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Any BB with G6PD Deficiency?

Discussion in 'Year 2010 Mums' started by gtea, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. gtea

    gtea Member

    Hi...My bb gal was born with G6PD deficiency. Was wondering is it advise to breastfeed? And is it life threatening? was quite stress abt it as it my 1st bb.Thks


  2. kovankt

    kovankt Member


    Just to share, I'm G6PD deficient too. And so is my boy (50% chance to pass on to boys if mum is one). But I'm not worried at all. Coz it just means one needs to pay a little more extra caution when comes to food and medicine (chinese as well as western).

    There are certain types of chinese herbs that G6PD deficient people can't take, but these are usually the not so commonly used ones. Common ones like dang gui, wolfberries can be taken (of coz I mean when older, not as babies). It is also not advisable to go near or be exposed for too long to mothballs. When comes to western medicine, juz let the doc know abt the G6PD deficiency and they will know what medicine to prescribe.

    For babies, yes still ok to breastfeed. And no it is definitely not life threatening.

  3. celynlee

    celynlee Active Member


    yes, can still bf. my boy is g6pd too cos i was a carrier which i didn't know till doc told us he is g6pd. hospital will give you a list of things to avoid. but its really nothing very serious once you know what it is.

  4. gtea

    gtea Member

    thank you for your explaination. quite a relief to know abt it.Appreciate

  5. yuki22

    yuki22 New Member

    Hi, if my hubby have G6PD, will my baby get it as well?

  6. gtea

    gtea Member

    I know it inherited but u never know, bb might not get it.Doc told me b4 it might skip some generation n bk again.

  7. kovankt

    kovankt Member

  8. ke2opi

    ke2opi New Member

    I agree with Kovankt. But when breastfeed,mum cannot drink or eat chinese medician too.As long don take those chinese medician. Is best is when sick go see doctor direct and mention to doctor tat is G6PD.

  9. showy

    showy New Member

    Hi Yuki, my hb is also a G6PD but was not being pass down to my daughter. She's 9 months now.. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  10. yuki22

    yuki22 New Member

    Hi bb_Gen, glad to hear that ...i hope my daughter is unaffected too...i heard that we cant donate cordblood if the father is G6PD

  11. mummybee

    mummybee Member


    My no. 2 is also a G6PD boy. Same for my 2 elder brothers who are also colour blind! So far dont think my boys are colour blind phew!

    The most important common things to avoid are fava beans (in titbits and kacang putih), Chinese herbs and mothballs due to the napthalene. Plus when they are older, they cannot go for jungle training cos apparently they cannot take the malaria jab. It is always important to inform doctors during visits so that they can take note. We are super KS - we know the medical condition is indicated in the the patient record card but we always make it a point to "remind" the doctor of his condition. Better safe than sorry. Plus i think mostly boys get it not so much gals

  12. alien77

    alien77 Active Member


    my hb is a G6PD carrier. our #1 did not get it. now i am pregnant with #2. i hope she will not get it too.

  13. ~dg~

    ~dg~ New Member

    my hubby is g6pd deficient too, but my boy is not. currently preggie wif no. 2...hopefully she doesn't get it too. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  14. jandew

    jandew Guest

    I am also G6PD deficient. My grandfather has it, many of my male cousins have it. But my younger sis does not have it.

    More guys than ladies have it somehow.

    Yes to avoid Java beans, gota avoid Chinese medications too. Once I took flu med, end up looking like goldfish.

  15. nat2

    nat2 New Member

    i am g6pd deficient oso...so my 2nd kid, a boy, oso kena..nothing serious though...just food allergy esp chinese medicine as mentioned above...oso best not to buy the pre packed brown rice as some contents might not be suitable..i gave my boy when he started to wean and he had rashes over his mouth so the pd advised me to stop...then his rashes recover...

  16. jandew

    jandew Guest

    Joce, oh dear, do u mean th adult brown rice or for kids type? I juz bot some brown rice that day but yet to cook.

