Any give birth Mummy that live in yishun ??

hi all, i m new,i saw this thread in web so decided to coem in n tk a look,wow,reali great to have a thread that can knw mroe ppl n a lto of things..

btw any mummy that jus give birth ????


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Hi soh..
Nice to see you here too

Hello Duchess...

Does your gal go to a PD? If so, which one will you recommend? My boy's PD is currently at Gleneagles, but I find it too far...


Hi all
I gave birth last May 06 and just started work today. Stayed in Yishun St 20 with 2 boys.
hello lyn...nice meeting u...i gave birth on march..keke....btw wat is SAHM?sorry i m new..hope u dun mind.

heeloo soh,nice meeting u...u live in ave?i live in st 61..

helo duchess,oh ave 4...i live in st 61..heehee..

helo teenoyl..

BTW hw old are u all???i m 21 yr old this yr...


Hello Lyn,
I dun really sent my girl to PD. The 'assigned' PD at birth was fired by us cos we dun like him. His clinic at either TMC or Bishan.

But I know there's a PD at Blk 417.
There's also the Singapore Womans and Children clinic in AMK which I heard is quite good lor.

Sometimes, normal GP is good enough liao. GP too expensive and wait very long.

Hi Zinie,
I'm going 25 in a few days time. St 61, which block? 63x is it? I'm at 655.


Hi Duchess

After u fired the PD, do you search ard for a new PD or you go to normal GP?

My son is seeing his PD next month.

When we fixed appt for his 3rd month jab at Polyclinic next month, the nurse told us that the doc will be seeing him to assess his development.

Its actually the same right? Is seeing Poly doc just as good as seeing the 'assigned' PD?


Hi Teenoyl,

PD is so call "child specialist" lor.

Poly doc, some are quite fresh from the medical school (i think) and may not be as "street-smart" as those normal GP in the neighbourhood in terms of communications. You also got to factor in waiting time for poly. Depending on the days, sometimes can be quite fast one lor.

In fact, for us to visit the poly is easy than the PD as it's just stone throw from my hse. less hten 5 mins walk only.

My girl had all her 5-in-1 jabs at the polyclinic.
All done by nurse, except when there are accessments on the baby then do we need to see doctor.

It all depends on your own comfort level and if you're willing to spend $ more on PD for the same thing.

To me, if i were to travel all the way to visit the PD, it's almost the same time spent waiting at the polyclinic lor, and i probably need only pay like at most 50% of the fees compared to PD fees lah. (visit PD somemore need take cab? spent money again?)

Pai seh... i so long winded... today whole day doing coldcall liao still can "talk" so much here. hahah.
hello duchess..yea i live in yishu nst 61 blk 638 ..oh very very near to ur house...hmm...u are having ur second a boy or gal???cgs to u..see wen free come out meet meet wan?? bwt u workign???

btw u using baby slig??i tot of buying but kiddy palces sell very exp so i nv any cheap one to recommend me??


Trolley?? Hmm.. I tot its stroller/pram?? Me got no idea, actually.
But just wanna share some experience. Bought a COMBI 3-recliner, reversible handle for $238... My baby is now, HE'S 2 MONTHS TODAY!!
Just 2 days back, the elder one pushes the stroller and it tebalek, with baby inside. Thank God baby is alright but he cant stop laughing!!

The stroller is way too light.. The lesson I got is that eventho its a good brand and costly, it wont guarantee you the safety!!

Since its the same, I guess I will just go down to Poly for the convenience and to safe cost!!
oh tyty teenoyln for sharing the pram..hmm still dun knw wat the diff between pram n trolly heeehheeee.... hmm ...teenoyln where u live????

hw abt u knw the baby slig good ma??



I live at Blk 299 - the pink flat right next to the mosque..

My dad suggested sling cos my baby will cry if not carried (pampered!!). Right now, we make do by putting him in the stroller and push him around the house. So really considering sling but duno good or not. Never tried before..
okok tyty teenoyln..btw i m using nepia...hmm... to me is save need buy lots of pamper,u can save up the moeny but now i sumtime use nepia sumtime use pamper..cos i see my princess only use 2 pamper a day...i mean from morning to nite then midnite i will change another pamper....diff brand for better abosoerbort...



