Any comments on 'The Learning Lab' @ United Square


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Has anyone sent their child to 'The Learning Lab' @ United Square? If yes, can I have some feedback please. Thot of sending my children there.

Hi Jasmine,

My daughter is enrolled for P2 math @ TLL. It's pretty advanced in syllabus. Her first 2 lessons was very bad for her cos the teacher was way way ahead of what the school was teaching. My hubby & I are still deliberating whether it's good. Of course, in saying this, my daughter is in just a normal school (CHIJ, TP). For me, my daughter is quite lazy and lacks discipline, so we wanted a clss environment to encourage her to better herself. As math is key to getting into top two class in P3, we are hoping that with TLL classes it will give her an edge to do well.

JTL you know, there is a long waitlist as well, so you might want to book a profiency test asap. I'm told by my friend who sends both son & daughter there that the sooner you start the less problems they have in adapting to the fast pace in the class. But again, you know your child best, some children thrive in competition, others lose their self-belief in a competitive environment. I hope you find my feedback useful in your decision. good luck.
Thanks, Luana!!

I have sent in my application for both eng and maths. I have called them a few times and they always said "classes are full". I also find that their prices are quite ex. In addition, I need to travel from the east to TLL. So I am still considering while still in their waiting list.

Really thanks for your advice!
I enquired last year. Staff is not very willing to provide more detailed info, just mentioned the teachers teach 30% more advance than the child's school level

Anyway, I wasn't too impressed. Just let P2 kids do P3 work lor
out of context.
but I always see a lady sitting on a stool, with a tray of paperwork, seated near the escalator to hua lang (?). i believe she is a staff of LL?
what is her role there?
very curious.
have never went there to see before. only considering as it is far from my place and the prices are quite steep for 1.45hrs.
I have sent my children to many enrichment centres. The learning lab is by far the most professional. The curriculum is top class.
Hi, mommy tan

May I know how old are your children and what subjects are they taking at The Learning Lab? I am considering whether to send my P3 boy for their Science and Maths? How good is their curriculum?
One p4 and one p6, Maths and Science. Worksheets tougher than school. Teachers quite good. I like the curriculum because it covers not just exam needs but it makes the subject fun so my kids enjoy the class.
Mommy tan,

Thanks for your feedback. They have a vacancy for my boy but I'm still considering because their fees are really on the high side.
Agree, other enrichment centres usually charge $30 to $40/session. Not sure about their approach also and they don't allow trial class.

A few comments. My son went thru it for 4 years till sec 1. Good teachers & curriculum. But in the first place the kid must be already quite good in order to enjoy the full benefits of programme. My son has A* for Eng & is eligible for MOE scholarship. It helps to cultivate his interest in the subject & all subjects using English as a language. But some negative comments : $60-$70 a lesson is way too high; if your lesson fall on public holiday, they allow only 1 replacement per term... so if you miss 2 lessons, you are actually paying $70 for nothing. Also must give 1 month notice to terminate & must not be in the middle of the term. Nov/Dec, lessons continue regardless of your holidays, make up lessons only once. That's all.
Hi Mommy Tan,

Which schools are your p4 and p6 kids in? Do they find it difficult to cope with Learning Lab Homework. Heard lots of homework and the classes continue during the school holiday with no break. How was their results in school?
Hikoh and all

Would you go to TLL for weekend or weekday classes?Is there any differences?That is weekend more for gep students etc?thanks
Hi, my boy failed in his SA1 in English / Maths. I then enrolled my boy to Glanville Learning Centre at Katong. Good teachers and curriclum. The teachers are able to access my boy weakness from his short writing essay, and also will discuss with the parents of how they will help my boy. We are parents invited to sit in for the 1st trial lesson. Fees are reasonable too.
Hi All

Just to update.My girl did not take up the place in TLL.Like what one mummy said, a child must be good already in order to reap the full advantage.For my girl, she is still ok in the language and will keep monitor her and to see whether she really needs it.

The only concern that I have is, when come to creative writing, she is not very exam based,and that is my greatest worry.
hi all...
anybody can share with me your kids' learning experience at TLL , the learning lab?
Agree as well, the child must be quite good or at least proficient enough to fully enjoy and benefit from the classes.

The weaker ones may not take to the curriculum and teaching style that well, but it all depends! I feel that the English class is more for helping to strengthen those that have grasped the basics of the language well enough.

