Hi Rachel,

So sorry to hear this. My son, who is 22mths also under a PD @ TMC now and will most prob can get the same PD for my 2nd one in Feb next year. Please PM me the PD's name. Thanks.


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many years ago my two daughters were born
there. everything went pretty smoothly perhaps
because the gynae was Mr WC Cheng.


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Hi Frens,

Today the Negligent doctor called me up. Still dare to tell me the cleft palate might not be visible when my baby is borned.

So I let him continue his "bla bla bla lame lame" explanation before I said my piece.

I retorted: " Doctor, my maid has saw the cleft palate when my baby cried. She knew it was a cleft palate, a kind of birth defect. She dared not tell me becos my maid is afraid of offending me. My maid is very aware of cleft babies and kids becos in indonesia there are many cleft babies who left untreated as they hv no money. I felt so stupid to trust all these medical professionals in the 1st place. I saw the cleft but I tot its normal. So silly of me. So what do you have to say doctor ??""

The doctor paused and lower his voice. "" I am not saying its not my fault, I am so sorry this has happened to you. I will get back to you again.""

By the way, the hospital wish to see my husband and I on next week. I will see what kind of explanation they are going to give me.


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I also had a very bad expirence about my father that had admitted to a government hospital on 17 Sept. 08 in B1 ward and ended in the ICU on 22 Oct, 08..

According to the admission X-Ray result on day 1, only the right lung was infected. The left lung is still able to function normally.

We suspect that the doct-in-charge has not practiced his due diligence in treating my dad ahd he had passwed after 16 days in ICU (which was a pain & toture as he cannot talk due to the tube that go thru' his throat). My family are still pending the investigation report from the hospital. I heard that u can sue the government doctor but the hospital will help him due to image issue but it is goning to be a tedious process, will drag for few years and the chances of winning is 50/50... Can anyone advise it is worthwhile to do so..


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Dear TC,

Please consult a lawyer first. They are in a better position to answer your queries. Yes, the hospital will definitely try to protect the doctor. You also need to get a expert opinion as to whether the doc-in-charge has followed the standard of care. If he has NOT followed the standard procedure, then he is liable for negligence.

There are still many many underlying issues involved to determine whether a doctor is negligent. You hv to consult a lawyer 1st, or alternatively, u can read up on books of medical negligence to let u have a better understanding.

You hv my support.



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Hi Rachel,

Vy sorry abt what happen to your girl, hope she will get well soon & the PD's wrong doing will b brought to light soon.

Pls PM me the names of your gynae & the PD, thanks for sharing with us here.

Take care & best of luck


Hi Rachel,

sorry to hear what had happen to ur girl...

My baby are seeing the PD in TMC too.. Can u PM me the PD name.

Thanks & Take Care


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Hi Rachel

Sorry to hear what happen to your daughter.. hope everything is better now

Can you PM me the name of the PD



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Hi Rachel,
Can PM me too. The name of PD &their clinic name? And please keep us posted on the results of your complaint,to the hospital as well as SMC. Really hope that such irresponsible dr will be punished severely for his negligence


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Hi Rachel, so sorry to hear what happened to your baby. Hope that your baby is doing better now.

My boy is also currently seeing a PD in TMC and I suspect it's the same PD. Can you PM me his name? Thanks.


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Dear Frens,

Thank you for your concern. Hv been busy recently. So far the hospital side has been very sincere in apologising to our family.

The Chief Operating Officer, Director of Nursing, and Nursing educator have visited us at my house. They gave a hamper and explain to us how the incident happened this way. They promised that they will change the way things work and will do the neccessary prevention.They also did a refund of my hospital and PD bills.

The thing I am satisfied with, is their sincerity to come all the way to my house and give a thorough explanation cum apologies. Its not the nurses who came, its the directors and COO... You felt that you are valued.

Now I just hope to concentrate on taking care of my girl. Too tired to think of anything else.......
Now that you are willing to let go of the past, hope all is well with you and your darling princess. Take care of yourself and your gal yor. You have pm!


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Hi Rachel, so sorry to hear what happened to your baby. Hope that your girl is doing better now.

My boy is also currently seeing a PD in TMC and I am worried that it's the same PD. Can you PM me his name? Thanks.


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Hi Rachel, sorry to hear abt wat happened to ur baby. i can understand d kinda of anxiety, fustrations u went thru. How's ur girl now? can u pls e-mail me the name of the PD coz i cant pm. my e-mail add is thanks.
May God Bless n Protect ur baby.


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Hi Rachel, so sorry to hear abt this. How is your baby right now? Pls PM me the clinic and his name. Thank you. Hope your baby is doin fine now.


Hi Rachel
Thank God that ur bb is doing fine now.My heart felt u when I read ur situation.

