Any comments on Bumper playmat?

Hi all,

anyone of u happen to have dogs at hm .. if have, isit advisable to have e bumper mat .. haiz headache whether to get or not.

i dun hav a dog, but i hav a cat. so far i dun hav any problems wif my cat wanting to lie on my bumper mat. i think she's also scared of the mat...keke. but sometimes she stands by the edge and looks as if she wans to go in...i will then tell her NO. guess also hav to train ur pets bah.

the bumper mat i find is really one of my best buys...though initially i find a bit ex. my boy sits and plays on it - not saying he doesn't sit and play elsewhere - but he knows that the mat is HIS place. i also towel him on the mat, change diapers on the mat, feed on the mat.

I bought this bumper playmat (the Yellow Bear) ~ 1 month ago, but my mum thinks tat it will be painful if baby falls on the mat from crawling or sitting position, so she's currently placing a mattress below the mat for extra cushioning.

has anyone experience baby falling from sitting or crawling position? is it ok that the baby will not injure the head? pls advise.....
i dun think it will b painful bcos i tried to fall on it myself. i dun think u should worry so much abt bb falling while crawling. if u think mattress is safer then u shouldn't hv waste $$ buying the mat. sorry if u think i'm too direct.
IMO, by putting a mattress under the bumper mat, you'll make the surface more unstable as mattress is soft. hence your baby will have a higher risk of falling down.

anyway, isn't it better that your baby falls on the mat with slight cushioning then on the hard floor?
hi all!

regarding bumper mat...we got 1 3 weeks back...yes exp...but the usuage is great for the mat...our baby learning to crawl, flip and we parents fall asleep on the mat...really nice to use...
hi advisable to place another mattress below...though might be of more cushions...but dangerous...the reason we get this bumper mat is becos dun want our baby to be a raised ground...please reconsider abt the mattress...if the bumper mat is of high density...the baby fall down shd not feel any pain...
Hi All Mummies & Daddies,

Looking for a used bumper mat for my son, please email me at [email protected] if you are selling.

Pls indicate:
1 - condition
2 - dimensions & thickness
3 - trasaction points

Thank You!

I have an extra brand new playmat from Korea to let go at SGD$ 50. ( Self collection ) -AMK. Print “Tweety Bird” Dimension 125* 185 cm.
Interested party please sms at 92766860.
Hi, does anyone know when is the next BP for bumbermats by smallsmallworld? I'm interested in getting a bumpermat for my baby too
hi thyme...the jan 2008 mummies are organising to purchase bumper mats by SSW, can go to their thread to have a look...
Hi yanyen, thks! I just came across ssw's june BP in the BP section yesterday and I'd ordered one asap! My girl's just turned 4 months and thot it'll be gd for her to flip ard on it
Anyone wanna let go of the LG Playmat?

Dunno if small small world still holding BPs... I am not interested in the minitoons type.
Hi mummies,

Got a few questions to ask :

1. Can the bumper playmat be used as a sleep mat too ?
2. How is the cushion like ? will it protect the baby in case he/she falls over while flipping over, crawling or sitting down ?
3. What is a ABC playmat ? Any pics to show ?

I got a Pooh playmat but this looks like a jigsaw puzzle that I have to unstack to form. And its made of styrofoam kinda material. I dun think this is good right for a 6-9 mth baby ?
I bought my bumpermat at motherworks(greatworld) for close to 300bucks. I never regret getting that. I thought it's a good investment.

Not only can your child play on it, when they learn to crawl and walk around at least it won't hurt them so much. Of course they can always crawl out of the comfort zone.

But it's definitely a good buy for me.

On the other hand, I bought some ABC mat to extend the area. With some underneath the korean mat give more cushion. Of course can do without it but it does feel good having extra cushion.

Of course you can sleep on the mat. Sometimes I take a nap on it. And I will sit on the mat to watch TV and at the same time watching over my BB.

The cushion is well cushion enough not to hurt the BB but they will still cry due to the shock and not the pain, I feel. Prices varies depending on the thickness and size of the mat.

The ABC mat is also like a jigsaw puzzle style with different colour. In each jigsaw they have a letter like A B C to Z and these can be removed. Suitable for older BB actually and they are also foam type material which I also agree it is not good for a baby. As long as they don't lick, eat it, should be fine.

