Any comment on Dr Yvonne Chan??


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TMC #06-06...she's a fantastic gynae.
Had both mine with her and she's very thorough and her stitching is well-known.

Hi all, after seeing all the good reviews abt Dr Chan, hubby & i just visited her. As i m newly preg, dr chan explain in detail on my scan and a chart on changes during preg. We feel very comfy with dr chan. She is very friendly to us and willing to listen to any question we have. I saw some review saying she is stern but we dun feel that way at all. First consultation is $130+. Package starts at 18 week, i ask for the package detail but they rather not reveal till about time. Our waiting time with appointment is 1 hr. We will definitely continue visiting her.


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They may not want to discuss packages now because of the removal of the Singapore Medical Association guidelines and uncertainty about pricing. Even before this happened I know her rates went up already.
So that means the package of $700 is the specialist fees.. and hospital delivery is separate?

Was abit confuse coz i saw the package price for wk tan was like 2600plus.. (does not include delivery)

so big difference! or am i missing something here.



I'm a newly preg mum. I heard from my friends that her consultaltion fee is abit steep. Is that true?

I am deciding whether to give birth in TMC or KKH as i heard that KKH delivery charges is lower?

Can someone advise me?


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Joanne, I don't think she is pricier than any other gynae lor.. KKH delivery depends on which ward you are choosing. If you're gonig for A class, I'd rather choose TMC for the great service.


<font color="aa00aa">hey all,

after reading gd comments on this gynae.
im thinking to see her for my 2nd preggie.</font>


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anyone can share her charges now?.. me still hestitating on wantin to see Dr Yvonne or Dr Eunice.... as I read tha Dr Eunice don hav antenatal package ...

Hw much is the delivery charges as well?... pls kindly advise if anyone knows....thanks alot!!


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Hi all
I have delivered my baby boy in May 07 by Doc Yvonne Chan. She is indeed fantastic gynae. I was being induced as my bb is big. His weight is 3.8kg when born. Luckily Doc Chan is so experienced. She asked me not to push when 9am dilated. was told to rest for an hour plus. She came down and with 2 pushes, my baby was out.
So glad that the delivery process was a smooth one.
Will go back to her for second bb...


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Hi All
I am going for delivery in Nov by Dr Yvonne Chan. I will opt for c section. Dr Chan advise me to go thru natural birth. But I suppose m a coward that i am so scared of pain. Any advice?


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Hi, is this Dr Yvonne Chan that your talking here from TMC? I knew from a friend that TMC famous gynae is Dr Yvonne something, she didnt know the surname. So when i went to TMC website, found that there are 2 Dr Yvonne. So wonder which is the good one??


Hi all, will like to ask if Dr Wong is contactable only though emails or does she give out her hp nbr as well for emergencies?

Also, can anyone share how much will the bill add up to if i were to stay in 1-bedded, including her delivery fees, antenatal fees, hospital bills etc? assuming natural w epi?

Thank u soooo much!!


Dr Chan does nt hv emergency numbers. Was told to check into the hospital immediately when there's emergency and the nurse will contact her.


lhy, i think i paid total abt $3500 for 1-bedded, induced, epidural @ tmc with dr yvonne chan. this includes companion bedding.


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During office hrs, Dr Chan's contactable thru her clinic, after office hrs, you need to go to TMC and the nurse will assess you then contact her.


i m aso with dr yvonne chan, excellent doctor... no-nonsense doctor; puts both me and hubby at ease.

she does not "mother" you nor volunteer too much information as it may cause confusion, knowing how MTBs are like.


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I'm also with Dr Yvonne Chan, and she delivered my boy 2 years ago. Agree that she's an excellent, very experience, and very careful doctor.

Her stiching skills are very good, no pain at all. Waiting time at her clinic is also short, cos she's really a no-nonsense doctor. :)


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Hi babythad, Dr Chan delivered my boy about 2 &amp; 1/2 yrs ago. Is your boy called Thad? My boy is also call Thad (Thaddeus)

M seeing her for my second pregnancy now.


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Hello mummies and mum-to-be
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We hope this blog would be useful to all preggy moms who are hunting for the right gynae for their pregnancy, and also to all other women seeking treatment and advise on fertility and women-related issues.

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Hi all, noticed that this thread has been silent for a while.

