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Antenatal Package at Raffles Hospital

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by cheerios29, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. cheerios29

    cheerios29 Member

    Hi my earlier thread has been deleted. Would like to re-post my thread here. Pls post ur comments whether is it worth to sign up such a package? Thanks.

    Our Antenatal Package for Normal Delivery includes:

    Antenatal Visits
    Monthly visits from 12 weeks
    2 weekly from 32 - 36 weeks
    Weekly visits from 36 weeks onwards

    Antenatal supplements

    Urine tests for sugar and albumin

    Three routine ultrasound examinations at appropriate intervals

    Normal delivery fee

    One Post-Natal Visit 1 - 2 weeks after delivery

    Assisted And Caesarean Delivery

    If assisted delivery or caesarean delivery is required, the package price will be adjusted accordingly
    Forceps / Vacuum delivery - Additional $300
    Caesarean section - Additional $900

  2. reiner

    reiner Active Member

    me took up RH package too with Dr Tony Tan... how about you?

    found that RH package is on high side... as compare to my previous gynae @ GlenE...

    btw do you know how much is the epidural cost?
  3. ah_ren

    ah_ren New Member

    hi cheerios,
    Not sure how much it is now but I took up this pkg in 2007 with Dr YG Tan for 2K and feel tat it is ok. I did not incur any other extra costs except for the 1st tri test. Hope that helps! [​IMG]
  4. cheerios29

    cheerios29 Member

    Well, i haven took up any package yet. Still deciding whether to change hospital. Currently seeing Dr Watt at Raffles Women Clinic...Everyone been telling me that Raffles is very exp...so i've been hesitating..

    reiner > since u oso heard that Raffles is on high side, have u tot of changing too? Sorry i haven ask much abt those costs, like epidural, etc...coz im still in early stage.
  5. emily08

    emily08 New Member

    I feel that Raffles is quite a good hospital especially for its service although its slightly expensive than any other hospitals =) Morever it has many clinics all over singapore which is also more convenient for all mums-to-be for their monthly check up if their preferred hospital is not that accessible from their place.
  6. ayuki

    ayuki Member

    I signed up with Dr Thong at Raffles for S$3400 earlier this year cos mine are twins. Agree that it is on the high side but feel it is worth it cos my doc is very experienced with twins and i love the nurses there..all very nice and professional. I've been seeing her every 3 weeks since and most visits includes an ultrasound scan..do dun worry about them saying the scan is only limited to 3 times.
  7. lsentan

    lsentan New Member

    have jus gave birth and my doc is DR Watt wing Fong from RH, but she also register at ESH. My First BB was at RH, but this time round i think they increase the price. But service wise, RH is Good!
  8. memoryscrap

    memoryscrap Member


    My 2 previous birth were at RH under Dr Thong too. But this #3, I've somewhat changed to TMC for fear of another csection as Dr Thong tends to pro csection although she is very skilful and pro and also very reasuring. I must admit that RH is the best hospital and the service is very good!

    My qtn is, since I've missed (am now 19wks) the 12wks package which she is charging me at $2k, will you still gg bk to her for another elective csection or to get another opinion from sm1 else??
  9. fire8826

    fire8826 New Member


    in my opinion, it is still advisable to go back to RH.
  10. fire8826

    fire8826 New Member

    one of my colleague went to Gleneagles and they paid abt the same price as RH.

    My gynae was Dr Watt Wing Fong. Until now, i find that she is quite professional.

    RH service is very good also and the nurses are more caring.
  11. jane0312

    jane0312 New Member

    Dear mothers or mothers-to-be, if you are looking for an experienced nanny, feel free to contact my mom by sending me a personal message.

    My mom has a lot of experience taking care of children as well as newborn. willing to take care for day and night.

    TKTOTTS Active Member

    HI all,

    I juz gave birth to my 2nd bb in RH. My 1st bb also was from RH.

    I do find packaging is EX.. BUt very worth it.
    I can call anytime if I need advice from my doc.
    My doc does nt pressure me to go C-sect for my 2nd bb. (She allow me to try natural birth 1st)

    I only save on the rm bills. I choose 4 bedded rm. Usually the rm is nt fully occupied. For both delivery, I hv the 4-bedded rm to myself for almost 2 days. (even bigger then 1 bedded rm)
  13. jennlee

    jennlee New Member


    I am due to deliver in Raffles Hospital next month. I plan to BF and would like to know if any of you had any experience with the lactation care provided by RH.