One thing good is that they encourage active participation and public speaking in class.
Dear mummies, have a very gd Secondary English tutor to recommend based at Thomson CC. Can call 6252 9731. He was former English HOD and still currently teaching.
I would like to find out more on TLL for lower Primary.
Does the child require to bring homework back?
Is there any assessment or parents feedback on child's progress?
Anyone joined the mountbatten branch?
Hi all, my daughter has been in TLL since P3 and she is going through her PSLE. I am considering whether to let her continue with TLL for secondary level. I am not sure how good is TLL's secondary level program and whether it is necessary to continue attending lessons there. I would like to get feedback from parents who have children attending secondary school level program in TLL or anyone who can give me their perspective.
Hi Seletar mum

Would you be able to share more on TLL from P3 to P6? Did your girl attend the Eng lesson?

Is their creative writing good?

Hi Happysupermum,

Yes, she attended English lesson at TLL only in P6 year as I wanted to boost up her writing skills. She gave very good feedback about the TLL English program (comparing to 2 other tuition centres she attended before) and found it very beneficial, in particular, creative writing. The class is given composition writing as homework every fortnight for practice. The teacher will mark the compo and gives feedback, with a model compo accompanied. Besides creative writing, the teacher also cover the other topics in the syllabus, such as synthesis/transformation, comprehension, oral conversation and interview skills for DSA, etc. In fact, I will also sign my son up for P5 English lesson too next year.

Hope this helps!
Hi Seletar Mum

Thanks a lot for the feedback!!

Is it difficult for your girl to adjust when she joined in p6 as I heard TLL has their own system with abbreviations and kids with them since young are v familiar with it.
Hi Happysupermum,

She took Maths and Science since P3. She did have some problems adjusting to the speed of Maths and Science lessons when she started but not at all for English. I suppose Maths and Science are quite technical and the child needs to have a good understanding of concepts in order to follow the lessons as opposed to English. For Maths and Science, lessons conducted in TLL are not in tandem with the school, hence both my kids struggled a little initially! But they were ok after 3 to 6 months. Honestly, even my husband and I found their tutorials challenging! TLL program is pitched at a higher level than what most schools cover in the syllabus, hence a screening is required.

Anyone has comments on TLL in mountbatten and rochester mall?

Are the teachers as good as the one at united sq?
Hi Audrey,

Oh you din take the test? That is weird...but on the other hand, their administrative system is bad.They always give wrong information and recently, they informed that my son was accepted in one of the centre but later informed that they gave the wrong information.


Which level is your kid in? And in which centre?

I think they are not as packed as previously....
Just recently enrolled my son into TLL P3 EL programme in Rochester Mall. Am quite impressed with their curriculum. Am thinking of enrolling my P2 there as well. But I must say that the fees is really ex at $280 per mth.

TLL in United Square started Junior College (Nursery to K2) program. I would like to know your comments if u have young children in the program already. Agree that the cost is ex. it's $299 for 4 lessons. However, teacher/ student ratio is very good.

Looking forward to hear any comments. Thanks:)
Hi Flos,

TLL now have Junior N1, N2, K1 & K2 when i enquired last week.
On teacher/student ratio, I was told by the reception is 1:3. So, it is 1:8 actually.
Thanks for the infor. good to know that the teacher is dedicated and encouraging. Afterall, they are pre-schooler(only) at young age, having teacher that is nurturing and caring are very important. The last thing should happen is too stressful and the children lost their interest to go enrichment class.
May i know, Junior class have homework after class? They give story books to bring home(i suppose) and expect any follow up homework from there?
Your kid is in K1/K2 is it?
I'm keen to know more about the preschool program too. Any parents with their their kids in the preschool program? Can share how's the structure like & does it really benefit your kids? How long is the duration of each class? Hope to hear some feedbacks. Thanks!
Hi singratmum,
OK, I didn't know:) No wonder they've leased the opp side of its old space at United Square...Mine is in K1. As for the class ratio, it's indeed 1:3 or 1:5 currently, cos they just opened these junior classes. But the teacher told me their max can go up to 1:8.
Your kid won't be bored for sure, cos they will get little treats every other week and balloons at the start of the term. My kid loves his teachers and the learning environment.
As for homework, yup, if you're referring to the Eng prog, they will have to read 3 storybooks borrowed from their library each week and record key words or personal thoughts abt the books in a journal. Also, they need to refresh their memory on the new vocab, idioms and grammar acquired in another book.
Weekly, they take home 3-4 worksheets covering a variety of stuffs- grammar, vocab, compo, compre, cloze passage...

