Any children clinic in East area?


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May i know if there is any children clinic in the east area ? As im staying abroad at the moment & will be bringing back my 5mth old gal back in May tis yr..i would like to know where can i get the vaccinations done for her.


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there is one baby n child clinic located at pasir ris elias mall.. dr for PD...his pricing considered cheap...


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heard there is a good one at chai chee, 64463260. not sure wat's the name, i also got it through someone else.

i went to east shore hospital once, cost me $50 for the doctor to say there's nothing wrong with baby....


can try going Marine Terrace, Junior & Baby Clinic.
my girl went there all the time.
PD is caring, patient and nice person.


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You can try Kinda Clinic @ Siglap centre too... Dr Lim is good... he is there on thursday only,


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My boy has been seeing Dr Ho since birth.

To us, she is quite patience but bear in mind because she takes her time to answer your queries (no matter how many you have), the queue can be super super long loh..

Personally, I never take note of the charges but I think is around market price bah.


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Junior baby and clinic is quite expensive.Not crowded at all. Some like him and some do not. I find that his dosage for med a bit too harsh for young children.He makes a point to strike converstation.....
Sorry for the late reply, was having holidays.

My girl sees Dr Ho most of the time. Yes the queue is super long in the morning especially Mon.

Personal views: Dr Ho normally will play with my girl to strike a rapport but sometimes my girl still cries lah. She is quite detailed in her examination and will answer your qts. However she is very frank in her answers so sometimes not very polite in her manner. Maybe I ask stupid qts too lah...haha

Dr Loke on the other hand is very patient. She talk very slowly too. Compare to Dr Ho, she dont tend to play with babies. I think she is better with younger babies who normally dont fuss much.

As for charges, I never really compare but my friend comment that the charges are reasonable.

Another plus point is that the nurses there are quite nice. They work fast and sometimes give me free milk powder tin as sample or impt info voluntarily


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white snow..sorry..didnt check this thread
for very long time...

Pasir Ris Baby & Child Clinic
Blk 625 Elias Rd #02-322 ELIAS MALL
TEL: 65810032


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as for Dr Sim..i think her consultation for PD is quite affordable...himm.last rond i brought my boy to see him..took cough, fever and flu consultation...i paid $42...


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My gal have seen this 2 pd, baby and child clinic at Tampines blk 828 - Dr Ho and other wan is kidslink at bedok north i remember the address liao le but the phone no is 62433243.... but if compare this 2 baby and child have a longer waiting time but is cheaper...


Yes, both my kids go to Dr Sim in Elias Mall. I think his fee is quite affordable. There's even a few times when I went back for consultation after a few days for the same problem & he didn't even charge me.

There's 1 time he prescribed a sample full size nasal spray (for sensitive nose, dunno what to call that) for my son's sensitive nose. Later I found out from the nurse that that bottle is selling at over $30 and he gave my son FREE


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You can try Dr Vasanthi Rajalingam at Kinder Clinic Parkway / Kinder Clinic Paragon. I like her and she is very experienced.


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Dr. Vasanthi in kinder clinic is a nice doctor, but she sees 4 patients at a time, constantly moving and prescribed so many medicines at one go that it took my kid half hour just to get through all of them. 500 for one visit including meds..... I am not going there again : (