Any feedback on Nuture Stars childcare (Mt Faber Safra)?


Hi this is a relatively new school...joint venture between Safra and Kinderland. I am planning to send my 18-month-old to their playgroup. Feedback/review, anyone?



Kids tends to fall sick easily when they go childcare.

my elder gal fall sick almost every mth when she first joined CC on her 1st yr. i'm switching her to NurtureStars not cos of this. I find that NurtureStars's cirrculum is more interesting.
Hi mummies,

I've a brand new size XS nurturestars uniform to let go.

I've paid deposit and bought uniform with the intention of commencing my son's childcare there but i've decided to start him at another school so he has not worn it yet.

Please pm me if you are keen to get it.


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I also like to know if anyone started to go to Yishun Safra.. Anyway I will input what i know about the place.

I went there twice to look at the place. The place will be undergoing reno next week.

I quite like the curriculum and the teacher to student ratio is good. My son will be in K1 and the ratio is 1:15. His current school is 1:25.

However, I did not have good impression on the admin staff.. The first time i went she say my son looks like Malay and give my son a malay name - Ali (she's a Malay herself). I take it as she's just playing with my son so i wasn't really bothered. Yesterday i wanted to have a quick look at the centre again and possible to talk to the teacher-in-charge, also to convince my son to change school. However, over the phone the admin staff sounded hostile. She say she needs to knock off by 5:30pm. I say i can reach there by 5:05 and it will be a quick one. So she say if quick on ok. So I did reached there at 5:05pm. And you know what - she called my son Ali again! So I told her very nicely that my son dun like to be called Ali. But she continued to call!!!?? What's the problem with her?

My hubby actually wanted to write letter to complain but i told him nevermind. I hope when i go there again she will not call my son Ali again. Else, i'm going straight to the principle and write letter to the main office to complain! Can you imagine even before my son starts school, he's been made fun and teased by the admin staff in the school!!?

ANyway, back about the school, for K1, what i know that both chinese and English teachers are from Eager Beaver. Most of their children there were also formerly Eager Beaver - they choose to change to NutureStars.

Hope this info helps.


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reading about your posting.
hmm..than it reminded me of one incident written by a parents about the safra child care.

this parent was saying that as there are some swimming activities at Safra sometimes, you know she is a teacher itself. she needs to bring the student there for the activities.

she saw few times that the teachers there are careless. there was one time a boy was left don't know at which corner crying and the teacher didn't realise the child is missing. my gosh.. so from that incident, i would not want to send my child to safra cc. so right now i'm searching for alternatives.

Heard OCC child care not bad. I'm trying Jalan Mata Ayer road there. there are 2 - Green Tree Montesorri and Cherie Hearts.


any kids with NurtureStars @ Safra Mt Faber?

my gals are there. today is 5th days of CC. My gals teachers are very patience so far and the VP also very patience and helpful.


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Hi mummies. I went nurture stars yishun that day. I really like the clean enviroment n the club facilities. The admin staff (i think so), a chinese lady was really friendly n welcoming. I went during the children's naptime so couldnt catch a glimsp of their teaching but I did noticed all the teachers are really young n chinese speaking. Can anyone of you provide some real experiences n feedback?


I have heard about the good reviews and the long waiting list of eager beavers at bukit merah central. However,I was disappointed after viewing the school and was unimpressed by the uncaring attitude of the staff who walked me through the school.

I was there at napping time and when I entered, I saw kids from the nursery class scattering at different area outside the classroom napping.

I was brought upstairs to view the toddlers class . Leading up the stairs there is a gate but not locked. Just a short distance away, I saw 1 boy and 1 girl around the age of 5 to 6 sleeping near to , probably dining and study area (since there are tables and chairs). I asked why there were only 1 boy and 1 girl sleeping alone there by themselves and the staff replied that the class was too full so the the kids were put there to nap. There was no teacher there!

I was brought to the toddlers class where I wanted to enrol my 18 month old in and I was rather pleased to see that all the toddlers were at least napping in the class instead of outside the room. I noticed there was a L shape table top with a radio with wire hanging down within the reach of little hands. One toddler was just sleeping right below the radio. I pointed to the staff about the danger hazard should the radio drop onto the toddler's head if any of them pull the wire. I was thumbfounded by her reply " they will not do it".

I raised my concern to her of the safety measures that the school should take to ensure the well being of the kids and also mentioned to her about the good reviews that eager beaver has. She was then quickly to reply she would inform the teacher but I could see her displeasure.

I know the hanging wire is unintentional but I am certainly not impressed by the response and the attitude. I also disliked the sight I see kids scattered at different areas outside the classroom napping and 2 kids I saw sleeping alone with no adult supervision.