Any advise on Pat's School house?

<font color="0000ff">Has anyone attended D'story club program at the Arena Country Club branch? Is it good and what is the typical routine (e.g. circle time, story time) of a class like?</font>

Hi Sheervon,
My boy is in nursery at Pat's siglap.
I have no major complains with the school, other than the exorbitant fees that we're paying :-(

Most of the teachers I have met with are friendly and quite responsible. The place is also nice and airy, with a good mix of aircon and non-aircon, and a large outdoor space with playground.
<font color="0000ff">Nowadays, how much does Pat charge per month for half-day or full-day childcare programs? Will the fees be increased in the enar future? Does it have any school holidays?</font>
For half day, after subsidies and GST, it is $909. Morning session.

They have some school holidays which they will let u know in the begiining of the year.
$909 is before subsidy , right ? I just enrolled my kids in Pat schoolhouse Jubilee. and paid the 909 for first month, before subsidy. For half day, we are entitled to subsidy of $75
I've just enrolled my girl at Pat's Serangoon (Lim Ah Pin). Am told formal registration starts in Sept when registration forms are given out to existing students (including enrichment classes). Vacancies available for 09 Playgroup (2006 babies), limited vacancies for 09 Nursery &amp; Kindergarten. As I'm based overseas, I did my registration via internet and emails. Hope this helps for interested mothers.
Hi chuakele,

ur girl going next year? My 2nd girl will be attending pats next year as well, she is a 06 baby.

maybe will become classmates! :)
Hi Mummyhamster,

Yes, my girl is attending playgroup (AM session) next year. Was told there will be 3 AM classes, so 30.33% chance of them becoming classmates.

any mummies with Pat's schoolhouse at Jubilee? Can share any feedback or comments on the teachers and program there? i visited the school and like the big space available. but unfortunately got bitten by mozzies! Didnt manage to speak to the teachers as they were busy with some program that day. The principal however, was very nice and speaks well. Would appreciate any mummies' feedback on the quality of the teachers there, since the fees are so expensive

Thanks in advance!
Hi mummies,

Can find out from you guys normally how long is the waiting queue? I'm looking @ the buckley branch for their toddler full day child care program.

Dunnoe wan to be to kiasu to register too early but yet scare to miss the boat.
oops, forgot to mention, Buckley Rd branch.
dear mommies, anyone got any feedback about Pats Schoolhouse Buckley branch? Had started my girl at Barker Road Methodist Church Kindy but she absolutely hated it and after spending 3 trial days there, think its not really that good, so now looking at Pat's.
lim ah pin road classes for pre-nursery quite full for next year intake.. was told only for siblings and d-story club members now.
Hi mummies,
I just toured Pat's Schoolhouse in Katong this week. Found that one teacher seems awfully young, but she is equipped with changing diapers for the kids. There doesn't seem to be a particular curriculum for the playgroup for toddlers (my son is 21mths old), so I am thinking of checking out Brighton Montessori (Fort Rd) and Montessori for children (11 Broadrick Rd) for their curriculum.

There is this particular centre within Siglap that carries the enrichment programme of Pat's SchoolHouse. It's called FasTracKids. Very nice &amp; cosy place. They also offer program for 18mths old onwards. You can try contacting them. My cousin just enrol her child for the younger program. Their contact is 62450838.

May I know how is the subsidy works? We need to apply or school will apply for us? Every child is entitled?
slmummy... u refering to mcys subsidy? Oni applies if u r a FTWM &amp; tat the sch is a childcare. half day entitles u to claim $150 &amp; full day $300. The sch will apply on ur behalf. They will ask u to fill up a form &amp; submit for u. Hope it helps

Any comments for Pat's school house siglap? Is this branch the smallest among the rest?

How long is the waiting list for pat's siglap?
Baby haven by pats schoolhouse at halifax is really nice!
I think its the best center i have been to.
Very well planned and organised.
Place is very clean too.