U order Nepia direct? Shared with other mommies? Or buy from Fairprice?

Yup! for me I got lotsa loose diapers of different brands.... Cos my son is now wearing 'S' and my 'grandson' (my niece son, lah!) and 3 of my cousins' children have 'upgraded' to size 'M' so lucky me, all the extras are passed down to me!


Hi Zinie,

My firstborn is a girl, now already 2.5 year old.
My 2nd baby also is a girl, due in Sept.

I used both Sling and stroller, depending on what's my purpose of my outing. Sling is easy to breastfeed and crowded areas. Stroller more cumbersome lor but without backache lah..

Sling, i think their price around the same, 36.90 without the CD instruction (MIM brand), Born and Bond also about the same price right?

If i were to buy another sling, i think i will go for a silk one this time. Not as warm as the cotton one i had (imagine your own body warmth, plus BB's one also)

I'm working full-time, so we can only meet on weekends if u want. hehe... I always go 645 for breakfast.

Btw, I also used Nepia. I orded directly from nepia. It's cheaper and they deliver to your doorstep. somemore, i got a $5 NTUC voucher in the mail (promotion dunno still on not though).


Hi Teenoyl,

to me, poly is good enough. Maybe you try first and see how lor. Diff ppl diff expectation. Of course, poly maybe can save a bit of money lah (if u take in cab fare hehehe.)

hmm i m a bit blur kekeke... nepia= pamper issit ar?? heehee... hmmm i buy pamper from NTUC,sumtime go in malaysia buy,very cheap...

oh the slig i saw is $49 plus @ kiddy palces,very exp that y i nv buy,that y i ask u all got any place that sell cheap one ma..haiz...

oh..u always went 645 for breakfast..hmm tink we meet up soem day....645 very near to my house...
we meet up on weekends...

u wokr 5 days or 5 1/2 days??

order nepia directly...hmmm how ???


Hei Duchess

Decided to just go for Poly. Aiyah! My elder one also go Poly only, still healthy mah! Somemore last time, free you know! Right till he's 4 years old! Now have to pay $12++...

U ordered Nepia? Me too, only that this month, I join Bumwear BP so I only wanted 2 pkts, just in case my Bumwear arrives early!

Normally I tompang 1 mommy from Sembawang but since you are in Yishun, if you ordering Nepia, can I tompang you instead? Let me know, okie!


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hi mummies..can i join in cos i am also staying @ yishun and am a working mum...
had a boy and he is 19th mth...

heard Nepia brand not bad but not sure if my son is suitable cos he had rashes when he uses pet pet...

hi there any sample to try out first??


Hi Wynn

After I converted to Nepia, I feel very guilty whenever I put on other brands of diapers on him. (U know I received dozens of hand-me-down "S" size diapers from my niece and cousins).

In terms of quality, Nepia is comparable only to Pampers. I found Nepia as good or even much better than Pampers. Unlike Pampers, there's no leakage so far. And the price of Nepia is much-much cheaper.

So far my son dun get rashes (touchwood). BTW me using Desitin for his bumbum.

So duno whether its the diapers or cream or how frequent we changed for him that may cause rashes.

Oopps.. I'm not spokeperson for Nepia ok!
Dun get me wrong!


Hi Wynn pon and teenoyl,

hahah... same here lah..nepia convert liao. when i put my girl on other cheapo diaper.. i also guilty. but then hor.. my pocket hurts leh.
what to do? got to make do a bit lor.

Samples? no have leh. Last time i tried nepia was in 2004 motherhood exh where 1 pck selling at 10bucks. so i tried an bought 2 and got hooked.

I'm toilet training my 27mos girl and last nite she remained dry throughout!!!!

*touchwood* she might soon be out of diapers!

I'll probably order again when i'm done with the nb and small size packet (i ks, order last mth one) my no.2 arriving in sept.

