Any comments on Bumper playmat?


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I've read about this bumper playmat from korea and really interested in getting one for my bb of 8 months. I ask my friend, mother of 4 and she told me not to waste money. So can any users of this bumper playmat give me their comments on the advantages or disadvantages if any. Thank you very much!

i dont see any disadvantages in the bumper playmat.I bought 2 playmats, find it's my best purchase so far. i start using when my boy was abt 2mths, he's now almost 15mths. When he's younger, i used it for his tummy time. now it's his play area
I'v always been using those ABC rubber playmat b4 i got to know about bumper playmat. However I did not buy bumper playmat becos i think it's too expensive and I'v bought a few sets of ABC rubber playmat so decided not to buy bumper playmat. It was only 2 months ago when my sister bought a bumper playmat and left it at my mum's place to use, then I get to experience it. I think this kind of bumper playmat is actually quite useful becos it is soft and comfortable for baby and kid. One disadvantage that I could think of for bumper playmat is that it is quite bulky and a bit difficult for storage purpose unlike ABC playmat, you can stack up easily. As for the ABC rubber mat, one main disadvantage is that the baby may take out the alphabet to bite which is not good. Jus some personal opinion to share.
I bought 2 diff designs. i think the 1st playmat is old model, now dont hv anymore. the 2nd playmat is 'World Map' design. I bought from small small world.
Hi wei,

I bought the pooh and friends playmat from ssw, now my girl is 10 months and she loved to crawl on it. I think its a safer place for babies to crawl on rather then on the floor, in case they accidently fall and knock their head on the floor. The mat comes with a bag, and it can be folded into quarter size for storage. When they get older, can put a haenim playyard around the playmat for them to play in it.
i have 2 of the bumper mat at well. use it in my bedroom for my girl to walk around. think it feel better even if she were to fall and knock
Hi Wei,

I bought the World Map from Small small world. I think there are 2 types. The one I bought can be folded and put into a carrier bag. So the storage is no problem. I heard there is a cheaper version and that can only be rolled up, not folded. I find it gal is 7 months n she lie, sit, crawl on it. The texture is soft n nice.
Hi Aurias,
I just bought a dino occupation from mother works at great world. So far so good, my girl likes to crawl n throw things when she's on it. She also like to flip the mat to look at the design under it haha....
I was using those bigger blocks of rubber mat which I bought from a store in Suntec, forgot its name! I think that is much worth it and thicker than bumper playmat. The blocks saved my son from few bumps. =)
Hi All Mums to be,

Im totally new to this forum and would like to part of this new big community
I have an appt tomorrow coz I was told by my gynae that I have to take a blood test at 15 weeks... anyone know how long before I will know the results and wat is it for?

Btw, wat is OSCARS? last but not least.. Im still having MS though better but it doesn't seems to go away completely been losing weight and dont think tummy is big am worried.. any advice?

Thanks all!

hi sherryo,

i also took the blood test, it's to test your anti-bodies, example hep B, hep A, etc. it also test to see the ratio of adnormalities of your bb. from the test the gynae will advise if u need to take the Amniotic fluid test.

if u hv MS, the first 3 months usually u don't gain weight much, some pple even loose weight. but after the 3rd month u will gain slowly so don't worry so much abt it. My colleague also face the same in the beginning but after the 4th month she complaints abt gaining too much weight.
i don't think they hv a showroom for u to visit since they never put their address in their website. if u r looking for the bumper playmat, u can go great world city (Mother Works) or Tanglin Mall (not sure the shop's name). however Mother Works has limited design and stock and they only hv LG Primer so the price starts from $199. last month i was there, they only left with 3 pieces of $199 and the rest abt 4 pieces of the bigger size one.
I find the bumper mat is a gd buy. I bought it when my gal is abt 7 mths.
Before that, i was using ABC mat. I find it got rubber smell... so keep it in the store room. Didnt let me gal play on the ABC mat.

