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Any good childcare in Sengkang or nearby areas?

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by latte, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. latte

    latte Member

    Really needed recommendations from kind mummies living in Sengkang. Many thanks in advance! [​IMG]

  2. pkum

    pkum Member

    i need this info too..
  3. jajnj

    jajnj Member

    Same same. I am also hunting around for my 20+mths boy. Pls share infor if u have.

    Many thnks
  4. pkum

    pkum Member

    I m enrolling my girl in Learning Kidz @ hougang green. This is a new branch starting in April 2010. I hope the new one is as gd as the others in Kovan n serangoon. Either the cc in sk is full or not accesible to me.
  5. littlefly

    littlefly Member

    Hi Pkum

    Do they offer full yday childcare and K1-2 classes? Do you have the contacts for the new branch?

    Thanks !
  6. pkum

    pkum Member

    Yup. This branch is for playgroup to student care. 63866100
  7. tannykoh08

    tannykoh08 New Member

    Maybe you also like to check this CC out at punggol twenty.. Intellect Monte Pal Schoolhouse contact 63153076. They do provide Transport as well.
  8. lukeymommy

    lukeymommy New Member

    Hi Pkum, I have also enrolled my boy in Learning Kidz @ hougang green. I asked the centre manager and she told me there's 11 children already enrolled in the playgroup class, my boy is the 12th. More than 12 they will start another class. My boy will only reach 18 mths in Jun 2010, how old is your girl? [​IMG]
  9. pkum

    pkum Member

    Hi Joycelyn, wow the class is so big now. When I enrol is only 6 toddlers.

    My girl Jade will b 20 mths old in June. I m so excited. Recently she woke up very early, wonders if she knw she is going to school soon. [​IMG]

  10. lukeymommy

    lukeymommy New Member

    My boy name is Luke. I'll be accompanying him for the first week of June. 12 is the number I ask last sat, might be more now. [​IMG]
  11. pkum

    pkum Member


    great! I'll see u n Luke on 2nd jun! Do u live near hougang green or in Sengkang? [​IMG]
  12. lukeymommy

    lukeymommy New Member

    Hi pkum I'll be there on 1 jun, tue. See ya. I stay jus next blk to hougang green
  13. reginalee

    reginalee New Member

    Hi all, I also registered my son in the playgroup yesterday. The centre manager told me there's only like 9 kids so far? Anyway my son will only be joining in July.
  14. pkum

    pkum Member

    Jocelyn, opps make a mistake. Yes see u on 1st June. Can't wait! One more mth to go!

    Regina, u also enrol your precious in learning kidz? I'm going down next week to 'tour' the school again. I'll check with them. I'm anxious to meet the teachers.
  15. lukeymommy

    lukeymommy New Member

    Hi Pkum & Regina, hope our kids will be in the same class! Pkum, I will be back from Bali 1 June midnight, haha, I may or may not bring him in on 1 Jun, depends if he is able to sleep thru the plane ride. However, latest I'll be there on 2 Jun.

    Wonder if there's 1 or 2 playgroup class now...
  16. pkum

    pkum Member

    Hi joycelyn n regina! Just back from learning kidz, now they have two playgroup. One which has started n one more on June. N we all falls into the June class!

    Joycelyn, hehe u try to come on 1st June, anyway it's half day.

    Regina, what's your dear son name? Let's look out for which other. [​IMG] how old is he now? Mine is oct baby.
  17. lukeymommy

    lukeymommy New Member

    Hi pkum I went today for an hr, but kids were crying so no chance to ask who's who. Haha. Regina, which one is your precious? My lukey boy is botak no hair, shd be easy to recognise. [​IMG]
  18. pkum

    pkum Member

    Hi Jocelyn, u came with your husband? I think I saw u. We left when the kids are about to sleep. [​IMG] see ya.
  19. double_ens

    double_ens New Member

    hi, anybody has the comments for Amazing Star at SK? Their licence has been changed from 24 months to 12 months recently, any issue? Is that menas that the CC is not good?

    Tx in advance.
  20. clairew07

    clairew07 Member

    Hi mommies whose kids are at Learning Kidz at Hougang Green, how are your kids doing so far? is the CC there good?
  21. pkum

    pkum Member

    So far so gd. But be prepare that ur kid may fall sick quite frequently from time to time.
  22. clairew07

    clairew07 Member

    Thanks Pkum,

    Ya I am def prepared for that if gg to childcare..
  23. pkum

    pkum Member

    Ya. Go talk to the teachers. It's important if u like the plc n teachers there. Ask what they do n the time table like.
  24. alae_913

    alae_913 New Member

    hi, any sk cc recommendation?

    anyone heard of happy camper or summer kids?
  25. fang82

    fang82 Member


    would also like to know if anyone can reccomend a childcare in sengkang?

    MMI?sumerkids? kinderland?

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