    Do they have good lactation specialist to guide you on the first BF and on getting it right.
  14. izu

    izu New Member

    I delivered my bb last Dec at RH and Dr Thong was my gynae. She's really good and bb natural birth altho had initial scare of a C-Sect. She tried her best to avoid the C-sect.

    In terms of cost, it's money well spent. We have ultrascan everytime we visited her and the rooms were great and nurses most helpful.

    They have a good lactation specialist except that her services is wanted by many so do reserve your appointment fast with her. They have a simple briefing class (with video and nurse explanation) before you check out of hospital. It is there that the lactation specialist shall be there to answer your questions. They played a video too.
  15. chnyle

    chnyle Member

    hi jane0312 i cant send you a pm. Maybe you like to pm me instead.
  16. ah_zi

    ah_zi New Member


    I delivered my bb tis year jan. Dr Watt is my gynae and she was quite gd. When my stay at the hospital, the nurse is helpful and respond to my request veri fast as i was stay in 1 bedded to let my hubby acc mi throught the nite, he oso tink their services r gd.
  17. sheelaa

    sheelaa Member

    Hi ,
    I'm new to this thread ..looking for a new gynae since my current one to pessimistic . I saw good reviews on Dr.Tony Tan Yew Teck (raffles) . Anyone knows which clinic does he practise ?
  18. ah_zi

    ah_zi New Member

    Hi Sheela,
    If I was not wrong, he is onli station at raffles hospital
  19. ariajo

    ariajo Active Member

    if i don't remember wrongly, dr tony did my detailed scan..he's not my gynae though but i find him very calm and gentle.. make me feel very comfortable [​IMG]
  20. bie

    bie New Member

    Hi Sheela,
    Dr Tony Tan did my detailed scan and also the amnio test. He was patient and nice and "careful", didnt handle me "roughly". Anyway if I am not wrong, he is the only one who does the detailed scan and amnio test at RH itself for all preggies seeing other RH gynaes.

    My first gynae was from Gleneagles. Didnt like him cos he is damn sarcastic but his skills really good very professional.

    My 2nd Gynae was Dr Watt Wing Fong from RH, clinic at Compass Point. Me and Hubby really liked the whole experience from our first visit till delivery. Dr Watt is very patient, nice and caring. Most importanly, she really bothers to explain to great length every single details. Even though it was my 2nd baby, she didnt assume that I knew everything. When I looked puzzled, she would repeat everything again. Every visit was good. Scan to see baby thoroughly, hear heartbeat etc. THe hospital itself also nice.

    HOpe this helps.
  21. sheelaa

    sheelaa Member

    Thanks Ah Zi,Aria & Bie ..that's helpful. So i guess Dr. Tony practices in Raffles. I was also thinking of seeing Dr.Watt since I stay at Sengkang but then i heard a lot of comments that women Dr's are quite rough and all..so was not sure ...however noticed that there's a lot positive feedback on Dr. Watt..maybe i should meet her for consultation instead of assuming ...sighh ..it's my 1st baby and I'm still quite blurr.blurr ..thanks again gals..
  22. ah_zi

    ah_zi New Member

    Hi Sheela,
    Understand ur feeling, as when i was preg tat time i was oso veri blur (1st bb). Now bb is 3+mths old. Motherhood is a long journey for us to learn. If still got questions, do post. C wheather i will b able to help.
  23. sheelaa

    sheelaa Member

    Hi Zi , Congrats on ur newborn ..girl2 or boy2 ? Agree with you..lots of things out there to know . By the way did u go for the childbirth Education classes ? some friends say they attended in KK , i saw a brochure at MtAlvernia . Not sure which one is good..what you think?
  24. ah_zi

    ah_zi New Member

    Hi Sheela,
    Thanks. is a boi. I did not attend any childbirth education class, as i dun tink is helpful. But is all up to u. btw how many months r u in ur pregnacy?
  25. sheelaa

    sheelaa Member

    Hi Zi, i'm cross'g my fingers i'll have a boy boy too.I'm in my 4th month (17th wk's actually).Think will go for scanning in a week Ohh..u did'nt attend the classes huh ..i wanted to do it for my hubby , i think i'm quite up to date since i like to read a lot [​IMG] but he does'nt know anything much ...so at least he's got opportunity to know something about childbirth instead of getting panic later ;)
  26. shills

