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Any Admin Job available?

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by limginny, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. limginny

    limginny New Member

    Hi, I intend to look for a job which is somewhere nearer to my homeplace (staying in SK) so that I can look after my kid. Anyone any recommendation?

  2. limginny

    limginny New Member

    Preferably company which is pro-family type...
  3. kisses21

    kisses21 New Member

    any1 interested in for a/c cum admin job in serangoon area?
  4. amark1314

    amark1314 Member

    hi, ang mo kio/yio chu kang area ok with you? there is buses to get back to sengkang quickly. pro-family type. let me know ok?
  5. galleria

    galleria Member

    hi ginny,

    hope u don mind.. I am looking for these pro-family type of companies near amk/SK/yck area too... But I have no a/c exp.. only got admin exp...Thanks
  6. bernard_5770

    bernard_5770 New Member

  7. totomum

    totomum Member


    I'm also looking for jobs from pro-family companies. I have an engineering degree but am currently in an operations role, working in a bank. thanks!
  8. blurqueen30

    blurqueen30 Active Member

    Hi all,
    Im looking for an admin executive job too. Intend to leave this co soon, so wana find a job 1st b4 i leave. Do let me know if any of your co is recruiting staff. Thks!
  9. dec_mummy

    dec_mummy Member

    Hi all, Im looking for a admin job too, if hv lobang, pls let me know,thanks!
  10. hippybaby

    hippybaby Member


    my company (in Shenton Way area) looking for admin executive, contract for 1 year (due to perm head count freeze), renewable.

    If interested, pls email your resume to hippy_baby2@yahoo.com
  11. vulnerable

    vulnerable Active Member

    hi mummiess...

    my coy is urgently looking for admin asst...
    working area: upper thomson....

    pls email: aliciacher@hotmail.com
  12. jenni84

    jenni84 Member


    I looking for part time admin job near yishun. anyone?
  13. jessp

    jessp Member

  14. akohcp

    akohcp Member

    My company is looking for (Japanese Speaking) Customer Speaking Executive

    * Min 1-2 years phone customer service experience
    Anyone interested can PM me . Thanks.
  15. hugosmom

    hugosmom New Member

    Posting on behalf of my company:

    Accountants (1-year contract)
    (Singapore - Kallang Way)


    You will be responsible for revenue and expenses analysis, accounts reconciliation, variance analysis and reporting, commission management as well as fixed asset and inventory control.

    Degree/Diploma in Accountancy or equivalent with at least 2 years’ working experience in a related field
    Familiar with IFRS and SOX404
    Familiar with MS excel
    Team player with good organizational and multiple task management abilities

    Anyone interested can send me your resume to mrsteng@gmail.com
  16. piggychoo

    piggychoo New Member

    hi I am oso looking for job hopfully can find one with pro-family companies.Had been working as account assistant for many year.Had quitted two yr to look after my newborn boy.now finally he can attend childcare.Pls intro me.hopefully can find one soon.
  17. babymumcsaa

    babymumcsaa New Member

    Hi all Mum

    I am a search consultant whoch can help all of your to look for job.

    Kindly email me you resume :zhao2406@gmail.com
  18. ray_shin

    ray_shin New Member

    I am looking for a weekend/freelance accounting with full set of accounts on yearly, quaterly or monthly basis to do at home.... Any company wants to outsource their accounting jobs can email me sunshine_foo@yahoo.com. Many thanks!
  19. hello mommies,

    im looking for anyone who would like to work as a telemarketer.. if anyone is interested pls do contact me on my mobile at 96520046
  20. wiky

    wiky Active Member

    Hi mummies,
    I'm from a recruitment firm. You can email me your resume at admin@credohr.com.sg if you are looking for a job.
  21. getrichislife

    getrichislife New Member

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    Hope you are able to enjoy this to earn extra income for yourself or to help your husband to relieve the household burden.

    Best Regards
  22. skhs

    skhs New Member

    Can check out Adam Khoo Training Centre, many different courses, Wealth Academy and Patterns of Excellence, very good.
  23. ling1312

    ling1312 New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    I'm leaving my boss for a Full time job but feel bad as they treated me very well while working part time for them.

    They are definitely family orientated and working with them is flexible.

    Kindly PM me if interested. Thanks.
  24. diamonds_mum

    diamonds_mum Member

    My company need a temp admin staff, experience. $5 per hour. 10am to 5pm. As and when needed. Please email me at diamondsmum@yahoo.com.sg
  25. ling1312

    ling1312 New Member

  26. ling1312

    ling1312 New Member

    A friend of mine who is a Financial Adviser need a part time Admin to help her do paper work. Interested party can email her at shereenongpc@gmail.com
  27. tinylikes

    tinylikes New Member


    similar to above, my hubby is looking for a full time PA to help with Admin work.

    Company has a very gd culture that encourages growth and the pple are nice.

    its located at tanjong pagar area.

    if interested pls e-mail me at tinylikes@gmail.com

  28. tinylikes

    tinylikes New Member

    or if you have anyone that might be interested pls get them to contact me.

  29. crescent

    crescent Member


    without exp in PA ok?
    and if preggy ook?
  30. tinylikes

    tinylikes New Member

    Hi, exp not needed, but preggers not suitable.
  31. teenoyl

    teenoyl Member

    Hi Mummies

    A local, young and dynamic C&S consultant firm located at Bt Merah Central, we are looking for temp Admin immediate till end Apr 10 or May 10..