Hi faithgurl,
Are you asking about the Eng or Math? The duration for either subject is 1h45min but it could stretch to 2hrs. I can't tell if my kid has benefited yet, cos it's still too early and there are no tests or spelling :=P Btw, don't expect them to teach your kid basic phonics and reading skills like Learning Point's 'Read for Success', Mindchamps or I Can Read. This is a P1 Headstart prog so they zoom right in to the stuffs I outlined above. I personally find the vocab introduced very "cheem". If the kid is laid back and doesn't revise at home, all that knowledge will go to waste. But if the kid is very driven and his parents also supervise closely after each lesson, the kid will benefit greatly...:) My kid belongs to the former. I need to be stricter I guess!!

Hi flos,

I'm referring to both Eng & Maths. May I know how long have your kid been at TLL? I thought they used to have only K2 classes onwards? You have mentioned that your kid is in K1 so I was quite surprised. At K1 level, they will need to be able to read by themselves already? As you have mentioned, phonics will not be taught so will kids at K1 level be able to read by themselves? My girl will be attending K1 next year but right now she's still learning how to read & write. I was thinking of letting her join some english enrichment program to enhance her english skills. As phonics was not taught in TLL, does it mean that my girl has to be able to read by herself first before she can join TLL? Hope you can give me some advices. Thanks!
As shared by singratmum above, they just started N1,N2 and K1 classes (this Aug to be exact), so prior to 2013, they only had a K2 prog to prepare kids for P1...I was also pretty surprised to be contacted 6 mths before my kid turns K2. PS: the reason why I said it's P1 Headstart is cos I saw these words printed on my kid's K1 worksheets...
At K1 level, they should be able to read Peter & Jane's level 3 books...The storybooks from TLL library are around levels 3-4, but their compre/compo cloze worksheets are pitched at a higher level (i dare say it's beyond Level 10).
The kids need to be able to read so that they can do the cloze passages, recite the compre passages in front of the class and answer compre questions. For Math, it's impt they can read to understand what the questions are asking for.
No worries, my friend, I think by next year, your girl will be able to read. Mine couldn't read in N2 also...
Once your girl can read, she is ready to take their placement quiz. If she clears the placement quiz, you'll get the invitation to enrol her in the prog.
My kid was taught phonics and how to read by his preschool. If yours doesn't you can try I Can Read or Learning Point that guides the child step by step how to blend phonics and read storybooks.

Hi Flos,

In fact, I have enquired about their preschool program but I was told that they will only start at the end of the year. As what you have mentioned, they started in Aug already which I think I need to clarify with them again. I was wondering what kind of teaching strategy will they adopt for N1 & N2 students. At this level, I don't think the kids will be able to read by themselves right? As I have a younger girl attending N1 next year, I was thinking whether to let her join in the class as well. After reading your comments, I was thinking whether should I let my elder girl attend TLL or should I get her in at Learning Point or other reading classes first? Of course, the preschool will be teaching some of the basics but I was thinking of enhancing her reading & prewriting skills so still indecisive which one should I get her in. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing & if you have any more feedbacks or reviews, hope you can share with me as well. Thanks a lot!
Hi faithgurl,
Hmm, "only start end of this year" - that means your DD#1 would be enrolled in their K1 class or N2 class? To be honest, I hvnt seen any nursery tots there, so I'm not sure if the N1/2 classes hv opened...I wonder how their teachers can manage the tots (like pacifying sobbing tots and taking them to the toilet), cos TLL targets at older kids traditionally. Also, I'm not sure how they're going to assess the aptitude of nursery tots. I guess preschool education is a new foray they are entering into...;)

I dunno if other pp's kids at N1&2 can read Eng books, but mine sure couldn't :p:eek: To enhance your girls' reading skills, u can first try LP's Read for Success which I heard from friends & relatives is very effective. It'll reinforce the basic phonics that your kid has learnt in her preschool, before guiding her to read and answer questions about the story. I suggest LP becos it's known to be very effective, esp with the fundamentals and it's only half the price of TLL per term. TLL, if u want me to compare, offers you the icing of the cake. Based on my observation, TLL teacher won't go thru phoneme by phoneme: /th/+/i/+/s/ = /this/ nor read with your kid, word by word: "This is my cat." TLL will probably (my own e.g.) teach them "The frisky feline purrs incessantly.":D