Until i found the bumper mat, very cooling and very easy to clean. My gals luvs to play on the mat. She is 22 mths right know. And she knows that its her play place...
<font face="comic sans ms">priskuan,
I agree with you.
We ever let our girl to eat and sleep on bumper mat. It is very easy to clean.

My friends who came, enjoy sitting on it as well. It's like carpet as well. =p
I also find that the bumper mat a safer place for baby to play on. Especially when baby just started to crawl. The mat can act as a barrier as sometimes they will knock their head on the floor when crawling or trying to stand up. It is also easy to clean.
HI wei:

the bumper mat u bought at motherworks are they the same form smallsmallworld?

i m also considering buy one for my boy as he is learning to crawl. but my hb thinks is a waste of money after i showed him a sample of the bumper mat at minitoons. do u know if those from smallsmallworld and minitoons are the same makers?? SK from korea?

Hi DaBee,
Those from minitoons are different from smallsmallworld. I find tat smallsmallworld is better bcos it's something like a rubber mat except it's smooth and nice to touch and easy to clean. motherworks sells only LG Primer bumper mat which are more expensive but u can go there and have a look and feel before deciding to buy or not. but bear in mind that they only carry a few designs. And since it's quite heavy, u can always order it online at smallsmallworld with free delivery.
wow...i'm also interested to get a bumper mat for my boy too...all of your advices & comments are useful
tks ya! i think im getting most prob from small small world since theres free delivery :>
Hi Charsiew,

Alternatively u can wait for the BP from SSW. Just bot a bumper mat for my son during their recent BP.
hi Wei:

thanks for your feedback.
motherworks is at great world city?

ya think will wait for smallsmallworld BP got 20% discount, right

TQ TQ for sharing.

hi, can someone advise if the thickness of the bumpermat makes a great difference? i am deciding whether to get a 11mm or a 15mm mat. so confuse. the 15mm mat of course will be much more expensive...

Dabee Smallsmallworld BP is back already
i've bought 15mm thickness bumper mat for my boy few months back..... so far so good... e quality is good. i paid $138 for e winnie e pooh design cos i understand tat not all design have 15mm.... so is still depending on which design u buy.....

there is a few website selling it... maybe u all can compared e prices.... anyway i got it from babejoy n not smallsmall world...
Hi Paulnelaine,

The BP price is still on at $138 from Babejoy. I was contemplating to get either from Babejoy or Smallsmall world intially. Babejoy offers 15mm at $138 which is really a good deal and smallsmall world offers 11mm at $159 with a design i like better. Eventually have decided to go for design....anyway thanks for sharing your thought.
yess tks mylvera
..but how sad, the BP does not carry the world map design that i i decided to wait since actually i do not need it now, prob latest by Nov/Dec07.. wish us luck! (those who hv indicated our interests in the thread, but waiting for confirmation..)
actually me too..contemplating to get the thicker mat (15mm pooh bear) from babejoy or the worldmap (11mm, but i like the design) from the end i decided to go with my heart...but the world map design is OOS at the moment, & ssw said the factory is considering to stop shall see & wait for final confirmation.. jus fyi..
hi ladies,

M new here coz oso interested to get bumper playmat for my bb. if there's a BP going on for the worldmap design playmat, can i join in?
who is organizing the BP?
Hi...just my 2 cents of comment...

Bumper Mat very good. My baby learn how to roll...and push up...lift up her head...she enjoy playing on the matt....i think is very worth for $$$
Hi Mummies,
I am also considering getting a playmat. Does 15mm and 11 mm makes a difference? Is 11mm save?

Would also like to ask- If baby start crawling, wouldn't it be hard to keep baby within the playmat area?
My MIL was saying it's a waste of money since baby can crawl out of it. She said might as well keep baby in the baby cot. Pls. advice
if budget is a constraint - 11 mm is good enough. It provides enough cushioning when the baby fall esp when they started crawling and later when they started to walk.

if you start the baby right in the beginning on the mat, he/she will learn that is his/her play area. they will still crawl out as they like to explore.

For my boy, who is now 11 mth, he will crawl all over the place but he will crawl back to the mat when he's tired. in fact, he spend most of his time on the mat....

