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!!! Any aunties in Jurong West near Blk 665 to do part time cleaning flexi timing???

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by happy74, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. happy74

    happy74 New Member

    looking for aunties who have free time on hand to do part time cleaning, to come in as and when she can to do some cleaning, tidying, ironing etc...in the day time, weekdays or weekends, flexi.

    location in Blk 665B jurong west st 64

    pls contact 90925010

  2. sharon4y

    sharon4y New Member

  3. twins

    twins New Member

    sharon, I have PM u. tks
  4. psalm2907

    psalm2907 New Member

    Hi.. I'm new to this forum!
    I'm also staying in Jurong West St 64, Blk 678D & looking for aunties to do part time cleaning too.

    Pls email me the contact if you have at <psalm2907@gmail.com>
  5. apuppy

    apuppy Member

    I also looking JW st 24.

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