I'm expecting my no.2 and thinking of switching gynae to Yvonne Chan since I've been reading mostly good reviews about her. Can anyone share with me:

1) Her antenatal package
2) Her delivery charges (normal with epidural)
3) How much of her total package (antenatal + delivery) is claimable via medisave?
4) Is she still only delivering at TMC?

Many thanks in advance!!


i forgot about my bills but i will think her charges are mid range coz i compared with some frens who were preggie around same time as me.

yes she only delivers in TMC. the nurses are great, food is very good as well.


Both my 2 children was delivered by Dr Yvonne Chan. Her charges are on the mid-range.
(1) Antenatal - about $800 (before GST), but only starting at 16wks onwards

Not so sure about the delivery charges. The amount to claim from Medisave is a fixed limit depending on which type of delivery (natural or c-section etc).

I had low placenta, and was bleeding at 34wks. Initially, I took it quite lightly, thought that bed rest was good enough. But Dr Chan was very concerned and insisted that I stayed in the hospital to monitor. I bled again 2 days later in the hospital, so ended up with an emergency c-section, baby premature at 34wks.
Overall, I highly recommend her - for her skills, experience and she is concerned for her patients.


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hi, i agree with the good remarks about Dr Chan posted by the mummies here. she was very meticulous during my pregnancy, informative and very easy to talk to. but i do feel her charges are quite ex though. before i switched to Dr Chan i was with another gynae at tmc and think perhaps i could have saved some 30-40% if i'd stuck with the 1st doctor. but comparing the experiences with both doctors we felt the difference was worth it.


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babythad and amber

my son is also called thaddeus (we call him thaddie boy) and Dr Chan delivered him last july. and i remembered her telling me she delivered at least 1 other thaddeus recently. must be one of you guys! wahaha!

and i highly recommend her, for her experience, her concern for the patient, her meticulous nature, and her EQ about saying absolutely what is only necessary so as you won't worry unneccessary yet able to provide a full and detailed explanation when you ask. When giving birth, sometimes split second decisions have to be made and I would trust my life with her to make those decisions.


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Hi everyone, would like to know does Dr Chan give free room upgrade? My friend's TMC dr gave her free upgrade fr 4-bedded to 2-bedded. Seems like there are some other TMC gynaes who give the free upgrade too.. not just my friend's. Anyone can advise?


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Hi, the free room upgrade it's not by Dr. Chan, it's up to the availability of the room in TMC. We opt for 4-bedded but in the end coz of shortage, TMC actually gave us 2-bedded. So you may opt for 4-bedded first if you don't mind and hopefully if they run out of 4-bedded room, you will get FREE upgrade


Yes it is up to the hospital's dicretion. My close fren also got a free upgrade to 2-bedded, her hubby ocupied the next bed and the nurses didn't make any noise


I was intro to her by a fren as we wanted to do a pre-preggie check and have stuck with her since then.
She took care of me for #1 pregnancy and aso for the my coming #2.
She is a very detailed doc but does not overload you with info.
She wl only sound the alarm if she has any real concerns.


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Hi mommies,

I chanced upon this thread...

My two kids are delivered by Dr Yvonne Chan. When I was looking for a gynae, the most impt factor was I had to be comfortable with this person, and Dr Chan was the one. Her charges could be more expensive than some others but it is all worth it. A very friendly &amp; responsible doctor. Very encouraging.. and she definitely knows what she is doing. She confined me to bed and gave me certifications to keep me at home when my baby girl threaten to go into labour at the 4mth... I'm glad she made me do that, my little girl is a happy bubbly princess today.

Her stitching is aso great. I recovered within a week for my 1st delivery, the 2nd delivery, strangely, tere wasnt any pain at all.

Thumbs up for Dr Chan!


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Hi all,

After reading all the good reviews about Dr Chan, I'm quite tempted to see her as I just found out I'm pregnant. 1st time so a bit gan chiong.. However, I'm concerned about her charges. Can anyone tell me what's the latest rates? The consultation fees and the packages? I called and the nurses told me something about $100+ for 1st consultation with scan should amount to $200+. Is that true? Her package starts from 19wks onwards and cost around $1000 exclude GST. That's quite expensive as compared to the other gynae.. Anyone been to her recently and can let me know if the information is correct?
Hi Carolyn,

I am also seeing Dr Yvonne Chan. I juz seen her late last month. My 1st consultation cost me $90 with scan &amp; vitamins that added up to $170+. Not sure about the package. If I am not wrong, that will come in around wk20. Will ask her when I go for my next appointment.


