Any advice for Chinese tutor?


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I’m looking for a Chinese tutor for my son recently. After taking several trial lessons (thankfully almost all of them were free), I’m considering take a 3-month course in ShuoCN and wanna some advice.

Firstly, they offer 1 on 1 tutoring which means makes the course personalization possible. Actually my son used to be naughty but during the lesson he was quite focused. That’s the main reason why I want to choose ShuoCN. Before the lesson, both the teacher and we knew nothing about each other and most of the teachers couldn’t do the tutoring well. Only ShuoCN quickly arranged a new high-matched teacher for my son and the curriculum consultant tried to arrange Yao for my son due to his naughtiness.

I wonder if anyone has ever taken their lesson before and how is the course. THKs!
Does anybody know of a good Cantonese tutor on Lamma? My two boys attend the Lamma Primary school and need some extra tutoring during the week.
Hi please text me at 8113 4369, I might be able to help you source out tutors to your preferred location/time/budget