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Any gd gynae @ woodland/admiralty/sembawang? Wat is gynae rate?

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by n_g, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. n_g

    n_g Member

    First time mummy asking for help...

    Anybody know any gd gynae @ woodland/admiralty/sembawang? Wat is gynae standard rate?

    Thank you.

  2. vt_kl

    vt_kl Member

    Hi n_g,

    Found ur gynae??
    Dunno any at these areas, but Yishun yes...@ chong pang
  3. brainlezz

    brainlezz Member

    Dr Lawrence Ang @ Sun Plaza
  4. woodlandsmummy

    woodlandsmummy New Member

    Me also recommend Dr Lawerence Ang @ Sun Plaza
  5. qristeele

    qristeele Member

    Another recommendation here for Dr Lawrence Ang at Sun Plaza.
  6. eliza_hairi

    eliza_hairi New Member

    Dr Adelina Wong (TMC) has night clinic on Thursdays at Woodlands (behind 888 plaza). 4 thumbs up for her if i could!!! [​IMG]

    Her range is similar to any pte gynae ($60-70 per visit??)
  7. angelzk

    angelzk New Member

    Yeh! for Dr Lawrance Ang @ sembawang Sun Plaza.He help me alot in my second pregnancy...n also a great help for one of my friend who is a hearing disabled mom.He has full appt most time so prepare to wait though u arrive punctually on ur appt time.
  8. amabellekok

    amabellekok New Member

    yap Dr Lawrance Ang @ sembawang Sun plaza gynae for both my children
  9. hoonie

    hoonie Member

    I am seeing Dr Don Wong from Admiralty (The gynae link). He is friendly and patient with any questions I would have. [​IMG]
  10. baby_megan

    baby_megan Member

    hi all, my recommendation is also Lawerence Ang at Sun Plaza. heard his charges not too ex...
  11. pheng

    pheng New Member

    I wld recommend Dr Lawrence Ang too. He's a very nice and caring dr altho his biz is very gd. Btw, his charges is one of the cheapest and he is the top gynae at thomson medical (according to the staff at stemcord and cord life). Can get special discount too if u are under dr ang and wld like to save ur baby's cord blood.
    It seems like all the mommies under his care will hv complimentary upgrade fm 4 bedded to 2 bedded at no extra charge when u deliver at thomson medical.
    Dr ang delivered both my kids and he was very supportive and understanding when i had a miscarriage. He is a super nice gynae! For those who are afraid of the long wait at his clinic may see him at thomson lifestyle centre. He is there in the morning on certain days of the week. Don't hv to wait for so long if u go there.
  12. funshinebear

    funshinebear New Member

    dr lawrence ang is my gynae too... even though i stay in the west, i chose to go to him.... he's very encouraging and experienced... though sometimes waiting to see him (even with appointments) can take quite a while... [​IMG]
  13. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Dr Lawrence Ang is also my gynae for my 2 pregnancies, overall I'm very happy with him, though some mummies think otherwise and had bad comments. I had post delivery complications, and Dr Ang is the one who was there to comfort and helped me thr. I had my 2 deliveries with his support with no epidual.
    All patients deliver at TMC will be auto upgrade to 2 bedded but charge 4 bedded fees. Heard Dr Ang has the most patients at TMC, hence upgrade at no extra cost.
  14. tarotgal

    tarotgal New Member

    Hi Ladies,

    May i know how much does Dr Ang charged for Packages consultation?
  15. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    hi tarotgal
    DR ang charges $500 for antenatal package.
    he delivered my #1 in sept 08 w/o epi... was very encouraging thru out

    now having #2 and still seeing him.
  16. kcc

    kcc New Member

    I think he's revised his pkg though. I paid $550 just today for my pkg. But I would definitely go to him even if more ex. He's very nice and patient. But he's really busy. In 2007, he delivered my No.1 on Sept-11 and I was his 17th patient that day. And he still had 1 more after me so it was really crazy. Maybe the date is good, so many ppl delivered that day.
  17. coibito

    coibito Member

    I read that Dr Ang may not be suitable for first time mums cos he is always very busy. Can any first time mums share their experience?
  18. kcc

    kcc New Member

    I went to him for my 1st kid in 2007 and now my 2nd kid in 2009.

