Any gd recommandations on stretch marks cream?


Hi ladies, i have Clarins Huile Treatment oil for anti-stretchmark to let go.

I too kiasu and bought TOO MANY, & realised I use too slow. Retail is S$80. I can let go at S$62. Bgt from DFS, not fr dubious cosmetic shop. I hv 3 unused bottles to let go. Do a simple google, u will see many gd reviews abt this prodt. pm me if you are interested.

First-cum-First serve!



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I must say that although Clarins was a bit ex, but it came highly recommended by a friend. So I tried and used both Clarins oil and stretch mark cream simultaneously when I was pregnant. I started using around 4 months.

My girl is now 7 months old, and I must say my stretch marks are not visible now. In fact, I noticed them fading from 3 months after delivery.



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Hi ladies, I purchased my Clarins treatment oil from Sasa in HK. It was considerably cheaper at HK$336 i.e. S$56. Bonjour was selling it even cheaper at HK$294 but they did not carry the anti stretch marks range.



I used to apply Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil but soon after my tummy starts to have irritation and rashes appeared. So my friend recommended Elancyl Stretch Mark Prevention Smooth Cream to me which I've been using since then till my 8 months pregnancy now. Very satisfied with the result and it has a soothing smell.

I have an unused tube of Elancyl cream 150ml for sale @$37. Retail is selling $47.30. Interested party can sms me @91297266. Self collection @ Tampines.



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if on budget, can try pure olive oil. Get the better grade ones.. i.e organic etc. My friend swears by it. but must massage everyday on areas like hips/breasts/thighs/tummy till fully absorbed




I have used 1.5 bottles of Clarins oil starting at 6 weeks of pregnancy through to when my baby was delivered. I didn't get any stretch marks until my baby was into the 3rd trimester and then developed horrible marks on my tummy extending to my pubic bone and sideways near to my hips.

Spoke to my Gynae to ask her why, she said stretch marks is due to genetics. Her advice is to moisturise the area with any lotion/ oil (even baby oil) so the skin will not dry out and hopefully reduce chances of stretch marks but there is no prevention for it.

Sorry, not trying to dash anyone's hopes but I spent a lot of money on the 2 bottles of clarins oil and it did not work for me!



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Hi Mummies/ Mummies to be,

u may want to try Olive Manon Virgin Oilfrom Japan) about $100-$120. mY SIS IN LAW GOT IT FOR ME.

I am already 27 weeks, no stretch marks




i've a lightly used Elancyl cream selling at only $18.

to deal at buangkok mrt or raffles place mrt.

pls PM me if keen.




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I highly recommend Nivea's cream (blue round tin). Rich and effective. [IMG=] And also CHEAP!



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I have a more than 3/4 cocoa butter stretch mark cream to give away. Let me know if interested at 96842167. Pick up at sbw mrt stn. FYI, I hv no stretch marks but i tot I needed some moisturiser when I was in Paris in feb this year..... But too lazy to apply when I'm back in sg. so verdict is, u hv it, u hv it if not w/o cream also nevermind cos my second pregnancy also didn't apply.



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I used Palmer and no stretch mark. Need to start applying early even before tummy is showing. They often have 20% discount at Robinsons, John Little and Guardian.

Hi mummies

I have a brand new tube of Elancyl Stretch Mark Prevention Cream (150ml, expiry dated Jan 2015), letting go at $30. Retail price at $45. Collection around Dover-Commonwealth area. If keen, pls PM me. Thanks much!



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I have a Palmers Cocoa Butter Massage Concentrated Cream for Stretch Marks 125g for sale at $15 (RP $24). I only use once so it is 95% new.

Those who are interested do PM me.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream for Stretch Marks helps improves the appearance of stretch marks with a special combination of COCOA BUTTER, VITAMIN E, COLLAGEN, and ELASTIN. It lubricates the skin to help it retain its natural elasticity and moisture. This non-greasy cream relieves the dryness associated with stretched skin due to pregnancy and smoothes stretch marks due to weight loss.



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I have stretch marks from babies and from losing a lot of weight. and dermalmd serum helped the stretch marks become much softer. I didn't notice that it made them disappear completely but it did work a little. On the other hand the treatment makes your skin very soft. It's an oil so you just have to use a tiny amount. This will last awhile for you. Helps with dry itchy skin. I have the worst dry skin living in the California desert and this serum was great. I even used it on my elbows as well.

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Stretch marks are a well known problem that affects the thin layer of skin. The more elasticity in your skin, the less likely you are to get stretch marks. When you find out you're pregnant or when you notice you're gaining weight start giving your skin extra moisture. One can browse around this to get more information about the products to get rid of stretch marks.


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I bought dermalmd stretch mark serum for my third trimester stretch marks. Great buy and I highly recommend. It didn't diminish my stretch marks but it did help reduce getting them.


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Hi cloudtree, I got it from Guardian Pharmacy. It cost abt $40+ a tube. Very ex? I myself not sure if it's effective or not but so far no stretchmarks (touch wood). Recommended by a friend who didn't get any stretchmarks at all during her pregnancy.
Read more Oil Lighten Skin!!!!

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Hi Ladies, Check this out. I am using Bio Active Emu Oil for my Stretch Marks problem.

It is from the FB website - Nature Sanctuary Pte Ltd

Emu Oil for Stretch Marks? Stretch marks are a form of scarring on the skin, it is caused by tearing of the dermis and often happens during pregnancy or after rapid weight changes. Stretch marks can influence both men and women, however some people are more inclined to have stretch marks due to different skin conditions. Emu Oil can help hydrate dry skin and repair already damaged skin cells and the connective tissues and as a result, reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Emu Oil can also be used to prevent the occurring of stretch marks during pregnancy, or simply as a daily moisturiser for dry or sensitive skin.

For existing stretch marks, apply Emu Oil on affected skin area and gently massage until absorbed, repeat this process 3 times a day.

To prevent the occurring of new stretch marks, use Emu Oil as a daily moisturiser.

Find out more about emu oil on or buy at a store near you:
- (Use Coupons to Save More $$)
- ******.sg/emutrackssg

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8518 7188

Hope it helps some of you ladies as I have benefited from it. Thank you

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I Used dermalmd anti stretch mark serym only on belly, no strech marks so far (34 weeks pregnant), did not use it on chest :-( full of strech marks. I guess this proves the effectiveness of the product!


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I commenced the usage of Dermalmd prevention stretch marks serum on my belly in my 2d trimester whilst pregnant with my 2nd infant, so far it's worked fantastic. It even helped with healing some of the stretch marks from the first baby.
I have tried MANY different anti stretch mark creams for my pregnancy and only Stretch Mark Removal of Dermalmd is by far the BEST!!! There are a lot of sayers that tell you you cant prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and while that may be true for some this I can assure will help you. I never leave reviews but I am 37 weeks with NO STRETCH MARKS! (yet)! it also helped improve the ones I had had on my thighs prepregnancy... Cant recommend enough.