If $$$ is your concern, foam mat should be good enough too.
hi punkki,

thanks 4 the info. really appreciate it.
I believe SSW operates via online, is that right ? Do they hv any retail outlets ?

What abt other retailers ? How are they priced and their quality ?
just my two cents. I didnt want to spend too much on it - so i bought the ABC jigsaw puzzle type. Its rough and smells on I put carpet on top. works just fine.

I find it a chore to clean it though somehow stuff eg. dust, little crumbs gets underneath thru the cracks and when the kids take some parts apart to play. I have to dismantle all to clean it. I decided its not worth the trouble. Worse when baby started to eat - food gets on the carpet.

so kept the carpet, and bought the $80 playmat. the one with cartoon on top which must roll, cannot fold. this was gd except that 1) I have a cat, she likes to scratch ie
2) the texture is rough, when food drops on it. I try to wipe it off, the food gets mashed further into little pieces, stuck in the little grooves

so guess what ? I go buy the expensive bumper mat. so far happy with it.
I have just rec my LG bumper mat and I am really happy with it. My boy is crawling happily on it and I am not afraid that he will fall out of it as its not too thick. On top of it, the cushioning is good as its helpful in protecting my boy whenever he falls on his head. The playmat is so colourful that he is so attracted to it. Moreover, there are words on it and can make use of it to teach my boy simple words. It is easy to clean too. All in all, we love it a lot!!! Its a good buy.
hi there,

What are the other retail outlets which sell bumper playmats ?

How are they priced and their quality ?

Is it better to get a playmat which has higher thickness or is it acceptable to settle down with the norm range of 11 or 12mm ? What abt the dimensions ?
And what is the diff between bumper playmat and children floormat ?

Is it that the latter is mainly for for young kids rather than toddlers ?

I brought a playmat at $120 from tiny toons retail store...behing state that it is a Parklon brand.. it is the same as the bumper mat from LG ?
My personal oppinion.. i will only consider Parklon or LG.

I tried to consolidate all the places to buy bumper mat.

6. Motherworks @ Tanglin or Great World City
7. BP on forum (

You have to check the price on each site above. Even it's a BP, other place maybe cheaper for certain design.
Which size is suitable for 6 panel of haemin play yard? i saw babyhypermall selling the smaller size one... how many panels of play yard it uses?
hi shopaholicmanic,
depends on how old is your kid.

bumper mattress-meant more for sleeping purposes. if yours still a baby/infant, not yet crawling/walking, prob can stay in there for long.

bumper mat-it suits all age groups. definitely usage wise more universal. kids can crawl, roll, play, eat, lie down, rest on it, n even for adults, i like to sit on it while watching tv.
I got my LG playmat for some time. Using it in the bedroom and ABC mat in the living room. Its different from the mat sold at Tiny Toons. Tiny Toons is sort of like foam mat with a picture on the surface.

If your on tight budget, ABC mat is a better buy than the Tiny Toon mat.
The bumpermat's great! No need to sorry when baby decides to fall backwards....and very comfortable for us adults to nap on also!
my baby's turning one yrs next mth shld i still get the LG playmat? My choice is $250 due to size, not sure if still woorth to buy since she is going to walk in a few mth...pls advise
ya I like to play and lie around the 15mm playmat with my baby boy, 1 disadvantage....
not so easy to lift up when vacuming...i place it at my 4-room flat living a bit crump if you dun want to step on it ,highly recommend to people who had babies.
I'm new here but I thought I'd share:
Found another place that sells these LG mat of different design, it's Dwinguler Singapore ( I just bought the Safari mat from them and I like it very much. Took this pic from the main korean website, this is the one I got:

Hi jaredmami,

Did u manage to wipe off the pen ink?
According to the manufacture if is dry pen ink can be wash by mild soap,if is wet pen ink can't clean it.
I have a hardly used LG Bumper PORORO
for sale. Hardly used as its a spare one to at my mum's
intersted pls pm me
sellint 150$

Hi, I have 2 brandnew korean mats to let go.
1. Winner the Pooh Design / Size: 1400x1850x10mm (Retail: $165)
2. Babycare brand - same manufacturer as Dwingular). A-Z design Size: 210x140x13mm. (Retail $220)

Interested, pls email me at [email protected]