  17. gureishi

    gureishi New Member

    Hi Jandew,

    My son (this year turning 4 yrs old) is G6PD deficient. I have been cooking organic brown rice (packaging with elephant pic) for him since he started to wean. No problem till now. I did not purchase any of those pre-packed brown rice (powder form) which are available in medical hall. Pls bear in mind there are certain Chinese herbs that G6PD deficient child needs to avoid.

  18. b2b3m4

    b2b3m4 Active Member

    For people with G-6PD deficiency, one do not exhibit signs of allergies when exposed to the offending agents.

    So rashes and swollen eyes are not due to G6PD but true allegies. When G6PD people are exposed to eg. fava beans, their red blood cells will break down and exhibit signs of anaemia.

  19. lovemum2be

    lovemum2be Member

    My son also has G6pd, and I have completely no knowledge that I was a carrier. Pd has advised bb to stay in hospital for a week for observation as they are pretty prone to jaundice.

    Can't wait to bring my son home. But I m now doing confinement and still has intention to bf. Wonder if I can use those herbal medicine to bath or not and can do Malay wrap?? Scare will affect bb.

  20. snow_baby

    snow_baby New Member

    hi amanda,

    my boy also has G6PD.

    while i BF, i try not to take too much ginger.

    he stayed in hosp for 9 days.

    now he is 12mths liao -- happy & active.

    G6PD is not life threatening. just be careful not to offer him those restricted food & stay far away from mothballs!

  21. lovemum2be

    lovemum2be Member

    Hi snow baby, good to know ya bb is doing v well. Happy for u. Bb is out Liao, went to pd today. Said that only 1st 3 days need to be concern abt jaundice. Thereafter abit of sun tanning everyday will be good enuff Liao.

    Yes, fava beans and moth balls are def prohibited in my household heh.

  22. busy

    busy New Member

    hi, my boy is g6pd as i am carrier too. Was wondering if anyone here knows if i am able to take sacred nursing tea, as i want to increase my milk production.

  23. lovemum2be

    lovemum2be Member

    Hey Gie,

    How abt Green Papaya with fish soup instead?

    At least u know its all natural.

    If not, do check with the PD to be real safe yah.

  24. busy

    busy New Member

    hi Amanda,

    Thanks for your reply, i used to cook papaya wif fish soup, but as i am taking care of my boy myself and recently he start to crawl and refuse long nap so abit hard for me to cook myself. Was thinking of other alternatives so sacred tea was the easiest just pour hot water only. Order a pack but now worried if can drink or not. Wanting for my pd to get back to me, but think he is too busy cos still no reply.

  25. gemson

    gemson Member

    hi mummy,

    juz wanted to ask can bb G6PD drink gripe water?

  26. snow_baby

    snow_baby New Member

    i gave my bb gripe water a few times..

    but i dun see the reason to give.

    gave cos of mil --she say can "neutralise" the toxic from milk powder??!!

    can u advice whats the use of gripe water?

  27. gemson

    gemson Member

    snow baby,

    relief for stomach wind.

  28. gemson

    gemson Member

    snow baby, actually my baby stomach no wind is normal is only that he don like drink water.Si i heard tat gripe water got a bit peppermint favour drop few drop into water so he can drink more water...so i juz wanted to ask whether G6PD bb can drink or not?If can then i buy for my bb boy drink.

  29. gemson

    gemson Member

    hi mummy, btw way G6PD baby can take cereal rite? Any brand also can rite?

  30. snow_baby

    snow_baby New Member

    gemson.. dun worry too much..

    I gave bb cereal from nestle/ healthy times/ bellamy etc..

    I do not give cereal that has chinese herbs (cos i think bb is too young and kidney is immature to take these stuff)

  31. gemson

    gemson Member

    hi mummies,

    anyone know that can mother use perfume whereby baby is G6PD?

  32. snow_baby

    snow_baby New Member

    hi Gemson,

    Can la.. perfume should not hv ingradient such as Camphor.

    for me, i usually dun put perfume when i know i will be carrying him often..

