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Hi Rachael,

Is your daughter doing the operation under the same hospital? What is the name of the Dr? Are they the trainee?

Gosh, never expect that the doctors in Singapore are so blur.


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Hi Rachel,

I feel for you...

My baby has a cleft palate. She was delivered at TMC too!!

Can U PM me the PD name???

If u dun mind, I would like to seek ur guidance as my baby is going for the operation on 14Apr (6mth). She has a posterior cleft palate.

I am very worried for her as she will have issues with feeding and sleeping. And I understand that her hands will be restriant for few weeks to prevent her from putting her fingers into her mouth to agitate the wound. I think she will shake the whole hospital down with her loud cries!!!

I have few issues to concern, she need her pacifier to sleep, she always put her fingers into her mouth, she sleep on her tummy every night...

I am very fearful of how much she is going to suffer during that few weeks.

Appreciate if you could share how u go through the period.. and is there anything I need to be cautious abt??



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Hi rachel and Limkohwhre are your babies going to have their cleft palate repaired?  Mine as done in KKH on the 8 Jan by doc V.Yeow.  I can say he is really good and confident...  And I find him charming too! hahahahahahahaa

The after operation is some how quite OK..  Will be given a week of children panadol liquid and 2 weeks anti biotics.

After operation, of course the most difficult part is feeding.. She would be afraid to use her palate to suck so will drink VERY little...  Got few days she don't drink water and milk I no choice use spoon and force her dirnk make her cry like hell...  No choice lar! If not gotta bring her back to KKH for drip leh!!!!  And not so easy to find veins, very painful one!  Can poke 5 x then successful!!

do not let her bite anything hard or sharp that would poke the palate...  if not got hole, at 6 yr old has to do op again before going pri 1....

And after feeding MUST flush her mouth with a syringe to clear off the milk clots, if not infection also the same thing, op again.

The stitches drop around 6 weeks... Then after that can have solids.

And you must be able to feed her at least 50ml for 3 feedings then the doc would let you discharge.... I cheated because I can't see her having that plug on her feet which she keeps kicking. One ang moh doc says no worry cuz babies don't know what is pain. But we parents do =(


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Hi Rachel,

Agreed that it is unacceptable that those "people" can missed out on something like that. We trusted them but in return what do we get, poorer but no better.

I am not so lucky, my baby died and trust me i did the same thing like you (going through lawyer and stuff like that). But at the end of the day, I asked myself, can I bring back my dear son back to me, by my side? So I decided to let go coz it is too painful.....and I know i can't have him back.


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Hi Rachel and all other mummies

I just stumbled upon this thread...

I am sorry for what your baby, you and your family have to go through due to very non-professional management of doctors...

I delivered my girl at TMC and was seeing a PD there as well...currently not in Singapore thus pls pm me the name of the PD so that I can take the PD out of my consultation list...

Thanks and best wishes to you!


Hi Rachel,

Happened to read this thread. Your baby suffered so much really pain my heart!

May I know who is this PD, I will advise my TMC mummy frens be aware of such unprofessional chap. This PD deserves a suspension!


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Geez... got to know this thread really late but still...

I think Rachel's baby is very brave and so is Rachel. All mothers will understand the pain - it feels worse when our children suffers and we can't do anything to lift the burden.

I hope Rachel's baby is recovering well and growing fine. Best wishes!

I had a case of misdiagnose too and my child would have died if I didn't seek another professional opinion. See here:

We didnt let the cough doc know of his mistake. We are just super thankful that someone close the loop hole and save our child. We are not in the position to tell anyone (Rachel or others) to forgive the doctors who have made a mistake. But do be thankful that somehow, somewhere, someone, realise the mistake early enough to rectify before our beloved suffers lifelong.

Most of us are not medically trained and rely on the doctors to advise us. So it's a rude shock if we realise that the doctor we trust has made a mistake.

But do think about this: Is the law fair? Some people say the law is fair. But why do we have law breakers who are locked up or hanged and only to realise years later, they were innocent? So how fair is the law? Well, the law is still fair but the laws are carried out by humans and humans are known to err.


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Hi Rachel,

My daughters had been going to a PD at TMC since birth too. Maybe can let me know which PD that is?

I am due in Oct 09 for my 3rd baby. will like to be more careful in this area.


