Any Father to be?

hi eric,

my wife is pregnant, in her 6 wks.

can i ask if ur wife has bad morning sickness in her first trimester? how did she tackle it?

My wife also had morning sickness in her first trimester. She is especially vulnerable when she was hungry. So she try to reduce the symptoms by eating more small meals. She was basically on a 6 meals a day diet, but all small meals lah.

She was also very sensitive in smell, and all of a sudden, some things that she used to eat, she start to turn against them, and feel nauseatic when see them. I had a lot of difficulties in buying dinner for her then... Very hard to find and guess what she wants...
there is no foolproof way to curb MS...
conventional ways will be taking sour foods, taking smaller meals, eating crackers 10-15 min before stepping out of bed

for myself, when i carried my 1st ger. i was vomitting thruout my pregnancy.. even to the day i gave birth...

n now my 2nd pregnancy, 15wks now, i haven't gotten MS.

my gynae says the more MS, the healthier the bb.. which i think is quite true.. coz i used to smoke n my hb smoke.. but my ger turned out fine..

me too, my wife now no more like the food she enjoys, n i must ask her wat she wanna eat that nite! her appetite changes alot, n she eat a lots now, but mainly fruits n crackers. d doc prescribe some med for her, help a little, at least curb nausea.

yes taslyn,

our doc oso said good to hv MS. jz wish my wife's MS can get away asap.
Hi gilbert, your wife can either take b-complex vitamins or simply take it from food. Al nuts contain vitamin B. However, stay away from Peanuts because it is known to give allergy problem.

If you want, I have an extra bottle of vitamin B. Let me if you want it.

Lastly, vitamin B is a water-soluble vitamin and thus, our body tends to lose it regularly. Especially Singapore weather. Got to take it regularly.

Just take note of that.
hi all, wife just gotten pregnant, should be around 6weeks already or such...

wish to know more father to be and discuss stuffs...

anyway, she keeps feeling tired.. any ideas?
esp to 1st time daddies....
Kam siar...LengLeng ooi!

做爸爸leh...简直是不敢相信。I didn't even know wife pregnant for few months, she herself also don't know. Until recently, go check-up in KK to confirm.

Delivery expected on December. "Gu Ber Kia" (牛尾仔)
1st trimester, 1st time pregnant,
her body is adjusting to hormone changes,
best to overcome the change for this moment is to rest.
If girl, not as bad,
if boy, be ready for a BIG BANG from your wife.

(Have she seen her doctor for Folic Acid, supplements & multi-vits yet?)

From looks to temper to food intake, likes & dislikes...

From a wife point of view, I'll say... GIVE IN... hehehe...

Nothing is more difficult than being pregnant & giving birth,
since hubby can't help with it,
then please make her feel good & important about it... hehehe...

都不懂是生男,还是女。What do you meant by "big-bang"? 你的意思是,性格转型,还是,忧郁症?

So far, only seen doctor once.Prescribed something like iron pills only leh.

Early morning, want to eat this, eat that, I got to buy her and sent to her work place. It's killing me siar.
性格转型 due to hormon change.

Jia You,
it's going to be very exciting... hehehe...
We've gone through it 3 times already.
Hi Leng Leng,
Any idea what are the food/fruits high in Vit B6?
This is my 2nd pregnancy, Im in 2nd trimester now... EDD also due in Dec! 28th Dec...

Having MS now...pregnancy symptom totally different from No.1.
Hi Leng Leng,

Opps! I just taken the delmonte bananas from Philippines!!! Arhh.....

Didnt read this thread until today..