My 3mths bb is also seeing a PD @ TMC.Pls PM me the PD.Thank you.
hi Rachel
gd to hear that u r happy with the outcome with TMC. yes, do put the past behind u & concentrate ur energy on your girl.
can u PM me the PD's name also?
happy new year & hv a great yr ahead
Hi Rachel,

So sad to hear tat... Hope ur gal is better now.
Feel tat the PD shd apologies.

Anyway, wat is past is past.

My gal is oso seeing a PD at TMC... Wld like to know the name of the PD oso... Pls PM me... Thanks.


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Hi Rachel,

I have received your mail already. How is you baby right now? Hope that your baby is doing good.


Hi Rachel,

hope things r going gd.

Kudos to Dr Ellen Tay too.

she's been a great PD to my son. She was the one who identified his murmur. n to think tt my son was wif KKH frm day 1 as he was a premmie. He was actaully going bck to KKH for followups almost every mth n e PDs din daignose it until Dr Ellen spotted it n gave me a referral to them. haiz... n tt's not e only one... she is v v v patient and very aware of children's needs.


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I think I am a bit late to know what had happened to you. I want to share my experience at TMC PD also.
My 2 daughters are borned there as my good gynae from TMC. However, one of the PD there is suck.

For my 1st daughter, it is visually can be seen that her head is not straight. It is due to one of her shoulder muscle is "too tight" and one of her leg has jointed problem by hearing clicking sound if you bend her joing between thigh and pelvic (for this, physical can't be seen but if check carefully PD will be able to "hear/feel"). Both can be treated by Physio Therapy at KKH. However, I was told my bb is normal. Only until staying in TMC for 6 days is too ex for joundice treatment that we are adviced by my gynae to change to KKH for Jaundice treatment then it is found out that my girl's head is not straight. We need to follow up the physio therapy till she is two. Now, she is ok now. Can you imagine that a girl with her head tilted one side and had uneven sizes of her face ?
I purpose asked the PD are TMC for 2nd time when are already known her problems from KKH, he again great me that i have a mormal child.

I swear I wouldn't pay him for checking for my 3rd bb if I gave birth there again.

When come to my 2nd bb, again same PD (though I don't trust him anymore but he is direct referred by my gynae). By 2nd bb had heard murmur and feet pointing inward. Again, this is physically can be seen,....may be not by us but I expect PD or nurse should have known. I am told my bb is normal. Due to our passed experience, on 3rd days during discharge, we are told that bb has jaundice. We immediately reject letting them treat her and directly send her to KKH as both of us trust KKH more. Again, I am almost cry out loud when KKH called saying they have detected my bb is 2 problems. After 1 year of Physio therapy on her feet, now she can walk as normal child.
Again, can you imagine a girl can't walk properly due to feed pointing inward ? We are still following up with her heard murmur case at KKH.

My advice to all mothers: Don't trust one PD. Seek for 2nd opinion of another PD though your child looks normal. Some defect can be treated. Physio can be done when they are a baby.

May I know the name of the PD too?


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Dear Rachel,

I'm Jon & I'm a father of my 3mths old baby boy.

I'm very sorry to hear of this issue that u have. My heart sinks to read of what your baby has to go through.

Just would like to share some advice.

Going through a ligitation with an such a big organization is not easy and will definitely cause huge amount of:
1. Time being taken up
2. Money in lawyers
3. Emotional distress to you and your family
4. Distraction in your life on other things (like taking care of your baby)

I strongly recommend you to weigh the pros and cons.

I can understand your frustration and anger, but please do calm down and take a step back to look at this issue from a different perspective.

Will the issue of the doctor identifying the problem earlier and later cause big difference to the medical status of your child?

Are you ready for hours being taken up by lawyers and proceedings?

Are you ready to pump money into this fight?

Will the suspending of the doctor's license really appease your anger and frustration of your child's condition?

My family has a few encounters in our lives that requires help of lawyers.

Basically, most lawyers will not commit to whether you have a case or not because there's no certainty.

The most important thing I feel now is for you to concentrate on taking care of your baby.

I hope she is better now.

Since the hospital has given in, maybe you can just compromise and forgive them or even him.


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there are onli a few well reputated PDs there.. may i know which one? can u pm me as well as my son is seeing a PD there as well.
hi smurfy

i will recommend DR lee bee wah from The child and allergy chinic at ME #11-11 . She is a very patient , caring dr . I dun trust any other dr besides her , she is one dr that will not give u lots of medicine , she will only prescibe only when she think there is a need . And most importantly she will educate parents , she will tell u if such things or illness happened again wat shld u do . And one thing very good abt her is that sometimes she will ask patients dun go down to see her cos its quite far , i heard her telling patients to refer to their own gp and she called the GP to tell em wat medicine to give to the patient . But her charges are quite ex , fist time consultant fee is $150 , but follow uo fee is $80 . so uaually if my kids are nt so serious i will just call her at the clinic for advise .


