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Any comments on GOO.N diapers?

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by phyl, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. phyl

    phyl Active Member

    I'm thinking of purchasing them and need more comments from ppl who use it.. i can only find positive comments on the website. thanks

  2. pinkiedew

    pinkiedew New Member

    phyl, me ordering from GOO.N in nov... heard good comments from my friends too... so far no bad comments abt GOO.N
  3. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    Yes, Goo.N is good. UNLESS your bb is sensitive to it. My bb using it and got no problem, niece uses it and has rashes. SIL tried again after rashes settled down but niece is sensitive to it. Goo.N is comparable to Pampers Active(absorption), better than Nepia(airy not thick/bulky).
  4. phyl

    phyl Active Member

    Mimi.. hehe.. i've got the sample but no one to sample on.. keke.. i thinking of getting 2 NB 58s and the wipes.. coz i think its the most value for money diaper around now..

    wah.. missylan, comparable to Pampers but half the price seems like a very good deal wor...

    i din hear very super good comments on nepia so not going to consider..
  5. pinkiedew

    pinkiedew New Member

    phyl, i going to order 2 pkts of newborn and 2 pkts of small size. i also got the sample but it's very soft.
  6. phyl

    phyl Active Member

    mimi ah.. 2 packets is 116pcs liao.. if baby use 4 pcs a day can tahan 1 month nia..

    i intend to let baby use cloth diapers for the day and diapers in the nite.. wonder how much will be enuff.

    i also wondering how fast their delivery.. coz must manage the time frame properly too..

    is soft good or bad? me reallie clueless abt diapers.. keke
  7. mousse

    mousse Member

    GOON provides pretty good service. 1-2 working days at most. I'm using GOON for my baby in the day and Pampers for nite. So far very good! I especially like the wetness indicator. [​IMG]

    As a guide, newborns use 8-12 diapers a day.
  8. phyl

    phyl Active Member

    Thanks mousse.. but can i ask why u use pampers at nite?
  9. jy_dragon

    jy_dragon New Member

    i have used many brands fr pampers to mamy poko to drypers, pet pet, fitti, and of course goon. And i like goon most! More absorbent than pampers and i use it for both day and night use. Pampers (yellow color packaging, most ex in the market) felt a bit wet so i thot it's not as absorbent. My gal is 6 mths and i've used nb, s, and m size now. So far so good! Btw i also like e wet wipes! Good texture and no fragrance, w a cute factor - the duckie container!
  10. phyl

    phyl Active Member

    thanks dragonfly... so i assume their service is good too.. coz its only available online..
  11. mousse

    mousse Member

    Hi phyl,
    although GOON is as absorbent as Pampers, the cottony texture of Pampers provide more comfort for a baby who sleeps longer at nite, e.g. >4hrs. [​IMG] btw, i tink GOON has increased its prices..
  12. mousse

    mousse Member

    btw, the Pampers i'm referring to is the one with yellow packaging. i also tink its the most expensive in the market.
  13. vine712

    vine712 New Member


    have been using Pampers and Goon for quite sometime...must say Goon is abt the same though feel pampers still slightly better (the cotton seems to absorb better)...anyway coz Pampers very ex so only buy when got offer (NTUC got discount now)...when pampers no discount will use Goon...i think Goon is the best alternative to Pampers (if you are looking for quality diaper)
  14. phyl

    phyl Active Member

    thanks mousse and winwin, hmm.. i did a survey and per piece pampers cost about $0.70 and per piece Goon is only $0.20.. so i think the value does make a difference definitely.. hehe.. but if Goon lose to pampers by a little only still very justifiable.. keke..
  15. koori

    koori Active Member

    Goon i like very much but now their prices increase and they reduce their quantity for S size....so now i using Pampers active for nite and fitti premium for day.
  16. steph_steph

    steph_steph Member

    i like Goo.N too. Been using both Pamper New Baby n Goo.N for my ger. Use goo.N in the day n pampers at night.
    So far i find that Goo.N has similar texture to pampers, only not as absorbant but its so much cheaper compare to pampers. I think its pretty worth it.
    Tried huggies for my ger n end up with diaper rash. Guess the diaper is too thick.
  17. cyndishen

    cyndishen Member

    Have received a sample from Goon and I must say its rather soft and the cute animal prints is a plus.
  18. phyl

    phyl Active Member

    CS, i got the sample too.. keke.. but no one to try on yet.. thanks ladies.. you've all been great help.. i will order their diapers..