    shills New Member


    im a first time mum and just signed up a package with dr watt at RH. Hear alot of positive comments about her and am wondering if shes gd with high risk births. cos i was told that i have placenta preavia from a gynae i saw at gleaneagles and am really worried. dr Watt seems very nice but am still not too sure.
  27. sheelaa

    sheelaa Member

    hi shills, i just had an appoinment (1st) with her yesterday ..changed gynae...she seems to be okay but i'm also not sure whether she's good with high risk births.If i'm you,i may try Dr. Tony Tan at Raffles ,he's definetely qualified and has more experience with high risks births. Also, as you wud hv read in the thread ..he does most of the Amnio and other tests required for pregnancy complications etc.. By the way , can i ask how much you signed up for the package? I asked her and she told me to wait till the Amnio is done, by the time the results are out and nx appoinment if fixed..i will be 20wks oredi , so not very sure whether to take up the package. I also find it very weird for them to charge operating cost etc. seperately.The consultation is not cheap either, though it states that 1st consultation starts at $85, i was charged $100 ..plus test, scan etc..was bout $270
  28. girlizz

    girlizz Member

    May I know how much is the antenatal package with Dr Tony Tan? You mean ultrasound is not done at every visit? Thanks!
  29. yatiehanny

    yatiehanny New Member

    Dr Tony Tan was my gynae when I gave birth to my 2nd child at KKH in 2004. Very good, fuss free and handled the delivery very smoothly. Too bad that he's moved on to RH. I dont think I can afford to go there for my 3rd child.
  30. girlizz

    girlizz Member

    I just found out package with Dr Tony Tan @ RH will come up between $2500 - $3500. If you wish to see him starting from 12th week, it's $3500. Very ex.. [​IMG]
  31. ah_ren

    ah_ren New Member

    Hi girlizz, I m not sure how much Dr Tony Tan is charging cos I m seeing another doc, Dr YG Tan at RH now. He is the head of the Women's Centre and he is charging me $2200 for his antenatal pkg (price went up since I delivered 2 yrs back!). I paid $1k upfront starting from week 10, bal payable only upon check-in for delivery.
  32. girlizz

    girlizz Member

    Thanks ah ren.. thanks a lot for your info. Oh, the balance payment for antenatal package is paid during admission. I wonder if that's why I read total hospital bill will end up ard $5k for normal delivery w/o assistance, 1 bedded. [​IMG]
  33. sheelaa

    sheelaa Member

    Ah ren's package at $2.2 starting wk 10 is extremely good...anyone knows how much is Dr. Watt's antenatal package ? if too ex , i think better pay pervisit and skip unnecessary scans.
  34. ~dg~

    ~dg~ New Member

    hi can anyone share wat does Dr Watt's antenatal package consists of and how much? and wat's her delivery charge for elective c-sect?
  35. sheelaa

    sheelaa Member

    HHhhmm..is it a secret [​IMG] ..noone seem to be sharing Dr.Watt's package info..
  36. shills

    shills New Member

    Hi Sheelaa, sorry for replying so late. i signed for the antenatal package for $1100. a litle ex i think
  37. shills

    shills New Member

    since i've signed up with RH, I think i will stick with dr watt. i have a rather unpleasant exp with my second gynae. she gave a different diagnosi fr dr watt and that freaked me out. however, i checked with another gynae (dr l.c foong fr gleangles) and his assessment concurs with dr watt. so now i feel safe [​IMG] besides dr watt is really nice and reassuring.
  38. sheelaa

    sheelaa Member

    Hi Shills ,np..thanks for your reply. I'm now seeing Dr.Watt too.When i changed from my previous gynae to Dr.Watt i was already bout 18wks. So when i checked with her on my last visit about the need for package(after my amnio+detail scan at raffles) she told me it's not wise since i'm also on my own vitamins and if i deliver early than the package will not be worth it. I agree too since i estimate another 7 visits will hopefully cost me less than $800. By the way the package u took is quite reasonable if you started early , my previous gynae quoted me $2k lehh..and it starts from ww20.
  39. shills

    shills New Member

    Hi Sheela, yah its seems to work out to be more cost effective. Actually i only signed up at abt week 17 to 18, also quite late. but since i was undecided at that time its better not to commit early. anyway, dr watt is pretty nice and friendly yah? i like her filipina nurse too [​IMG]
  40. sheelaa