    Simple admin work such as answering telephone call, check & disseminate emails, type letters and other adhoc recep/admin work.

    Can work Monday - Friday, 8.30am-5.30pm.

    Please email resume to : kktconsl@yahoo.com.sg
  32. jenni84

    jenni84 Member


    Any account assistant job at north side 5days week to intro?
  33. peapods

    peapods New Member

    Hi dear mummy

    I'm very happy in this line and would like to welcome you to be part of my team as a real estate professional.

    We have more than 500 agents within my team, a platform to provide u effective networking. We also have our own Realtime web system with more than 5000 free listings, in detail (full address with unit no) and all of us in the team have access into the system. Once u are part of our Team, you can use all the listings in the systems to kick-start immediately and work towards your first closing.

    Most importantly in our team, you will never work alone.

    If you have been looking for around for job opportunities or wish to know more, do give me a call at 8188-0230 or PM me. I'll be glad to help you out.

    Many thanks for taking time to read this. Hope to hear from you soon!
  34. vionloke

    vionloke New Member

    Hi mummies,

    I'm in Internet business. If anyone is interested to earn some extra cash during your free time as WM or SAHM while taking care of your kids, click on this link to know more on what I'm doing....


    Cheers. 
  35. wenlim777

    wenlim777 New Member

  36. sayanggal80

    sayanggal80 New Member

  37. twinklestarsjta

    twinklestarsjta New Member

    Hi Vionna,

    What did you do for your internet business? Need to pay upfront? Can see earning fast. I am in need to earn fast income as need to pay for my mum medicine urgently. I looking more for homebase or work in the morning.
  38. vionloke

    vionloke New Member

    Hi twinklestarsjta,

    Do spend some time to browse through the site to know more. Whether you will earn big n fast money will depends on individual.

  39. bel22

    bel22 Member

    Hi Ally,

    Can you share how you generate your income through the system? What type of hardwork you need to work in order to make it success?

    I read the web and it require you to buy the book. You bot? Is it really work?
  40. pll

    pll New Member

    Hi, I am a mummy of 2 also and work on my own time on consulting, accounting and hr jobs as well.

    My company actually paying commission to person who introduce new clients to us on Recruitment matters. I think this is suitable for mummies who really like to earn some extra money and no commitment of time and work required.

    Very easy, just introduce us the HR in charge for the companies and engage us as their recruitment consultant. No cost for the engagement to the client. So long the company hire someone through our company within these 2 year time and the introducer will get the commission of certain % on the fee.

    If you are interested, do pm me for detail.
  41. bel22

    bel22 Member


    Can PM me more details? I can introduce my friend who is in hr to you. She is looking for candidates.
  42. diamonds_mum

    diamonds_mum Member

    I am looking for a Part Time Receptionist that can work Monday to Friday between 9am to 3pm. Interested please email me at: mbsrestaurants@gmail.com
  43. mrs_choy

    mrs_choy Member

    I am looking for permanent admin job in any industry, looking at 5 days and at town area. Please pm me if u have any lobang. thanks
  44. URGENTLY looking for admin staff to work at bukit timah area.

    interested please send resume to samanthakoh13@gmail.com

  45. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    Hi all,
    my office is looking for a temp staff, End July - mid Oct 2011.

    1. Knows Excel, emails
    2. Physically fit, lots of walking to do
    3. Able to multi-task
    4. Responsible Adult
    5. Must be above 18 yr old
    6. Able to work late & on weekends

    Pls PM if keen,
    thank you. [​IMG]
  46. Radiance

    Radiance Member

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a job in purchasing/procurement. Preferably in east side. pls sms 97651618.

  47. xoxolight

    xoxolight Active Member

    Hi Mummies,

    I have 1x Marketing Assistant position open that has been tailored for a mum who is looking for something flexible and home-based.

    1) Working hours: 2-5pm and this can be gradually scaled to normal working hours (9am-6pm). The working hours are guidelines only - more importantly, we value the results of your work.

    2) Job description: To provide support and help execute key marketing initiatives. Candidate should ideally be comfortable in handling some sales/telemarketing roles as well. You will be dealing with product principals from Europe/Japan/Asia and distributors within South-East Asia.

    3) Social media familiarity and good spoken/written English would be an advantage.

    4) Ability to handle emails, essential computer skills (Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Adobe Reader) etc is required. You should also own your own computer at home. Otherwise, you'd need to be based in office.

    5) You will be able to work from home 90% of the time, if you are suitably equipped with your own PC. We may require you in office for briefings and key meetings. During these occasions, if you have a young child and need to bring him/her along, we wouldn't mind.

    6) The ideal candidate should be a mature, reliable and stable individual.

    7) The industry we work in is involved in retail consumer products. Note, this is not a direct-selling position. Given the openness of this forum, I am sorry I will not be able to disclose much more than this until and unless you are shortlisted as a candidate.

    If you are interested, kindly PM me with a brief introduction about yourself as well as your contact number. Thank you!
  48. ublur

    ublur Active Member

    I am looking for a admin staff

    3 days a wk
    4 hrs/day
    town area

    Please PM me if you are interested
  49. comching

    comching Member

    Looking for a Accounts Clerk cum Admin Asst @ Mandai area. 5 days week.

    To help out during my maternity leave & may be for permanent.

    Pls PM me your Resume/experience & expected salary.
  50. jessbritt

    jessbritt Member


    My office looking for a Technical Operation Executive at Macpherson Rd.

    Mon- Fri (9 - 6.30pm)

    Please PM me if you are interested

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