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Any Feedback for Kai Clinic

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by heinekenlady, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. heinekenlady

    heinekenlady New Member


    Would like to ask any feedback for the doctor in Kai Clinic in East Coast Road? This is my first time here and am planning to bring my kids at that clinic for vaccination.thanks!

  2. aishite

    aishite New Member

    Me, my mum and my 28 mth old are seeing him....my family doctor since young.

    Nice guy...go ahead and ask lots of questions, he will take them patiently. He's been a PD for 30 years...so lots of experience. No fanciful toys and sweets though...not that these are impt.
  3. anthea

    anthea New Member

    Hi Aishite,

    Is Dr Ho the GP @ Kai Clinic? A taxi Driver told my mum that he treats cough well... Is that true?

    I reckon this Dr must has been practicing for some time already coz the counter decoration looks like that in the 1980s... :p

    How's his charges like?
  4. aishite

    aishite New Member

    Hi Anthea

    Yes, Dr Ho is your man! He's both a GP and PD...think he has been practising since 1972. He treats all things pretty well, cos he combines lots of common sense + medical knowledge + 3 decades of experience. Cough, virus, he handles them all pretty cool
  5. anthea

    anthea New Member

    Thanks Aishite. [​IMG]

    I am going bring dear son to see him for cough...
  6. kimmies

    kimmies Member

    This thread is useful, I'll be bringing my daughter there for her pnemomcoccal jab. [​IMG]
  7. kkjc0517

    kkjc0517 New Member


    what is the exact address for kai clinic?can pm or email me kkjc0517@yahoo.com thanks so much!
  8. kaylas_mom

    kaylas_mom Member

    Yes the doctor is very very good! I brought my baby to see him several times when she was ill as we stay nearby. (usually we will go to Thomson Paediatric or KK hospital for her regular check-ups as my baby has many complications).
    He is very experienced and patient, and his fees are cheap too.

    Once, I sought his 2nd opinion about whether to give my baby the 2nd dose of Rotavirus vaccination. Her regular paediatrician at KK hospital had forgotten to give it to her during one of baby's regular check-ups, and the next month when we went back, the head nurse warned us that it was too late and that administering the Rotavirus vaccination after 6 months may lead to side-effects like telescoping of the intestines, in which the intestines shrink and retract back, which is a MUCH WORSE problem than Rotavirus!

    The doctor at Kai Clinic agreed with what the nurse told me, but because i was paranoid about baby falling sick with diarrhoea and stuff, and also cos as my baby is 2 months premature and hence corrected age is 5 months and not 7 months old, he actually took the time and effort to call not one but TWO pharmaceutical companies selling the Rotavirus vaccinations to double-check whether it was safe for my baby to be vaccinated! (the answer, in case you're wondering, is NO)

    i must say, if not for the numerous specialists and check-ups my baby requires, i would send her to Kai clinic.

    For those who are interested:
    Kai Clinic.
    Address: 223 East Coast Rd, , Singapore 428920, Phone: +65-6344 1377
  9. aishite

    aishite New Member

    Great to hear about your positive experience :)

    He's the bestest la...for kids, adults + domestic helpers..all of us, even my domestic helper, go to him, and he's always spot on about diagnosis, and v patient about explaining n exploring all possibilities and if we need to go to specialists, he will always think of saving $ for his patients by recommending a cheaper yet equally effective route.

    My 3.5 yo luvs him to pieces,cos he's her source of sweets aka kids vitamin :)
  10. laila

    laila Member

    hi mummies,
    anyone knows what's his charges like for child with cough/ asthma?

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