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Any good Baby Moisturizer to recommend?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by gl123, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. gl123

    gl123 Member

    Any mummy have good Baby Moisturizer to recommend? As I found my baby's skin a bit dry.

  2. hydrashadow

    hydrashadow New Member

    My baby has dry skin as well. I'm using Gaia's Baby Moisturiser for my baby's body and SebaMed's Baby Face Cream.
  3. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    You can go under eczema thread... But if skin is drying... Gaia is not going to help much... Best is physiogel or QV cream. Very moisturizing! For baby use fragrance free products.
  4. babypris86

    babypris86 New Member

    but where do u all go buy??
    I tired a few but my son's skin is dry plus sensitive.. often when we apply cream, he will have rashes..
  5. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    gerber, very nice and not as expensive as those in its class
  6. valsboys

    valsboys Member

    I use the California Baby Camling Lotion, quite good, not oily and smalls great!! Can get from the BPs here or club 21 at Isetan Scotts or Forum. CB also have the summer lotion that have added citronella to stave off bug bites.

    If your BBs skin is very dry, can use the moisturising creme from the same range.
  7. dreeym

    dreeym Member

    hi mommies, do u also apply physiogel qv and yr regular lotions on the babies' faces too or just on their bodies? just wondering if all the creams are safe if consumed?
  8. embrace78

    embrace78 Member

    My gal using lotion frm Sebamed and it smells wonderful.
  9. hidora

    hidora Active Member

    Dermaveen. It's good for sensitive and eczema skin. You can find it in Guardian.
  10. dreeym

    dreeym Member

    hi embrace & hidora, do u apply the sebamed and dermaveen on the babies' faces too?
  11. hidora

    hidora Active Member

    Hi dreeym,

    Yup.. My son got very bad rashes when he first came over to Perth, so the GP there recommanded this lotion as she's using it for her daughter who has eczema. Ever since then, we have been using it. I applied it all over his body and face. It has oatmeal which is good for dry and sensitive skin and it dries up fast, not leaving a greasy feel.

    Here's how it looks like. http://www.dermatech.com.au/pages/default.asp?pid=67

    I saw it selling in Guardian at Tampines MRT station, so I'm assuming most Guardian will carry it. It's not cheap, but a little goes a long way.. I think it's still cheaper than brands like Gaia.. I tried Gaia for my boy's rashes but it didn't help and it's rather greasy...
  12. dreeym

    dreeym Member

    thanks lots for the tip, hidora. will definitely try this out!
  13. princessmw

    princessmw New Member

    Is avent Baby moisturizer good??

    Recently find that J&J is not so good.
    So thought of switching brand.
  14. miorei

    miorei Member

    california baby's calming lotion is good. [​IMG]
  15. s7870127g

    s7870127g New Member

    Try Muestela...they also have the facial cream to prevent milk rashes too...They sell it everywhere.
  16. queenaire

    queenaire Member

  17. quextion

    quextion New Member

    calendula products are good, u may consider. Alternatively, can try the Aloe Vera also. Both are natural ingredients.
  18. c_club

    c_club New Member

    my kid has eczema too. I use Cetaphil for his bath lotion and use CB lotion to moisturise his body after every bath. Somehow it worked. My PD also recommended Sebamed & QV cream.
  19. cloudpearl

    cloudpearl New Member

    rose hip oil is good for eczema too.
  20. princessmw

    princessmw New Member

    Is avent moisturing lotion good?
  21. mummyto2

    mummyto2 Member

    If your baby has ecezema, it's best to use organic products. No harsh chemicals and less drying to the skin.
  22. huiqi16

    huiqi16 Member

    Hi mummies,

    PD recommend me to use physiogel and topic cream on my bb.

    It works well for him.

    Both products are affordable and get easily off the shelves of guardian or unity pharmancy.
  23. twinklestarsjta

    twinklestarsjta New Member

    Hi mummies,

    Anyone want to try skin care products using cactus fruit, ginseng berry, and grape see extracts.
  24. emmeline84

    emmeline84 New Member


    I'm using Physiogel Al cream (for hypoallergy). This cream is good for body. For face, i use a separate cream. Let me know if u want the brand. ;)
  25. emmeline84

    emmeline84 New Member

    I have quite a few pieces of Physiogel Al cream (only available at PD clinic, not off shelf). PM me if you want to buy at lower cost.
  26. 1aughing

    1aughing New Member

    Sebamed is good for me as it provides a whole range of baby products from shower, face cream, nappy cream, lotion . . .etc . . .
    It smells nice and cures my baby rashes especially nappy rashes almost within 2-3 days.
  27. ai_sakura

    ai_sakura Member

    Mmm yes I use Physiogel AI, or even the normal Physiogel is good too. There's also Johnson and Johnson Natural moisturiser which is supposed to be more "intensive". Green colour bottle and cap.

    Ai @ http://sakuraharuka.blogspot.com
  28. tinklestar

    tinklestar Member

    I used Johnson milk until now. He's 2 and Avent bath gel. Friends and family til now still comment that his skin is really good
  29. babymoist

    babymoist New Member

  30. hugomum

    hugomum Active Member

    Just to share, I used this (prescribed by PD) and very helpful.
  31. unnakb

    unnakb Member


    I find both Sebamed and Himalaya Baby creams to be wonderful. I have tried both and find them equally good, and Himalaya baby cream to be economical.
  32. reverie_island

    reverie_island New Member

    u can try elemente baby Lotion. It has oxyginberries complex inside.

    just to share too the following.
    I used to buy sambucus, probiotic, vitamin c, fish oil fr iherb. till my neighbour let me read this. I will nvr fr buy there or fr off the shelf again. I m not sure abt u. Since then I have switched to Wholesome superfood supplements for my children. and they are taking well. whatsapp me if u want to know what I m giving them now as I rarely cone in to smh. my hp 97919279.

  33. josephthomas134

    josephthomas134 New Member

    My daughter had horrific dry skin and rashes. The Dr recommended Aquaphor but it didn't work. I put Aveeno baby eczema cream on her once and she was 90% better! Now her skin is back to baby soft in just 3 days.

    Handmade Lotion

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