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Another very bad service in SGP happened in Dress Culture in Tampines Mall

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by dragongirl11, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. dragongirl11

    dragongirl11 New Member

    Hi all,

    Will not buy anything from this shop ever after the service I received last night. The sales woman asked if I want to try the dresses after I tried two dresses I even said thank you as I do not find that suitable.
    She ignore me and by giving me that someone has owe her a million dollars kind of face
    I called up the shop the next day to launch a complain who knows the boss, Joanne just said apologize and will investigate but she did not even ask me who the sales was and told me she got a lot of customer to attend to. It is very obvious that the boss is even more unprofessional and not to mention about the stuffs under her.

    SGP service level drop a lot compare to other countries how can they boost up the economy by having such a terrrible service level?

    Big ban for this shop!

  2. mehui

    mehui New Member

    I've met worse.

    Asked a sales lady to check on stocks for pram. She did so and then turned around to continue gossiping about her boss and colleagues, using loud and vulgar language.

    When I asked if she could lower her volume as bb was sleeping, she smiled and said okay. But, once I turned my back, she complained and said okay. A few minutes later, she complained to her younger colleagues (thinking I cannot understand Chinese dialect): "ask me to call check goods and then ask me to keep quiet so what she expect me to do..." I politely pointed out to her that it was her loud and vulgar words that were jarring, not the checking up over the phone. Plus my baby was asleep in the stroller then. Hb was very angry that she twisted her words. She finally stared back and said: "Sorry lor.". I complained to the main shop at Tanglin but the staff insisted there must be a mistake and we misunderstood her intentions/words.

    Many staff in Singapore don't address issues and problems, preferring to cover up for their colleagues. We totally stopped going to this shop although they sell very nice kids' stuff. She talks like she owns the place (we were there before when shop first opened and the boss was very nice) and talks bad about her employers and management policies openly despite customers around the shop. Amazing she's still working there.

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