They have a whole house (2 levels) for infants only.2-18 mths.
The 2-4 mth old baby sleeps most of the time so they will be left to sleep and durin their "awake" moments, the teacher there will talk/play/sing with them.
There is a separate activity room for the older infants those crawling/or learning to sit as such.They focus on developing the kids muscles let them explore their sense of touch.
When there are less children in the room the teacher will allow those learning to walk to practice walking by holding their hands or walk from one teacher to another.
Once these infants can walk stabily,they will be moved to 1st floor where they join the older infants.They then have gym &amp; outdoor activities/art and craft.
Also they record the kids daily details and report it to the parents when they come to pick the kid.
One thing i m very impressed about is that they have this scrapbook kinda thing that they will present to you at the end of the year or when the kid graduates from infant class.
In this scrapbook there will be pictures and captions of the days your child spent with them.

I would like to get feedback on Pat's school house @ Claymore, playgroup. Am keen to put my Jan 08 boy there next year.
I would like to get feedback on Pat's school at Arena Country Club @ Jurong. I am keen to put my 2 sons there by next year. PLease let me know as soon as possible because i'm very confused now
I am thinking of enrolling my baby in the Pat 's school at arena @ jurong too. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated...
hi any recent updates on Pat's School house (lin ah pin road?)? I am thinking of sending my daughter there for playgroup next year.

Hi, I am thinking of sending my child to the toddler group (2+ years old) at Baby Haven. Any feedback on the toddler program?
i just visit pats @ siglap and indeed the refurbished place looks better than what i read in the forums but i guess the posts are pretty outdated. i'm still uncertain if the teachers are good since i don't see many posts for this outlet so appreciate any comments from parents with kids there?
i think pat's baby haven is overrated and overpriced! my child has been there almost 1 year and graduated from infant to toddler class with no sign of the so-called "scrapbook", and no parent teacher meeting yet...and they claim there's a parent's portal on the website, but till date i've not received any password and they claim it's under maintenance. they don't hold any water play or excursions like some other schools, and any activities are basically one-off affairs done for the sake of taking pictures to trick prospective parents into thinking they do alot of stuff! all extreme 'wayang' and very poor value for the exorbitant price we are paying! also extremely disruptive each time they move from infant to walking infant to toddler class--changing teachers and routines every few months! don't waste your money! i'd have moved my child elsewhere had i known earlier!
any1's kids taking schoolbus for Pat schoolhouse? I just feedback to them that their bus company do not offer bus service during childcare week is very inconvenient for us.
Hi Qingling,

I agree. My boy's taking school bus and it is really inconvenient especially since the service is stopped twice a year for 2 weeks each.

Is this a common practice for school bus companies? Or is it only by pat's school bus operators?
hi babyG, i think all Pat's schhse are the same...sigh..i been complaining but they can't seem to do anything abt it
ysp314, is Baby Haven really that bad? Have you withdrawn your child from Pat's since you are so unhappy with them?
My child was with Pat's since Playgroup and the quality of the teachers has since plummeted. Ever since Knowledge Universe took over management control from Patricia Koh, the company has become largely profit driven. As a result, I have seen class sizes increase and experienced teachers leaving. All they want is to hire ANY teacher with the paper qualification to meet MCYS standards and unfortunately these are often young inexperienced fresh poly grads in their early twenties without the patience to nurture our children. They also employ Filipinos to teach the children English. I'm not being racist here but hiring Chinese teachers from China to teach Chinese is good for the children's pronunciation. But I personally don't want my child to speak English with a Fillipino accent. I'm certainly not happy paying top dollar to receive such quality.
Pat's has a great curriculum but unfortunately the delivery is no longer there.
ysp314, sorry to hear that. My DD grad from infant to toddler and now in playgroup. She had 2 scrapbooks (Infant and toddler) and lots of waterplay over at her toddler time. For excursions, I guess they could be too young to be brought out. But they do go to the nearby park in the 'big vehicle'. Her teacher was with her throughout the year, no change. Overall, her everyday school is a happy day. High fees, high expectations. I do fret at times too...

My son has been in Pats Baby Haven for the last 16 months and he's never been happier! The teachers may be young but definitely competent and very kind/ caring. It's a loving environment and my son has learnt so much there! i've had 2 scrapbooks since and had 3 parent-teacher sessions. I'd say you'd have nothing to worry about if you send your kid there.