    sheelaa Member

    Hi Shills, ya .Dr. Watt is easy to talk to and she answers all questions in a straightforward manner ,we're comf. with her . I'm seeing her in Sengkang,i don't see any phil. nurse ur refering ..only 2 chinese nurses. 1 lady nurse (a little plump, think more senior) and one more who's like extremely new@reception (she's friendlier though). I don't really like the senior one,1st time i went they already made appoinment stating that i'm changing gynae etc,,ect..i def. look pregnant..than she can ask me ..r u pregnant?want to test? while taking my pressure ..piang..then act as though she know everything..when i fixed my appoinment later with the new nurse for weekend for amnio/detail scan slots at RH...she can interfere and tell the new nurse dun fix wkend slots..i then told the new nurse to inform Dr.Watt, later they call back and say can ...i wish they change that nurse and get someone better and friendlier.
  41. j2mum

    j2mum New Member

    Both my children is delivered by Dr Lee from Raffles. Althought it's on the high price, but i love the service they provide there. The nurse they are very friendly, esp the nurse at the delivery ward. What i like is that when you deliver, you don't have to move from the waiting room to the delivery suit. They admit you to the delivery suit straight and the nurse they are very friendly. Anyway i save alot of money for my husband as i'm normal delivery without any gas or epidual, haha..
  42. memoryscrap

    memoryscrap Member


    I've finally decided to go bk to Dr Thong since when I'm 34wks. She is so happy to see us again and as expected, very reassuring! This time as I also did my own hmwk in ensuring my bb is gaining weight so she din ask me to del my bb earlier than expected except I nd to deliver b4 I go into labor since I will be elective csection due to previous 2 "misfortuned" csections.

    We are just very glad that we came bk to RH after seeing how the hosp handles H1N1 as compared to TMC as its more tense over there. This is also one of the reason why we came bk to RH. Saw the 2 hosp bills, there's not much diff and we feel that safety is most impt and to me, being bk to familiar plc is great! So I'm tentatively gvg birth few days b4 NDP. [​IMG]
  43. ~dg~

    ~dg~ New Member

    2 wks ago when i visited dr watt for my checkup, she told me that for mummies that are delivering in 2010, her antenatal package increased to $1200. lucky i signed on that day she still charge me $1100!! me EDD in end jan.
  44. sheelaa

    sheelaa Member

    Hi Esther ,
    What's the delivery charge for Normal delivery without epi/gas ? Do you hv further discounts on DBS card? hmmm..they charge for gas ? i thot that's part of the package [​IMG] just preparing ..

    Hi Memoryscrap,
    All the best ..before NDP huh..that's real soon

    Hi Dumbger,
    At last we know someone who's willing to share Dr.Watt's package...so , you're in your 12th week?
  45. ~dg~

    ~dg~ New Member

    hi sheela
    when i signed up i was in my 11th week actually, lucky dr watt allowed me to sign based on old price. i'm now 13wks already. her delivery fee is now $1200 for normal delivery w/o assistance (previously was $1100). w forceps/vacuum is additional $500. c-sect additional $1000.

    DBS woman's card discount not applicable for package. those that are separate from package (like blood test) will have 5% discount.
  46. sheelaa

    sheelaa Member

    Hi dumbger,
    Thanks for your update , that's quite a good package actually cos you hv a long way to go and it includes vitamins .

    Goood to know that there's a 5% dis on blood test etc..i was not told and almost done most of the tests actually ...except the blood sugar check on my nx visit..i'll check with them again.

    Is there a 10% dis on Raffles delivery package (room & board) ..do u know?

  47. ~dg~

    ~dg~ New Member

    actually, i didn't know that there was a discount...only when i happen to present my dbs woman's card then the nurses tell me that this card got discount haha. think the uob lady's card also got.

    i'm not sure abt the r&b discount if any leh...cos i plan to deliver at Mt A, not raffles...so didn't ask. [​IMG]
  48. sheelaa

    sheelaa Member

    Ha, ha...okay ..usually my hubby pays..i think they never bother to ask him for ladies cards [​IMG] ohh..ur goin to Mt A huh ... all the best , take care !
  49. j2mum

    j2mum New Member

    I think like no discount on room but i think like the dad stay free for 1 person room cos they like didn't charge me for that.
    You can call them and ask, last 2 year i know DBS woman card got free room upgrade but now i not sure...
  50. sheelaa

    sheelaa Member

    Hi Esther,
    Thanks so much for the info ., will definetely check it out .


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