Hi flos,

I'm actually enquiring on their K1 class for my girl next year but not sure whether they have started their N1/N2 classes already. Anyway, I also can't imagine how are they going to handle kids at this level. In fact, I have also shortlisted LP but they do not run any lessons on sunday. That goes to say that I have to rearrange my schedule & logistics problem. It seems like LP is more suitable for my girl then. I will see how it goes & thanks so much for your advices. Really appreciated it.
Thanks very much Flos, for your generous sharing.
Now i know i can't leave the phonic teaching to TLL as they won't go thru phoneme by phoneme. My boy(K1 now) can read some words but not long words especially. He can handle words like he, she, like, running, jumping, as he will read aloud 3-4 times a week, but not words like Squirel, around n etc. The blending of sounds is rather inconsistent still. Actually, i would think it is ok for K1 standard, or may be i m being too relax to coach this while?! ;)
Seems like TLL teaching can be quite "cheem" for a K1. May i know, you child enrolled to it's K2 program in 1st half or 2nd half of the year? Just want to know if my boy still can catch up if he join their K2 program in January - my assumption....hee.

Abt feedback on student progress. U mentioned that teacher is ever ready to talk to parents in TLL Junior course. This is a good point. The current center that my boy attended is relax about this. When i fetched my boy from class, i will make effort to chat with teacher on my boy progress, the answer is always, "he is alright." When i received the progress report, my boy was marked as below average for his reading skill. why?! I called up the center twice, want to know what can i do to improve the situation, but no follow up call to me. Later, I received a letter for changing teacher. I can't expect the new teacher know my boy progress and give feedback on him right. Of course, there are some other incidents happened, thus i m looking for a new center now. Guess such situation is unavoidable since we dun know which one is really responsible at all time.

In TLL, what is frequency for parent teacher session? are u happy with the feedback given on your kid progress so far? Do u find the teacher really know the student progress?

Learning Point seems good, but it is too far from Novena area, will have logistic problem. I can only go to enrichment centers in Novena or City Square Mall area.
Hi flos, does your kid attend the math program too? My kid is in K1 too and he will be going for the quiz next week. I'm just wondering what will they be learning exactly in the Math class?
Hi flos, does your kid attend the math program too? My kid is in K1 too and he will be going for the quiz next week. I'm just wondering what will they be learning exactly in the Math class?

Hi bubblebee_mum,
How long has yr kid been in TLL? I guess it should be the English Enrichment program right? How do you find it? Will they be teaching phonics?
Hope you can share some feedbacks with us. Thanks!
Hi flos, it does sound very challenging. So what's the homework like? 3-4 worksheets? If a kid never had prior knowledge of multiplication, so they will teach? I asked this bcause if say they have completed this topic already, and my kid joins, I just wonder how is he going to keep up? Also, fr problem sums, have they started on very basic model method? Or just simple questions that are basically testing the kids' understading? I guess I will just let him go for the quiz and will take it from there. Who knows, he might not even want to sit for the Maths quiz since he has already expressed that he will just do the English quiz which happens to be his favourite subject.
Thanks Flos. Knowing more about your DS and your experience really helpful and assuring:)

I have submitted a form to TLL United Square last weekend. On Monday, they acknowledged with an SMS, indicating that placement assessment will be held in early Oct. The reception lady told me that, its either a Tuesday or Friday afternoon.

To brush up my boy reading skill, we have a new rule at home. Before bedtime reading, he will read me one simple English book and i will read him one later ;) hmm...the consonant blending and long sounds still need more practices and time to see improvement. At least, he willing to try.
Thanks Flos. Knowing more about your DS and your experience really helpful and assuring:)

I have submitted a form to TLL United Square last weekend. On Monday, they acknowledged with an SMS, indicating that placement assessment will be held in early Oct. The reception lady told me that, its either a Tuesday or Friday afternoon.

To brush up my boy reading skill, we have a new rule at home. Before bedtime reading, he will read me one simple English book and i will read him one later ;) hmm...the consonant blending and long sounds still need more practices and time to see improvement. At least, he willing to try.

Hi singratmum,

Have you went for the placement assessment already? If so, can you share how's the process like & what are they assessing on? Thanks!

My DD has been attending K1 classes at TLL since end last year. I must say I'm quite happy with TLL so far, teachers are very professional and caring, and they always make an effort to update me on her progress. Materials are good and meaty too. It's ex compared to the other centers but what to do? My DD enjoys classes and looks forward going to class every week, that's all that matters. I heard they have Chinese classes now too, has anyone sent for Chinese classes? Considering whether to sign up or not, but need to go placement test again