  33. gemson

    gemson Member

    snow baby,

    ya lor tat y i don dare to put...my mum keep remind me don put perfume when carry him..anyway after i knew G6PD i no put perfume liao...

  34. lovemum2be

    lovemum2be Member

    Gripe water is fine. Let my bb drink it everyday so far so good. No prob at all

  35. lovemum2be

    lovemum2be Member

    Dear /red{mummies}

    wanna confirm our bb can take tofu yah?

  36. ryne

    ryne Member

    hi! My son is G6PD deficient. PD said straightaway that he got it from me. Am wondering...

    (1) Can G6PD deficiency be passed down from father to son instead?

    (2) Can I undergo a blood test to confirm if I'm a carrier or if I'm also deficient myself?

    (3) Should my daughter be tested, cos she may be a carrier too right?

    Find it very difficult to get info on G6PD. Even polyclinic doctors also not knowledgeable in it. My husband insists that I'm deficient (i.e. not a carrier only) and that it/I was the cause of a miscarriage. Find it so unfair for him to insist on this without medical proof.

    Appreciate any advice from mummies. Thanks!!

  37. snow_baby

    snow_baby New Member

    hi ryne,

    its unfair for ur hb to say that u cause the miscarriage. he has to getthe facts right and not play the blaming game!

    I am sure your gynae told u the reason for the miscarriage?

    I had a miscarriage once.

    The "baby" will not survive if the conditions are no good in the first place..can be due to many factors. A miscarriage may be a "gd" thing cos the quality is no good in the first place. ur body dispels it naturally. ur gynae is the best person to explain this to ur ignorant other half.

    (1) Can G6PD deficiency be passed down from father to son instead? Not likely - check with doctor or surf the web for more info

    (2) Can I undergo a blood test to confirm if I'm a carrier or if I'm also deficient myself?

    I believe so.. but whats the point??

    (3) Should my daughter be tested, cos she may be a carrier too right? I believe so.. but whats the point?? just let her know when she grows up.

    most impt is tht u take care of ur son and do not let him eat/ get close to the "dangers".

    Otherwise, a G6PD kid is as normal as any other kids. Dun let this worry u unecessarily.

    I know there are doctors out there who are G6PD themselves.

  38. ryne

    ryne Member

    snow baby,

    thanks for your reply.

    Like you said, there can be many factors to a miscarriage. Gynae also couldn't pinpoint any specific reason. i just happened to fall into the 20% of pregnancies that end in a miscarriage.

    Yes, hubby playing the blame game. He surfed the web and found that it could be passed from father, so he suspects my father has it, passed to me, and i passed to our son. He insisted that my parents be tested to trace family history. As u said, what's the point???

    I want to undergo the blood test to confirm if I'm the carrier/and or am deficient also. Cos hubby insists I'm deficient cos I show signs of tiredness, lethargic (i.e. signs of anemia). Pls lah.. I take care of a 3yo and a baby 24/7 with no help. There're bound to be days when I simply konk out due to sheer exhaustion. I just want medical proof to prove him wrong.

    As for my daughter, there is a slight chance she didn't get it (it's not passed down 100%), so I prefer to hv it confirmed through blood test.

    yes, G6PD can be as normal as other kids. So unfair that my family is being blamed for "harming" our son.

  39. snow_baby

    snow_baby New Member

    Hi ryne,

    I am "angry" to hear that ur HB blames u for that.

    You have to EDUCATE him that G6PD is not a DISEASE! its natural occurence..

    And that your tiredness is cos u need to take care of the children.

    Now that he know that u are a carrier, then he shld extend a helping hand or give you more care n concern!

    most likely , as per my doc say, we got the "G6PD" traits from mother..

    Even so, whats the big deal?!

    If u dun hv ur mohter, then u will not exist and he wont have you as a wife..

    He got to knock some sense into him..

    I can foresee that if ur son fall sick in future, he will start to blame u for the POOR genes!

    take good care !

