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Any Ghost Buster to recommend? I suspect my House got 'Dirty Things'

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by babyalice, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. babyalice

    babyalice New Member

    Dear all, I know its sound stupids but my baby everynight ard 3am will wake up suddenly staring at the wall, starts mumbling n crying. Same time without fail. Any experts can help??

  2. mtyh

    mtyh Member


    You can try approaching Singapore Buddhist Lodge for assistance. I don't think they do exorcising service but perhaps the people there can give u some advice.

  3. jjjtq

    jjjtq New Member

    Hi Alice, do u and yr hubby feel anything in particular? Or do both of u hv any beliefs?
  4. dracano

    dracano New Member

    Have you checked if it's due to night terrors, colic, too much afternoon nap etc as being the reasons instead?
  5. cheerybabe

    cheerybabe New Member

    Hi Alice

    I totally understand how you feel.
    Hope that I can help u because my baby has some bad experience too. And my friend's friend help me resolve.

    U may want to text me at mskarentoh@gmail.com
  6. la_mommy

    la_mommy New Member

    Hi, how old is your baby? Could he/she be hungry or anything?
  7. icyclaw

    icyclaw Member

    I have a contact, she is good. FOC. Can try to call and ask. But beware, she does not sound very friendly over the phone.. Still quite scared to call her when i need to... But she is good...
  8. jjjtq

    jjjtq New Member

    Hi Icyclaw,

    What is her religion group? Old lady huh?
  9. icyclaw

    icyclaw Member

    Not very old... maybe almost 50? Its supposed to be "guan yin" make her come and help people...
  10. jjjtq

    jjjtq New Member

    is it expensive? u tried before huh
  11. icyclaw

    icyclaw Member

    not for the same reason, but always call for advices on suspected weird things.

    No charges.
  12. jjjtq

    jjjtq New Member

    oic thank u ya;p
  13. cherishbebe

    cherishbebe Active Member

    Icyclaw, where is her location?
  14. icyclaw

    icyclaw Member

  15. treestar

    treestar Member

    last time my cild used to wake up at 3am ...sometimes 4 am and cry for no reason n cannot be comforted... this goes on for months... then it just stop...
    Im tinking maybe due to over excitment during the day.
  16. wasabi126

    wasabi126 New Member

    This could be night terror. The pattern keeps repeating itself every night. My son used to wake up at 10pm every night crying hysterically and unconsolably. What you need to do is to wake your child up just before the episode happens again (ie before 3am) to break the pattern.
  17. 1aughing

    1aughing New Member

    Judging from the scenario, it could be night terror. I got a similar situation too and I though my DD got possessed by dirty things, even gone to extent of placing a glass of water at the corner of the room to test (anxious parents); in the end turn out to be nothing.

    Mine woke up, started crying non-stop at 2am every night. Realised she probably felt in-secure, everynight standby her side until 3am to ensure she does not cry... when she does, just whisper into her ears that mummy is here and pat her back to sleep, it took me a month to ensure the situation does not repeat again.

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