Any advice - can pregnant attend wedding?


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Dear all,

My cousin is getting married next month.

I'm currently 2 months pregnant, can I attend his tea ceremony?




I attended a friend's wedding when I was pregnant; she was perfectly fine with it.

However, not every bride/groom feels the same way. It is best to ask your cousin if she is ok with it.



Oh, i never hear such things before and i attended a few weddings when i was pregnant. But like highheels mentioned, it will be good to check with them if they are ok, especially with their parents.



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Everyone wants me to be there, even my grandma, aunties say it's perfectly fine for me to be there.

But you all know lah, old wives tales say pregnant woman & bride will crash the luck...

Hai~~ really dunno wat to hear wat not to hear.

I will avoid the "ji shi", it's an auspicious time for the bride & groom.

Tea ceremony no need to follow auspicious time, so it should be fine.

Thanks all, you really ease my worries.



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i think is ok , no problem .. i attend wedding too when i was preggy , and not once . But for baby full month , i was told not to attend =)



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GO for wedding dinner ba... avoid the tea ceremony better [IMG=]

my opinion [IMG=]



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from what i understand, for the preggy is ok, but the thing is the couple, as long as newly wed don't mind, it is ok for preggy to attend. Cos supposedly, pregnant woman is "stronger" than the newly wed and will sort of suppress the "xi qi" of the newly wed, so some newly wed or parents will mind. I have informed one of my friends that I am preggy and if she is ok, she was rather straight forward to tell me that her parents will mind and so she chose not to send invitation to me which both of us are ok with that.

For full month, my CL told me that you have to inform the parents if they feel that the baby is the pantang kind, they will not invite you. But actually as long as preggy carry the newborn, they will not be afraid anymore. Cos the pantang saying goes that newborn are petty towards the unborn child and will cry a lot after they saw the pregnant lady but once you carry the baby, they will not be petty already (cos share love ah). Well, depending on how pantang the other party is.



I guess no harm at all to attend wedding [IMG=]

Not sure if pregnant can attend other people's baby 1st mth bday thou..was told to avoid eating the red eggs

Well i attended both types of events far so good :D



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I also think it is ok to attend a wedding even if you are pregnant. But what I knew that pregnant women should not attend is a funeral. Many told me not to attend a friend's funeral when I was pregnant. I just don't understand why.



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I did not attend wedding throughout my pregnancy, though not very supertitious but try to avoid 红事对红事, good for both parties




I heard that when pregnant less than 4 months can't attending wedding after 4 months you can go.

As for furneral better to avoid throughout the pregnancy as it is not good for the mother and baby.



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i certainly don't bother...but i will always ask the other party if they (and their old folks) mind or not.



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[IMG=] saw this thread just in right moment! Was just debating with my hubby just now regarding this issue. I also think that by attending wedding dinner should be ok, cos its like a celebration for the couple and not really the tea ceremony where all the Xi qi is there? Hmm..dunno. But like you ladies mentioned, will check with the couple first..



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just to share my experience...

for my cousin wedding last yr (preggie with #2), i did not attend the tea ceremony in the morning, but went for the wedding dinner. to me, the wedding dinner is like a 9/10 course meal in a restuarant/hotel. furthermore, the tea ceremony has happened at the auspicious hr in the morning...

month old celebration ===> my mum also advised me not to attend, afraid that the happy event will 冲 my unborn baby but i still go. but i did not eat the red eggs/cakes

funeral ===> did not attend at all, even the 白金 i did not even give. if my hb attend a wake, his clothes (wore to the wake) will be washed separately from mine.



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Princess&Prince T (gemini),

I have just attended my friend's son full month which is celebrated after the actual full month date. I did eat the buffet and pastry but there is no red eggs and cake there. Will that be fine ?



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hi superhappymum,

same as u, i only eat the buffet stuff when i attend the month old celebration. to me, so far so good



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