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Any advise? Yamaha Music school or Cristofori Music School

Discussion in 'Year 2005 Mums' started by avery, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. avery

    avery New Member

    Any advise?

  2. fairyprincess

    fairyprincess New Member

    I do not think it is so much which school brand, but how committed are the teachers in teaching. My gal attends the Ossia brand of music school, and has a great teacher who is committed and keen to teach kids...now in Grade 1 after 1 year of basic piano course...
  3. avery

    avery New Member

    where is the location? Do you have their website or tel no.? i'm staying in Jurong area...
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  4. fairyprincess

    fairyprincess New Member

  5. avery

    avery New Member

    thks for the info...

    How old is yr gal? My gal is 42 mths...

    Did you buy piano for yr gal?
  6. fairyprincess

    fairyprincess New Member

    I think Ossia takes kids from 4.5YO only- you can call and check...she is now 5.5YO...

    My gal uses the piano I used as a kid...so its a really old piano...
  7. avery

    avery New Member

    I had called & checked...they have piano lesson for 3.5-5 yrs old kids...they put me on waitlist...
  8. narutofan

    narutofan New Member


    In my opinion, I will choose Yamaha.

    I've studied there as well as many other music schools and being a private student. So, I feel that Yamaha's education style is good. Encourages creativity. And your child will have a chance to do 2 keyboard majors - piano and Electone. Of course it depends on how interested your child is towards studying music.

    But if just learning for fun and not pursuing in music studies, then i think any other music schools will do la.
  9. jcefoo

    jcefoo Member

    It is important to start the kid off in an environment that cultivates interest and musicality. Yamaha has the experience in years of teaching and their curriculum is pretty sound. Are you looking at putting your daughter in a one-to-one or group setting? At this age, if you're considering group, I'd say go for a smaller group whereby kids will get a bit more personal attention. Most important of all, a good teacher will be the make-or-break.

    Whether to get a piano or not...that boils down to you. If you're putting your daughter in a group, then everyone's on a keyboard. In a way, it would be ok to just have a keyboard at home (but in the long run, if it's piano you want her to learn as oppose to electone, then better invest in a piano). If you're having one-to-one piano lessons then it's best to get a piano for her. You can start off with a 2ndhand which is less ex then slowly "upgrade" to better models as your daughter progresses.
  10. loyfam

    loyfam New Member

    Yes, I agree that tachers is very important. My kids started with Ossia when they reach the min required age. We were plagued by teachers turnover and in the end, I switched them to Kawai at Jan 2008.

    I see significant improvement in the kids over the last 1 year in Kawai. Teachers are committed as some are full time. This year we are plagued with teachers resignation and were given new teachers. Fortunately, the teachers quality are ok so the new teachers are good. In fact, my son is more motivated by his new male teacher and targets to play the piano 5 times a week now. It used to be just once a week.

    In my girl's case, she is still trying to correct her fingers as she doesn't curve and her earlier teacher in Ossia probably didn't correct her so it's become a habit. This is something for us to overcome now and her kawai teacher has been working on this over the last year.
  11. avery

    avery New Member

    Hi Loyfam, do you have Kawai website?
  12. loyfam

    loyfam New Member

    Sorry for the late reponse as I was outstation for awhile. They are under robert pianos. But the website doesn't tell you much.
  13. blissbless

    blissbless New Member

    forget about Christofori la....heheheheh.... lousy
  14. veronbb

    veronbb New Member

    Hi Avery, don't know if you've found a school but if you considering CCK location, then you can check out www.edvox.com. they have program for 3.5-5yr old children, learning both the keyboard and violin, both instruments given free to the children. for those above 5yr, can take individual lessons.. [​IMG] hope you can find a music lesson your child enjoys
  15. joankum

    joankum New Member

    Can try Seimpi School of Music. Their MIM courses cater for very young children. However, to choose between Yamaha and Cristofori, my choice is definitely Yamaha coz their teacher are more qualified and their teaching methods are far much better. I knew it becoz I used to teach at both schools but find Yamaha is a better choice.
  16. grace277

    grace277 New Member

    I agree with Joan. Can try either Seimpi or Yamaha. Cristofori do not have very complete music courses for very young children. In addition, their unproffessional management cause a lot of bad relationship with teacher and student.....it is very bad experience to me....:-(
  17. yallow

    yallow New Member

    Hi, you can try Music for Young Children(MYC).
    They have a structured program for young children. www.mycsingapore.com.sg
  18. closetdoor

    closetdoor Active Member

    Seems like Yamaha has more info on early childhood music.

    But to me I choose convenience first. As long as the teacher like kids I am fine. Until my young kid demonstrate startling gift for music then I will consider enrolling into the well known schools.
  19. elesoopiano

    elesoopiano New Member

    Try Mandeville Conservatory of Music at United Square!
  20. maslin

    maslin New Member

    Juz sharing,
    For me, my two kids are in Ossia Music School (beginners class). So far aft doing lots of research, it boils down to 1) convenience (as my work/travel schedule is tight); 2) cost vs quality 3) children's interest

    As such, i found Ossia Music School to be of justifiable to my three abovementioned requiremts. It is located near my place at Civic Centre so i save on travelling time. I got to fix the same piano teacher for both my kids. It is 1-1 lesson for 30 mins and d best part is it is affordable. Every lesson the teacher goes through wit me what they hav learnt or at least indicate in their learning logbook. My children are happy and look forward to lessons.