That would mean like next year then i order again liao leh.

How about we exchange contact no?
in case i want to order like 1 pkt, we can arrange a delivery.

Zinie, I think the one u saw is probably SILK range. that one cost near 50 bucks. prices starts from 36.90 for cotton range (most basic one)


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how soon should we toilet train our kid?? sometime my son will pull his diaper and that means he had poo and want to change but sometimes he don't...

oh great!! my contact no is 98489331...
u staying at which part of yishun..i am staying at chong pang...though i had been staying at yishun for almost 5-6 years but i am still not quite familar with the area...


Wah so KS ah!! Already bought NB and S sizes and to think that you EDD only in September!!

We neighbours liao! I stayed Blk 299 (Pink Block) very near Chong Pang area.

I rmbr training my boy-boy was when he's about 3++. When going out, I let him wear pull-up pants but when at home, he "hang loose". Many accidents and stinky rags all over the house later, he got the feel of it and "tada" - success!
hello wynnie.... wow.. all live so near.. hmm should meet up soem day then....btw i still dun get wad u all mean by nepia .. haiz.... should meet up wif duchess n ask her.. so sorryyy alll..... duchness yea i tink is silk very exp..haizz tinking whether buy or nt buy bunget .. haiz.....

hi all i suggest we exchange contact???? u all tink how??if u scare ppl knw ur no then we use pm ...


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hi zinie
nepia is the brand of one of the diaper

can someone teach me how to use pm cos not sure what function is this...


Hi hi,

My Mobile: 8100 2380

Wynn, toilet-training hor.. I also not sure.. it's just that at first my girl isn't ready. ask her to inform when she wants to pee, always accident untill one day she herself come running to me saying dun want diaper and since then, we've been quite "dry" lah.. for the past 2 nites, also dry, she even woke up to pee. But then, i get sleepless nites lor...

Teeyonl, kekeke.. Ks hor.. bthe main reason is becos my elder girl needs to use diaper mah.. so i buy, but didn't want to take all L size. so mix with nb and small lor.. That time still dunno u all here.

Heng ah... with my girl almost "ready" to go diaperless, i'm glad to say.. hahaha.. i'm not stucked with 3 packs of L size diapers, only 1 pkt at most. For the past 1 week, i think i used only 1 diaper (from my home supply lah) which is this morning cos raining.. maybe more toilet runs.

Zinie, nepia is the diaper brand.. actually, u the one living in 638 isit? if so, I got L size, can spare 1 or 2 for u to try lor. if nepia dun give sample.. we can meet like weekend late morning.. kekeke.. my girl also can see your bb.. she loves bb


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Just saw this thread. I stay in Yishun too (blk 928, near the pond opposite Yishun Safra) and now in my 38 weeks.
Will be due in two weeks time but hoping everyday that the baby will come out soon. Getting really tired.
Will be great to know more mummy and mummy-to-be so that we can learn more from each other.
thank wynnie.. oh is a brand..hmmm i hafd nv heard b4..haiz tink i m very kuku le..i still got lots of things to learn from u all...


yea,i m the one live in 638..ok sure can meet u gal jus born 4 month cannot wear L..very big.. now she jus change to S...from she born till 3 month,she been using NB ..she is very very small..clothes also still wearing NB clothes...aactually i m very worry,her weight only go up 0.5kg(1 month)...haiZ..she 3 month old is 4.834kg yst she went for her sercond injection,her weight 5.475kg..didnt reali grow fatter...

somemore make me now more worry is her head nv grow..still the same CM....omg.. i m real scare n worry.... nurse said if next month still didnt grow then muz refer to doc see le...

hello welcome lucida....ur baby is a gal or boy???hmm u are gg to give birth soon worry...yea being a pregnant lady reali very tire...btw u working?????



Ur gal wearing 'S'? I can pass u some to sample.
U working?

Do u BF ur gal? Normally BF babies are leaner than their FM friends! As long as ur gal is feeding well, there's nothing to worry! Mayb urself and ur HB are small size too?