  40. mummybee

    mummybee Member

    Hi hi

    really sorry to hear that your husband makes such remarks... I am not sure if there is any other problems in your marriage or his character that he insists on playing the blame game for something which is beyond your control. My 2nd boy has G6PD, I have had 3 miscarriages but my husband has never blamed it on me...Don't tell me if you had gone for a medical check and found that you are carrier, he wouldnt have married you? Is he 100% sure he is not a carrier or there is no one in his family history with this?

    Some men are just plain selfish and childish... Dont get yourself all upset over that.

  41. ryne

    ryne Member


    it's his character, and also our marriage is not going too well. He even blamed my mother for not knowing abt this condition in the family. Come on... I only heard abt G6PD after my boy was diagnosed. I don't expect my mother to know this kind of stuff. He also claims that she dare not go for blood test in case it's really my father who has it, and it is found that she has been 'poisoning' him with those herbs he shld avoid. (My father is the lazy/lethargy type and has some medical conditions.) There's no end to his accusations and I'm so sick of it!

    Is your 1st child a boy too? He is not G6PD?

  42. mummybee

    mummybee Member

    Hi ryne

    Most important of all, stay strong for your kids and dont get upset cos of his stupid remarks - let him be.

    I have 3 boys and only the middle boy has this condition. So far so good, guess nowadays, we dont take so much chinese medicine, use mothballs or eat fava beans and even western medicines so far has not contents that will affect him. Actually my mum once accidentally gave him some fava beans (those in mixed nuts) and he was ok - thank god!

    By the way, this boy of mine is definitely not the lethargic or lazy kind so I dont believe in your husband's "theory"

  43. ryne

    ryne Member

    justme, snowbaby,

    thanks for your comforting words! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] I was afraid this thread may have stopped cos last post was in April, so wasn't expecting any replies. Will stay strong.


    I've read that G6PD is usually passed down to 1 son if you've 2 sons, like 50% chance. Good to know 2 of your sons don't have it. Yes, as long as we stay away from those dangerous items, which fortunately is quite easy to control, our kids are just like any other normal kids.

  44. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    Hi. i have a g6pd deficient son too. he is now coming to 8 months old.

    i read that they should avoid menthol products. in that case, what type of toothpaste can we give them after they stop using those milk enzyme toothpaste when they are older?

  45. sunny~gal

    sunny~gal New Member

    hi gals,

    usually when will we know whether baby is g6pd deficient?after baby is born immediately?

  46. mummybee

    mummybee Member

    yup they will let you know once they do the blood test after your deliver.

    Not sure about the toothpaste cos my brothers who have G6PD have been using it since young and all's well [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] In fact i intend to let my no. 2 use it very soon.

  47. sunny~gal

    sunny~gal New Member

    thanks justme, hee

    yah i think toothpaste is ok, my hubby oso g6pd deficiency, only have to take precaution in eating those broad beans,and best is avoid it totally

  48. sabrinakhoo

    sabrinakhoo New Member

    hi has anyone checked out http://g6pddeficiency.org? List of contraindicated included ALL beans including soya beans. Any view? Thanks

  49. cheekybonbon

    cheekybonbon New Member

    Hi all,

    My bb is 5 mths old n he is a G6PD deficiency boy. He was given 5in1 3rd dose of DPT/DT & 2nd dose of PNC injection last Sat, started to has high fever and rashes since Sat night. He also having cough since Sun night till now.

    Does anybody know will the mentioned injection cause high fever, rashes and cough? And does a G6PD deficiency boy allowed to consume "chuan1 bei4 mu3" (川贝母) for coughing?


  50. mamapig

    mamapig Active Member

    Hi cheekybonbon,

    A vacibation usually causes mild fever and not high fever. If high fever, I suspect your baby caught done virus while at the clinic. I suggest you bring the baby to the Pd for cough Meds and not self medicate with Chinese meds. Reason is there are many ingredients in Chinese meds and the labeling may not be 100% complete. And unless you know the Chinese meds well, try not to give them to your baby. Can try to give when they are teenaged and able to accurately tell you if they are feeling anemic (reaction due to g6pdd).


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