    I thought he was really nice and patient. But I also did my fair share of reading up so I knew what I needed to ask him.

    Guess it really depends on individual.
  19. mama_love

    mama_love New Member

    Not true....
    Dr Ang delivered both my 1st & 2nd baby.
    He was very patient when answering to your queries. Although he's always busy, once you're in the consultation room with him, he made sure your questions are all answered before you step out of his room.
    All his nurses/ assistant are friendly too...
  20. funshinebear

    funshinebear New Member

    agree with jing... it's up to individuals....
    i went to him for my 1st kid in 2008.... even though i stay in the west....
    am very comfortable with him... my hubby too...
    but we also prepared a list of questions to ask him whenever we went for checks.... yah... although he's busy, he'll answer all our questions....
  21. coibito

    coibito Member

    thanks for the information. I was looking for a gynae in the north area and scanning thru the forums - a lot said Dr Ang is very good and experienced just that he is always rushing. With your feedback, I feel more reassured. I will be seeing Dr Ang for the first time today. [​IMG]
  22. jazz_me_lah

    jazz_me_lah Member

    Hi Hi,

    I also recommended Dr Hii from Yishun (Near Katib MRT)...i felt that he is more nice and not so "rush" compared to Dr Ang...

    This is my personal point of view...but i heard that Dr Ang do help their patient to save a lot of $$....i have a few friends also using him....
  23. agnesu

    agnesu Member


    thumb up for Dr Ang...very nice & patient gynae...
  24. vivi08

    vivi08 New Member

    does dr ang delv at MAH? or only TMC?
  25. funshinebear

    funshinebear New Member

    hihi vivi,
    yes dr ang does deliver at MAH. just let him know the arrangement.
    i delivered at MAH last sept. [​IMG]
  26. kcc

    kcc New Member

    Just to share, Dr Ang is my gynae for my 2 kids, born 2007 and the 2nd one delivered on 3rd Sept 09, just last wk.

    I think he is very skillful. Both my babies were facing wrong direction, think worse for my 2nd kid, but Dr Ang managed to use the vacuum to turn my baby and enable natural delivery. He mentioned it was very difficult, etc, during the delivery, but I didn't know much, until I came home, did some reading up and realised that if he was not skillful in doing the turning, would need to have emergency C-section. But all these avoided. [​IMG]

    So in short, highly recommend him!
  27. xxahgurlxx

    xxahgurlxx New Member

    How much is it per consultation for Dr Ang?

    1.I can go there to check if i'm really preg rite?
    2.If i'm unmarried and age of 18, do i nid parent consent or accompany or wadeva?
    3.Whats the procedure they/he will take to check?

    Sry for asking this stupid Questions
  28. mama_love

    mama_love New Member

    Dr Ang charges between S$70-S$90 per consultation (back in 2008)- not sure if its still the same.
    However, once you reach 14 weeks, you can opt for the full package of S$550- which means whaterver amount which you have already paid will be deductable- eg within the 3mths, you have gone to see him 4 times @S$80/time.
    Will amount to S$80x4=S$320.
    Bal need to pay is only S$230.00 for all check up only (excluding hospital fee, delivery charge, etc)

    However, if you do not have the S$230 bal, you may still opt to pay on each visit, till you fulfil the S$550 (just need to inform the nurse only)

    If just to check if you're preggy, I dun tink he will ask if you're married or not. (not sure)
    Unless you are going in for abortion procedure.
  29. xxahgurlxx

    xxahgurlxx New Member

    Okay, Thanks for the infor.
    Btw, to book an appointment with him is best how many days in advance in case his appt is very full?
  30. mama_love

    mama_love New Member

    they usually accept walk in. but best to call 1 or 2 days in advance
    take care
  31. xianglegacy

    xianglegacy New Member

    Hi all,

    Would wish to check is there any female gynae @ woodlands or north area that is a female doctor?

  32. xxahgurlxx

    xxahgurlxx New Member

    If you don't mind male gynae, i recommend Dr Lawrence Ang at Sun Plaza!
  33. peng_tan

    peng_tan New Member

    I recommend Dr Don Wong (The Gynae Link). He is patient, friendly and a very nice doctor. Just had a surgery done by him. Will still choose him as my Gynae rather than Dr Lawrence Ang.

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