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Hi Rachel,

May i have the name of the PD too. Hopefully is not the same person that checked my bb in TMC. Thanks

Hope your baby is doing fine now and best wishes to her. You take care


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hi rachel,

How is your girl now? hope she is well.

can you pm the name of the PD to me as well? I hope it is not the sme PD that checked my boy......


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hi Rachel,
Pls PM me yr PD as well. both my gals are facing a PD there, which i am not too pleased with.



Hi Rachel,

I am really sorry to what had happened to your little gal. I sincerely hope she is now healthy and good.

Can you please PM me the PD's name? I have friends who their babies are seeing PD at TMC.

I actually delivered my son in TMC but I actually assigned my own PD and she is pretty detailed and careful.

She used to be one of the PD at TMC but she is now having her own clinic. She is able to detect my son neck problem and quickly got a physio therapist to treat him and later advise us to follow up at KKH. She thinks it will be too costly for us to continue the treatment at a private hospital.
Can share who is that good PD? I am going to deliver and am looking for one good one which is not too costly and hopeful near where I stay.


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Hi Rachel,

I am sorry to hear what had happened to your little gal. I hope she is now healthy and good.

Can you email me the name of that PD. Thanks.


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Hi rachel,

mY gal oso has cleft palate when born. i was so afraid and felt so guilty, like how come she wasn't perfect as my pregnancy was super ok and doc says she very heathy too.

I was delivered in Mount Alvernia. Suffered froom postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) and was in ICU for a night, separated from baby from birth lo.

Then woke up, the PD told me that bb has cleft palate. I almost faint man! I suffer can le why she needs to go through hell with me?!

Now she had her cleft palate done at 5mth plus by Dr Vincent Yeow from KKH as recc by PD. I saw some parents with cleft palate children and they do speak well.

However, I thought that PD has to check if the newborn has cleft palate too?? I saw it somewhere but dono if it was other countries law or singapore.


Hi Rachel,

i happened to came by this thread a few weeks ago, and my heart shuttered with u. I hope all is well with baby now. She has been in my mind all these weeks, and I just want to trace back this thread to say "Jia1 You2 !!" to u. Give her more love, ok?

Also, appreciate if u can PM me the name of the PD in TMC.


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Hi Rachel,

Just came across your post and really feel for you. Hope your gal is ok now.
My cousin also had a problem and his baby is also delivered in TMC. His baby is diagnose with Jaundice and it has been quite a while but she is still yellow. It was only until when they went to the polyclinic for a check, then they realise that it was due to a birth defect. Now the liver has hardern and they can only wait for the time to come. Wonder at times how the doctors in Singapore works.

Btw can PM me of the PD yu visit? Thxs.

Do take care and be strong. Your gal needs you a lot.


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Hi Rachel,
just stumbled onto this thread...
kindly let me know the PD and the clinic you visit..
Hope your gal is ok and you are all coping well.
Take good care.
Hi Rachel,

I hope all is well with your baby. By now she should have had her operation. Wish everything had went on smoothly for her.

Do pm me the doctor's name too



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can anyone pm me the pd name as i will deliver my first baby end of march at tmc



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Dear Readers,

Thank u so much for all your concern and support.
My girl has done her operation and she is recovering well. Her palate has close up and we are anticipating day by day watching her grow up and speaks....

But I hv another issue here.....WITH the hospital tat repair my girl's cleft palate.

My girl was scheduled for Palato plastic surgery (by CCRC) followed by Myringotomy & Tube insertion (by ENT) on 10.02.2009. (To drain out the fluid that accumulated in her ears)This arrangement allows my baby to go through TWO different procedures in the same operating theatre under ONE administration of general anaesthesia only.

On 06.03.2009, I was only given an appointment after I went to ward 55 to clarify why I was NOT given an appointment for post-surgery follow-up at ENT. I expected to see Dr *** on the follow-up appointment dated 12.03.2009 as he was the allocated surgeon to drain out the fluid.

On 12.03.2009 However, I was puzzled to see another ENT doctor following-up with me. After some investigation, we discovered that only Palato plastic surgery was done -- Myringotomy & Tube insertion was totally MISSED OUT. (Doctor found NO tube insertion records in patient’s case notes) I was shocked and fuming.

"I really wonder how come the hospital healthcare standard in SINGAPORE can be so COCK UP! " Can actually miss an 'operation' that had alrdy been scheduled in advance??? "

A cautionary tale: my repeated experience with such negligence reinforces me not to trust every word healthcare professionals say. Parents, always trust your own paranoid instincts. Questioned those doctors during consultations until u feel assured. Becos they can never be fully trusted.