like to have the contact, please feel free to PM me. [IMG=]



i just had my confinment, experience confinement lady. can pm me if need her contact

Hi, I engaged my confinement lady, Siew Ling jie after reading a recommendation fr the 2010 thread and I'm very happy with her service.

My confinement is coming to an end this Tue and I must say throughout these 20 over days, Siew Ling jie is very caring and patient. She never ever tries to cut corners. Eg, she will make sure there's freshly brewed longan tea fr me daily. She offers to prepare cooled boiled water for me to wash hands. But I reject her as I feel its too troublesome and she respects my wishes. This is what I like about her. She will always offer her advice but never force it upon me.

On breastfeeding issues, she offers good advice and encourages me to try both latching on and pumping.

She also cooks a variety of dishes which I enjoy a lot. She is thrifty in the sense that she will cook just enough for everyone. Not too much or too little.

Siew Ling jie also takes the initiative to help out with some housework. Best of all, she keeps my kitchen clean.

These are her contact numbers: Singapore HP - 81195431 (contactable when she is working in SG) or +60137067061 / +60127609538 (contactable when she is in Malaysia).

Can tell her you are recommended by Jane.



Hi bunnymummy82,

I tried to PM you but you do not accept.

I'm trying to contact your CL but can't reach her. Do you know if she is still available in late-Dec or early Jan?



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Hi kittlyn,

I finished my confinement, was a good one, and would recommend the agency . The 1st nanny who I find responsible and hardworking unfortunately fall sick. 2nd nanny was replaced and she was even better. The confinement meals are delicious, and she even cooked for my parents.

She is gentle and sings song to my newborn.

This agency service is fast and prompt.

Can call them at 68460428.



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My CL is good with confinement food. and take care of bb well :). also will teach you patiently how to handle new born :)

Have recommended 3 of my frens to her so far :)

Her name is auntie Carol.

email me

[email protected]




I have the same CL as Bunnymummy82. Siew Ling jie is indeed a very good CL. Siew Ling jie was the CL for my 2 SILs and they sang praises of her which was the reason why I decided to engage her.

On the first day she arrived, she revamp my kitchen and create a very neat system for keeping the milk bottles and my breast pump equipment. She is also very encouraging and supportive of breastfeeding. The first 4 days, my breast milk has not kick in yet and I was feeling very stressed and down. She boiled papaya soups and always remind me to drink lots of red dates tea to help with the milk production. During that period, she gave me alot of encouragement on breastfeeding. She is very alert especially for night duty of taking care of baby. The moment my baby starts to go eh eh, she is already up and heating up ebm to feed him.

After being discharged from hospital and that 1st week of back home and trying to adjust to be a mum, Siew Ling jie is really a godsend helper and teaching me alot of things about taking care of baby, learning how to differentiate the various tones of my baby's cries which means different needs of my baby.

She is also a very good cook and takes care of me very well. She always whip up interesting dishes cooked in different ways. Check out some of the dishes she has cooked for me so far.



She is very hardworking and even cleans those hard to reach corners in my kitchen and does the household chores fast and efficient.

Overall, she is really a good CL and I will highly recommend her to all mummies. I will definitely engage her again when I have my 2nd child.

Her contact is:

Singapore HP - 81195431 (contactable when she is working in SG)

Malaysia HP - +60137067061 / +60127609538 (contactable when she is in Malaysia). Do tell her you are recommended by Meiyu. She usually will give higher priority to those who are recommended by mummies who engaged her before. Do book her early for your confinement as she get booked pretty fast!



i just missed Siew Ling Auntie by afew days... [IMG=]



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All mummies, pls do not engage zhen jie from ikare agency. i read about her good recommendation here and decided to engage her for my confinement..its a decision that i truly regret..

1. don't really know how to take care of baby...when baby cry would need me to to help take care of baby..when she's cooking, baby cry she will just ignore and carry on the end though am doing confinement, yet am not getting enough rest...

2. Her cooking is also not fantastic..only knows a few confinement dishes, will repeat most of the time...and when run out of idea..ask me can drink ABC soup?? where got confinement drink ABC soup???

3. she will only wash baby and her clothes. me and hubby clothes need my hubby to wash.

4. She will only stick to her own cooking methods eventhough i ask her to do otherwise.

5. if you thinking of asking her for advise on how to observe confinement dos and don'ts, you can just read the forum coz she will tell you everything also me her confinement knowledge is zero.

6. demands afternoon nap.

Mummy who is thinking of engaging her must be prepared for normal dishes(minimum confinement food), her cooking takes priority over baby, need your assistance in taking care of baby...and more

seriously u be better of getting a maid then engage be mindful of good comments from the forum, sometimes it might be the agency promoting their own nannys...

Concern mummy who engage her pls do change before its too my whole body aches because never do a proper confinement and also walk around to much and helping to care for baby...




I have a good confinement lady to let go for Nov '11 - Jan'12. She is supposed to be my CL during my EDD 20/12/2011 however bb was born premature n is now still in Special Care, unable to go home due to underweight. And the cost in Special Care is killing me n I dun think I can afford to get an CL, also, I am clueless as to when bb can be discharged.

I hope to find a "replacement" for the CL as she is a nice lady. She is my ex -colleague's mum n is a good n reliable CL. Will anyone be interested and fit into the timing? If yes, pls Email me [email protected]




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My cl is soon mei ying from pem confinement.

efficient, excellent cook, experienced

but have to check with pem whether she is engaged a not. usually she is fully booked by customers.



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I had depression during my confinement month and I didn't breastfeed my baby successfully. Everyday I can't wait for the CL to go back. I am the very odd one cos most people get worried when CL is going away soon. I jumped for joy when she is gone.

I am not referring to any agencies in particular.

My baby is now 8 months old and I don't think I want to hire any CL for my second one cos honestly and true to my heart, there is no such thing as a pro breastfeed CL.

I am much happier ordering confinement food, having a messy environment but able to do what I want and like to do and be able to breastfeed.

Please let me know if any of your CL is pro breastfeeding and will not talk down on you when you want to breastfeed.