Any comments on kinderland @ choa chu kang?

Just to share:
To be very frank, I really don know what is so fantastic about kinderland just that they are just one of the "branded" or popular schools.
So So many mummies here talked about kinderland.
To be honest, I find them really costly and their curriculum is not really that "Fanastic" lor.
Service from the teachers also so so only.
If really looking for a very good school, go for Montessori, MMI located at Phoneix Lane (if i am not wrong).
Near Teck Whye inside those landed houses.
They have transport to their school.
They have the so call "AUTHENTIC MONTESORRI" and top students emerged from there.
Fees are about what you all pay for Kinderland.

I finally able to enroll my son to kinderland after almost 1 year waiting list but I am very superb disappointed with the center.

I have comment on kinderland childcare in cck (building beside lot one), the teacher can not handle kid properly. yes i admitted my son quite naughty but as a teacher she should know how to handle naughty kids, my son was transferred from learning vision but he is ok in learning vision.

he fell down two time within 1 wk, 1 time he got cut near eyes (lucky nothing happen to the eyes) and another time got cut on the chin, before fell down happened he has brushed in his two legs when I asked the teacher, she seems do not know. Eventhough kinderland very convenient for me but I think I got enough with them :-(

I am going to transfer out my son from kinderland, I may be transfered back to learning vision for time being until I found another good child care.

My son with learning vision almost 1 year seems no problem at all, the teacher able to handle him properly.

I think the problem in kinderland because too many kid in the center which made the teacher unable to manage the kids very well.

this my two cents worth and my experience with them.
my don is also enrolled in kinderland choa chu kang.. after he enrolled into the kinderland last year (and before he starts the class), we were told that there is an increase in the school fees of monthly $100 extra. but then we thot it is fine as the principal and teachers are very good.. in feb or mar, the kinderland changed a new principal..everything is about money from then.. the better teachers/aunties were asked to leave the kinderland, the principal citing too many manpower.then next thing is, in oct, we were informed that there is ANOTHER increase in the school fees, bringing the school fees now to $1030!.then came the graduation concert, we had to pay for the costumes, do the kid's makeup ourselves, paid $15 for admission per pax to watch the kid's performance at CDANs. No food is provided, no transport is provided, and no programme sheet is shared with the parents...Isnt it ridiculous? I am also intending to pull my son out to other schools.. avoid this kinderland!
HI there,

Any other parents whose kids are enrolled with Kinderland in CCK?

How are the teachers?

I am considering to enrol my ger there, however, my concern is that, it is a franchise branch unlike the other Kinderland preschools...Hence, I hope to get more feedbacks from mummies and daddies here before I make my decision btw Kinderland and Appletree...tks
many teachers have left Kinderland in CCK. Think except 2 are old teachers and the rest has left. After this year concert I also want to move my girl away from this school.
Fee is expensive and other things like field trips are expensive too. Ever since the new principal take over, this school has been talking about money. I still prefer Mrs Loh the previous principal than the current one. She doesn't look like principal and behave like one ...
I have asked her for a breakdown cost of a school trip to musemum but she sites many reason but never gave me what I wanted. Can you imagine charging the parent $16 where the entrance to musemum is foc. Told her that 1) child under 6 yrs are free 2) Ns man are free and 3) senior citizen are free (i am very sure during weekend is free) and she told me that I get my information wrong. I was very angry then and told her to go computer to check it out and she actually refuse. She told me they didn't make a profit for such trip but then can't breakdown the cost for me. about 60 student will be going for this trip and calculate for yourself this amount of $$$.
What berrymum said in the above post in very TRUE?
Please tell me more about Kinderland at CCK next to lot 1, as I panning to change to this one... Asap please....
HI emon, you are refering to the one next to cck lot1 or at sunshine place?

Please share more if it about one at cck lot 1.thanks.
Hi mummies, personally speaking the curriculum is good in kinderland... the environ is also clean & ds is there for 1.5 years since 3 and I have recently switch from there to another cos the teachers turnover is high there... for the past every year there is an increase in the fees which i can no longer feel it is valuable for money...almost $700 after subsidy excluding speech & drama cost... My main concern is the teachers commitment which I feel a pity that the good & experience ones are no longer there...
Hi cutie,

Are u referring the one next to CCK lot1? So u basically withdrawn is due to the teachers? What happen to the teachers? I did ask the admin on turnover but she mention at least the teachers will b there for 1 year unless specific personal reason. Please share more about the teaching culture of teachers. I agreed the place is clean n nice... Quite comfy. I do hear bad comments on teachers?? How true? As I need recent years updates since the principal n teachers have changed...

Anyone currently in there can share?

If I'm not wrong, the Kinderland next to Lot 1 is a childcare centre whereas Kinderland at Sunshine Place, CCK is a kindergarten. Hence, in terms of operations and fees, they are very different.

I have shortlisted Kinderland kindergarten, Sunshine Place as one of my boy's preschool choice. However, the fees seem rather high($1059 for 10 weeks) for me as I am a SAHM, single income family.

That means I will have to fork out $500 plus including transport monthly for a 3 hour nursery programme. If this Kinderland kindergarten offer very good curriculum and have patient teachers, I will not hesitate to spend on my child's education.

Please share your views if this fees are justifiable, especially those mommies who have kids studying there now. Many many thanks!!
Hi, I have friends whose children graduated from the Kinderland at Sunshine Place. They are performing very well in Primary Schools. After hearing from them, I registered my child, now in K1. I visited the school many times and find the teachers very committed and dedicated. Though is expensive but worthwhile as I believe this sets the foundation for my child. Infact, I asked around some parents there, who were recommended by other friends whose children also graduated. The feedback were all positive. Worth giving it a try.
Another thing I like to share was; I spoke to a teacher who told me several of their children are in the top level in CCK Pri School. A CCK Pri School teacher who was expecting a baby found out that most of the performing kids came from Kinderland @ Sunshine Place. She quickly went to register her older child this year. Luckily she got a place. Now there are not many places left.

I m consider a preschool nearby. Kinderland worth trying? Fr their website, they used to hv many awards but stopped since 2008.
is there any latest feedback on the kinderland @ sunshine place?
How are the tearchers there?
Thinking of enrolling my gal to their nursery class, my gal cant take the childcare style, cries everyday...
Any feedback would be appreciated...

Hi, any feedback on the Kinderland Childcare at Choa Chu Kang Centre next to Lot One? not sure if it's still the same principal there now.
Hi I wish to highlight a POI in Singapore where many people in Singapore visit once or more a year: Choa Chu Kang Columbarium. My parents are there.
Just realized that this POI in not in Malfreemaps. Attached a a map showing the location. Thank you for your attention.

Try search "Choa Chu kang cemetery office", will add it in next release.