Welcome on-board! We really have to thank Zinie for starting this thread!! Nice to know mommies and mtb in and around Yishun..

38 weeks? Wah! Guess u due anytime soon.. Ur first? Everyting prepared to welcome the new member of the family? U must be very anxious now!

My 1st boy was 38 weeks, 3 hrs labour, natural birth.. My 2nd boy was 37 weeks, 1 hr labour, natural birth too!! The main thing is to keep cool and not to think too much of the pain!



I already tompang the mommy from Sembawang (my share kaki)!! Maybe next year, we can share the delivery, k!!

Believe the $5 voucher promo is over and now 10 seals in xchange for $10 voucher..


Thanks for the promo info. Was rather surprise to receive the $5 voucher in the first place. Dun know abt it.

Lucida ,
Welcome onboard.
38 weeks liao.. wah.. anytime soon lor.
Boi or Gal? Wish you safe and smooth delivery.

your bb sounds a bit on the small size, but maybe cos you and dh small build leh? that i dunno lah. never seen u before mah. But so long bb food intake well, should be ok lor. but if u worry, then go see a doctor for peace of mind. rather spent money to get assurance then guessing.

Actually BF baby not true on smaller side lah. My elder girl, TBF for 1st year and then now partial BF. Wait Natalie comes along in Sept we will do tantem nursing lor. Dunno when I can stop being the cow, Moooo Mooooo

Sure, we can arrange sometime to meet up.
Maybe at Interchange Mac, central location for all of us. kekeke. Mac breakfast!

i nv BF my gal...cos she had jandice on the 4 days she dishcharge from the hospital n the stupid doc said i m on ginger asked me to stop feeding her then no more milk..haiz...should't listen to her..reali regret now...nope,me n my hubby nt small size..i m quite big size..haiz... hoep she will grow fatter next month..yea my princess wearing S now...cos she still very very small.. heeheebtw i m nt working..yea tink we should all meet up one day.....u working????


yea indeed my princess reali small size,wait one day i meet u then u see..i bring her out ppl said she is 2 month old n my hubby big size..dun knw why she so small size..haiz....tink we meet up soon


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Mine a boy.
Yup it's my first. Today last day of work before I go for my maternity leave. At first wanted to wait till last minute but decided not to as I think I need rest before the baby come out.

Gynae say my boy going to be small too... At 37 weeks, he weight only 2.5-2.6kg. Trying to drink more milk now..

Hi teenoyl, you so lucky - your labour only 3 hours!!! I really hope my boy will be out by next week.. getting really tired of the bump. Hopefully it will be a smooth and quick labour like yours.


Hi Lucida,

Which gynae you seeing?
I'm with Dr Lawrence Ang, Sun Plaza.

My girl, on the night that i got admitted into hospital for delivery, Gynae said estimated weight about 2.6/2.7kg. Turn out, she's slight over 3kg. So not to worry so much.

Rest well and take care!

Do let us know when your boy is out.. kekek..


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hey gals,

I am also staying in Yishun. Staying at Ave 4, Blk 8XX.
My son is 15 months old now.

<font color="0000ff">Zinie,</font>
Not to worry about your gal being small size. My son is also super light weight. He wasnt keen on
milk since young so didnt grow as much as other babies. He just pass the 8kg mark when he turns 15mths.
Then lost 0.5kg due to stomach flu recently. PD says as long as baby is healthy, active, happy and meet development milestones,
we shouldnt be too worried. I am starting him on Pediasure now hopefully can fatten him a bit.
My colleague fed her gal Pediasure and her gals weight improved a lot.


Hi Tigger,

Welcome onboard.
My girl 28 mos also on pediasure too. Supplement for her diet, as i'm worried she's not taking in proper nutrition that she shld receive at her age.
She goes childcare during the daytime.

You a SAHM?


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<font color="0077aa">Duchess.</font>
I am a FTWM. Dun have the luxury to be a SAHM although I wanted very much to. What about you?

