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Any body tried karihome goat milk powder for toddlers

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by twisttwinkle, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. twisttwinkle

    twisttwinkle New Member

    pl share

  2. starluster

    starluster New Member

    I am mixing karihome powder with gain iq (~ 1:2 ratio) for my 3.5years old gal as she's those that get phelgmy easily. I mixed them coz she is too used to GainIQ and won't take any other milk.

    Been on it for abt 2 months+, so far so good. Keeping fingers crossed! [​IMG]
  3. twisttwinkle

    twisttwinkle New Member

    tks for sharing anybody else
  4. cass78sg

    cass78sg Member

    Yes, i've switched from Enfagrow 3 to Karihome stage 3. So far so good
  5. emma_rose

    emma_rose New Member

    Digestion is better for my 1 yr & 5 yr old sons after switching them to Karihome milk. They dun get phelgmy that easily too.
  6. Mummies,

    Those who give Karihome to ur kids are they more stronger in the immune system? Cos currently my son is on Friso he fall sick so often and get very phelgmy cough.
  7. pp1

    pp1 New Member

    Hi, I've been given Karihome goat milk powder to my girl since newborn till now, she is 3 years old. As compare to my son who started goat milk at 2 years old (now he is 5 years old) I find my girl is more healthier than her brother. She is always full of energy, alertness and even learn faster than her brother.

    I strongly encourage mummies to give your babies goat milk forumla.
  8. gemini713

    gemini713 New Member

    I feel much more confident now after reading this post.

    Had started both my boys (5mths and 30mths) karihome goat milk. Previously both on NAN(HA)

    Previously 30mths old had been coughing nightly for at least more than 3mths, consulted a paediatrian countless time, kept prescribing asmol and propan syrup and not to mention the bills of a specialist.

    Finally decided to try TCM, was advised by TCM to change milk formula to goat or soy type.

    Now he is so much better,no coughing at night and the stools are more solid then liquid (NAN). Definitely less hassle to clean him, as he is still not potty trained yet.

    Like any kiasu mom, i quickly change my 2nd boy to karihome to prempt future problems.

    Not too sure, is it the goat milk working or TCM med good. (30mth old still on med) keeping my finger-crossed.
  9. melodyteo

    melodyteo Member

    i tried to give my girl Karihome goat milk powder but she donn't like. However she loves Karihome goat milk candies..
  10. daish

    daish Member

    My 7yo boy has been on Karihome since he is confirm to have eczema and till now, he is still on Goat Milk.

    Now my 2yo also loves Goat milk and he has been growing well.

    I observe that they have less phlem, rashes and mucus as compared to taking cow's milk.

    Even myself, since I stop taking Cow's milk, my nose block problem also improve.

    There is a BP on Karihome Goat Milk, take a look:

  11. I also have switched my boy to Karihome. He seems to be "more healthy" does not fall sick so easily. Compared to my gal won Friso get phlegmy cough easily. My boy recovers easily.
  12. sbb

    sbb Active Member

    i have step 2 Karihome powder to let go. total 7 cans / SGD 19.80 PER CAN.

    Anyone interested kindy contact me at 96539742
  13. momnisam

    momnisam New Member


    I just switched to karihome stage 2 now coz my baby's eczema is not getting better. it will go on and off.

    so far, there are change on the eczema but is it normal to have solid poop?

    on other cow's formula, her poop is porridge type...

    pls help. tnx
  14. momnisam

    momnisam New Member


    We just switched to karihome stage 2. is it normal to have solid poop?

  15. cpboon

    cpboon New Member

    Hi all mummies
    I was also looking for someone who fed karihome Step1 (0 to 6 months) to baby, is it ok to feed?
    I am trying now from new born to now already 4 months, wonder if I am doing right?
    Hi Pp1,
    I saw your posting and would you able to share some thought since your baby was fed on new born till 3 years, now should be 5 years old?
    can share me your contact (privately)?
  16. carababy

    carababy Member

    yes it is ok to feed. My gal now is 9 mths old. My mum fed her when she was less than 6 mths then during the night coz my bb can't for the bm to be heated up. Lately she has been sleeping thru so she is on tbm.
  17. alicia80

    alicia80 Member


    I have 1 tin 900g Karihome goat milk for pre-school 3-7 yrs old BN unopended.
    Exp 2014
    original price :$42
    Selling $30 only

    Self collect at Bedok
  18. gemini71

    gemini71 New Member

    I am switching my son fm frm isomil3 to karihome slowly so far so gd.
  19. ferfer8

    ferfer8 Member

    Hi, I'm thinking of starting my 5 mth old w some karihome(infant) formula as I'm gg to return to work soon, does anyone have experience using the infant formula to supplement breastmilk, I'll still b breastfeeding when I'm
    Home in the evenings. Does the combination work?

    Do share! Thanks!
  20. shenice

    shenice New Member

    Hi, I heard goat milk is very heaty and not suitable for all babies. I also read somewhere that goat milk cause the kidneys to work harder as there is more protein. Im planning to switch my son from cow milk powder to goat milk powder as he has been vomiting milk even after 3 hrs from his feed!! I think it take very long to digest in his stomach.

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