    D only minus point is that they dun have makeup lesson but well, we cant hav d best of everything so i decided to make the best of things.

    I know that environment plays a part that's why i feel that nothing beats an individualised learning especially for beginners (something dat most music schools wil charge more for). i hope we dun end up getting ourselves too busy in getting the RIGHT "brand/place" as we ought to be making the RIGHT "heart/space" for our children instead...

    At the end of the day, i juz want my kids to enjoy the learning process rather than be smitten or sore abt having to go for another class...
  21. joshtan

    joshtan New Member

    My son is 19 months old. I send my son the taylor encore at upper thomson road. There are only 2 schools I know of start music at 2 years old- 1. Mandeville musco school and the other is taylor encore.

    Why taylors encore?
    1. Near my house
    2. Cheaper.
    3. Alot of play and dance to cultivate his love for music.
    4. Australian music education that teaches to play by ear and not scores.
  22. ariel143

    ariel143 New Member

    Neither. Never go to music schools!! You can PM me more and i can share with you why!

    I send my kid to private piano teacher (Really cheap rates, way below market rate. Plus she is really good with my 6 YO daughter). Can share with you her number: 90280550. But if you want to know more details (such as how she teaches both me and my daughter, you can always PM me).

    Disclaimer: I have tried out both music schools and saw many reasons to transfer to my current piano teacher.
  23. angel_claris

    angel_claris New Member

    I tried sending my kids to music school and I didn't like it. the turnover rate is way too high and my kid was not comfortable having to face different teachers... The hunting for a good music teacher journey was not easy not till I found my current one.
    She is a very experienced and good with children, graduated with music honors degree in Canada and dedicated to educating children. Qualification asides (as many tutors out there might come with comparable qualification).. what I like her most is that she stresses on musicianship and listening skills instead of just playing the notes on the piano.

    My elder girls have been with her for 3 years (started at 5) and now my younger girl 4 is also being taught by her and both look forward to her lesson weekly.

    if anyone is interested, could contact her Mrs Ng 96412800
  24. Na tran

    Na tran New Member

    Hi dear
    In my opinion, i'll choose Yamaha :)
  25. rainbowzstarz

    rainbowzstarz Well-Known Member

    feel yamaha is overrated.i cant stand their counter service.
    but i dun hav problems so far with my child at cristofori. she likes it. but hers is non graded type for now she still small. so more for her to try n figure out her interest
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  26. bunny27

    bunny27 New Member

    I agree too as the trainer there is always on MC.
  27. friends78

    friends78 Well-Known Member

    My boy is with Cristofori. I like it as there's always a recap on the learning process which I got to learn as well. The teacher never missed any of the lesson. As he is only 3.5 yrs old, I think this is good enough for him to try. If he really has interest in piano, then I will engage a one to one tutor for him.
  28. bbanna

    bbanna Active Member

    which branch are you going?
  29. mls_jeff

    mls_jeff New Member

    Music LifeStyle Academy at Clarke Quay is definitely one of the best music school in Piano! The centre is specialized in Piano and Violin having highly qualified professionals from diploma level up to master degree. Constantly, the school will engage world class professional to enhance students' performance ship and sometimes even open to public. The address would be 6,Eu Tong Sen St. #03-30, The Central. Website: http://www.mymusiclifestyle.com. Good luck!!
  30. rrmama

    rrmama Member

    can i know which branch your child at?
  31. ML Guan

    ML Guan New Member

    hmm .. from personal experience , cristofori has a higher turnover rate for music teachers, so my son found it difficult to establish rapport with any one teacher . This affects his enjoyment , which is a major issue for me ...

    got any reviews on stellar music school (Bishan) ? am quite keen as their kids have more exposure to performances
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2015
  32. guitar singapore

    guitar singapore New Member

    We didn't go with schools, but chose private teachers instead. We like the personalized attention. Kids are learning the violin.
  33. Spreenow

    Spreenow Member

    Personally, I prefer private lessons as it can be more catered to the individual's needs.
  34. Veronica Wang

    Veronica Wang New Member

    Piano / Violin / Music Tutors / Teachers:

    Beginner: 45 minutes $45
    Grade 1: 45 minutes $48
    Grade 2: 45 minutes $50
    Grade 3: 60 minutes $55
    Grade 4: 60 minutes $60
    Grade 5: 60 minutes $65
    Grade 6: 60 minutes $70
    Grade 7: 60 minutes $75
    Grade 8: 60 minutes $80
    Diploma (ABRSM Dip): 60 minutes: $90
    Diploma (LRSM): 60 minutes $100
    Diploma (FRSM): 60 minutes $110
    Bachelor Degree (Year 1): 60 minutes $120
    Bachelor Degree (Year 2): 60 minutes $130
    Bachelor Degree (Year 3): 60 minutes $140
    Bachelor Degree (Year 4): 60 minutes $150

    Teachers are qualified with Masters and above, and with at least 5 years of teaching experience with the Ministry of Education (MOE). Highly recommended, professional and very responsible.

    Strictly no traveling to students’ houses as they have packed and busy schedules back to back with other students.

    Commit only if you are willing to travel to the teacher’s house.

    Locations of teachers: West or Central

    Email: veronica.wang80@gmail.com
    Contact: 8484 6967

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