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Amosco - Any bought from there b4?

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by bubbles2006, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. bubbles2006

    bubbles2006 Member

    Anybody bought from amosco b4? Am interested to get some items for boy's bday.. Any idea how the quantity is like? Tried the mini eclairs b4, its nice..
    Interested in mini eclairs and mini rolls..
    tried calling the no. nobody's picking up... emailed a couple of days ago, but theres no return mail.

  2. lanichua

    lanichua New Member

    their mini eclairs, mini swiss rolls and profiteroles are very nice!

    for swiss roll, i think the best flavour is strawberry. kids will love it. skip the blackforest, it's not very nice.
  3. blurqueen30

    blurqueen30 Active Member


    We hav to order at least $100 den they will do delivery. N the quantity is at least one carton for each items. I wanted to order the eclairs during the CNY,but were told they r all out of stocks until after the new yr. U can try calling them nw.
  4. clare_cheong

    clare_cheong Member

  5. newbbi79

    newbbi79 Active Member

    blurqueen and Lani,
    Nice to you my kakais here..hee..

    Been a long time since I ate liao cos no one seems to organise tis BP lor..Last time, there were many area's BP lor, I organised 1 myself last yr too =).

    Their minirolls, eclairs bery nice...I always can't help by finish 2 trays by myself =)..
  6. bubbles2006

    bubbles2006 Member

    I managed to get them today.. their eclairs is out of stock till mid next mth!!
    guess its really great! [​IMG]

    I'm gonna order some for next mth.. 25 mar..

    min order of 4 boxes of mini rolls and 12 packets of eclairs..
    U gals wanna share?

    will need 3 boxes of mini rolls, and 8 packets of eclairs.. (meaning i have extra 1 box of mini rolls and 4 packs of eclairs)

    profiteroles oso very nice ahh, which favor's gd huh?
  7. newbbi79

    newbbi79 Active Member

    Hi bubbles,

    Tink they dun do delivery on sun leh...But they do have delivery on sats...But where is the place to collect?
  8. bubbles2006

    bubbles2006 Member

    oh, no delivery on sun... then will ask for sat delivery. thks feifei..

    Collection at Semb.
  9. blurqueen30

    blurqueen30 Active Member

    I oso organise 2 bps b4. My kids love the eclairs very much. Too bad collection at Semb is too far frm me, if nt we can share. Im tinking of ordering too, but cant reach the min quantity for them to deliver leh. [​IMG]
  10. organicmummy

    organicmummy New Member

    Hi if any of u is organising bp, and collect can be done in the east, pls pm me, i am interested, i stay in the east, tampines, simei areas
  11. bubbles2006

    bubbles2006 Member

    Usually bp for amosco is in which thread? Seems like not much movement here..
    Amosco doesnt do delivery on Sat, only wkdays.
  12. tling

    tling New Member

    Hi blurqueen, feifei,
    I oso missed the eclairs. Anyone organise, do let me know!
    Now, nobody organise for the BP cos now got "NEW Rules":
    Marketplace & Exchange Corner: Bulk Purchase

    This is setup for organising of bulk purchases. The listing is at $25 per 7-day period. The listing fee will be returned upon no participation of the BP and spree.
  13. shimmrs

    shimmrs Member

    Hi to all fans of amosco!!! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    THe Profiteroles only available in vanilla flavour. They are not so nice compared to their eclairs. The profiteroles skin is harder.

    Really? Even BP for Amosco also have to pay $25??
  14. mayng

    mayng New Member

    mrs shim, i tot u know BP in here must pay $25. [​IMG]
  15. blurqueen30

    blurqueen30 Active Member

    Ling ling,
    i've called Amosco liao. At the moment they dun hav any stocks for eclairs. Got to wait till nex wk den got news abt it.
  16. sunshinekid

    sunshinekid Active Member

    I love their Profiteroles! IT's something like mini cream puff. Kids and adults all love them. Have tried their eclairs, not bad also, but maybe i am not such a big fan of choc, so prefer the Profiteroles.

    Btw, just wondering if we can do self-collect??
  17. bubbles2006

    bubbles2006 Member

    but even if self-collect oso have to order the min quantity rite?

    have ordered mini rolls and eclairs, will deliver on 23rd..
    have extra 1 box of mini rolls (42pieces) ordered strawberry favour and 2 packs (12pieces per pack) of eclairs to let go..
    collect at semb...
    any takers?
  18. blue_genie

    blue_genie Active Member

    i miss the eclairs too!!!

    anyone organizing, pls pm me. collection preferably in SK area. thks.
  19. blurqueen30

    blurqueen30 Active Member

    They dun allow self-collection loh. The other time i oso ask whether i can self collect since their delivery schedule was full, they said cannot.