For me, it think is a good investment, it save a lot of bump on the head for the baby
hi Julie
what do you do to ensure that bb will spend most of his time on the mat, esp. when bb start crawling and is eager to explore everywhere?
i just got my playmat today. initially i was not keen to buy as it was expensive , plus i have a ABC mat from my friend.

The moment i put my gal on ABC mat, she cried cos it was rough and too hard for her, she refused to move. when i tried the normal mattress, she could not move forward despite trying her best to crawl due to the texture.

i tried the bumper mat today, she is able to move a few inches while doing her leopard crawl.
im still thinking whether to buy th mat coz its pricey and my gal already 10mths old now.

wondering how long we can use the mat till? coz i think they will not need the mat once they hit 30mths onwards..
Hi storm,
I think u will b more worry if she stay put on the mat all the time. babies r suppose to explore around and not stay put at one spot and feel contented. i feel tat the mat is just a place 4 her to learn crawling n walking without the fear of falling. and oso can b a place 4 everyone to gather around 2 play with her. tat's my opinion.

ya, same sentiments. thats y i think if i buy the mat now, i can only use it for abt 1 yr.. then its bye bye $130.. banished to the storeroom liao.. but without the mat, i have to watch over her all the time and she's learning to walk now. i just bought a playard, and i thought with the playard and mat, it will be easier for her to learn to walk without me watching her like a hawk. sigh..
hi all,

when the kids are older, you could still use the mat. My 3-year-old play his lego, train etc on the mat. You could also set up a reading corner using the mat. In addition, when your child start sleeping on a bed, you could put the mat next to the bed in case he or she falls.

hee... these are the reasons I came up with, to justify my buy.
hi augustmum
thanks lots for giving ur suggestions on how to maximise the use of the mat. coz, i'm concerned abt spending tat amount of money n if it can only b used for a while, its a bit of a waste.

is ur girl able to stay by herself within the playard? did she protest initially? or how did u manage to get ur girl to b inside there, without crying or protesting? also the mat can b used within the playard?
Hey all,

I just went to smallsmallworld website and saw that the long out of stock "World map" design is coming back in early sept!!!
"New stock will be available in early Sept07"

Hurry, Order NOW!!! But the price seem to have INCREASE as is $159..OMG!

Seems like the bumper map is really popular in Singapore. Anyone know whether Korea is selling that red hot too? And Where can we get them from Korea.
my son is 2 yrs old, and we are still using the mat. we got it when he was abt 8 mths...hesitated a while....cos it's an investment. So now been using it for 16mths. Bot the winnie the pooh design at abt $130 (if i recall correctly) it works out to be less than $10/mth investment....and still using it.

It's quite cooling, and even my hubby and i like to lie down on it to watch son play. We also let him sit on it while feeding him lunch. He plays with his toys on it. It gives the extra assurance that if he falls, there shldnt be a big bump as compared to the bare floor.

We spend so much of our "together-time" on it!

One thing tho, we started using it face up with the winnie pooh bear design. Very colorful and nice, but after a while, I prefer to be able to see his toys more clearly, so we have since flipped it over to use the bottom side (i.e. with the brownish wooden look....) Suits us fine

Easy to maintain need to vacuum it for dust...just mop over it :p
Hi there,

What's the difference (other than the vast difference in price) between the bumper playmat that seems so popular amongst all the mummies and the ABC types of playmat? Is the bumper playmat really so superior?

The bumper mat is cooler. BB can nap there if they play till tired. I have both. ABC, I got it from frenz & i bought the bumper mat recently. The bumper mat is more durable and can be wiped just with warm water easily. The bumper mat very colourful, attracts kids and have all kinds of characters or animals (depending what u have choosen). The bumper mat can be kept cos they have a carrier for u to carry everywhere u go i.e ur mil's house (provided u dun mind the weight of the bumper mat). I dun see it as "really so superior" but it's useful and durable for my bb's daily activities.

Agree with Peg, the bumper mat can be easily and nicely packed into the carrier and its convenient for us to bring around.