    how many NB58 packs do you think i will need?
  19. astinsky2002

    astinsky2002 New Member

    Hi there, I am using Goo.N too...
    Cost effective when the bb poos poos almost every 3-4 hours...
    I bought one pack (NB 58) to try and after one week, I am now down by half...
    Just ordered 2 more packs... (hopefully, can hang on for at least 1.5 months...)
  20. fion

    fion Active Member

    i total used of ard 4packs of Goon NB, 2 packs of pampers NB.. till the age of 2mth+.. den change to GOON S.. 4 packs.. nw 4mths still using it.. left ard 80pcs.. nd to upgrade to M liao.. but pls note.. goon size cutting is bigger.. cos i tried buying other brand M is the same as GOON S.. haiz..
  21. phyl

    phyl Active Member

    thanks astin and babycupid.. hmm.. i will buy from them 2 NB first then when running low then buy 1 NB and 1 S lor..
  22. goddess

    goddess Member


    Been hearing good comments on Goon.s diapers.
    How do i get the sample from them and how to order if interested?
  23. astinsky2002

    astinsky2002 New Member

  24. goddess

    goddess Member

    thanks! will try to ask for a sample first.
  25. phyl

    phyl Active Member

  26. phyl

    phyl Active Member

    looking for comments on Goon VS Nepia!

    pls help oh! keke
  27. davanmum

    davanmum Member


    I'm using Nepia for my Newborn. So far so good! as good as Mamy Poko.
    Had not tried Goon. Now trying to get sample. Wld feed back on it later
  28. rosycheeks

    rosycheeks Member


    I bought both Goon and Nepia for my DD. I used Nepia a few times during her first month and was not good for her as I dunno why it kept leaking..especially at the sides. Have been using Goon since then and so far no complaints. Good absorbency and definitely more value for money.
  29. matsu

    matsu Active Member

    Any min order for Goon for free delivery?
  30. rosycheeks

    rosycheeks Member

    Yes, free delivery for purchases above $60.
  31. phyl

    phyl Active Member

    Goo.n VS Nepia

  32. leena2tan

    leena2tan Member


    i tried both for my gal. Goo.n can stay longer on her bum. like 4 - 8 hrs. depending day or nite. but for Nepia, max 4 hrs and she will cry her head off. I found Nepia not as absorbent as Goo.n. so now i sticking to Goo.n for her. it's slim and easy to bring out. don't take up alot of space too.
    hope this help u.
  33. meng

    meng Member

    Hi phyl,

    I've used both before. i would say they are equally good, just that goon feels softer to touch than nepia. otherwise, the absorbency is about the same i feel.
  34. meng

    meng Member

    Hi mummies,

    Btw, i'm looking for people to share order for goon diapers so we can enjoy free delivery. i'm in bishan, collection will be from my place. Pls PM me if you are keen. Thanks.
  35. davanmum

    davanmum Member

    any one care to share order.
    me staying in Pasir ris
    collection can be at Pasir Ris, Tampines, Simei
  36. jolinchua

    jolinchua New Member


    u want to join my order. my first order is more than S$60. u can collect at bedok reservoir view. pm me if u want. stock available mid of nov for those currently out of stock.
  37. davanmum

    davanmum Member

    Hi Jolin,

    No prob..I oly need 1 pkt small 4 trial 1st.
    We can meet in Bedok mrt?
  38. jolinchua

    jolinchua New Member

    hi linda,

    replied u.
  39. meng

    meng Member

    Hi mummies,

    I've found a mummy to share already. Thanks.
  40. yoji

    yoji Active Member

    Hi mummies,
    Any east side mummies interested to share nepia diaper? Please PM me.
  41. sunshinekid

    sunshinekid Active Member

    Hi Mummies
    I think Goon diapers are slightly more exp than Nepia right?

    I am using Nepia for my gal, and thot of trying Goon for my coming newborn, but when I saw the price, I am abit hesitant. Now got 3 kids, must cut costs lah. hehehe.
  42. jokris

    jokris New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    Have anyone ordered and tried their baby wipes?
    Any reviews?
  43. vellevelle

    vellevelle New Member

    any east mummy interested to share goon diapers?
  44. gerrydin

    gerrydin Member

    hi vellevelle,which part of east r u stayg?i m in tampines.
  45. echt

    echt Member

    staying in tiong barhru. any mumies interested to share goon diapers?
  46. scrumpee01

    scrumpee01 Member

    Hi Echt
    Scrumpee here. Still remember me from The Wedding Present thread long time ago? U are going be a mummy soon? Me too. When are u due? I am due in Mar 2009 and is interested to get the Goon Diapers. Shall we order together?

    I need 2 packs of NB for trial. I will pm you my mobile no.
  47. scrumpee01

    scrumpee01 Member

    Your pm is not activated.
  48. esthertan73

    esthertan73 New Member

    Hi Cindy, I am interested to share goon diapers with you but have check L size is out of stock. Please PM me.
  49. juliesim79

    juliesim79 New Member

    Hi,i will like to try goon for my baby.Theres 2 types of pull up,which is better?
  50. mehui

    mehui New Member

    Where to get a sample of Goon diapers? Haven't tried this brand before..

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