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Any good Antenatal course to recommend?

Discussion in 'Year 2019 Mums' started by Glennas, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Glennas

    Glennas New Member

    Hi all mummies to be.

    I am a 1st time mum. Looking to attend a comprehensive antenatal courses. I am thinking to select from one of these hospitals:

    1) TMC
    3) Raffles

    Any recommendations??


  2. Hi babe

    Congrats on your pregnancy!

    For antenatal classes, the hospital classes mainly covers hospital protocols for birth and basic baby care.

    For me, I was looking for classes that I know my choices during birth, and consequences as well as pros and cons for each choice. I decided to attend Four Trimester Antenatal Classes, which is 6 classes of 3 hours each. The classes are very comprehensive to highlight how parents can achieve an empowering birth. More pricy than hospital classes, but IMO value for money :)
  3. piscesxsmile

    piscesxsmile New Member

    Hi, may I know how was the class being conduct and which one did you sign up for? I saw a lot of prices out there just not sure whether those prices are meant for one participant or inclusive of the spouse.
  4. Midorimaemae

    Midorimaemae New Member

    I went for the Thomson Medical antenatal classes and as first time parents, both my hubby and me found the classes to be informative and helpful. The price is usually inclusive of spouse/partner. I delivered my baby in KKH.
  5. I went for the group antenatal class, which is either 3 session of 6 hours each or 6 session of 3 hours. All sessions include spouse.

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