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Hi i'm also seeing Dr Yvonne Chan now. Hopefully can revive this thread... didn't really compare gynae just based on recommendation... her antenatal package is $1000 start from 18 weeks onwards... have seen her 3 times already, need to see her 1 more time before the package will start...

i'm about 13 weeks... how about you all?
Hi! I have just delivered with Dr Chan in July. Initially was looking for a female gynae at TMC when I was 6 weeks. Chanced upon good reviews on Dr chan and thus set up for a first appointment with her.

She has been patient with my endless questions and never seem to brush off any of my concerns.

I missed a step on the stairs at work one day during my first trimester and I was so terrified we would lose the baby. Called her clinic and the nurses told me to go down to clinic asap, as it was close to closing time, they could hear I was panicking and told me they would wait for me. Dr chan did a scan upon seeing me and assured me baby's fine. She remained very composed and warm throughout the entire episode and spent a good half an hour to comfort and assure me even though it was way past her clinic opening hours.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, we discovered our baby's weight gain isn't as optimal as we would like to be, she was detailed in her scans and checks to ensure baby's safe and well. So at week 39, upon dr chan's recommendation, we admitted into the hospital to be induced.

All was well until my dilation was not progressing as much as both dr chan and us would like, after 7hours, i was still only at 3cm and my body showing signs of distress. We then opted for emergency csect.

Dr chan was very warm, patient but at the same time very professional throughout the labour and surgery. She stayed by my side to calm me down at the OT while the nurses prepare for the surgery. She was really quick and good, I was dreading a long surgery but time passed so quickly, it felt like a few minutes after the anethetist gave me a dosage of painkiller and voila! My baby was borned!

Her stitching skills are very good. My csect scar after 2 months is a single clean red line.

She was very insistent during my stay in TMC for my wearing of binder and cutting down of movement out of the bed. I would often received some minor telling off by her when she caught me off guard one morning while she made her rounds.

It was during the final stretch of my pregnant and the delivery that I really felt I was in very good hands. After the delivery, I am dead certain if I were to have a #2, would definitely go back to her. While her package may not be the cheapest around, but it is really worth every single bit when she took care of me so well.

Just to add, one day while I was staying at TMC, she saw her patients at the clinic till about 5-ish, then she would made her rounds to her patients at the ward. My hubby bumped into her in the lift that day at 8 in the evening. She was making her way home. Due to some emergency case, we saw her at our corridor at about 11pm that same night! Really hats off to her. The next morning at 730, she back making her rounds again. Really amazing..
Am planning to go with Dr Chan. My EDD is jan 25.
Will be seeing her two weeks later.
Had a not so pleasant experience with another gynae and decided to swith after reading all the reviews on Dr Chan

Thing is does she only deliver at TMC? Seems like the service level of TMC has gone down these years. Kinda worried.

Any advise
Yvonne chan delivers in tmc only. If you are looking at delivering other hosp, then I don't recommend her. Didn't have much preference over hosp at that time. TMC service was ok to me. Juz that i cldn't get the room I wanted upon check-in.

Terrible,irresponsible doctor.Push me away once she found out i have low placenta..(27weeks) AND TOLD ME IF I REALLY WAN TO SEE HER,come back at 32 weeks,SHE WILL KINDLY ACCEPT ME IN..hello?is this the right way?SHE DIDNT EVEN GIVE ME A CHANCE TO VOICE!!

her nurses even worst!there was once i went for appointment and i came one day early,preggy blurness..NURSE REPLY"WHAT?YOUR APPOINTMENT NOT TODAY LEH..ALAMAK..TODAY NO SLOT FOR YOU LEH..OR ELSE YOU GO WALK WALK LA IF HAVE WE CALL YOU..."


i replied"maybe i will sit here wait..i abit tired to move around..can you try to do something about it"
and guess what,next min they say i can go in-.-

come on la,they can do something about it one leh..imagine i really go walkwalk-.-how long will be my appointment

They do not have emergency number


anyway your risk to go see her

to me,super disappointed..i have follow her for many years..and till today,i can finally see DR YVONNE CHAN TRUE SELF