My son Keane is taken care by nanny which is my next door neighbour. Which childcare does your gal go to? I am thinking of sending him to CC when he is about 2.5yrs old. Heard Carpe Diem at Yishun Polyclinic is not bad. Any comments?
hello tigeer.....reali hoep my princess will grow cos she reali very very samll size..oh u stay near the kahtib MRT??very near keke..

lucida..cgs cgs..dun worry. u will have a smooth delivery..u jus relax urself more..dun tink of pain n rest more...wen i m gg to give birth i m also very scare cos i scare the pain but dun worry after a hile will be ok..u will forget the pain wen u see ur baby coem out to the world.. reali...


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Hi duchess,
Me also Dr Lawrence Ang!! Such a coincidence

Will be seeing him again this Monday noon time.

hello all,
Thanks for the reassurance. Guess so long the baby is healthy and normal, weight is not a big issue.


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Hello gals...
Hee... I found this forum again... I am staying in YCK

You gals wanna create a table??

Do you know any recommended PD at Singapore Women and Children clinic at AMK??
I brought my boy to the polyclinic for his one month jab already. Now still sourcing for PD, else will consider going back Gleneagles for his 5in1 jab.
Did your child have fever after the 5in1 jab? I am scared my boy will get fever. It's another consideration to go to PD.

Have you decided where to bring baby for 3 mth jab??

zinie, teenoyl,
I tried using a long scarf to tie a knot to become a sling.. lol... not bad...
I surfed through the web to find out how to use a scarf to become a sling... cos I find that those ready-made sling are expensive. And you know what... my boy slept almost instantly when I put him inside the sling... lol...

Eat durian to pump up baby's weight.. I think it's very effective... lol...
Wish you a smooth and fast delivery..

Apart from Nepia, what other diapers are you all using?? My boy gonna upgrade to S or M size already. He's outgrowing pampers premium NB, petpet S, Huggies S... So now gotta think of upgrading already.

Have any of you tried breastfeeding in public? Can share with me how? I am still figuring out how to... else difficult to bring him out...


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zinie, tigger,
From my observation, babies on Enfalac A+ mostly quite fat... Maybe you can try Enfalac A+ for some time to fatten your babies then change to another brand...


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Yo gals! Here's a start of the table... Update me the other details ok??

Hope to meet you gals soon... I used to go to Northpoint every weekend to eat the nasi briyani during my pregnancy...

<font size="+2"><center><font color="aa00aa">Yishun mommy Club</font></center></font>
<center><table border=1><tr><td>Mommies</TD><TD>Job</TD><TD>Location</TD><TD> Kids Gender</TD><TD> Kids DOB</TD><TD> PD</TD><TD> Diaper</TD><TD> Name </TD></TR><TR><TD>happysunflower</TD><TD> SAHM</TD><TD> YCK</TD><TD> Boy</TD><TD> 060606</TD><TD> YY Yip (GlenE)</TD><TD> Petpet/PP</TD><TD> Aloysius </TD></TR><TR><TD>soh1dful</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>boy</TD><TD>300506</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>Darrel Tok </TD></TR><TR><TD>Duchess</TD><TD>FTWM</TD><TD> Ave4(Blk655)</TD><TD> Gal/Gal</TD><TD>???/??0906</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>Nepia</TD><TD>??? </TD></TR><TR><TD>teenoyl</TD><TD>???</TD><TD> St. 20(Blk299)</TD><TD> Boy/Boy</TD><TD>???/??0506</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>??? </TD></TR><TR><TD>Zinie</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>St.61(Blk638)</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>??0306</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>Nepia</TD><TD>??? </TD></TR><TR><TD>wynn_pon</TD><TD>FTWM</TD><TD>Chong Pang</TD><TD>boy</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>??? </TD></TR><TR><TD>Lucida</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>Blk928</TD><TD>boy</TD><TD>??0706</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>??? </TD></TR><TR><TD>tigger88</TD><TD>FTWM</TD><TD>Ave4(Blk8xx)</TD><TD>boy</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>???</TD><TD>Keane </TD></TR><TR><TD></td></tr></table></center>

FTWM = Full time working mum
SAHM = Stay at home mum