    Most likely i'll be ordering their eclairs again. But i stay at Hougang. Ok for u?
  20. dor11

    dor11 Active Member

    hi hi, i staying in east. i wan to join if someone organising.
  21. kitty_sg

    kitty_sg Member

    me too... want to join. i'm in SK
  22. lanichua

    lanichua New Member

    their eclairs are now avail already. i just ordered today for my dd's b'day party this coming sat. and they will do sat delivery, but it's subject to their schedule permitting. luckily this sat they are able to deliver, so they will be sending it to my home b/w 12-3pm.
  23. saha23

    saha23 Member

    Anyone organising in SK,I am keen in eclairs
  24. constancet

    constancet New Member

    I am interested to get eclairs too. I can collect from SK.
  25. blue_genie

    blue_genie Active Member

    blurqueen: not a problem to me. let me know once u gg to organize. thks!
  26. vannyk

    vannyk Member

    anyone organising in Redhill, queenstown, Clementi area? PM me...
    Or if anyone is keen for me to prganise one, PM me, so I can see hows the response and go ahead to order.
  27. susany

    susany New Member

    i'm interested in getting from Khatib area, please let me know who are keen.
  28. bubbles2006

    bubbles2006 Member

    hi amosco fans...
    wanna check, once we order, its confirmed huh.. do we need to call to remind them a day or two in advance?
  29. bluemom

    bluemom Member

    I am interested in the eclairs but it be collected at semb MRT on the 25th Sun?
  30. bubbles2006

    bubbles2006 Member

    hi jojo, i oni left 2 packs of eclairs to let go..
    my party will be on the 25th.. will be getting the items on 23rd... possible for u to drop by my blk on 24th (sat) evening/nite to collect??
  31. bluemom

    bluemom Member

    dun think I can make it on the 24th.
  32. lanichua

    lanichua New Member

    no need to call them anymore once it's been confirmed.
  33. bubbles2006

    bubbles2006 Member

    no prob jojo... [​IMG]

    noted, thks Lani.. shall sit back and wait for delivery then..
  34. yukie

    yukie Member

    Hi all, hv check wif Amosco last wk n they allow to pick up fm thier ofi... don need to purchase $100...
  35. yukie

    yukie Member

    hee... jus called n cfm again. Can collect fm their ofi. But hv to buy full carton. Cannot buy in loose... [​IMG] will b getting 1 carton of Elcairs fm them for my gal b'day party... [​IMG]
  36. eeyore

    eeyore New Member

    hi yukie..

    u mean we can just buy 1 carton & collect from their office?

    then i can buy for my gal b'dae party oso..[​IMG]
  37. yukie

    yukie Member

    ya eeyore, can buy 1 carton n collect fm their ofi... [​IMG] hv cfm with them twice... :p
  38. cleojac

    cleojac Member

    hi all,
    i'm interested in the eclairs. am staying at toa payoh and working at raffles place.
  39. emilybiz

    emilybiz New Member

    Hi there,

    I m keen to order, Amosco Mini Eclairs for my DD birthday. Anyone keen to share. Collection on Sunday22/04 9am - 12pm only. Compassvale Street Blk 253.

    Emily : emilybiz@yahoo.com
  40. diamonds_mum

    diamonds_mum Member

    How much is the Amosco items, care to post it here?
  41. shopping_mum

    shopping_mum New Member

    This lady is organising Amosco BP for many areas, her contact is Kylie Tan and email is kylietangl@yahoo.com.sg
  42. mumofelliot

    mumofelliot New Member

  43. alma

    alma Member


    the link given above is not working leh.
  44. mumofelliot

    mumofelliot New Member

  45. diamonds_mum

    diamonds_mum Member

    The price is higher than the BP prices.
  46. snhn

    snhn New Member


    I am just checking whether anyone know Kylie still do BP? Sent her email no response lei.

    Thought of getting the eclairs for Christmas Party.
  47. zieyanis

    zieyanis New Member

    Hi does anyone know if amosco is halal? coz i have seen their lorry with a halal logo, BUT they are not in MUIS halal directory and their website does not state so.

    I began to wonder if my eyes were playing tricks on me.
  48. baby_district

    baby_district New Member

    mumofelliot i called them the other day but their prices has gone up from Party Time, so its still cheaper to get from BP side.
  49. mary_ho

    mary_ho New Member

    I contacted Amosco, they don't sell the flavors which Party Time is carrying and they told me theirs is definitely not from the same sources.
  50. jen_phua

    jen_phua Active Member

    i bought direct fr amosco b4. if i'm not wrong, buying direct fr amosco is cheaper than buying fr BP.

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