Hi Rachel,

Would like to know the PD name too. I delivered at TMC in '07 and was allocated a PD but his clinic at ME. Bought my bb there for a few times and I didn't like the waiting time as it was always crowded and PD seems to be rushing thro' things. The last thing that made me snapped was how he handled my newborn. He was totally rough and flipped my bb like a roti prata. Maybe as an experienced PD, they know how to handle newborn without hurting them though it looked really rough. So I switched PD.

By God's grace I found this wonderful wonderful PD which even my friends were shocked of hearing my reviews. This PD not only is patient with each case. She can spend 45 mins with us going thro' details. Never ever rushed things thro'. Her appointment is scheduled at 1 child per 30 mins! And the thing that is most surprising was she'll call me up on my hp PERSONALLY after each new consultation to follow up. Once my son caught a bad virus, she called me every other day to follow up on his situation and ask me to email her at anytime even when he is not ill just to ask for advise. She never failed to reply my emails. Thumbs up and 10/10 PD!

Btw, I'm interested to know which PD it was cos' my friend just delivered at TMC. Wanna make sure it is not this PD and if it is, make sure she check her bb properly.



I am not shock on TMC negligence. When my frens gave birth there on dec08, I was surprised by how the nurses answer her questions on lactation and the hesistation on helping her to burp the baby correctly. They were not all friendly or helpful. I gave birth at east shore n god knows how many times I call up for the nurses to help me with feeding, burping n latching. They even waited patiently to see how I do it n when I succeeded they left the room. The nurses at TMC looks as if they want to go off immediately after teaching my fren although my fren was still pretty confuse on handling the baby. And she is staying in the one bedded room which means she is paying much much more... One of the nurse even broke her pump. Also, they could not help u sterlize the bottle n could not help her with her constpation when she had it at night as she was asking for prune juice since they cannot give her any med without the doc around. Reason being the cafeteria is closed n this happened at 9pm. My gosh... I was just shock by how they expect my fren to withstand the pain throughout the night.after my delivery, I had constipation pain in the middle of the night around 12am n the nurse at east shore was so nice to advise me n get for me prune juice since I refuse any medicine cos don't want to get diarrhea. And I tot they would do the same at TMC... Such a dissapointment!


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I have the same case as Rachel abt the doc negligence at TMC when my baby was born. really nothing we can do. Now my baby gal follow up at KK (Cleft palate). Second, app on Jan 2010. Rachel hope you can let me know where you do the operation and who the doc that forgot insert the tube to baby ear???? Thanks.

Not sure if this thread is still alive.
My son's cleft patate is being repaired in KKH by Vincent Yeow. and ENT is by Prof Henry.


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Same here, my gal also had her cleft palate repaired by Dr vincent Yeow and ENT is prof Henry in Jan 09. (Abt 6 mths old).

And then i jus got to know choosing 6 bed is also operated by Dr yeow not other doc as the admin office told me. Wasted $$$ in staying 4bed -_-"

My son's is done in Aug09 (almost 6 mths old too)
Actually when we are doing admin.. they told us if we choose 6 bedded, my son will not be operated by Dr Yeow. But we told her, no one told us this info and further more the letter given by Dr yeow for the admin shows tat he will be handing this surgery.
Guess KKH admin sometime abit ...... really hv to argue with them.


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Can someone PM me the name and clinic of the PD? I recently delivered in TMC. I have this sinking feeling that he may be my daughter's PD....



Hi Mommies,

Delivered my son at TMC last Nov by Dr WK Tan and had PD refered by her. Didnt really like the services provided by the staff at the counter and also not sure about this PD. Would anyone be kind enough to PM me the PD that caused Rachael and her daughter so much pain?

Thanks in Advance


Hi Rach,

My gal also was delivered from TMC and gynae came only an hour after being entangled for an hour and heartbeat dropped. Not sure you think I can lodge a complain too? Any mummies had same thing happened and lodged complain?


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It seems the services offered by TMC is not good enough.
I delivered in MA more than once and was very happy with their services though its always full house even when I gave birth already.
My latest additions to my family are pre-term; I went back to the same PD and was very pleased with his services.
PM me if you need the PD name. Or share here?


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Hi Rachel...

How.. did you manage to get seek legal assistance against the Doctor ?
Any reply from the Singapore Medical Council ? For your case.
Jazreel Soh